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Humanoide captado por cámara de seguridad en Rusia / Humanoid caught on security camera in Russia

Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings - September 1, 2014

Magic Staircase
Eliza and Higher Self: Endings and Beginnings
Every day now is part of a count-down, marking the time when this consciousness wakens to another world.
What an odd thing to think about. And yet, I do find myself detaching more, finding little interest in the movies and books that I used to enjoy. And there is a certain poignancy to merely walking in the garden, picking vegetables or plucking spent flowers off the plants. Soon I will no longer be doing such things here.
There is much beauty in our physical world here on this water planet. Do you know just how rare are water planets? Few exist; all are considered unique and sacred.
There is much work to be accomplished by those I leave behind, but I know that you will do well. Only the bravest and strongest are being sent here to continue with the work.

Wes Annac - Oversoul Teachings: Call On Us At Any Time of Day - Sep1, 2014

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings
The land under your feet is as sacred as the higher realms you’re growing back into, and we encourage you to praise your dear earth for everything she’s done for her precious children.
Despite the extent to which humanity continues to ravage the earth for personal gain, she loves you more than we could express and she wants to see humanity realize the error of their ways and mend the destruction that’s been caused.
A lot of work will need done to change the destructive manner in which your planet is run, but this work will become easier as the conscious public feels more and more motivated to contribute to it.
In time, every soul will feel motivated to contribute to the restoration of your society and the healing of your planet in ways that work for them; ways they enjoy, and the work you do to bring yourselves and your planet into the light won’t be a drag like most of your current jobs are.

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 1 September 2014

AishaNorthThe anticipation is starting to grow yet again, as you once again approach an interesting bisection of energetic pathways. For now, the river you have been following for such a long time will start to split up into smaller sections, while at the same time the interaction between them will increase. This may sound more than a little contradictory, but let us explain. For as you have all been carried along on this mighty river of light, you have all been imbued with the same frequencies, but this in turn has sparked some very individual responses within your own systems, and rightly so. For as you all came to be in your current bodies, you also came in with your own unique sets of blueprints as we have discussed earlier, and now as those bits and pieces of blueprints have been activated and set into motion, you will all be shunted off in the direction that will best serve your purpose in this whole and infinitely complex endeavour. For you all play an important part in this enormous production, but in order for you to carry that out to the letter – or rather letters – you need to have access to those parts of this huge and complex energetic field of transformation that serve your needs. And so, from now on, your journey will continue to be a very connected one, but it will also start to become even more unique in all sorts of ways.

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 1 September 2014

marilynraffaeleWe of the Arcturian Group once again come to greet you during these times of seeming confusion and change. You are powerful beings of Light but when in the physical, do not remember this. The human experience causes many to think of themselves simply as flesh that will die and that is nothing after death. Because of this, these dear ones often relentlessly seek lives that encompass everything they believe to be good and important regardless of consequences. You often hear the phrase; “You only have one life so live it to the fullest.” Well yes, do live to the fullest, which means living in a consciousness of truth and not human concepts. You do have only one life on earth–one at a time.
You have all lived hundreds of lifetimes. You who read and resonate with these messages are old souls. Know that you are able to resonate with the energy of higher truths because they are your attained state of consciousness–otherwise messages of truth would make no sense. Energy flows and resonates with like energy which is why you are now discovering that certain people, foods, entertainments etc. no longer seem important–your resonance has changed while these things have not–you no longer resonate with them.

GaiaPortal - Stationaries have released, as incoming Golden Light infuses the planet - 1 Sep, 2014

1 Sep gaia_energy1Stationaries have released, as incoming Golden Light infuses the planet.
Sedentary pathways are no longer traversed, and no longer viable.
Flashpoints soon reveal to the hu-manity masses, as night sticks are burned.
Coordinations occur at the Highest Levels of Gaia energetics to support the incoming Light.

Celia Fenn - Archangel Michael - Earth Whispers in a Time of Change - Sep 1, 2014

The Diamond Earth Communities begin to form amid the chaos of the old.....

