15 de enero de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - A Personal Declaration for Where WE Are NOW - 1/15/2017

Today I share some of my own recent realizations about "things". It's so awesome to observe your self and all in your current reality, your exchanges and where all come from in that which they express/do. For me, I chose certain roles here to play out and I do these with all that I have. I invest my time, energy, money, things for all in my own reality, because it's what we do for each other and a part of how we share, inspire, open portals and show others that there are other ways, come together, bring others into unity consciousness, create a space for others to experience the pure awesomeness that is available when we are in full alignment and flow with our/the universe as a whole. Each experience shows us all something, creates something beautiful. inspires, empowers, supports and when current realities have played themselves out, we all go our own way, for the next physical form souls to come into our world/universe/space/dimensional realities.....

For me, the last many years, my role was to create a sacred space, a sacred temple/home dedicated to working & being fully in-service and receiving in response to what we all put into "this". For me, this home is sacred and the last time my universe showed me that I was to come back here (I've been here 4 times, each leaving was a Quantum Jump with different realities to play out/resolve, then to return), yet this time was different. This time the words were "you now create the foundation & hold all in place".... and I did, for all of us here, as soul family that came together then parted for each of us to continue on our own paths/do all our own way.

My life and every cell/molecule/particle of me is dedicated to full-service for all of us here, for every organism on this planet/universe as one, because it is that important for us all. There is a certain amount of "sacrifice" that we all must endure to "get it" in order to come on-board/cross that rainbow bridge to emerge on the other side and to walk in infinite universal/galactic/sacred realities again. Once we complete these initiations, we need not sacrifice anymore and it's the opposite. The gifts that we experience are basically "payment for our suffering/sacrifice" and our willingness to do this. Basically we completed that cycle. It is done.

Yes, my life is not only easy, it's blissful, magical and beyond abundant, because this is where I function from in all that I AM and DO. A deep sacred respect for all, energetically and physically. My life is beyond simple because it's in full-alignment and I don't let things get too far out of alignment. There are times we let things go to a certain point, then we bring it all back into balance again, because we see the purposes/benefits and we agree to the experience because it's important, and we have the capability to do so without actually compromising anything, just a little inconvenience to ourselves if you will.

Looking over my entire conscious awakening experience, there are themes and patterns, which is how we see, understand and move into a higher vibrational reality with great ease.

From the moment I got jolted awake (each time, as there were many because I was so unconscious, stubborn, asleep), this has been a journey of deep inner work, recalling aspects, activating aspects, clearing illusory distortions, coming to understand and experience everything from inside again. Every moment delving deeper into my own soul, honoring my own Crystalline LightBody that entered plasma phase a couple of years ago, which many are entering into now.

There comes a point that each has to dedicate fully to an existence that cannot yet be seen. The work we do is not only to ourselves, but to all in all dimensions/galaxies, seen/unseen. There is nothing more important than what we are here to do/be. There is no room for compromise anymore, no desire to tolerate less than deep sacred respect, love, unity and consideration/contribution by those in our own physical reality worlds here.

Until the other day, I didn't realize "what was missing" with each exchange with "evolving humans". Until we experience it, we can't often see it. Experience is our teacher here. We are our YOUniverse, our vibrations create, our mindsets or energy... and each experience shows us something that we need to see. For ourselves and all others, for with me, I turn every experience into a reaching/re-education tool to share with those truly ready to know/understand/intentionally create too.

These last few weeks, were huge in understanding what's missing for humans and why there is so much lack, why others don't get it yet, why they need certain experiences to open them up, why it's so hard for the human to understand. Observing polarities, what energy drives each, what is selfless and what is for self first, what causes humans to awaken, open up and establish that deep inner connected space and not disconnect anymore. We see when "exposure" to higher consciousness can awaken and when an unconscious experience is required, When to step in, when not to, when to be okay with "being the bad guy" by holding the bar high and doing in-alignment with highest consciousness by not catering to human separation/lack mentality realities anymore, by standing as full power/love and allowing humans to endure the consequences of their separation consciousness so that they can get it/understand "quicker".....

Here we do not "drag things out". We need not keep experiencing the old loops that represent versions of hell now. Here, the moment we see it, we shift/tune/keep in-step with UNIVERSAL PACE. Our tuning to a higher vibration means others in our realities have to too, or synchronization cannot fully occur, which means the realities are not in-alignment and something has to change/give.

For us, it's little things that show us big things, things humans see as insignificant are blaringly huge/loud. This is so we can see easier and nip it in the bud/shift it/transform it, from a place of love. Humans don't see what we do as love, as their version of love is different. What ever it takes to wake one up... this is LOVE. Easy or harsh is dependent upon the amount of walls, passive/aggressive resistance and self-mastery by all.

For me, the smallest things that others take for granted, speak out of arrogance and can't come together is loud. These are the things intolerable. Most of the time it's at not seeing the opportUNITIES, not sharing, not considering/contributing, not recognizing, not willing to do the work, holding back or being selfish, not respecting physical world things, each other and why we are here.

I've spent the last few weeks interacting with many, just to "see", for everything is observation of them and me. Everything teaches/shows us what we could not understand/see before. After the last few weeks of coming out of a 3 month sabbatical of being by myself, only doing clients/sessions/my work, I'm ready to go back into another 3 month sabbatical of silence, just doing my work and honoring me, with the ability to maintain more balance in all (and thanks to a supremely awesome team that rocks it out with me daily while honoring themselves too).

