15 de marzo de 2017

Jennifer Hoffman - Me Myself and I - Integrating 5D Acceptance into our Being - March 15, 2017


We look at ourselves very critically because we can’t get over the pain, shame, and guilt of the past to see how we can ever become the container for the joy, peace, love, and fulfillment that we long for. So we see ourselves as incomplete, un-whole and set out on endless paths of healing that try to make sense of a past we can’t resolve and create a present that we can’t envision. But if we see ourselves in our three aspects, me, myself, and I, and bring those together into congruence, we can create the life we long for and release ourselves from the healing paths that do not serve this purpose.

Our ‘me’ aspect is the human self that our soul is born into. This ‘me’ is far more complex than we imagine because it is the container for all of our lifetimes of experience, all of the energies we have connected with, and everything that we have ever been, good and bad, positive and negative, victim and abuser. We think we start each lifetime with a blank book but we don’t. We start every lifetime with a book that is full of information from our past lives that contains a blank page for this lifetime.

The blank page is what we will create in this lifetime but it isn’t of value to us if we do not recognize that the blank page is also part of the book of our many lifetimes. We try to find joy by re-writing the past through engaging in healing but that doesn’t work either because all of our healing work takes us back to the beginning of that book. What we need to focus on is the blank page, the new self that must emerge from the ashes of the past by using those ashes as fertilizer for the new being we want to create. That happens when we integrate the past into the self and work from our whole self, or myself.

Our ‘myself’ aspect is the starting point for our new being-ness. It is the self that we criticize, judge, hate, blame, shame, guilt, and despise for its pain, weakness, and fears. When we focus on our ‘myself’ aspect we see everything that we believe is the source of our pain, our mistakes, and our lack of progress or success. Yet in the ‘myself’ aspect is the seed for our third aspect, the ‘I’ because we achieve congruence through acceptance of who we have been, not by rejecting it.

This is where we get stuck in healing cycles and never allow ourselves to become whole, which is the necessary step to take us beyond healing and into congruence. We must become whole in every way, not denying or rejecting any part of ourselves because we find them distasteful or objectionable, but by using our weakness to become strong, by using our fear to create courage, and acknowledging that our humanity exists so our divinity can shine.

Once we can accept ourselves fully and completely we open the portal to allow our divinity to shine through. Divinity is about wholeness, not holiness. It does not arrive on our doorstep when we are good enough, it arrives when we acknowledge that nothing about us is imperfect or irredeemable, and that our fear state exists because we reject the blessings of our divinity when we don’t think we are good enough to be divine. This is the ‘I’ aspect, the part of us that holds the key to the joy, love, peace, and fulfillment that we desire. This is also our recognition of ourselves as a part of Source or God, and that nothing we ever do can separate us from this aspect.

The journey through our aspects, me, myself, and I, is our greatest life challenge. This is a lesson in acceptance, which is part of self love on a much more profound level. With acceptance we acknowledge our humanity and all of its foibles and invite our divinity to share our table even though we’re eating on paper plates, using paper towels as napkins, and using plastic cutlery. Our divinity doesn’t need the special china and silver, it just needs an invitation to sit next to us.

We arrive at our ‘I’ aspect when we are ready to accept ourselves, ‘warts and all’ and acknowledge our own perfection. Then, from that I aspect we find the congruence, harmony, flow, and connection that our soul longs for because now it has a home in our humanity that has a place for our divinity at the table of our being.

Copyright (c) 2017 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.  You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com
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