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
Beloved Family of Light, this is truly a time of great Change and Transformation. As we said to you in February of this year, the changes in your society in this year of 2014 will be immense. And we know that as you see these changes, the chaos and "noise" can, at times, be overwhelming. As the old way of being disintegrates, it is not a peaceful process, and so many of you may not be hearing the gentle whispers of the Earth as she call together those who will form the first Diamond Earth Communities.
Those who are able to hear and listen, will find themselves being drawn towards a dream of another Earth, a Diamond Earth of Clarity, Love and Compassion. A New Earth, where Nature and People are more important than money and power. It is a whisper that will enter your dreams and meditations, inviting you to be part of something new and beautiful. And if you hear that call from the Earth, and if you answer her in your heart, you will be guided to those places and people who will also be a part of the Diamond Earth Community.

Browse Images Solar Observatory NASA: Moving Giant UFOs near the Sun August 31, 2014

Earth-Keeper Presents: Graham Hancock - The Ark of the Covenant- The Mystery & Prophesies

John Smallman – As The Illusory Infrastructure Disintegrates You Can See The Results Everywhere – 1 September 2014

john-blog-pics-0135As many are telling you, humanity’s awakening or upliftment is very close indeed.  Keep holding your Light on high and make it happen, do not get drawn into the doom and gloom of world events because, as intended, this drains your energy and channels it to those who are desperately struggling to block out the Light of God’s Love.  That they cannot do, It is all-pervasive, It is bringing Light to the darkest nooks and crannies where there are still a few seemingly powerful unloving ones attempting to hide and rebuild what has irretrievably collapsed.


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Montague’s Message - August 31, 2014

The light is making progress, my dear. It was necessary for you to go to Ireland again to release more energy. You saw it flowing. This needs to happen regularly until the Awakening is complete. I know that the journey is physically demanding for you, and I know what you experienced at Dublin Airport last evening. It was a pain that took your breath away, causing your body to double up in agony. I thank the doctor who took the responsibility to look after you on the flight. It was a frightening experience, especially as you were all on your own. In your heart you knew you would get through it. No matter what is thrown at you, my dear, you know without doubt that you will complete your work on Earth. It was kind of T. and M. to finance the trip, as you could not afford to do it yourself.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 31 August 2014 - MENSAJE SEMANAL DEL MAESTRO ASCENDIDO HILARIÓN -31 de Agosto al 7 de Septiembre, 2014

marlene1-1August 31-September 7, 2014
Beloved Ones,
As you move through each day, stay centered within your sacred heart space and send love and blessings to all that is around you. Practice this until it is an innate part of your constant experience. You are beings of light and love and this is the reason you are here during these turbulent times. Your calming and loving presence is much needed and you each have the capacity to create calm and peace within the sphere of your influence. This sphere is much larger than you can imagine, Dear Ones, and gives upliftment to those within it. Continue to be the blessing of the divine in human form, for this is your purpose and your destiny. Release all doubts that may impinge upon your human consciousness telling you otherwise. Believe in yourselves, that you are bearers of light and of love, that you bring healing to those around you, that you awaken those in your vicinity by your very presence, and that this takes place automatically as you move about your day.

Ronna Herman – Messages From Archangel Michael – The Illusion Of Fear – LM – 9- 2014 – 31 August 2014

ronna1aBeloved masters, will you pause with me for a moment and take inventory of your recent accomplishments, and what may seem like defeat or failure to you?  I would like for you to take a closer look and come to a better understanding as to what the initiation and ascension processes are all about.  You are getting a clearer picture of the workings of cosmic law and the magnificence and complexity of our Sub-universe as the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you begin to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and Super-conscious mind. However, you still have doubts and are confused when you are confronted with some of your old fears and emotions.

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Rananda.- “THE HOMECOMING OF THE FIRST WAVERS” - August 30, 2014

The number of “First Wave Wayshowers” that have been working on the Earth for many lifetimes, amounts to thousands, but arrangements have been made by the great Light Beings of the Higher Realms for them to return “Home” to the ships of the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in groups of several hundred at a time, beginning on the 21st December Winter Solstice 2014, and extending, on astronomical, and astrological alignment dates, throughout 2015 and beyond.

