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John Smallman – Saul – Go With Your Intuition Which Is Always Divinely Guided – 17 December 2014

john-blog-pics-0135Humanity’s progress towards awakening has been phenomenal over the last two or three years, although, if you are regularly ensnared by the mainstream media and its messages of mayhem and disaster, you might find it hard to believe that this is so.  But remember that is all part of the illusion which you are working tirelessly to dissolve through the power of your loving thoughts, words, and deeds.  Love conquers all in Its path, gently and irresistibly, and that is what you are all doing as you engage firmly and constantly with the Love field that surrounds you, effectively dissolving all that is not in alignment with it.
You all chose an earthly incarnation as humans in this particular lifetime because you so dearly wanted to assist as powerfully as you possibly could in humanity’s awakening process.  But of course when you enter into the illusion by incarnating as humans you also enter a state of amnesia.  Deep within you you know that you have an essential purpose in the grand divine scheme, and many of you seek help in finding that purpose by engaging with the illusion – taking seminars of various sorts, following wise gurus, or taking up a recommended practice that you hope will offer you the definitive answers to all your worries and anxieties.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Quantum Awakening – She Speaks – 17 December 2014

As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
We welcome you daughters of the stars, daughters of the land, daughters of what is yet to be birthed.  we see your beauteous light as it shines brilliantly among the earthen stars.  We are the Pleiadian frequencies.  We are your future, we are your past and we are everything in between.  You are sculpted from our vibration as we are integrated with yours.  We are brothers and sisters of light with nothing in-between us but pure heart.  We see in your life that you have allowed the entanglements of Earth and the dire needs of others to unwrap and unravel you, becoming seamless of purpose and beige of life. 
Who you once were and who you will become are dancing partners that have not met.  Who you are destined to be can not be interrupted by your life, by your upheavals, or by your choices.  Each of you is being asked to fully integrate into the fullness of your Earthen life– what is unseen possibility, what is healing, what is truth and what is wisdom received as gifts from your daily encounters.


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Karen Dover - Closure of the “corridor” between worlds - December 16, 2014

Many of us have walked a path that seems to have been never-ending and yet this is not TRUTH for everything is energy and energy continually moves and shifts. It is not possible for energy to remain static and yet the old 3D earth created reality tried to teach us this over and over again. Looking out onto the world at the moment shows a breaking down of “society”, a breaking down of “reality” and this is part of the unfolding in TRUTH. For in order to birth a “New Earth” the heavily structured and re-enforced construct had to begin to dissolve fully. This has allowed for an expansion which is the “corridor” between worlds.

Jahn J Kassl - OF RIGHT CHANNELING, SANANDA - Dec 16, 2014

From the Book: "Master-Dialogues"
Volume I, Chapter 3
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb
Conversation with Sananda 
JJK: The situation that a dark source was able to interfere 
with my channeling and to determine it, still preoccupies me 
(see the message «Massive attacks of the dark ones»: 
Also the question is raised in my mind, what has to be done, 
so that this can be absolutely avoided and the question, 
what are the conditions, in order to carry out this work at all? 
To carry it out, so that clean and pure messages come 
through – and only those!?

Aisha North – A Powerful Connection – 16 December 2014

AishaNorthDecember 15, 2014 in Words of inspiration
Beloved family of light! My sister and I have just been through such a powerful experience, I have asked her to help me to share it with you. For this morning, my sister asked me to come and look at something she had been guided to connect with, and it was about Tintagel on the West Coast of England. I felt tingles all over my body and I told her “this must be so important, for there has been a lot of talk about King Arthur and Merlin at the Pond the last couple of weeks”. She was not aware of this, because she very rarely read anything that is posted here, not even the messages that I channel. After I had read through the link she showed me, I said to her that I felt we should sit down and meditate together. She agreed, and we both felt guided to prepare by taking the time to light incense and read a prayer to Mother Nature and using my Tibetan singing bowl to mark the occasion. We also brought in three feathers that we have been gifted over the last two years, an owl’s feather and an eagle’s feather from the area around Lake Gjende and a hawk’s feather we found during our week in Crete. We also brought the two pieces of yellow quartz we found at Lake Bygdin this summer, one for each of us.

