2 de julio de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - The Depths (and Intensity) At Which WE Feel - 7/2/2016

Continually going deeper than we ever understood... The depths of our core... words just cannot describe how deeply we go. "In the beginning" as we started to awaken that there were other aspects of ourselves that we forgot, disconnected from... "The Journey" of awakening... profound is an understatement.

In order to even start to get to "who we truly are", meant all that we thought we were, all that we were not... it all had to be triggered, it all had to come up... all of that separation... all of that unconsciousness...

Each time we go through an activation of light, each time we go through a cellular cleansing to purify, each time we expand into bliss and magic again, each time the deeper depths of our own soul are revealed.

As we move from human to higher self, then to multiple higher selves, then to source.... we become Christed Beings, Gods/Goddesses, Galactics, Celestials, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Elementals (and so much more) again. The frequency/energy of that essence returns, and we in turn become that essence again. Our whole way of being changes.

Along the way, we go through dramatic transformations, as we hold/embody light. Our ancient lineages returned, our DNA constantly changing.

We start to realize that human was a very small aspect and that who we are is Vast. Unlimited doesn't even describe our presence truly.

The deeper we feel, the more intense it seems... the more we are able to connect with others who feel this deeply too. The basis of our connections change dramatically too, for surface relationships no longer have a purpose or a point. We do get choosy, for our energy is truly precious, so those that we choose to spend our personal energy with is too. The lack and need gone, we no longer "need" to be with another, for we are not filling a space or a void. Others are an enhancement to what we already hold. All must inspire, support, contribute and truly desire to share this connection from within their own self, which means they have to be totally open from inside, they must share, they must respect, they must honor... themselves.... so that we can even connect on the higher level of consciousness that is now available for all.

NEW Earth Relationships are very different than the old. There is no waste, fake or using each other.... there is no manipulation, need, attachment or "take" mentality anymore.... If there is, there is no relationship. It is that simple.

NEW Earth Relationships are pure. They are real and true. There is no projecting on another, imposing on another... no needy... those were the old human relationships... those are collapsing and dying away, with the dissolution of the Old Earth/Lower Realms of Unconsciousness.

The depths at which we feel, is across dimensions simultaneously from this space right here. Our souls are connected from inside. One must reach themselves this deeply, connect this deeply, to feel it and get it.... to be able to achieve these relationships means each must be able to go to the depths of their own soul and exist from this space without closing down or going human ever again.

These frequencies and cosmic light activations that are increasing continually throughout every day now, these take each deeper into the depths of remembering.... so profoundly that your entire reality and existence changes.... instantly and continually....

If you desire to understand, you must go inward. You must honor yourself at all times. The desire for all is inside of you... Yet you are the one that must open completely up, you are the one that must connect with this space inside of yourself, you are the one that must allow yourself to feel fully again... and you are the one that must transcend all of the distortions of your own human'ness.

As you start to DESIRE more, the drive inside will increase. Where you are separated from yourself, this will feel like "need". Just the recognition of this, allows you to fill this space with sacred love for yourself. Just this awareness will change everything... AS you ALLOW yourself to BE the magnificent and exquisite soul that you truly are again. ♥

Everything is changing loves.... everyone must FEEL. Everyone must connect to their own sacredness and together we share a connection that transcends all things human. Yet, each must come into their own, each must embrace their self, each must open up totally to allow for these profound sacred connections to occur. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

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