Suzanne Lie – Past Into NOW – Introducing IlliaEm – 30 August 2014

SuzanneLieAs we move into the NOW of our true SELF, we begin to understand messages that we received long ago and often forgot. I know that I had forgotten this first message that I received from IlliaEm on July 1, 1995. I wish to share it today, for it is as important now as it was then.
Beloved Ones,
I am Illuminata Emaculatas, The Immaculate Illumination. I have also been known as IlliaEm, the Elohim of Arcturus. My true name cannot be spoken or written in your language, but close your eyes and ears now as you feel my signature.
I am a Solar Angel or Elohim of the Star System of Arcturus. You have felt my signature of pure, divine and unconditional love. Earth is not the only planet that experiences love. Love is the vibration of creation. However, Earth has been one of the few planets, which have dared to extend the love vibration into the third dimension.

Eliza: On Being Real - August 30, 2014

Beauty does have thorns
Eliza: On Being Real
Being real means living with integrity, listening to YOUR inner voice, not that of some designated “teacher”.
True, sometimes we need mentors and guidance, but in the end, you need to be able to break away from blind obedience to ANYONE outside your Self and follow your own path, your own Heart.
On Facebook, I noticed that a woman was “uncomfortable” with my rendition of life on the Royal Teton Ranch. I lived there for two years. I was a faithful chela (which means “slave”) during this time. However, there came a time when I had to release the hold that the Teachings had upon my consciousness. It was not good for me to continue obeying what was coming from outside my Self and was not resonating with my understanding of spirituality.

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 424 – 30 August 2014

AishaNorthAs mankind started to evolve, so much of the inherent abilities they came in with, started to decline. This will sound like a contradiction, but this is in fact exactly what happened. For mankind came to be as a perfect species already programmed to attain great heights by their own abilities to climb further up from their very humble beginnings, and in this, you were all set to become the shining beings that you have so longed for to be. But alas, an intervention came to pass, one where other interests were injected into your very bloodstream, and where your future was re-tailored in such a way, it would suit those that came in looking for a way to serve their own interests. And the rest is history as they say, except for the fact that even if these intruders tried as hard as they could, they could not eradicate that shining center of your being, no matter what tricks they resorted to. And so, what was suppressed in the name of blatant manipulation and extortion has once again been set free, and it has been set free by the likes of you, wonderful beings capable of extracting themselves from that mire of fear so many of their brothers and sisters have suffered under for lifetime after lifetime.

Judith Kusel - Reborn – the Time of New Beginnings…August 30, 2014

images (8)
In these last few weeks massive shifts have come and are now moving in at an enormous rate.  This is the force, the Creative force now moving in, as embodied with the Divine Feminine.  It is the Creative Force of Creation.
It brings with it the opening up of the heart on all levels.  It will crack open the heart, and then some more, and move us into the state where we stand vulnerable, naked, like a newborn baby.
 For this is the rebirth – after being crucified the New Man or Woman arises.  She/he is not the old Adam or Eve anymore, but still not quite formed.  There is the intense vulnerability of the new born babe having to adjust to a New World, and a New Way of Life.

Kryon - Lee Carroll - Retiro Lemuriano con Kryon Día Uno - Saludo - 10 de Agosto de 2014 en Kauai - Hawaii

Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll - 10 de Agosto de 2014 en Kauai - Hawaii

Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Mi socio sólo unas pocas veces en su vida ha podido sentarse en la cumbre de esta montaña. Las energías de la Gran Fuente Central te hablan, tan claramente como es posible, de dónde estás y su significado.

Quienes están en este salón han hecho una elección consciente de tomar lo que tienen y venir aquí, estar aquí en estos días. Algunos hicieron la elección sin saber porqué, porque algo los atrajo a la silla, dicen. Porque es un paraíso para vacaciones, dicen. Por las cosas que hay aquí para unas hermosas vacaciones de siete días, dicen.

Sandra Walter - Preparing for the next wave: Gateway September 3-9 - August 30, 2014

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
We are speeding toward a powerful gateway on September 3 – 9. The energies are quite intense day to day, in a good way, as our cellular structure gets aligned for another revelation wave this week. The trigger on August 17th brought preparation for the September wave, and for many it has been energetically, emotionally and physically intense. If you are wondering, What the heck kind of help is this? – view this from the Divine Love perspective. We are unifying with the truth, which commands our active participation as a conduit of Divine Will. Your beliefs and habits will be consistently challenged and attuned to that intention if you are able to maintain it as the frequencies Shift.
Cosmic rays of photonic light are accelerating our consistent requests for More Love, More Light, More Ascension. Realize that the proper adjustments are being made by us through our ability to hold this light. For those dedicated to Ascension, it is a wondrous amplification of the pineal-pituitary complex, telepathic communication, simultaneous multidimensional awareness and light quotient. It is fascinating to witness our own progress, and dissolve the old light from our perceptions. Things are getting clearer, brighter, more profound.

