29 de julio de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Soul Embodiment... 7/29/2016

We've had 2 tones in the last few minutes, telling us we are going HIGHER in frequency now. We had StarGate activity upon waking an it continues subtly/strongly now. Very soft frequencies, yet very high and increasing more as we go....

Last night we had some new frequencies too... and I've not had a chance to write yet on the magnitude of these Embodiment Frequencies and the Soul anchoring/integrating all aspects fully in the cellular body...the correlation to activating our higher self, working to integrate over the years, descension of our higher selves in our physical body structure and the deep profound soul integration going on since reaching the Galactic Core in December 2015 and the depths of how we function and exist increasing substantially each month since then, for this immense embodiment phase, requiring more alone time in a very huge and pivotal way....

A packed schedule, I write as often as I can. So many live events, courses and working one-on-one/in groups with those investing all that they now are too. It's beyond beautiful indeed! I am also taking more "me-time" where I can too, to honor my own profound integration process of my own soul... there are no words to describe this experience and how all is culminating as we proceed into merging the depths of our core existences and the purity of our NEW Earth EXISTENCE here, relationships, purposes, roles and the profound affect on our physical as our higher-consciousness-realities materialize faster in physical form for all now.

The heavy duty clearings, cleansings and re-programming over many years.... the restoration of our original body template (mine over a year ago), the activation of galactic schematics, genetic re-coding, the implementation/integration of our Diamond Light Encoded Template Overlay .... such a deep, sacred and profound experience this is.....

As previously unconscious collectives now awaken to confusion and chaos to open their hearts fully in order to move each further into full consciousness for their own realities, those who have dedicated everything/all of their energy & physical world things to being in-service now move into much higher frequencies of existence too. More deep peace, more love, more awesomeness and magical everything continues to come forth. We've gone to the depth of our own separation and "darkness" to transcend the separation from self as SOURCE from within. Now, the physical body just continues to upgrade, clear physical density, release the energy of all held cellularly at an exponential rate, while we fulfill missions/dreams/desires in-service here.

The more collapse/dis-illusion occurs on a grander scale, the more solid the foundation of NEW Earth becomes. We started the re-construction phase over a year ago in many dimensions, while the de-construction phase continues in many others simultaneously to balance any polarity out. WE continually alternate between frequencies, dimensions, timelines and we Master the Energy of all. We utilize the abundance of natural and organic gifts that come forth through our presence and the purity of light that we hold. Physical realities constantly re-aligning as the physical body continually anchors higher photonic light, re-calibrating, re-coding, re-tuning... realities are energetic and materialize to take form by that which we hold from inside until it arrives/occurs in our own physical reality worlds.

Our feelings, our love, our connection... this is what dictates all. The programs inside of us no longer a mystery, everything is very clear and precise now.

I'll write more as we go.. I always do... lol ♥ Love and gratitude. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery & The Embodiment of Light ∞
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