30 de junio de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Galactic StarGate Sequencing & TelePorting In & Out of Old & NEW Versions/Timelines/Dimensions Simultaneously Now - 6/30/2016

Two days ago we had another StarGate dial-down which put many back into old versions of realities. Some physically, some mentally. The purpose of this is to "clean up" anything in that dimension that is visible from within, so that as the higher frequencies come in, you can physically shift into another dimension without those things as realities anymore.

It's very odd to observe "lower/Old Earth dimensions" while standing in them, aware that all around you is a totally different dimension, yet you are in a completely different one. This is one way that teleportation works. Most are not present enough to know that they have "teleported" to a totally different timeline, without being affected by it. Just an observer (or watcher), moving in and out of dimensional realities....

Galactic Frequencies lately are huge. We are on like day 7 since the initial portal activation where relationships (with self/others) and deeper connections were established with Twin/Divine Souls..... yet most don't understand that all previous versions of every relationship will emerge for cleansing so that they can "go". Many will cycle through old realities ... there are important purposes with everything.

How long one remains in those old physical realities will be determined by many things. First is what needs to be resolved by each, how much is still held within each's physical body to clear and one's awareness of their own reality/dimensions, and how these work. First one must be able to identify the vibration of all things, the dimension it represents, then utilize Mastery Tools to Navigate intentionally.

The geometric sequencing dialed in a StarGate Activation will determine the physical reality you are "jumped" to. The more aware you are, the less human'ness you hold, the more this is just a teleporting from dimensional reality timelines to "see". WE can function independently, maintaining a totally different reality than the physical one that presents. We can keep working in service, while managing all that presents in the old ones too... letting everything go that is not to be given attention (energy). This may be situations or others. We just see and decide the purpose.

Everything is an opportUNITY, a gift. Every exchange is an opportUNITY too. Some things require your attention because they are yours to deal with, others do not, as they are not. Your presence and awareness determine this.

This morning, the StarGates are again very active. Sequences are basically auto-dialed by your field. I hear/feel them in my brain (have for years). I always know when we are being teleported. It's part of being a HUman StarGate here. Our Galactic Photonic electromagnetic plasma energy generates codes & sequences based upon the most current vibrational frequencies activated and achieved by each. Focus allows for intentional participation.

Today this energy is high and very active. The physical body is being deeply purified and cleansed the last week or so. Upper body and lower body, so all of it. Your physical body is LIGHT'ening... releasing any old density/programs held within cellular memory as your molecular body rapidly and continually restructures itself according to higher consciousness genetic re-coding. The outside will continually & simultaneously re-align as well.

The higher we go, the more all is just ENERGETIC. Your whole existence will revolve around the ENERGY of all things, the vibration of all things... for you exist ENERGETICALLY.... At first, when the huge blasts of energy bombard you/your world, it can be beyond overwhelming and challenging, yet over the separation of time, you shall come to exist this way. Everything will very naturally and organically evolve for you, with you... as you do. Peace and flow are restored. Love is always present and light is how you exist.

Everything changes for you. Your "job" is to honor your process, your body and re-focus continually on what is truly important and let the rest go. Each shall be "pointed" in the direction of higher consciousness existence. The more resistant & stubborn, the "stronger" the experience necessary to get one's attention in order to do this for them. The more open and embracing, the easier all is. Photonic Light will override the human aspects ability to control anything anymore. This is the point. All are to transcend their own human'ness and re-emerge back to an existence forgotten. Remembering comes from within. ♥

We shall continue to cycle through a multitude of dimensions as we increase daily to link up to the next higher crystalline gridwork of NEW Earth. Each time is like a "sifter". If there is anything dense that needs to go, it will be shaken out. If not, you just flow from one to the next... as portals open and awesomeness abound continually comes forth to materialize in the physical you vibrate into. ♥

Galactic Existence loves..... Embrace yours. Everyone has a very important role, mission, purposes here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

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