17 de octubre de 2016

Jennifer Hoffman - To Get Unstuck You have to Come Unglued - Oct 17, 2016

I hear the phrase “I feel stuck” from so many clients who have arrived at a point in their lives where they see that the energy isn’t moving, they want to do other things and they don’t know how to begin. Then, their lives fall apart as they lose friends and relationships, maybe they lose their job, perhaps they have to move out of their home or to a new area, and they think that everything is falling apart. It can appear that way but they’re removing the ‘glue’ from their lives so they can get unstuck and move forward on a new path. Before we can get unstuck, the things that are ‘sticking’ us to our path have to give way, and that is the process of coming unglued.

Coming unglued doesn’t feel good but it is a necessary part of the process. It happens when we are unable to consciously make choices, decisions, and take action to move ourselves out of our stuck places. While we do have free will, our soul conspires to have us fulfill our mission of moving out of healing (which is where we feel stuck) and into new cycles where we can be whole and start taking action in new directions. So all of the things in our life that are glued down start coming unglued as we move towards getting unstuck.

Except it doesn’t feel like that at first, it feels like our life is coming apart as we watch what appears to be many (or all) of our life structures disintegrate. This can look like the structures in our lives collapsing, the things we thought were ‘real’ or permanent ending suddenly, our goals changing, what once made us happy is no longer appealing – it really does feel like our life is falling apart. But it isn’t, it is coming unglued so we can release, re-arrange, and re-structure our reality in new ways.

On an individual and collective level, we are at a place where we have never been before. We have a new awareness of our energetic sovereignty, an understanding of how we are energetic beings and work with universal energy, and the desire to put those together and create new realities that are joy-filled and joy-ful, fulfilling, peaceful, loving, and aligned with the new paths of multi-dimensionality. But getting there comes at a cost, which involves removing the glue that keeps us stuck in those places where we feel limited so we can expand into higher energetic states and dimensions of being.

With the process of getting unstuck and coming unglued our journey can feel like it happens in stops and starts. We’re moving along, then suddenly everything comes apart and we stop moving, trying to assess the damage and decide how we’re going to move forward. Then we move forward again, somewhat cautiously, only to feel stuck and then come unglued again. But if we use the ungluing process to see how it is part of one bigger, smooth, continuous process, we can allow the ‘revolving door’ (see my article on this here) to keep turning as what is leaving our life is creating space for what is coming in.

In fact, it is the new energy, potentials, opportunities, and possibilities that we know are available which make us want to get unstuck in the first place. But we forget that once we decide we want something new, coming unglued from our existing reality is the next step in that process. It is not possible to have everything in this case — we cannot have both the old, stuck, and limiting aspects occupying the same space as the new, free flowing, expansive aspects.

Something has to go in order to create space for new realities to move in and it is often our most limiting beliefs, thoughts, and ways of being that feel the most restrictive in the face of new potentials. They are also the ones that are the most difficult to ‘unstick’ but if we don’t get mired in the process and keep that revolving door moving, we will allow the new to flow in as we’re saying our final good-byes to the old. Then while we may wistfully miss the old for a few moments, we will be celebrating the new energy that will allow us to align with the new potentials that we know are the next best steps on our path. Just remember that coming unglued is part of the process of getting unstuck and keep the energy moving, the revolving door turning, and welcome the new energies into your life.


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