2 de enero de 2017

Christine Day - Message from the Pleiadians January 2017 - January 02, 2017

Message from the Pleiadians January 2017

Beloved ones we greet you,

Through a huge shift of energetic dimensions on your planet at the time of the New Year there has been a new design activated on your Earth plane. You now have moved into the next phase of experience on your planet and your individual roles have changed. Your reason for being on planet Earth has altered.

This is the time for a radical shift in conscious awareness of the higher source energy of Self to emerge. It is your time to link into your creation energy and beginning a path of conscious manifestation of your heart’s desire. You are being witnessed in your progress, supported in your conscious choice path and regarded with a deep love for your collective and individual journey.

Choosing to move within a Community base at this time is a powerful path to take, to allow a new movement of community to develop on your earth plane. There are many sacred moments and choices to be made that will create new roadways in which you can flourish within a series of different environmental settings than ever experienced previous to this time. Remember there are no wrong decisions. Just experiences that will continue to unfold within your world.

We hold you with love as you unfold.


The Pleiadians
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