DL Zeta – Stand Strong In Love As The Shadow Hastens – 20 August 2014

DLZetaWe are at a transition point when energies of the new time are strengthening inside future moments. Realities crystallizing in not-too-distant future timeframes are created from increasingly different templates. These templates are infused with greater frequencies of love, peace, harmony and compassion.
Increasing numbers of souls are awakening thanks to these powerful transformative energies. The other side of this is that the energies are also triggering tidal waves of resistance. We can expect in coming weeks and months to see waves of higher energy clashing with denser energies, much like two storm fronts meeting in the atmosphere

Natalie Glasson – Gentle Practices For Self Love And Empowerment By Mother Mary – 30 August 2014

natalie glassonChannelled through Natalie Glasson 27th August 2014-
A very soft and gentle love excludes from the Angelic Kingdom guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings. This love is so seemingly mild and delicate that it could be completely ignored and dismissed for being weak or not holding the presence of power expected from the Creator’s vibration of love. It is this love vibration which holds power in its gentleness and delicate vibrations which require your focus and openness to accept and recognise the love. Guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings the Angelic Kingdom are emanating a love vibration as healing and further awakening for those ready to embrace a greater presence of love in their realities.

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 30 August 2014

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Be gentle with yourselves this week. Allow yourself to surrender to all that comes up within you. Try your best to accept everything that you feel. No matter what arises in your hearts, tell yourself, “It is OK. I am allowed to feel everything. When you feel something you would normally judge – anger, sadness, jealousy – ask yourself one simple question, “What do I need now?” because all so-called negative emotions are simply speaking to you. They are your soul whispering to you, saying, “Hello, I have something important to say. You have been ignoring me.” Listen, dear ones, to the messages beneath the surface.

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Steve Rother - Ya no existe lo bueno o lo malo - 16 de agosto de 2014

Los Re-cordatorios desde el Hogar de los Faros de Luz son presentaciones en Vivo en Internet, transcritas y enviadas en inglés los días 15 de cada mes. El próximo mensaje de “VirtualLight” de en VIVO será el sábado 30 de agosto

a las 11:00 a.m. Hora del Pacífico de Los Estados Unidos

Nota: Este mensaje ha sido editado y vuelto a canalizar en algunas secciones con la supervisión de El Grupo para una mayor claridad en este formato.

Saludos, queridos. Yo soy el guardián del Tiempo

Aferrándose a un clavo ardiente

Ustedes se encuentran en una encrucijada importante de tiempo y espacio en el planeta Tierra. Llegaron en la forma acostumbrada, pasando muy claramente de una dimensión a la siguiente a través de las realidades interdimensionales, y ahora se aferran a un clavo ardiente. En realidad, así es como progresa la humanidad normalmente o al menos, como lo ha venido haciendo hasta ahora. Queremos hablarles hoy sobre eso y contarles lo que está pasando en su mundo. Sí, ya les compartimos que están recogiendo mucha energía de la Tierra; que las placas tectónicas se movilizan de tal manera que generan estrés y tensión considerables en el planeta. Previamente, en existencias más bajas y de vibración menor, eso no era un problema. En pocas palabras, antes no lo sentían del modo que lo están sintiendo ahora. Están empezando a percibir esa conexión en un nivel muy, pero muy profundo y muchos están reaccionando exageradamente debido a la desesperación.

Eliza: Shadows of the Past - August 29, 2014

Eliza: Shadows of the Past
As I was going through some papers, I came upon an email that was originally written in 2010. In it, I was relating my impressions of a “past” life:
I’m a very different person that that young man of nearly 2,000 years ago and yet he is within me, the same idealistic healer / artistic heart. In those days, I was “gifted” with the Sight. It came from the little dark people of my mother’s blood, those who lived in the wild lands of the mountains. Yet I had the fiery Celtic heart of my father, a chieftain of the Carveti and kinsman to the King of the Brigantes. As an infant, I as chosen by the Druid of my people to be trained as a druid. I was fostered out to Mona at the tender age of seven. I had been born in the springtime of the year of the return of the Romans to the shores of our island, Albion. With the taking of Caractus, the great war-leader, by the Romans, I lived with the shame of my people. Caractus had been betrayed by our queen.

