21 de febrero de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Becoming a Crystalline Gridkeeper & Star Gate System of NEW Earth - 2/21/2017

Yesterday was a huge activation and integration day of encodements relative to each of our individual (and collective) evolution here. Powerful is an understatement. By afternoon, we had gone ultra-sonic, then a half hour later we hit Stellar Frequencies. Needless to say, I too pulled away to allow for what I needed to do as a GateKeeper/Gridkeeper here.

We anchored the mathematical equations for how Realities are constructed here. Much of what we've been doing since December has been upgrading Galactic Gaia/Earth's Crystalline Structure/Template with the new Galactic Grids, continually upgrading her template and ours with new codes for our NEW EXISTENCE here. These Galactic Codes give us access to what was not available before. Integration into our own Crystalline Structure gives us the ability to deliver these codes from within us in everything that we do/are. It takes much "work" on our end to honor the process until complete. Anything inside of us that has to come up, it's coming up for a cleansing/cellular release. These eclipses are a passageway to move old anything out, resolve it, move through it, see it and re-construct our realities accordingly now. ↓↓↓

We are in continual RE-everything. Reassessing, recalculating, re-configuring, re-aligning, re-calibrating, re-structuring realities based upon what is present "right now". The dynamics of each's reality is changing dramatically. Each must now decide what truly important and constantly re-focus energy on whatever that is. Realities are very different here than they were on old earth... as sleeping amnesiac humans.

We've cleared tons over the last week as we've shifted timelines and as we move through this Gateway, we are continually re-aligning now. It's been intense with our bodies as they release. Some experiencing releasing the old Matrix from their muscles, Plasma activating in their bones, teeth, skulls for expansion, now starting to realize the complexity of this process that wasn't understandable before. Photonic light druggy/groggy/foggy filling the body to make it so heavy that moving takes every ounce of energy until those immediate veils are removed and the body is brought online at a higher frequency for functioning a little bit, to turn around and start all over again. This is how it works here. Mastering/Maneuvering and having any kind of a life changes when this part of the process occurs. Sleep/wake flipping/merging/blurring for awhile as Lucid Dreamy states move back and forth and multiple dimensions open up, StarGates activate, portals open, then close and a different dimensional reality must be mastered to then move to another one, sometimes many of them simultaneously until all have been mastered from within.

The physical body upgrades dominate our lives for awhile, yet we master that too, because we re-shape our world/reality around what we came here to be/do as multi-dimensionals, not the other way around, as human aspects try to do.

Realities are re-shaped, continually. Realities de-construct and re-construct on a whole new FOUNDATION of purity, love, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion and power... in a whole new way. This is a complete overhaul of everything. We get to participate and shape realities if we are present, fully conscious, fully on-board and participating from within.

The transition from Old Earth to NEW Earth occurs over the separation of time until each works through their own separation inside. Emerging on the OTHER SIDE - FOR GOOD - means your body has completed the processes of becoming a CRYSTALLINE GRIDKEEPER AND STARGATE SYSTEM OF NEW EARTH. The whole physical body has to be re-coded, re-calibrated, re-constructed too. This is an evolution from one species to another. This is a transition from one existence to another. This is all dimensions of existences merged into this one right here. ♥

This is a UNIFIED EXISTENCE where the holographic codes for our NEW EXISTENCE are transmitted from inside our Galactic Earth's Crystalline Structure and our NEW CRYSTALLINE BODIES through mathematical and geometric codes and sequences. Your body must be cleansed/pure for this to occur. Your old attachments, beliefs, emotions and thoughts cannot come through these StarGates. Your body can't come through with them.... Our NEW Body templates are encoded with the maps of our NEW GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS HERE. Your physical body is not what you thought it was. It's the Sacred Vessel that holds your entire existence in it. What you do dictates your experience here.

Let all of the old go.... come together, work it out, move on. Do whatever you have to do to figure it out, resolve it all, move through it and see what you came here for. Honor your body upgrades and focus when you are able to function. If you waste your energy, if it doesn't feed your soul, if it doesn't come from inside of you, you won't be able to do it.... You will short out, get overwhelmed, deplete and your physical reality will too. You will not be able to tolerate the old, as it will affect you in a whole new way. Your body will shut down, go offline... you cannot suppress your soul anymore. The life force that fuels your body (SOURCE) will not allow you to disconnect anymore.... your body will "suffer" separation and start to die if you don't listen and move through things.... and open your heart back up. Your life must have purpose or you'll feel lost....

Your human wants to hide, your soul wants to be open & free. Alone time is necessary for you to clear old suppressed energies and bring more of who you are through ...

In one aspect, this is the toughest experience you will go through, transitioning from human to multi-dimensional. You will meet every challenge, see everything you didn't want to see, have to learn everything all over again. It's also the most rewarding experience, bringing forth the most gifts and physical abundance because you come from unification from within. Separation kept you from ALL OF THIS. Unification returns you to existences forgotten..... to live the PURE EXISTENCE without all of the heavy stuff anymore....

Be patient, honor you and figure out your priorities. If it's not worth it to you, then your experiences will reflect this back to you. You have to choose to do the work, inside and out, you have to choose to invest in our "future". You receive exactly what you put into this. Part commitment keeps you bound to old Earth. This is how it works here. All or none. One foot in each world until you jump... go for it. Finally and fully....

Non-linear realities deliver exactly what we "need" to experience vibrationally.... They show us what we need to see about ourselves, they show us what's truly important, they show us where we come from, they show us how open we are, how much we contribute, step-up and how ready we are.... They show us how separated/disconnected or how unified/connected we are inside, as love, as higher selves, as Source Creator... They show us where we are still little humans and what is left inside. Experiences are vibrational matches..... ♥

Intensity or simplicity? Energetic existence is intense to our human. Simple to us. Challenging to our human. Understood and honored by us. We LOVE easy.... ♥

I love you. Love yourself fully. It's the greatest gift you will give to you (and all of us here). ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
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