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - Dec 16, 2014

Ummac Dan
11 Chicchan, 4 Mol, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come with more news for you. At present, the mechanism for giving you your blessings has been activated. Our liaisons report that the first aspects of this process are underway and no hitches have been encountered. Our Earth allies are confidently using a delivery system, which has been well tested over the years. It is our desire to have a number of important elements in place well before the arrival of Christmas. In this regard, we have contacted those who are in charge of these various projects and been told that a number of special circumstances are being employed to ensure the success of these various deliveries. We know that these deliveries are under the jurisdiction of those who are completing the adjustments needed to forge a new and much fairer banking system. It is this new system, which is to handle the bulk of the deliveries that are to bring you your blessings. Thus, the first part of these deliveries is to prove conclusively that these many prosperity and humanitarian projects are indeed unstoppable. Our desire is to use these first deliveries to prove to all that the power of the dark is truly over.

Brenda Hoffman – Saviors Are SO Yesterday – 16 December 2014

Dear Ones,
It is likely you do not comprehend how much you are shifting the Universes. Even though you continue to believe yourself a very small piece of earth, your power far exceeds your beliefs.
Since it is likely that you view yourself as one cell or atom in the totality of all, it is time for you to understand how one cell, one atom can shift the Universes. Perhaps you, the cell, accept a cancer mutation into the totality of you. That one mutation attracts (like attracts like) other cells also wishing to experience a cancer mutation. Then those like-minded cells join together to create enough cancer energy for an illness within your totality.
So it is for you now. You are attracting like-minded beings or cells, if you wish, to the point that you are mutating earth beings, and thereby the Universes, away from fear and to love. Love has always been a Universal key.

Ute Possega-Rudel – Our God-Self: The Cause For Fundamental Change – 16 December 2014

VIDEO (recommended)
The fire of changes is heating up every day. And many of you are feeling to be at the edge of great happenings, in whatever way and in whatever direction.
However, my dear ones, in the midst of it all, did you forget Who I Am? Did you forget the Source in which all of this is happening, all these revelations, all these changes, all these exciting news, and even all these dreadful things that are surfacing now?
Did you forget to unite with your own Eternal Source at the root of your being, while taking all your wondrous actions? But how can you  succeed with true Happiness without being at your Divine Root?
Remember, fundamental change for true humanity happens first of all in the deep of Consciousness. The more you allow to be drawn back to the Source of all Being-ness, to the Source of all Existence, the Divine Consciousness that I Am, the easier and the quicker and more profound the change can happen, a change that opens the door to an entirely New Adventure in human history.

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Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll en Newport Beach, California, el 7 de diciembre de 2014 - Parte 1

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Unos pocos momentos atrás han experimentado las frecuencias de los minerales naturales del planeta, fundidos juntos, en formas profundas y canalizadas, para presentarles esa vibración que puede ir directamente a la esencia. Y el mensaje que en esa meditación se entregó una y otra vez fue: ¡Recuerden! Es el tema de este corto mensaje. Pero para los que están escuchando y no están en este salón, el salón está lleno de almas antiguas de un tipo particular.

Wes Annac - Transcending the Ego and Finding the God-Self – Part 3/3 - Dec 15, 2014

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
Concluded from Part 2 (Read the full article here.)
Abba Alonious tells us that the destruction of his ego was necessary so he could rebuild himself from the ground up.
“If I had not destroyed myself completely, I should not have been able to rebuild and shape myself again.” (1)
The ‘water of God’s grace’, Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us, “cannot collect on the high mound of egotism. It runs down.” (2)
He also tells us that we won’t truly connect with Source until we renounce the self-serving ways of the ego.
“Unless one renounces the ego, one does not receive the grace of God.” (3)

Canalización en vivo de Kryon por Lee Carrroll - J.O.P.B - Kryon - Reedición - Sep 6 de 2014

Traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Esta información es de libre disposición para imprimir, copiar y distribuir como lo desees. El derecho de autor, sin embargo, prohibe su venta de cualquier forma excepto por su editor.


