14 de marzo de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - March 14, 2017

If it doesn't feed your spirit and inspire you, it's not going to work in these higher frequencies. The old realities were brain driven and worked logically, these are the opposite. What used to be true, explanations and beliefs are no longer.

Here everything is heart driven and the higher mind works in conjunction, in tandem. Thinking is different here, which is why the brain does not work when acclimating to higher frequency bandwidths. Here we don't think, we observe and process, compute equations and see by way of energy patterns, feeling all through our entire systems. We are stimulated visually and with our senses and our hearts connect us up. If the heart is not operating at the highest frequencies of purity, then there is no connection and there is no purpose....

Existence is very different than it once was. Truth is visible, truth is felt, truth has a frequency. It's open and expansive. Truth is no longer the words one speaks. It is instead the energy of the words and actions that speak here. Human hears words. WE hear/see/feel energy through the unified field of consciousness.

Our words are soft and powerful, spoken with intention and purpose. They deliver a message, a feeling, a knowing...

Our communication is through the energy of all. Here it's the vibrations and the tones that we hear, the feeling this creates, here it's actions that speak loudly...

A smile, a laugh, a hug and kindness speak to us. A gesture, a simple thought, consideration and what one does.... Honesty speaks to us...

Here we see the beauty in all. We also see the limits, the waste, and that which is of unconsciousness. We see one's heart, soul, purity... and we love most more than they love themselves, for they have not REMEMBERED FULLY to love fully again. We desire things FOR them, yet they cannot always understand this, for it makes no sense why we do as we do. They cannot conceive that we don't want anything from them other than for them to REMEMBER fully again too and that we just love them...

Through our expanded consciousness we can connect with the souls of others, regardless of which version is present in the moment. The human aspect has a hard time opening up fully where there is still judgment within their own energy and belief systems still. Yet we hold the space and we love them.

There are times we have to say no... and let others go do their realities the way they need to for them. This opens up a space for our reality to re-align at the vibration of that which we do desire to experience here.

There is true beauty in purity, magnificence in divinity and exquisiteness in open conscious unified energy.

As more come to REMEMBER again, the old ways fall away. The need for the old stories goes and the attachment to lack diminishes too.

Here ALL is abundant, because one's mindset has achieved the alchemical transformation process through one experiencing abundance in the small and seemingly insignificant things. When one can FEEL abundance at all times in every cell, then abundance and prosperity are returned as a natural way of existing too.

Alchemy is a natural gift that emerges as we evolves in light. Because everything is a gift to us, gifts are in abundance too.

REMEMBERING RETURNS all that was forgotten and "lost" when each "fell" beneath the veils and entered their chosen journey of unconsciousness.

These higher light frequencies hit the physical body hard to remove the veils of amnesia and bring all further into consciousness now. The physical body held all inside. It has an entire transformation process to go through, as DNA/RNA and genetics start to change and the body cleanses & purifies itself of all of those limited beliefs of separation and fixed mentality programs come up to go....

The more stubborn, the more suffering... for it's the mind that causes this. One must choose a different path if they desire to experience with greater ease. The most "perfect" physical specimen will find this greatly challenging. The more suppression and compromise, the more intense physically and emotionally. Consciousness changes one's entire experience.

Awakening means confusion, for confusion is the "discrepancy" between the heart and mind. This is where the human will try to make sense according to logic and the square pegs won't fit in the round holes and the puzzle pieces won't fit together as they once did. The heart grants access to the wisdom held within one's own light and Universe/Energy Field.

As the physical body expedites through these upgrade processes, more sleep is required for many, for the mind has to shut down so that one's consciousness can expand. Access to the other dimensions occurs primarily in the sleep state at first. Activating and anchoring the dream in the physical, Heaven on Earth, the 5th/6th+ Dimensions takes a lot of maneuvering. All old ways have to be released, so that new ways can take their place. The human aspect "does not like" not having control or understanding what's going on. Understanding this is a KEYCODE for bypassing the human's need to control in order to embrace and honor a very bizarre, non-conforming and mind-twisting process.

Body changes, heating up/cooling down, systems not working as they did while "re-configuring" takes place for optimal performance. Continual upper and lower body clearings, energy moving inside, body aches, breathing and heart activations, itching, swelling, weight gain/loss, the head goes through continual everything. Organs, teeth, bones, muscles, skin, flesh, blood, fluid systems, eyes, spine..... every nano-particle gets reworked.... de-densified and upgraded to hold light.

This is a process of the body evolving back through consciousness. Everything is integrating, merging and unifying again.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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