8 de marzo de 2017

Christine Day - Message from Pleiadians March 2017


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Beloved ones we greet you,

Today, in this moment you can move into a place of power, to reclaim that which is rightfully yours. This is the timing for blessings to be bestowed upon you. With the new frequencies of light flowing onto the planet since late February you are enabled to enter a higher realm connection to Self. We remind you of the importance of letting go of the old traditions you have with

yourself, to move into a different relationship with your human aspect. To forge a deeper place of respect and love for all that you have chosen to be within those experiences. Self-acceptance is the key to receiving the blessings within this changing realm on your earth plane. Through the choice to ‘accept’ you have created all the experiences in this incarnation, you move out of being the victim, and into being the creator. Your heart can blossom into a new aspect of receivership. You can become the receiving station for all that your hearts desire. You can flow with this new paradigm currently birthing on your planet. This is your time to flourish within this new energetic framework that is anchoring onto the earth plane.

Be well in your intentions. Let go and allow your heart to be, like a flower opening to the Sun, opening up into the light, into a new level of receivership for all aspects of Self.


The Pleiadians
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