15 de junio de 2016

Christine Day - Message from the Pleiadians June 2016 - June 15, 2016

We hold you close as you move forward beyond the veils, and allow a deepening communion brilliant energy to enter your consciousness. This is the time for the sacred to unfold within you. Now is the time for your own sacred space of consciousness to open, ‘like a flower to the sun’. The reflected brilliance of the sun continues to work within you, and through you. As the veils lift, the revelations are given to you through your consciousness. There is nothing within the brilliance that you are not a part. You carry the sacred naturally within each physical cell of your body.

Now is the time for you to set in motion, to actively open into a next stage of receiving through your Conscious breath, that which has always been yours to claim. Through your conscious choice you reach forward with your awareness and bring your Conscious breath, like a soft wind, into the brilliance that is contained beyond the veils.

We place a call out to each one of you to begin to witness the beautiful flow of light from the sun’s rays as it breathes its brilliance through you. This light reflects the depth of your own brilliance within. As you choose to open up to receive the mirror of its reflections you can begin a new process within yourself, a new path of illumination.

There is much for you to receive now as you align to the energetic mirror of light held through the Sun. Through your conscious choice action of working with the Sun’s light, a transfer of this mirror will activate and align you to your own pure source energy of your Being.

When we talk about your action of ‘Being’, we refer to you opening a doorway to yourself, to your Higher Self. This doorway has been closed to you in this lifetime. Now you are once again retrieving the keys to your own doorway of light, taking back access to that which is rightfully yours to utilize. You have been in a separated state in order to have your full human experience but this is the time for you to move into the next phase of the plan. Your new path is opening up before you.

Through the anchoring of the Covenant energy on the Earth plane at this time you have a stabilizing frequency supporting your transition. This is the sacred timing that we have spoken of before, now the transition of your next phase has begun.

We hold you. We witness you as you choose your moment to open and receive all that is being held steady for you to fulfill your own self-prophecy of awakening.


The Pleiadians

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