(iniciales de Joy - Oneness - Peace - Belonging : Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenecer)

Esta canalización ha sido revisada (por Lee y Kryon) para ayudar al lector y ofrecer una mayor claridad de comprensión. A veces incluso se agrega información. A menudo hay una energía implícita en la sesión en vivo, que brinda un tipo de comunicación que no ofrece el texto impreso. Disfruten, entonces, de este mensaje mejorado, entregado en Basilea, Suiza, el 6 de setiembre de 2014.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

El proceso de canalización es mucho más común que lo que creen. Yo sé quién está aquí; ahora mismo en este salón hay quienes saben cómo funciona la canalización. Cuando el sanador se aproxima al paciente, hay una comunicación. Es canalización, y el sanador sabe todo al respecto. A veces el sanador se hace a un lado y llega la información que el sanador necesita, a menudo verificada por el innato del paciente frente a él. Luego ambos comienzan el equilibrio, la danza de energías, y comienza la canalización.

Benjamín Fulford - 15-12-14. El informe sobre tortura abre el camino para la detención de los principales nazi-sionistas

15 dic
Fuente y comentarios en inglés: http://benjaminfulford.net/2014/12/15/torture-report-paves-way-for-arrest-of-top-nazionists/#comment-291752

El informe de 500 páginas sobre la tortura de la era Bush, publicado por el Senado de Estados Unidos, marca un importante punto de inflexión en el poder de Estados Unidos. Si bien gran parte de lo que dice el informe es noticia ya conocida para la mayoría de los seres humanos conscientes, el hecho de que fuese emitida por el Comité de Inteligencia del Senado de Estados Unidos y el hecho de que se informase de ello ampliamente en los medios de comunicación de propaganda corporativa es muy importante. Por un lado, muestra que la facción nazi del cabal ya no controla los medios corporativos. Se confirma la información que me dieron anteriormente de que la facción Cohen del cabal había roto filas con la facción Bush.

Karen Dover - Physical reactions to the higher energetic frequencies - December 15, 2014

We in our human form have been kept out of the “evolutionary” cycle that expands ALL life within the universe in TRUTH, this has seen our human form kept within a vibratory frequency loop that has started to feed on itself. The human vehicle was never designed to “break down” and it is the result of the anchoring of the lower dimensional frequencies that many human vehicles do begin to break down.  ALL is frequency in the universe, so the emotions that you are taught to keep tight hold of begin to work AGAINST the human vehicle which is designed to allow the FLOW of energy through, around and within.

Anna Merkaba - December 21 – TWIN SOUL REUNION- DIAMOND GRID Frequency -METATRON - Dec 15, 2014

diamondgridBefore I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note about what is to occur.
So, what is happening is that we are being moved onto another matrix, and our bodies are literally being rewired to function on a diamond grid frequency or what is known in our world as the “solomon seal” the seal which contains sacred mathematical equations which are the building blocks of our reality, a sacred mathematical equation reflecting what is above so is below, intersecting 2 “polarities” (Physical) and (Etheric).
If you look at the diamond grid, the base of the structure of the diamond in the etheric looks like two intersecting triangles, it is identical to the seal of the Solomon, the formula which was used to build the Egyptian pyramids is the same as the formula for the diamond grid/solomon’s seal.

