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Webinar - Ascension: How Do You Do It? - Part One

Karen Doonan - Removal of the veils of illusion in TRUTH - August 26, 2015

Many of you may have felt the huge surge in frequency over the last 24 to 48 hours and many of you may have a feeling of “panic” that does not recede.  As described in the book of revelations GOD has now removed ALL veils that have blinded the human race. These veils allow for TRUTH to be seen but TRUTH will remain hidden for many people who will simply not allow themselves to accept what they are being shown.  Many of you are also aware that we are approaching a full moon and that the media has already begun to “hijack” the influence that the moon has on our emotional body.   The latest “news” that has been placed across the social media networks is DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF EMOTIONAL RESIDUE, again many will simply default to the emotional response that arises within them and run with it. This emotional response is what the old earth construct uses repeatedly to distort and change a picture and turns said picture into what we EXPECT to see in response to the emotional reaction that is triggered within us.  This is how the old earth construct can “hide” but as GOD has removed these veils then the emotional reaction will not be able to maintain the illusion that is presented for any length of time.  It will become increasingly more and more obvious how our emotional landscape is being used to deliberately trigger and manipulate our reactions to our fellow human beings.

NASA's SDO Reveals Huge 'Coronal Hole' on the Solar Surface

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Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (7) - Calgary, Canadá, 23 de Mayo de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Yo sé dónde estoy, sé quién está escuchando, sé para qué están ustedes aquí. Este es un tiempo, y todo lo que es, un tiempo corto, que es un tiempo de homenaje; no solamente homenaje femenino. Se trata de un tiempo específico que tiene que ver con lo que ahora vuelve a ocurrir en el planeta.

La razón para que estén aquí sentadas - y ya hemos dicho esto antes - es que empiezan a reflejar algo de la sabiduría que había en el lugar que llamamos Lemuria. Para que yo pueda hacer esto de la forma que lo hacemos, les recuerdo otra vez que no tengo género; les recuerdo que les hablo ahora con una voz de varón porque eso es todo lo que tiene mi socio (se ríe). Yo no tengo género.

Brenda Hoffman - Aplicando Su Nuevo Conjunto de Habilidades - 10 de Agosto 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo



Quizás les preocupe que no estén revoloteando con suficiente rapidez entre diversas dimensiones o frecuencias. Que su vida sigue siendo más de lo mismo. Aunque esto no sea cierto, ustedes no pueden discernir cuán diferente es su ser del que era hace seis meses.

El primer día de prescolar o primer grado posiblemente no pudiesen leer o calcular los números. No era así al final de ese año escolar. Ustedes evolucionaron físicamente, intelectualmente y emocionalmente, sin embargo se sentían como si fuesen el mismo ustedes.

Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy - August 25, 2015

Dear blessed Ones, be strong and trust in the Creator and the many appointed to bring Heaven’s grand plans to fruition.

from PAO

Ummac Dan

3 Caban, 10 Uo, 12 Manik

Selamat Balik! The present world is one in which the old ways are still strong. Both financial and cultural events are getting ready to occur. The dark ran this surface world for nearly 13 millennia. Such a lengthy degree of control has set a number of cultural precedents that now need to be adjusted. You are to be freed from a seemingly endless debt slavery and a constant need for survival. These two items are to end with a debt jubilee and a coming prosperity. The dark cabal understands that its basic underpinnings are to be transformed and that they are to be isolated from you. These things are an anathema to them. Their fight-to-the-death attitude may have delayed things, but their fate is truly sealed by Heaven. The dark sits in a corner of its own making. It is bankrupt, filled with a useless fiat currency and unable to maintain its lies and massive innuendos. In short, it is quickly setting the stage for its demise. Forces are currently reviewing a number of scenarios by which all this is to end. This is to involve arrests, scandals and a reform of governance that is to permit you to learn the truth of what happened since the end of World War II.

Selacia's article: Super Full Moon Tips - Bridging Worlds - August 25, 2015

Super Full Moon Tips

- Bridging Worlds -

by Selacia

Heading into our first of three Super Full Moons on August 29, it's helpful now to take stock of where things are in your life. Most likely our recent up-and-down energies have stimulated more than one relationship challenge and had you questioning your status quo. Perhaps you have initiated some bold new steps, too, taking advantage of positive potentials of this month's energy cycle.

