10 de febrero de 2017

Christine Day - Message from the Pleiadians February 2017 - February 10, 2017

Message from the Pleiadians February 2017

Beloved ones we greet you,

There is great change coming, building like a wave, bringing a new element of consciousness to your world. There is nothing to fear. What is essential at this time is for you to consciously bring your focus inwards into your heart center, this is where authenticity, clarity and Truth exist for you.

This new energy that has been anchoring on the planet at this time is designed to transform and breakdown all that which does not hold Truth. Simultaneously this energy is designed to open up your hearts on yet another dimensional level to enable you to move and birth into a deeper understanding of what is to unfold here on your planet. You are in the middle of a huge transformation, moving from one reality moment to another, which is designed to bring forth a higher frequency of connected light into form on your earth plane. Through anchoring into the stillness, this light form can be experienced within your heart and can birth forth Truth, which can be made manifest through you and outwards into your world. This is part of the sacred design for this time.

Focusing in the stillness of the light that moves deeply within you will align a current of light that will form a strong collective base within your Community. This action of alliance will offset the intense movement of drama that is creating a strong separating element within society.

Remember we, the Pleiadians, have been saying that there is more upheaval coming. This is a beginning of this new phase, which is creating an upswing of intensity. Those of you on the path are being called to hold this space of light, a space of stillness to create an energetic balance for all of humanity at this juncture. This is your individual and collective opportunity to create through your heart center the pure force of light energy that you all naturally embody within.

Do not try and interact in the drama however be still and congregate within your group and hold the stillness between you. You are in Truth an aspect of the Oneness, allow yourself to shine forth as a collective ray of light.

Within your group setting use the sacred sound, ARSTAHN, this will build the energy of the stillness within your circles.

This is your time to be the effective link of light for humanity.


The Pleiadians


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