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Ancient Egyptian Advanced Technology Historical Facts.flv

Anna Merkaba - The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do - December 14, 2014

cloudcodes1212142I feel to share this with all of you. I have received a very interesting question from someone today. The question is ” I have a questiong about the belt that was placed between humans and the matrix grid. Do the Reptilians/others know they are quarantined now? A woman whom is a soul reader as well reached out to me in a panic about infiltrators outside our universe creating chaos by using fear to get humans to turn on themselves and much disaster is coming here and now.”
All movements are known in the universe. Those with sensors to “see” know all that occurs. There are laws in this universe which most must abide by. All of these laws have indeed been disclosed to all the participants of this “game”. Those who wish not to abide by the laws eventually find themselves at a disadvantage. There is free will, and yet all must play according to the rules of the grander scheme. As free will works both ways, one may will to experience the dark side and they will find themselves on the end of that spectrum, or the light and will find themselves on the light end of the spectrum.

Blossom Goodchild – 14 December 2014

bloss arizona biggerWelcome to you, once again. A question that I would like to ask regarding those of us that have been chosen to be on this planet to help raise Mother Earth into her Higher position. White Cloud has often said that many, many volunteered to come, knowing what an important mission it is yet, only the strongest of the strong were chosen. Why is it then, that more than half the world seem to have slept through their alarm clock?
A warmest welcome to you and all who are of Light and by this we mean ALL. For ALL BEINGS are of Light. They cannot BE of anything else.
Although of course, they may ‘appear’ to be something completely opposite.

John Smallman – Jesus – You Will Be Overwhelmed With The Sense Of Oneness That Embraces You – 14 December 2014

john-blog-pics-0135Here, removed from the illusion as we are, we can see that humanity is most definitely moving forwards towards wakefulness, and that that movement towards will not be arrested.  Too many insane events and disclosures are now occurring to allow the nightmare to remain seemingly real.  When a dream becomes too intense or too seemingly real the sleeper wakens and dissolves the dream as he rubs his eyes and returns to Reality.  That is happening right now.  Just continue to hold your intent to wake up from the illusion, intend to be loving at all times, and to constantly hold the Light that you bear on high.
It is humanity’s collective intent that supports and maintains the illusion or that causes it to collapse and crumble.  That latter intent has been chosen, is strengthening and intensifying, and its effects are now becoming apparent.  Signs of its dissolution are everywhere, and the attempts to shore it up by those who would maintain the status quo are proving utterly ineffective.  Its foundations are disintegrating and are beyond repair, and you all know that, so do not allow yourselves to be drawn back down into the doom and gloom scenario of the illusion by the disturbing news that is reported by the mainstream media, and which is intended to keep you in a state of fear.  Instead focus on Love.

The situation at the Astral Level. written by the Enlightened Master on 14th of Dec.2014

New Update/ The situation at the Astral Level
By the end of Nov. 2014, the astral level was completely liberated from the Archons...

Between  [ 3rd of Dec. 2014  - 12th of Dec.2014 ], the process was in progress to heal the astral level after his liberation... During this period as well, the work was underway to finish the issue of cosmic anomalies that exist between the mental and the wisdom levels, in order for the blue pulse to reach the astral level without any barriers to complete the healing of the astral level, and this matter was very important before the ISIS portal activation, to help the completion of activating the ISIS portal successfully..

Sonidos Extraños en México / Strange sounds in Mexico

Karen Dover - “Sovereignty” versus the “I AM” - December 14, 2014

Today’s energies are increasing dramatically and mirroring that which resides deep within us at a very cellular level. Intense dreaming may help us also “decode” as it were that which is playing out “unconsciously” within our human life experience.  For within the old 3D earth created construct the human logical mind filters out that we incarnated into a body that was ALREADY CODED prior to our arrival energetically within it.  Within the old 3D earth created construct the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH has no say over the cellular structure of the human vehicle that is grown within the human female.  (This changes within the New Earth).  So many of us are filtering out the base cellular programming that is trying to re-establish itself within this our human life experience.
I have blogged about the “I AM” being a construct, this construct supports the construct that is termed “SOUL” and was created only for us to make sense of the outer waking reality that we were BORN INTO.  This reality is akin to a box, the human race is born into said “box” and the human vehicle is programmed via the “SOUL” to remain within the confines of said “box”.

