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James Tyberonn - Archangel Metatron - 2017 The Year Ahead - Oct 21, 2016

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you in a vector of unconditional love in the exact 'now' moment that you read these words.

So we speak on the trends and probabilities of 2017, Year Five of the New Earth. However, we wish to emphasize that now more than ever, the future is your co-creation. It is a fluidity of probabilities that remains a 'moving target'... unfixed in your terms.

In 2017 the 'Crucible' patterning of releasing and surfacing unresolved energies will continue in full inertia combined with astrological forces and hologramic inserts. This is a requisite clearing, a necessary purge for the emergence of the new golden age, which begins in 2038.

Masters, we tell you again, and please take note, you are in a prolonged period of crucible astrology, and this patterning brings by purpose, by design, all unresolved energies to the surface in order for humanity, individually and in mass, to confront and resolve unsettled issues. You are in a historic phase of intense clearing, further heightened by great frequencial change, leading to 2038, and this of course requires great effort in completing all unresolved energies, including conflicts, inequalities and issues, in order to usher in the coming Golden Age.

And although the 'future' is 'fluid', we tell you that certain events are in place, that indeed you have co-created, and are only separated from their 3d realization by space and time. And the ascension of humanity is one of these, and on a deeper inner level, the seekers among you know this, but this is important for you to outwardly understand and accept. The belief structures upon which humanity in mass (and individuals) base their lives so program your existence that often you outwardly deny what you inwardly know.

The energies of the planet from 2017 thru 2020 are in a protracted, rather piercing oscillation, and in this level of intensity, the frequencial bar will be raised, purposely upshifted with each eclipse, solstice and equinox. Yet these offer opportunities for recalibration, crysto upshift and re-charging. Such periods are essential for coding, and we urge you to use the timing opportunities we list, for rebooting and re-energizing in 2017, and not allow the intensities to overwhelm your energy field and lead to a fall into apathy or disillusion. These are powerful times, and you Earth-Keepers, Gridwerkers & Lightworkers, are valiantly pioneering and courageously anchoring the shift, navigating the oft tumultuous currents of the New Earth.

You are in a rare amalgamation of energies, but this frequency, despite its difficult intensity, is teeming with codes of higher frequency. Codes that are enabling the Return of Light. And although the accompanying purgation is seemingly uncensored in chaos, it is not un-purposed, nor is it occurring in random happenstance, it represents a necessary release of negativity and a seeding influx of christened light.

Powerpoints of 2017:


Lunar Eclipse Feb 10
Solar Eclipse Feb 26
Lunar Eclipse Aug 7
Solar Eclipse Aug 21
Equinoxes & Solstices
Equinoxes: March 20 2017 10:28 GMT & September 22 2017 20:02 GMT
Solstices: June 21 2017 04:24 GMT & December 21 2017 16:28 GMT

The month of August 2017 will bring a tandem of mega-eclipses that are undoubtedly the most potent energetic phase of 2017. The period from July 28 thru August 23rd, will encapsulate a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (August 7th), and a Total Solar Eclipse (August 21st). August 8th will be the 8-8 Lions Gate, and an incredible potent time for inward exploration.

The Mega Eclipses of 2017

While there are many astronomical/astrological power apexes during 2017, none is as great or as significant as the eclipsical phase of August. Accordingly that astro vector will be our focus in this sharing. Interestingly, it is the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th, that offer perhaps, a more significant singular period in terms of inward review and recalibration, for the Lunar Eclipse takes place on a very powerful full moon near the 8-8 portal. This is an auspicious time for sacred journeys and introspection. In this timing, the earth tellurics will be at an apex, and time gates will open that allow for embellished dreamscapes and psychic vision.

The Total Solar Eclipse of the New Moon August 21st is one of the most visible in decades, especially throughout North America. However the waning lunar phase from August 14th to August 20th, will be a time of emotional extremes & communicative disruptions within the Mercury retrograde. It may be a phase in which stability is rather difficult to achieve.

Eclipses are apertures that combine light, planetary frequencies, geo-gravities and collective thought. Eclipses offer a unique pallet for both Divine Thought and higher vibrations of Human Collective thought to be imprinted. Now, a lunar eclipse can only occur on a full moon, and a solar eclipse can only occur on a new moon. Both provide added potency to the eclipse. Eclipses are often viewed by humanity as singular events, but we would tell you otherwise....when total lunar and total solar eclipses are in direct linear sequence with other potent alignments, as is occurring in August 2017 a far more amplified field is formed in a greater concentration of energy.

In August 2017, a unique symbiotic interweave of the lunar and solar vibrational signatures is formed that is synergistic in effect....both are exponentially amplified. In this collaboration any form of solar eclipse is tandemly magnified, whether partial, annual or total into a mega effect with all the effects of the total lunar eclipse, and vice versa. Meaning that if the lunar is total and is in linear sequence to a solar eclipse that is partial, the tandem duo result is a mega energy that amplifies both in 'Dual Totality' effect.

Eclipses were known by more advanced societies as extremely significant events that permeated the dimensional fabric of reality within the earthplane. The Atlanteans referred to them as infinity points, because for the period of the eclipse, linear -time stops for a brief interlude of infinity. (The word 'eclipse' comes from the Atlantean language and was interred into the language of ancient Greece, meaning to conceal or 'cease to exist'.) Eclipses uniquely alter the wavelengths of light and effect gravity. Gravitational anomalies as well as torsion effects occur during eclipses. These are speculated in your current science as the Allias and Saxi effects.

