2 de julio de 2016

Dianne Robbins - Our Water Talks - July 2, 2016

Our Water Talks
Our shorelines are packed with the purest of sand, white colored and soft and crystal clear specs of the smoothest particles you have ever stepped on. Walking on our sandy beaches is akin to having the best foot massage possible. And we do walk on our beaches for this very purpose, for its massage soothes our feet and mind simultaneously. Our ocean’s waves lap our shorelines with the purest and cleanest of water you have ever seen or tasted. And the temperature is always perfect for our bodies. Not too warm and not too cold. We walk into our oceans where it is shallow, and swim out great distances without ever getting tired or cold. No one here ever drowns. This is unheard of and unimaginable. We are all great swimmers, and our oceans and lakes support us so that we stay on top of the water.

Our water has consciousness, and talks to us while we are immersed in it. Yes, our water talks. When we swim, our water becomes part of our body, and we are one body, one ocean, swimming along the currents and through the waves. We merge ourselves completely with the water’s consciousness, and our swim is a trip in consciousness itself. It is so much more than what you experience in your surface lakes and oceans, where the consciousness of your water has become so densified and polluted that it has lost its voice and vitality and life force. It weakly calls out to you, but you don’t hear it. It calls out to you for help. It calls out to you to stop polluting it, to stop bombarding it with ELF sound waves, to stop the whaling ships and underwater experiments, and oil spills, and submarines, and cruise ships from destroying and poisoning its life force. But alas, it rests on deaf ears. For the children of Earth are still deaf to the destruction they are causing the Earth. It’s only the greedy politicians who know what they are doing, and they do it purposely to destroy the Earth for their own personal gain, in the name of bolstering the economy. Everything is for the economy, and nothing for the Earth or its people. Families don’t count anymore, only the state of the economy counts. You never hear about the “state of the family” on the news, it’s always the “state of the economy” you hear about. Well, when there are no longer any families alive, there won’t be an economy either.

So help yourself by helping your Earth. It’s only through your returning your surface oceans and lands to their pristine state that you will return to a perfect economy where everyone lives in abundance and perfect health.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins
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