Sanat Kumara: You Are Complete and Whole Whenever You Dwell Within Love – Channeled by Fran Zepeda 12.14.14

Sanat Kumara:

Greetings to all on this auspicious day, another rung in the ladder of your deep Awakening and Ascension. And to you I give my strength and purpose and Love of all Humanity to hold and cherish in your hearts.
It is to this end that I address you now – the Love of all Humanity, the Love of all Beings of the Celestial and Galactic Realms, the Love of Creator – and that, dear ones, is the crux, for that brings you to the inception of your experience with Oneness.
It is this day that I address you into and from your Hearts to hold a vision for Humanity, a vision so encompassing that it takes over your consciousness – A vision of Love for all, and Harmony for all, and the creation of your dreams from deep within yourself and consciousness, utilizing all the gifts and abilities that are lying deep within you, and for some still dormant.

GaiaPortal - Collectives of Light are empowered - Dec 14, 2014

14 Dec gaia_energy1Standing waves of Cosmic-enabled energetics couple with Higher Realms via Hue-manity partnership.
Shadow realms have dissolved and may not be reformed as Cosmics will not permit.
Severance from prior pathways is near completion.
Entrustments are key at this moment.
Collectives of Light are empowered.

Natalie Glasson ~ Archangel Zadkiel ~ Twelve Days of Unfolding Truth


Source: http://www.omna.org/Latest_Free_Weekly_Message.html

I am an Archangel of Transformation, Guardian of the New Age, and Keeper of its Wisdom. I am Archangel Zadkiel. I extend my energy in waves of transformational magic to enchant, inspire, and awaken your consciousness of truth.

As an Archangel of the Angelic Kingdom, it is one of my purposes to protect and connect into the consciousness of truth of the Angelic Kingdom, distributing sacred knowingness to where it is guided to be by the will of the Creator.


Begin the day in Love, 
carry on the day in Love, 
and end the day in Love! 


Beloved Ones!
Great and intensive controversies characterize these days. 
You are challenged and you perform your service on the bridges 
of Light, on the levels between worlds and in this world, as it is 
portrayed to you, in the “matrix of illusion”.

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Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Solstice and Uranus Direct” – 13 December 2014

DjwhalKhul(Channeling begins)
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. A very potent time here. Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, everything sort of coming up, but more notably that Winter Solstice happening when Uranus is going direct.
It has been retrograde for about five months so going direct in a fiery sign of Aries on the Solstice, 12-21, plus then we have a few other energies occurring that day that I think are going to produce interesting effects.
As always as a lightworker, as a conscious developing soul, be sure to make your intent clear of what you do want. That is very, very, very important and focus only on the positive, don’t give power to what you don’t want.



From the Book: "Master-Dialogues"
Volume I, Chapter 7 

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Report: It is late in the afternoon. I am home 
alone with my beloved Son NOAH (He is presently 3 
and a half years young). We sit comfortably at the table 
and have a small snack, as Noah suddenly asks me: 
«Do you see ghosts?» Whereupon the following dialogue 
JJK: No. I do not see them, but I feel 
when they are here.
NOAH: Also evil ghosts?
JJK: Yes.
NOAH: What do you do then?
JJK: Then I chase them away with my 
Light sword – head off and done.
NOAH: Do they go away then?
JJK: Yes, because they must.
NOAH: Are you afraid?
JJK: No, the evil ghosts are then afraid of me. 

