6 de diciembre de 2016

Lee Carroll - December Issue 2016

YIKES! It's Christmastime…

It's the "elephant under the table" for many Lightworkers. This is the holiday season that is supposed to represent joy, giving, and great food – and quality family time. So? Family is a good thing too, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it's not always a good experience. In fact, making the trek once a year to see your dysfunctional relatives can be stressful indeed.

Okay… the elephant? For many of your families, you represent "the lunatic fringe" of spiritual thinking, and you distanced yourself from all the drama of family years ago. They see you as odd, strange, and "out there." Because you clearly saw this energy, you made the decision to break from their karma of drama and stress, and perhaps even told them so. (gulp) Then when you visit each year, you see it's all still there! You have stepped into a never changing time capsule of 'relativity' (joke).

One good way to stir things up would be to talk about KRYON or POLITICS at the big Holiday dinner! Um… perhaps not (smile), especially this year.

KRYON tells us that we are ambassadors of our belief. If I have described your situation correctly, or even hit on a part of it, then you might wish to take a deep breath and listen...

There has been no greater time where "what you expect" creates the action of "what you will receive."

Start by seeing the event as a chance to love each of them for "God Inside," no matter what they say or do. Next, practice what you will say to the "drama inducing questions," which will always be asked. Think of generic, loving and wise answers. You can speak your truth much better by being loving, wise and calm, rather than reactionary. Practice NOT reacting.

When you leave, the only drama will be their confusion. Who are you? They will have enjoyed you no matter what! Something is different. You were the balance of the group, and had only positive things to give to the event. No anger, no drama, no reactions. YOU were their Christmas present for 2016. Love can do that.

Can you?

Peace-full Holidays to you,
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