1 de julio de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Collective Gridwork Clearing of Humans Putting Money & Things Over Their Own/Others Souls...7/1/2016

Aloha beautiful light family!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. HUGE template clearings, collective gridwork clearings.... and NEW EARTH Light BEing physical body upgrades for all!

I will expand upon this more along the way, as I'm on a schedule today (as usual).....

Massive frustration energy collectively cleared, for a multitude of things.... (thank you Lee Bonde for your contribution to this.)

Time templates adjusted so as we have more time to do that which is of higher consciousness existence and less time for that which is not.

When the collective gridwork clears, those of us linked in to participate in this clearing for all, get to experience this energetically, while the human experiences in their waking world much of the time (and the sleeping/closed eyed one).

WE work energetically to clear gridlines of Mama Gaia, Inner Earth, Galactic and all timelines simultaneously here.

Now, where one has been working consciously and intentionally for a long time, sometimes the DEEPLY EMBEDDED ones don't clear collectively until we hit that frequency for our physical body templates to be blasted with light to obliterate that collective consciousness program. The only difference is that we don't believe or participate in "it", so it's not our own individual reality, so it it does not usually affect us (except on a grander/larger scale). There are times at which we are affected, in a way, because the mass population collective still holds strongly to a belief/mentality/perception of separation. When the entire collective is blasted, activated and awakened to start to realize, then we can clear that entire gridwork where that dormant little vibration was still in our bodies/cellular memory, so that we can be free.... as the awakening of others from within to the old belief system is what allows us to break free from that entire structured gridwork holding that system in place. Opposite ends of the spectrum, if you will.

Now, because we have not believed/entertained/participated in that mentality reality (often for a very long time), when the final dissolution/break occurs, then we clear the remaining programs from our own templates where that collective was held, while the rest collectively awaken to this higher consciousness reality and start to practice/apply it in their own physical reality world.

WE've been doing it way for years, which is why it's so important for everyone to not wait for things that they know inside and to go DO them regardless of what others think/do... you can leave collectives behind and in a way, not be affected by it at all, yet in a way, it will still be a limit held in place that kept you from experiencing the full magnitude of your magically abundant and amazing NEW Earth reality NOW.

This is what has again occurred, opposite ends of the spectrum, or somewhere in the middle, depending on how consciously you've been doing your reality all of this time.

This one is multi-faceted, as are all. This one is around consideration for others AND not putting money/things over people. I learned this one (remembered) years ago, and had to come to never compromise over money/things and to always see what the person/soul needed energetically. I also had to learn/remember how not to feed the lack of others (which meant it fed a lack within me). Money/things just a representation, it's never about these things. The flip side of this one is when we start to awaken, we often coveted money & things over our soul/other souls. We do not understand. We have mixed programs going on (masculine energy will choose money/things first, whereas feminine energy will go broke giving others everything they have). Within all things there must be balance... and one must move beyond human masculine/feminine to Divine Masculine/Feminine. This entire purification process does this for all.

Human will sell it's soul (compromise it's heart) over money & physical world things... WE do not. We understand the ENERGY of how all works.... and we do not worry of physical world things... we allow these to come, from whatever SOURCE meant to be, we DO according to higher consciousness and we do not feed the lack mentalities within ourselves or others anymore. Everything is in-service to our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE, all physical world things too. The tricky part is to identify where others come from and stop feeding their lack. Our role is to empower others to step out of those mentalities to live beyond abundantly too. This first must occur inside, for abundance is in all things. Breath, nature, love, beauty... and as we come to appreciate through our SACRED CONNECTION with/as all again, physical world abundance starts to come/materialize in every capacity...... it's beyond magically magnificent to experience. (Then the Divine Masculine comes into play. This is what actually brings forth physical abundance through one's own DOing energy as a Higher Self/Soul).

NEW Earth Abundance is an alchemical process that occurs in response to each. The physical body upgrades to Crystalline LightBody, the crystals/light transmit frequencies transmit/receive simultaneously (this is separated into only sending or receiving during specific tuning processes). The being evolves back into energy form inside and merges/integrates with the physical body, that is continually going through an upgrade process in some way. Physical realities become energetic. The dominant human aspect still has a very physical experience for everything to understand. We just see the energy of all and we can transform, transmute, reconfigure realities right then.

This COLLECTIVE CLEARING immobilized the transmission of greed, separation of self over physical world things... it's dramatically shifted perception of what is truly important within each. Now each will start to have to the ability to make more conscious choices, and this awakened all of those who did not appreciate their own soul first..... This was a HUGE TIPPING POINT that we have come through. Game changer is an understatement. For how one views their own soul vs. the physical... this dramatically now changes collectively.

This lifted the remaining limits for those who have been in-service as light and working consciously to hold the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK in place from within. This activated souls to finally start to understand.... deeply from within their own core being....

There were many other collective clearings too. I'll share as we go. Observe your own mentalities and what you value, what's important to you. Just observe... truly see.... for it's through our own unification that we are truly free. ♥

Aloha Nui Loa from Kauai! Have a magical everything!!! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

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