And you Noah, do you see ghosts?
NOAH: Yes.
JJK: What kind of ghosts?
NOAH: Evil ones.
JJK: What do you do with the evil ghosts?
NOAH: Then I take my Light sword (thereby 

he points to multi-colored wooden stick, which 
he likes to use) and I chase 
them away, I kill them.
JJK: Are you afraid of it?
JJK: Do you also see good ghosts?
NOAH: Yes, also good ones.
JJK: What do they look like?
NOAH: Green, red.
JJK: Where are they?
NOAH: Upstairs (He points to the two 
bedrooms of his older brothers, which 
are located on the upper floor.)
JJK: This means that they protect your brothers?
NOAH: No, all children of this world.
JJK: Are there many of them?
NOAH: Yes, many. (End of dialogue)

Beloved Ones, 
The significance of this dialogue appears in the 
concluding sequence «All children of this world».
Yes, all children of this world enjoy and receive 
comprehensive protection, so that they can survive 
this time and the events of this time well and foremost 
without new emotional, mental and spiritual injuries. 
No matter which child where and how it suffers damage 
and no matter how it leaves this world, far-reaching injuries 
of their energy body are mild and as soon as these Beings 
arrive in the Light, will be healed instantaneously. 
The protection of Heaven and the accompaniment by 
a vast number of Light Beings, which these small human 
Beings and great wise Ones receive, is absolute.  
The multitude of Angels and the multitude of Light 
Beings serves this mandate from God, because children 
are in their innocence, those, who are easiest to be 
reached for the intentions of the dark forces and are 
their most desired victims.
This fact is counteracted by this divine mandate. 
Because those, who misuse the innocence of a single 
child for evil purposes, will on the day of judgment 
become aware of what crime has been committed here 
and what kind of reconciliation is connected with this 
It is the children, who breathe Life into the new time 
and it is the children, who heave the new world into 
the ocean of innocence. 
In infinite Love

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website.

Wes Annac - Transcending the Ego and Finding the God-Self – Part 2/3 - Dec13, 2014

Credit: Pinterest
Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
Continued from Part 1
As Ramakrishna also tells us, the ‘I’ we’re familiar with isn’t intended to be our physical selves, but Source him/herself.
“By discriminating you will realize that what you call ‘I’ is really nothing but Atman. Reason it out. Are you the body or the flesh or something else?
“At the end you will know that you are none of these. You are free from attributes. Then you will realize that you have never been the doer of any action, that you have been free from virtue and faults alike, that you are beyond righteousness and unrighteousness.” (1)
As long as we empower the ego, he tells us, we’ll continue to live in the illusion of polarity.

viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Karen Dover - The Anchoring of TRINITY / Christ Consciousness in TRUTH - December 12, 2014

The old 3D earth created construct was created out of the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths that seek to teach POLARITY and DUALITY, this has seen us in our human form anchor the concepts of “high/low”, “left/right”, “hot/cold” etc.  This has also led us to accept the concept of the human SOUL as being all that we need to align with in order to co-create with the universe. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.
There is much talk about the return of “Christ Consciousness” and the birthing of the New Earth,  indeed it is not possible to co-create without ANCHORING Christ Consciousness within our heart space. For those of use who have chosen to walk the path of the “unknown” the route to the return of TRINITY has often times been one that appeared challenging.  Many of us have turned our backs on the “religious” teachings of the old 3d earth created construct without understanding that we need not make the “either/or” choice. It is not “religion” or “no religion”, for CHRIST is TRUTH, he is the connector if you will to GOD, the TRINITY is the GOD/JESUS/ENERGY in TRUTH.

Sandra Walter – December Update – Increasing Momentum – December 12, 2014

sandra-walter-300x239Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The grid merge is anchoring nicely ~ magnetics are adjusting as expected. You may feel like it is lift-off time, with sensations of rising like a big balloon (even more so than before.) Hydrate, rest and center in the stillness; especially those with vagus-vertigo who feel spinny. It is a wavy energy as the magnetics and plates adjust, and the 5D under-water sensation is palpable.
We celebrate our 12-12-12 Anniversary; blessings upon those who captured codes and were forever changed on that prestigious day.
Do you see the effect of this sequence of events? The personal revelations of 2014? How the merging of grids calls forth the templates of the Golden Race DNA?