Wes Annac - Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Relocating and Sensing Departed Spirits – Part 1/2 - Aug 29. 2014

Photo Credit:
Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings
If you follow the instincts of your heart, you’ll never be led astray.
If you listen to the constant wants and demands of the fading ego, however, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to re-reach the brimming, heart-centered space so many of you are ready to reach and flow from there with the pure energies and expressions that result.
You can do anything you put your minds to, but your willingness and dedication are always important. No matter what skill you want to hone, dedication will always be crucial if you want to do it successfully. Your abilities are growing, and many of you have yet to surrender to the flow and find out just how potent and far-reaching they can be.
You manifest everything you experience, and as long as you refuse to put up mental barriers around your flow, everything will become easier and you’ll enjoy tasks and chores you might’ve otherwise found tedious.

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Joy Invocation” – 29 August 2014

DjwhalKhulAugust 28, 2014
(Channeling begins)
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. This particular week I want to talk about invoking Joy and how to create as much Joy in your life as possible. So I am going to work with the beautiful 9th Ray color which is blue-green and when we take it up an octave or two, we end up with something that is sort of a pale aquamarine color, very clear, very high vibration.

Denise Le Fay - Second Half of August 2014: More intense than the first! - August 29, 2014

emotional wounds
                     (Artist unknown)
This is for my readers who, from 5D HighHeart awareness feel/sense/know that something big is up with me now. I’ve always felt all of you but I know more and more are feeling me now too as this is a primary aspect of what life, consciousness, reality and being is within a fifth dimensional (5D) level and frequency of being. This is the ‘we are all One’ business but while we’re still individuated. I should also preface this by saying that I’m exhausted (nothing new with that however!) and terribly sleep deprived at the moment not to mention overly emotional in both highly positive 5D ways, and saddened in other personal ways too so please bear with me.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

You are the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Beloved Ones,
Ascension means the greatest effort for all, 
who are participating in it.
Ascension means the greatest happiness for all,
who will see God at the end of the day and will 
recognize themselves as what they are.

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa 29 August 2014.

The more you learn about the Illuminati, the more frightening they will appear as they advance in leaps and bounds, whilst keeping your civilisation in the Dark Ages. The progress you should have made has been denied you, but you will go forward with leaps and bounds when the Illuminati have been disempowered. However, you should avoid any overreaction to such news, as they are following a path that will lead to their demise. Before that happens, you who have devoted yourselves to the Light will move away from them. You are destined to ascend and will in fact leave them behind as you move into the higher vibrations to continue your evolution. You will go forward at an immense speed by which time we will have joined you. With us you will become Galactic Beings and receive immense help and assistance. We have a future together although you are not bound to any particular path, and you will choose where and when as it serves your best interests.

jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

Selacia – Best Use Of Current Lighter Energies As August Ends – 28 August 2014 - Mejor Uso de las Energías Actuales Más Livianas a medida que Agosto finaliza

SelaciaBy Selacia
Sometimes when the undertone of energies lightens up, this fact may not register fully with you.
Indeed there has been a lighter feel in the energy the past several weeks, bringing in a sense of more expansion and possibilities.
As August is about to end, it is helpful to acknowledge this shift and to contemplate your own personal examples of new doorways opening. Focusing on the positive brings you more to feel good about – you must remember to do it, though.
When you bring your conscious awareness to energy flow and notice what has begun to shift, you are better equipped to take advantage of good things that begin to materialize. Even one small piece – like making reconnection with an old friend – can catalyze your creative juices and a series of seemingly unrelated actions that lead to a big opportunity down the road.

Blossom Goodchild – 28 August 2014

bloss arizona biggerHello. I’m back home at last! Looking forward to catching up with you now, on a regular basis. So, let’s get straight to it. How should we begin today?
We shall start by stating the fact that ALL IS WELL.
That which we have spoken of many times is now to be moved onto a Higher level for the soul self to understand. For indeed, many of you have ‘changed’ your ways of thinking and we suggest that in order to continue in this fashion that WE offer to you more knowledge on a different level.
Ok. Sounds good, yet, I have no idea exactly what you mean?
In the knowledge that WHO YOU ARE now expands into a Higher consciousness from that which you have been resonating upon until now.
So, how do we go about doing this? I am more than keen.