I see those who discount what we do here, not realizing their flippant comments to justify their lack of commitment is an energetic slap in the face for all that we do in every dimension for us all. I see those who do not respect physical things/each other as sacred and have no desire for this in my world. I see those who side-skirt commitment because they've not had the experiences necessary to get it yet and still have to "grow up"/embody their higher selves. I see those who waste, don't contribute and think of themselves first, knowing that there are universal "lessons" necessary to teach/show each differently. I see those who take for-granted, only step up when push comes to shove, when they are about to do without or are forced and need to be told every little thing because they have not moved out of "little child playing and thinking all of this is cute" place and depend/rely on others still, which will change as they get their footing, get on path more.

I've spent years assisting "getting others on path", assisting with alignment for easier journeys here. Many do not realize the commitment required to anchor HEAVEN ON EARTH in our PHYSICAL for us all. Many still like to call what we do "play", when in one capacity it is, as it's not like old human struggle work, it's easy to do what we do, because it comes from deep inside of us and we breathe love as everything we do. Yet many do not realize (or want to see) that all the hours of dedication for eons/years is for us all, they do not want to see/acknowledge that we do have to "sacrifice" in a way and that we are the ones taking responsibility for all things in everything we are/do, that we are the ones holding the highest realities in place and that we didn't choose the easy way, to sit back on a beach and play every day, we didn't choose the life of wealth first, we had to earn it through full alignment to understand it and how all works, that we didn't choose the easy existences or experiences, for that's not how this works. We chose to go through the struggle, the fight, the lack of love, the lack of all things to transcend it all to come out on the other side. We chose to go through deep fear, deep loss, deep devastation already, deep lack of love for self, for this is how our human came to understand. We chose to do without, so that by the time we got more, we would not waste anymore. We chose to suffer, to die on the cross, to be exposed to disrespect. We chose this because we had to learn, so that we could share it for others who will go through it themselves, to and to make it easier so that not everyone will have to endure the extremities of suffering, loss and doing without.

This is not martyrdom, this is just how it is. All we desire is respect and that each be as connected and committed to our evolution of humanity here. We do not desire to subject ourselves to those who don't yet truly care, are not truly ready and have so much resistance that it's depleting just by being in their presence, because their minds are so fixed and their hearts are so closed that they have become complacent, unconsciously "taking" constantly to build their own power and find their own love from within.

These last few months have been observing where each comes from and what is lacking is that deep sacred love for humanity, that deep sacred connection inside, that deep soul love that is present without trying and where sharing/contributing/supporting is a natural way of being again, where unity is where one functions from, instead of the ways of separation still, instead of thinking of self first and then thinking of others when they want something or when their heart opens for a moment, yet closes to separate off/go back to sleep/unconscious again.

For me, I do not desire to spend my moments with unconscious humans that don't care to get it yet. I do not desire to spend my own "me time" with those who do not know how to inspire/support/share. Why? Because it's not injoyable or fun and we don't have to anymore. I choose to open that space where all who are ALREADY THERE to come into my own reality here. I do not desire to spend my own precious energy constantly teaching humans, as I do that for my "work"..... my own personal reality is reserved for those who already hold UNITY and the PURITY OF LOVE at their CORE, for those who have already BECOME their SOUL and don't require lessons to get the point to open up, share, support and inspire anymore.

Today, I share this for those who have been experiencing this too. For those who are DONE with sacrifice (my early 2016 was completion of that phase), because they've already done this part of their own journey here. I share this for those who do get it, for those who love from their depths, hold no judgement or need to save, honor each's choice to experience the consequences of their unconscious programs to teach them what they didn't want to listen to before....that soft subtle inner guidance that emerges when we are ready to open those portals to the highest dimensional timelines available for us all. I share this for those who do not compromise to go back into unconscious realities and choose to hold the absolute highest realities in place... at all times. I share for those who are there when one is truly ready and hold that light so bright to affect the fields of all that they connect with, so that they can awaken to this exquisiteness now. I share for those who remain conscious when others are not fully conscious and see how to assist with bringing each further into consciousness for us all as love now.

Today I HONOR the Forerunners, the WayShowers, the GateKeepers, the Quantum Light BEings who have stepped up for all of these years, for those truly dedicated to our existence on THIS VERSION OF EARTH now. For those who dedicated all that they are/have/do for all of humanity too, because they've come to find their own humanity again and live it. There is an entire network of us out there holding NEW EARTH VIBRATIONS IN PLACE, holding those gateways & portals open and DOING realities here. Today I honor my fellow Crystal-Star-Light-BEings holding Christed Consciousness as a way of being in how we live our lives. Today I honor fellow EMBODIERS who do not wait until "one day" and take it upon themselves to do it NOW for us all.

Today is the anchor-in point for all that we have done thus far. Today I anchor deep sacred love, respect, integrity, honor, gratitude, appreciation, consideration, generosity, abundance, wealth, sharing, support, inspiration, dedication, commitment and purity for all of our highest existences here. Today... I hold all sacred in place and I invite you to join me as we now move into our next phase. ♥ Today I anchor HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR US ALL and I hold no less than this ever again. ♦

With deep love, gratitude, acknowledgement, recognition and respect from my soul to yours,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth

p.s. I am again considering another 3 month sabbatical of silence, outside of clients and that which supports my own soul's purposes & expression here. Today it will be 3 months, tomorrow it may be one day or a week. lol.
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