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer - Cosmic Weather - Energy Update 12/10 - 12/12/14 - Clima Cósmico - Actualización de la Energía 10 a 12 de diciembre de 2014

Hello friends. Today's been quite an odd day. I just couldn't really get it together though I did manage to get some things done. I actually walked away from the checkout line without my groceries, and I haven't done that in a long time. The checker laughed and said, "I hear ya. Today feels like a Monday to me." I then heard from a friend that she was also rather "dragging @$$," so I checked in.

I was reminded we are in the window of the 12:12 Stargate. FYI, Stargate period are times of greater spiritual opportunity in the Cosmic Weather. They are indicated by the astrology, numerology and also the energies themselves.

Méline Portia Lafont – Reminder And Reflection Of The Moment From Merlin – December 12, 2014

Aah, let us speak of this grand awakening of yours for it is a grand one indeed you know. Yet your mind seems to not perceive it as such because you are still inclined to look for some validation. Now there is nothing wrong with that my good friend(s), although I tell you that there is no need for proof outside of yourself as all is already within you. You can feel it, yes! You know this by heart and I understand that but I see that your human self is sometimes calling for something to occur outside of you as it wants to be served with an approval or an idea of creation into a physical proof.
Now let us not prolong that what is yours to come, by waiting for these signs and proof of how good you are on your way, hmm?! It is shown to you through this  expansion in awareness where you feel you are becoming the world and the world is becoming you. It is this overall sense of being one giant world of consciousness and through the experience of more trust, growth and understanding of things. It is a sudden insight and flash of a moment where clarity rules and where you feel at peace with yourself as well as within.

Wes Annac – Transcending The Ego And Finding The God-Self – Part 1/3 – December 12, 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
The ego’s an innate aspect of our consciousness that can be used for benevolence or malevolence. Most people who hear the word ‘ego’ associate it with someone who’s full of themselves; who brags about their accomplishments or acts like they’re better than the people around them.
The ego’s usually associated with people who are so confident in themselves that they tend to be overbearing, but there’s much more to it and its mechanisms than simple self-centeredness. As strange as it might sound, the ego’s actually necessary for us to survive and function in the lower realms, and it can only fill us with selfishness if we let it.

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 12 December 2014

AishaNorthThe times they are a’changing, and for so many of you, these are no longer words devoid of meaning. For not only the time, but everything about you has started to change now at such a rapid rate, you would be hard pressed to keep up with it all. So again we say that no matter what happens in this upcoming period, try not to try at all when it comes to hanging on. In other words, allow the flow – or perhaps we should use the word flood – to take you with it, for the more you resist the harder the pressure will become. So once again the optimum option is to desist resisting and to allow the magic to unfold at its designated pace, no matter how fast paced it may be. And believe us when we say that at times, everything around you and indeed about you will be reduced to a blur, a seemingly indistinguishable mass hurtling forward at such a speed, you will feel like no more than a cloud of particles merging with the energetic environment around you.


Traducción: Fara GonzálezDifusión: El Manantial del Caduceohttp://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/libros.htm

Queridos maestros, nunca antes han tenido tal maravillosa oportunidad de servir a la humanidad y al Creador. Están en una encrucijada en su proceso evolutivo, porque el mundo que han conocido en el pasado está desvaneciéndose lentamente. Como Chispas Divinas del Creador, se les dio un gran regalo, un cofre de tesoro de Esencia del Creador para utilizarlo en la forma en que deseen. Comenzaron esta vida con una porción de Partículas Adamantinas de Luz (la Esencia del Creador Supremo) almacenadas en su Corazón Sagrado, y también una reserva escondida dentro de su Chacra Raíz – el Átomo Simiente de Fuego Sagrado a veces llamado Kundalini representado como una serpiente enroscada. Siempre han tenido acceso al Fuego Sagrado almacenado dentro de su corazón; sin embargo, ustedes tienen que recordar cómo utilizar sus “Llaves al Reino” para encender y utilizar efectivamente esta fuente de poder de Luz Divina. La Kundalini o Serpiente de Fuego es un asunto diferente, porque ustedes deben despejar el 51% de la energía distorsionada que han creado en el pasado para acceder a este potente reservorio de Luz Divina del Creador. Para alcanzar este estado, deben armonizar los patrones vibratorios de sus cuerpos físico, emocional, mental y etérico al grado en el cual su signatura energética resuena a los armónicos de la mitad superior de la cuarta dimensión y dimensiones superiores.