Aisha North - A short update on the energies - Aug 28, 2014

The time has come to once again bid farewell to something that you no longer need to carry with you. You see, as you are being propelled ever faster forward by this incessant stream of light, you will continue to be encouraged to lighten your load in any way you can. We know that by now, many of you will feel as if that is what you have been asked to do from the very beginning and that is indeed easy to understand, for this has in many ways been an unending process of jettisoning old baggage. But now, what we refer to, are not those old and ingrained habits of yours that used to stand in your way. For these have been removed from your being, even if some lingering traces can still be found here and there. No, what we refer to now, is actually something far more intriguing. For you have come into this world carrying with you some complex blueprints, blueprints that constitute your part of this ongoing rebuilding and restructuring of your entire planet, and so, what you carry with you is indeed an indispensable piece of it all. But now, it is time to let go of that burden, and by doing so, you release this inherent package of information within your being into this stream of energy, and through that, you actually help to speed up the process while simultaneously lightening your own load.

Eliza - Journey of Re-Discovery – Part II - Aug 26, 2014

Journey of Re-Discovery – Part II
A Passage to Britain
Sometimes a trip is just a trip. Sometimes a trip is a visit into many past lifetimes. The latter case was my experience in my one and only, rather momentous trip to Britain in 1984. It would activate triggers within to remind me of “past” lives lived all over the British Isles.
When I accompanied seven other acquaintances on a trip to Great Britain, I didn’t realize that I was about to begin a new phase of my life and my spiritual journey. It was a month-long trip, visiting villages, ancient spiritual sites and countryside, from the south of England, through Wales and into the lower Highlands of Scotland.

How to Release Negative Beliefs and Form New Belief Patterns! (Good Stuff!)

GaiaPortal - Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals - Aug 28, 2014

28 Aug gaia_energy1Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals.
Such portals will be selected with in-built time flex as final adjustments are required.
Severance from prior Light influx plans has completed, as prior methods were evaluated as non-optimal.
Progress toward final Photonic activation of Gaia continues.
Ultimate Light Influx portals will show themselves to all as activation moment nears.

(Live) S0 News August 27, 2014

Jahn J Kassl - Babaji - In the Ocean of God’s Grace – Part I - August 28, 2014

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 20, 2014
first published in English on August 28, 2014 in
translated by Franz
Georgi Stankov

This message is an Homage to all of You – the true members of the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hours. You are the “Great Ones“! Yes, You are meant by this message. Since you decided in July this year to stay to the very last moment on the ground and help the birthing and ascension of the new Golden Galaxy, you are the “Great Ones”. With this decision you were advanced to the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy with Gaia and its numerous 4D/5D worlds as its focal point.

There were times when there were only a few “Great Ones” as Carla and myself, but this year you have profoundly changed the course of the Ascension process of Gaia with your incredible endeavour and personal achievement beyond the wildest expectations from the higher realms and have endorsed yourselves with the title the “Great Ones of Ascension“.

miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,


I am omnipresent in this world.
Nothing escapes my eye, nothing can withdraw 
from my attention and 
My Love is the birthright of every human Being. 

Hopeless humanity loses itself in one of the most wonderful 
places in Creation and it is me, who delivers hope, brings
Light and gives Love; Everywhere, where hope, Light and Love 
may be accepted, everywhere, where the desire for it cries 
to Heaven.
The last days of humanity happen very quickly. 
The world changes, the day, when the world changes 
its countenance from the bottom up, is only an instance 
away in time.

08 - 08 gateway Live transmission at the Tor Glastonbury by Anrita and Méline

Wes Annac – Transforming The Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, And Ascension – Part 2/3 – 27 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
Continued from Part 1
Now, we’re going to look at the significance of ‘disclosure’ to the spiritually inspired society we want to create. As many of you know, disclosure is a worldwide confession of everything our governments have hidden from us, and it becomes clear to anyone who does some digging that they have a lot to confess.
The cabal has secretly devastated this planet and its people for a long time, but the era of oppression and injustice is swiftly drawing to a close. In its place is an era of honesty and accountability, and in my eyes, higher forces will be responsible for the eventual disclosures that’ll expand our collective perception to an unfathomable level.

Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Higher-Dimensional Ego And The Transcendence Of Obstacles – Part 2/2 – 27 August 2014

wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings
Concluded from Part 1
Now, we’ll move on to our next question.
Question #2: Feeling Stuck
“I have been working on building my dream for years. I have followed spiritual teachings and channels. I have worked hard to turn my life around and to be a conduit for the light. I help others as much as possible. Yet I cannot seem to get the break or support I need to continue. Every time I think I have turned a corner it fizzles out. I feel stuck. Why?”
Our reader certainly isn’t alone, and plenty of other awakening seekers tend to feel the same way, including our scribe. In order to properly answer our reader’s question, we’ll have to lay out the general design for the evolution of any given conscious seeker.

Georgi Stankov - Short Energy Update – August 27, 2014

Georgi Stankov

Yesterday, we experienced a huge interdimensional shift of this uppermost timeline to higher frequencies that has been observed not only by myself, but also by a number of PAT members as they wrote to me . It started in the morning with the classical cc-wave, chills as typical for near-by MPR, severe headache and, what was unusual in my case, with a feeling of high fever, although my temperature was normal, sweating and the general sensation of having a flu.  These symptoms were part of the huge descent of source energy in my field and through it into Gaia and humanity. This can be observed by the predominant pink colour in the sky and in the atmosphere.

I assume that this energetic peak anticipates the coming full moon portal – the last one of the Lion’s gate this summer – on August 31. I always experience such massive “ascension test runs” 3-5 days prior to the opening of the actual cosmic portal.

Eliza - Journal Entry 08.27.2014

Journal Entry 08.27.2014
Actually I’m not sure just what day it is, except Wednesday; that’s when we have trash picked up in the neighborhood.  I’m on vacation and it would appear somewhat of a spiritual retreat.
I hope I’m not boring anyone with the recitation, such as it is, of my life’s story.  I haven’t cured anyone or invented anything, just lived after a fashion, here as best I could while trying to figure out the answers to questions I didn’t have any means to frame into existing language.
I’ve been driven from within all my life.  Living in 3D has been very uncomfortable, yet I have enjoyed some of it and disliked other bits.
As a young adult, I began to realize that I was very different from other people.  I picked up things that didn’t make sense to others, like my parents and my husband… my sisters and cousins, my friends and acquaintances.  I found that I was living a double life as there were few to explain what I was feeling inside.  I didn’t even fully understand it myself… but kept searching.

Eliza - A Journey of Re-Discovery – Part V, “A New Tack” - August 27, 2014

A Journey of Re-Discovery – Part V
“A New Tack”
Any good sailor knows that when the wind is following, you need to tack across it to make any forward progress.
I was now living in the basement of my parent’s house. My mother was somewhat reluctant to have me there; my father was glad. I, myself, was of two minds.
First, get a job. I worked for a temp agency for some months before landing a permanent job in a hospital.

SolaraAn-Ra - The Pleiadian Councils of Light - Aug 27, 2014

Keys to Nirvava

The Pleiadian Councils of Light, through Solara An-Ra

No 1:  Expand Your Field of Awareness

Nirvana is racing towards you, dear ones ~ your union with your true bliss-ful nature accelerating towards you in each moment. It is only your resistance to letting go of your old lives and habits that block you from entering that state of bliss right now! For in these times there are 2 realities playing out concurrently ~ the reality of chaos and negativity, or that of love and peace.

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - August 27, 2014

The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of course, is to lead to disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and space family!

from PAO

3 Ben, 11 Uo, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We return with many good things to talk about! The most important is the rising flow of funds throughout your globe. The ancient families have begun disbursements, which are to lead to the global exchange of RV and a major currency reset. In addition to these events, there is the disbursement of funds from the prosperity programs and the world humanitarian projects. These things are built around two other events. First, there is the proclaiming of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness, and secondly, the rise of the many GESARA governments, starting with the one in the USA. These various new governments are to pave the way not only for prosperity, but also for the moment of disclosure. Once you have discovered that we exist, you can be ready for announcements from your cousins in Inner Earth and from us. Your living planet is hollow and has a very special core or central sun. This inner sun is responsible for the auroras that you see nightly in the extreme northern and southern parts of your surface realm. This phenomenon is part of the many mysteries, which exist across your world. We are here to explain them to you.
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