Suzanne Lie - About New Earth--El Morya and Theta Wave Meditation Video - 8-25-15



Dear Readers,
I found this message from El Morya that must have been written years ago. The information makes much more sense in today’s world than it did then. The “truth” is that which does not change. However, truth is more easily understood by a reality on the cusp of return to a higher dimensional expression.
Message From Ascended Master El Morya

Many of our earth masters are feeling the pull of New Earth for you are, indeed, moving into a frequency of reality that is not adhesive to such low frequency patterns as the third dimension. The higher levels of the fifth dimension create continuous, circular, and infinite energy patterns that expand and transmute.

On the other hand, the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions create energy patterns with progressive interruptions as the energy field travels down the frequency range into the third dimension.

These interruptions occur because humanity’s thought-forms of "time" create the illusion of  “space” between the manifestations of light. In reality, time and space are ONE and are only perceived as two different dimensions through your third/fourth dimensional consciousness.

Formations UFOs near the Sun and the Giant UFO in the shape of Medusa - August 25, 2015

A Free Guided Meditation to Accelerate Your Journey to the Light with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (6) - Salem, 16 de mayo de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Sé dónde estoy, y también sé quién está aquí. Obviamente, esto ha sido grabado antes de su reunión, pero yo sé quién está aquí. Siento la calidez de sus personalidades, de sus expectativas, de los hermosos pensamientos que tienen. Conozco el talante de la dulzura que está aquí.

Tantas veces como hago esto, las llevo a una época específica en esas regiones que llaman Lemuria, y les recuerdo que Lemuria permaneció durante cierto tiempo, sin embargo nos concentramos en una época amable en Lemuria. Un tiempo antes que comenzara a sumergirse; tiempo de estabilidad, de madurez, un tiempo en que estaba activa la Hermandad.

Karen Doonan - Building an ARK for the FLOOD in TRUTH - August 24, 2015

Many of you may be feeling the huge surges of frequency that are now FLOODing across and through the dimensional space that is referenced as the planet earth. Many times human language pulls us into “literal” and by doing this blinds us to TRUTH, where we place focus sees us filter out that which is happening in the bigger picture. To test this I would guide you to try to the two dots optical illusion. Place two dots equally spaced on a piece of paper and place your focus and attention on the dot on the left of the page, you will find that the dot on the right APPEARS to disappear from view. You can do this the other way around by placing your focus on the dot on the right whereby the dot on the left APPEARS to disappear and this is how the old earth construct attempts to persuade us that the picture that is presented to us of the outer waking reality is other than it is in TRUTH.

Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel - Inspiration for the Week - The Meaning of Divine Timing - 24 August, 2015

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

Without Patience you will never understand the meaning of Divine Timing.

Patience is so tricky sometimes. It is often difficult to allow the situation to be as it is and surrender to the process that is afoot. Sometimes I need to allow myself the experience and let myself just expand into spacious Beingness, especially in Nature. This spaciousness allows me to move into an expanded perspective and provides a lovely experience of being supported and inspired by the beauty in the world. Being in Nature raises my vibrational frequency and allows me to feel happy and uplifted. The process of creation is simplified if I allow myself this space.

Brenda Hoffman - Where Do You Rank? - August 24, 2015

Dear Ones,

You are most likely having difficulties shedding the need to outshine, out sparkle others.

When you were of the Old Age, you needed to prop yourself up. Not because you were not as capable as anyone, but because your society purposely pitted you against others. There was always an ‘in’ group and those considered beneath or less worthy than the in group.

Even though the in group shifted with the times, the intent remained the same. Someone was wise enough, strong enough, rich enough or charismatic enough to outshine others, until they were not.

Ancient Mayan Statue Has Code On Face

Anna Merkaba - URGENT MESSAGE TO GROUND CREW - Sirius - August 24, 2015

;Greetings everyone!

Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note: I want you to know that you are amazing, beautiful, breathtakingly exquisite beings of light and love. I want you to know that you are all loved beyond measure and that all of you are incredibly brave souls to have come onto this planet and share your light with all inhabitants of GAIA.

I want you to know that you are manifesting miracles onto this plane of existence, and that if it wasn’t’ for you none of this would ever be possible. I want you to know that right now is an incredible time of manifestation and transcendence into another reality.

Christine Day - Pleiadian Broadcast August 2015

Benjamin Fulford Update - August 24, 2015

A review of the current alliances of secret societies and visible power centers

Notice to readers, due to my annual holiday, the reports for August 17th, 24th and 31st will feature non-time sensitive material. Emergency news updates will only appear if necessary. Regular reporting will resume in September

In preparation for what is sure to be a busy autumn, now is a good time to review the world’s secret and public power structures and alliances. In order to provide value added to subscribers, this report will be based mainly on first-hand experience with various secret societies and public power structures.

