24 de enero de 2017

Laura Pleiadian - The State of Affairs on Earth ~ An Uprising and Consciousness Clearing - January 24, 2017

With the Women ‘s March taking place all over the world, the Inauguration ~ the appearance of choosing sides, resistance, and more, we have an uprising of consciousness.

This uprising is reminiscent of memories to be cleared loved.

We cannot fight what is, and as a Masters of Form, we know this. That the external represents the past levels of consciousness, the future ~ the INNER world of NOW.

Many levels of hidden meaning and purpose took place through the SUBCONSCIOUS realms as manifested on Earth. DO NOT kid yourself. There are no mistakes.

A movement serving to distract from the inner worlds of creation, for THOSE distracted.

A test ~ an Initiation, for those ready to release BLAME in the OTHER. There are no victims, YET honouring those who feel anger and blame in another, as the process of their own evolution.

A force outside of oneself that CAN possibly influence someone is SIMPLY the REMINDER of ~ TO where do you SEE your own power.

In an external world in the throes of clearing the subconscious, as dictated by a force appearing to have power.

Or in the UNSEEN worlds of truth and knowing that REALIZES in the Present Moment, ALL worlds exist now. And that the ONLY force of Power, lies in the UNSEEN.

The Heart, the Love, ON WHICH nothing can ever MOVE or shake its eternal FOUNDATION.

The Masters here on Earth know this.

If distraction has been part of your experience WHICH Redirected your FOCUS of self transformation, allowing you to blame the shape of affairs on others with power. RECOGNIZE all that arises in consciousness that is representative of The CLEARING taking place as a whole, on Planet Earth.

Those that distract serve the DIVINE purpose ~ to ELEVATE awareness and USE of ONES only true power of SELF Transformation into the QUALITIES of CONSCIOUSNESS that only appear as opposite of what we despise.

What we hate and despise are MEMORIES within our own consciousness that ARE TO BE CLEARED within US.

NO one has the power to create an emotional reaction within us if this same attribute that is despise, if this is not within our own consciousness to be CLEARED. OF course there are varying levels and percentages of this.

The same ANCIENT wisdom applies to NOW.

KNOW yourself.

Being true to your experience is the cornerstone of AUTHENTICITY.

So you START with ~ how AM I feeling about this? How does it appear that I AM Being Impacted? Is the outer turmoil that I feel within a REFLECTION of what is inside me?

And if I am experiencing anger, how do I love and honour these feelings as the VERY PROCESS of my releasing this anger?

You start with honesty with yourself.

Be honest, face what is within you. IT IS THERE for your transformation not to point the finger out THERE, that only serves to distract you from the inner work and PRESENCE that is here NOW for you and you alone. To and as the releasing.

To and as your Initiation into true MASTERY.

You love yourself, what you feel, what you are going through, NOT as a Judgment of the external word, BUT a compassionate ACCEPTANCE of the very process of your releasing and MASTERY.

NOT changing out there, but CHANGING yourself though self Love.

LOVING all of your experiences and feelings EVEN when not comfortable, is the PATH to true Mastery and Freedom.

Not waiting for one day….EMBRACING love and compassion, NOW. Within.


copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2017.
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