Eclipses emit a 'percussive' energy wave of coded coherency that permeates the earth and affects humanity. Coherency opens the pineal and elicits a specific response from both the cells of the human body physical and the energy construct of the etheric body. In a manner of speaking time as you know it is altered during the phase of eclipses. And while this creates intensities, it also opens extraordinary 'dimensional doorways' of consciousness. Dream states are more lucid in these rare phases, and altered states within waking consciousness are also differentiated. The pulse of thought, of life force is varied in subtle but very meaningful ways. Windows of reality are opened, horizons of beingness are extended. Space-Time is briefly changed. Higher states of 'Eternal Now' simultaneous time are enhanced, allowing for a truly embellished phase of multidimensional clarity.

You are aware that 'sacred sites' are planetary powernodes within vectors on the earth embellished with a greater concentration of life force units... (Also referred to as Adamantine or Akashic Essence). Eclipses emit for a period of time a concentrated wave-stream of creative life force particulate. This energy bombardment can be seeded with inserts of 'Divine' pattern thought as well as the higher intent of humanity on both the conscious & unconscious level. This energy will affect all of you on some level, to varying degrees whether or not you realize it. But how you utilize it, whether consciously or unconsciously will depend on your focus, knowledge and light quotient. Part of what is happening now and will happen in the collated energy of the duo of mega-eclipses of August 2017, will be the spontaneous involuntary release of the ongoing overcharged emotional states.

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 occurs within Mercury retrograde and this will in fact amplify the effect of the Mercury retro characteristics (and all other planet movements). Unique characteristic feeling-tones are embedded by humanity into the resonant vibratory field of an eclipse. Emotional tensions, such as the extremes provoked by the current 'energy cocktail' on the planet can be more easily brought back into a more normalized level. Eclipses carry an energy that can stabilize hormonal imbalances, in much the same manner that the electromagnetism of certain latitudes and altitude elevations provide balance to the human body and emotions.

The Economy in 2017

Many of your economist and financial brokers see the rollercoaster of economics continuing to surge & fall into areas of great fear and concern. Some have predicted a total collapse. Dear Ones, while the economic system must and will change, a total collapse into global chaos would not serve the New Earth. A total breakdown will not occur, will not be allowed to occur. The change into the new system will take place, but will take many decades. It will be a gradual process.

But for those that are prone to following the fear-brokers, be aware that in the high frequencies of the new paradigm of the New Earth, focal thought manifest into reality with greater thrust, and quickening. Therefore if one choses to dwell on financial fear, (or any fear) that which is focally feared may manifest into one's personal life-stream, personal finances, via self co-creation. Masters, you attract to self that which you fear.

Although the markets may rise and fall, such patterns of oscillation will not be extreme. The 'powers that be', the embedded elite who control & manipulate such markets & affairs, will not allow a global financial collapse. This is not through any altruistic motives, quite the contrary, indeed it serves their interests to prevent a collapse. And a collapse will not occur. The finance media outliers and fear brokering naysayer economists feed on such fear, and profit from it in subtle schemes to urge purchase of 'safe' commodities and precious metals.

Closing Summation

There will be many striking and major similarities in 2017, to the overall energy tones & intensities experienced in 2016. Indeed the 'tones' will remain rather consistent from 2016, thru 2020 as the intensity levels of the requisite clearings & purgings continues to oscillate & escalate. This does not mean there is not phases of solace and clarity, rather it means the background levels of vibratory frequency are continuing to rise, as the resonance of the earth rises.

You are required to strengthen your abilities of control and equilibrium, and indeed you have the tools to do so. Appropriate & wise use of gemstones auric fortifiers and chakric balances are more important now, than at any previous time in the past millennia. For these are crystalline gifts of the conscious living earth, and Gaia is indeed an ally in humanities road to the coming ascension of mankind, and the 2038 Return of Light.

Masters the magnetic grid is diminishing and the new 144 Crystalline Grid is now in place and growing in fortitude. Crystalline energy is more concise more concentrically aligned in post 2012, than the pre-2012 of magnetic grid-flux. It takes time to adjust, but is clearly a more lucid frequency enabling higher aspect. The adjustment into crystalline frequency and the activation of the 33 chakra system can add temporal instability in the crucible phases you are enduring.

In the rather tumultuous aspects of the ongoing energies, it is easy for the unconscious to become mal-effected, yet in this same frequency conscious co-creation can be utilized in focus thought, especially aided by crystalline tools such as thought amplifying Phi Vogel Crystals to manifest in deliberation & equitable ballast, one's noble goals & high intents.

Auric maintenance now must be understood, and practiced. Optimal auric stability and circuitry are essentials to maintain and master the obstacles and stepping stones of the year and years ahead of you.
And we will be remiss, not to re-state and re-emphasize, that you are in a exponentially quickening energy on the New Planet Earth, in which the power of your thoughts absolutely find more fertile seeding & manifestation in 3d reality.

It is a sword of truth, but a double edged sword. The Law of Attraction is more prolific, more rapid in the shifting ionic ratio of 2017 and beyond. This is for the initiate a great boon, and to the unconscious, perhaps a vulnerability zone. Yet, even if one does not consciously rise to the challenge, you may be prompted to do so by the unconscious tides. There is no more space, nor place, for hiding ones head in the sand. For this tide of intensity, is an awakening energy which will demand your attention, one way or another. It will motivate your upshift & facilitate learning via the school of 'hard-knocks, termed 'cause & effect', if one attempts to merely float, rather than swim. 

2017 can be a year of great growth, joy and expansion for those who swim forward in crystalline intent.
I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

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