Huge UFO - ROD and other types of UFOs near our Sun in a review of the December 5, 2014

Illuminati 2015: Predictions!! We must reach mass awareness! WATCH NOW!!!

SaLuSa 12 December 2014

What exciting prospects lie ahead because you can rightly look forward to some revealing times, and positive indications that the long awaited changes are coming to fruition. We appreciate the reasons for your caution, and feel sure that given time you will have no doubt that you are leaving the old Age cycle behind. It has run its course and there is no way back for those of the dark forces who have supported it. Naturally there will still be obstacles to overcome, but their ability to maintain it has been sorely diminished. You can expect them to try and prevent the news becoming widespread, but it is of such importance that we will not allow it to be stopped or interfered with. There may be minor problems, but you may be assured that a wonderful future is assured.

Satans Illuminati Beast (Super) Computer Exposed!! 2014

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

Eliza: Chinook Wind - December 11, 2014

Eliza: Chinook Wind
In the Pacific Northwest where I have made my home all my adult life, we get warm winds in the winter. The indigenous people have called these winds, Chinook winds. From the tropical regions of the central Pacific come these winds, bringing mild temperatures and thaws to the colder regions of the Inland Northwest. Outside there is such a strong wind blowing, knocking down empty garbage cans, opening gates and ripping the dry frozen leaves off of the trees in a last minute autumn blur of motion.
Last night my heart was thawed out, not by a wind, but by the warmth of a friend’s heart. She took the time to sit with me for an hour or so as I moved through some more intense emotional clearing.
When I first took on this accelerated clearing project, I thought I was capable of passing through it without a hitch. I was a bit cocky. I hit an especially rough patch last weekend, which threw me completely off balance. All my healing and spiritual energy training went out the window. I was under attack by a tsunami of emotions rising up and threatening to submerge me under their waves.
When I threatened to give up everything, my friend gently reminded me that my ego mind was in the midst of a great purging. Apparently in having so many masculine lifetimes, with my share and more of disappointment, frustration and danger, I had succeeded in “stuffing” away my emotions so I would be strong enough to face any challenge. And now, in the course of releasing these same emotions, I have been feeling rather overwhelmed by them. For as my friend reminded me, I have been more comfortable living in my mental body and not actively engaging in emotions… so consequently now I had to deal with them as they have begun to release from the formerly hidden crevices of my emotional body.

Jahn J Kassl - THE SEED REAPS, SANANDA - Dec 11, 2014

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
The great sowing of the seeds of ascension reaps,
the harvest is rich. The yield is great,
the good soil brings forth fruits in abundance,
humanity inherits Life.
Beloved Ones,
No time is like any other, yet this time lifts off from all 
times, because time and space specific laws are dissolving 
in front of your eyes and are discarded.
This world is in the middle of dissolution, you yourselves 
are attuned to your departure and oriented toward your 
ascension – the heavenly Father comes, in order to lift you.
The seed of ascension reaps in these days.
While the harvest withers in many fields, 
healthy wheat grows in your fields.
The number of fertile fields is insignificant, 
significant is the yield of the harvest, is the 
Light that you are and that emanates from you. 
The seed reaps and satisfies all Life. 
The great thanks of Creation are due to human Beings, 
who have established the kingdom in Heaven on this soil, 
while in many places it has been neglected and has been 
Human Beings and God are unified in Eternity.
I am

Recognition and Dissolution of Foreign Energies – MASTER KUTHUMI: 

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