17 de diciembre de 2016

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Saturday December 17, 2016

Dear Ones, love is always the highest choice that is available to you. The more you stay in your alignment with Source, the easier it is to remember that love is your lineage and what is natural to you. The more you come to accept that love is who you are, the more it becomes your go-to response, and reactions that are not of love become less and less.

You are in the process, every day, of remembering the love that you are and allowing it to lead the way, for it is truly your discovery and deepening acceptance of the love that you are that is leading the shift on your planet. It has never been about becoming different, it has always been about coming back Home to your roots and your truth, and that is, and will always be, love.

So do not ever be afraid of letting that love shine, for when you do, you allow the the glory of your own divinity and the energy of Source to flow through you to light the way, and it is not only breathtakingly beautiful to behold, it is being of your highest service to all. ~Archangel Gabriel
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