14 de julio de 2016

Message from the Pleiadians July 2016

Beloved ones we greet you,

We honor your path, we call you forward to take your place more and more completely now. Taking your place entails your willingness to let go and honor the moment you find your self within. There is nothing greater for you to do than this. Allow the love in, the love exists around you, and each one of you needs to open to receive that which is right in front of you.

Beloved, you are that aspect of the consciousness of light that exists throughout the Universe. You are a sacred part of the whole and you are being asked to reach out with your conscious awareness and grasp the light aspect that is gathering around you at this time. Breathe in the light and own what is naturally yours. Take ownership of all that is a natural part of you. The sacred design that you are is anchored within your heart. Bring your awareness into your heart and breath the consciousness of light that is exists within you. Claim this moment in the light, let go and Be the light. Let go and be received by the light.


The Pleiadians
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