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Judith Dagley - More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming! - 8.23.15


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

MONTAGUE KEEN – August 23, 2015

My dear Veronica, we in spirit wish to thank you, for all you have done this week, to bring truth and light to humanity. Your work with Harald is important, as he explains from a scientific angle, what you bring forth as important for humanity to know and understand. What we have disclosed over the years since my passing is now being more readily understood and accepted. The picture has become clear and the corruption that was always concealed is now laid bare in all its wickedness. The Black Magic that is used all around you, and is strategically placed in black cubes, is now exposed for what it actually is. Now you can see why all the pain, fear, and killing, had to be staged to appease the Dark Entity that was contacted by Queen Elizabeth I and John Dee. Yes, she got all the power she craved, but humanity suffers to this day for her dark deeds. This must stop. It will do so when humanity comes together to COMMAND IT TO STOP.

UFO NEWS!!! Black Knight Satellite Seen Right In Front Of ISS Camera. (August 2015) -UFO OVNI-

UFOs activity in the solar space in the review of the August 23, 2015

Abraham Hicks 2015 ペ Being in the Receptive Mode of God

John Smallman - Jesus - As children of God each one of you is a very powerful energy field of Love.- August 23, 2015

Many are feeling that the illusion is strengthening its hold on humanity as the mainstream news media continues to report – apparently with great satisfaction – on wars, conflicts, economic fears, corruption and dishonesty in high places, and myriad other unhappy events and occurrences. These reports do certainly refer to numerous ongoing global events, but they are truly only a very small proportion of planetary activities. The current flows of the Tsunami of Love, which has been enveloping the planet since late in 2012, are much more far reaching in their uplifting and inspiring effects than any of the supposedly “bad news” events on which the news media attempts to focus your full attention. As children of God each one of you is a very powerful energy field of Love. You each have free will and can therefore choose to engage with your field of love or to deny and ignore it as you go about your daily lives as humans within the illusion that you collectively built so many eons ago. The choice you make in this regard – and whether you are aware of it or not you are making and remaking this choice in every moment – directly affects how you experience life. Increasing numbers of you are now choosing engagement, and the effects of this engagement are visible all across the world.

The Consciousness & Sacred Nature of Trees - Metatron via Tyberonn 2015

chakra kundalini - spiritual awakening

Karen Doonan - Genetic manipulation and the lie of “linear” - August 23, 2015

For many people the ability to be fully in the “NOW” moment is elusive, the human vehicle was genetically altered to be able to exist within the old earth construct. In order to contain and suppress an entire race the concept of “linear” was not only taught repeatedly but was placed deep within the cellular structure of the human vehicle. This can be seen in the “biological clock” and the series of “life events” that spring to life when the coding reaches a particular frequency. For those of you who have taken human female form you may be able to reference this in respect of having children, I personally experienced this when I was around 29 yrs of age, prior to this I had no real feeling towards having children at all, until at the age of 29 years “old” when the “biological clock” sprung to life. I remember waking up and having an urge beyond anything I have human words for to have a child. The outer reflection that I then saw was all referenced via babies, they were everywhere and it seemed that the focus was so intense on having a child that I could only see prams and babies, everything else sort of faded out of the picture.

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Ann Albers - Love Shifts - 22 August, 2015

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything in your life serves a purpose whether or not you can see it at the time it occurs. In every joy and every pain, there is reason, and the deepest reason beneath all things is that your soul is traveling towards a greater awareness of its union with God's love. There are deep layers to your being many of which are not present to your conscious mind. So you may say, "Oh yes, I know I am one with God's love," but in truth you do not yet feel it, experience it and have the joy of knowing it as a reality in which you find heaven on earth. This is the point and purpose of all things, and indeed of your life on earth - to return to the awareness and experience of your oneness with God's love.


Healing due to God's Grace

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Gottes-Bilder erlösen, ICH BIN Gegenwart erlangen 
Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light!
Living Images of God!

In God’s current hour of Grace we detach ourselves from 
all pictures of a punishing God, of an angry and vengeful 
God, who down from Heaven meets human Beings on earth 
with distrustfulness, whim and displeasure, as human Beings 
are not willing to follow his directives and orders.

Illusion of a Punishing God 

A picture of God, how it could not be more wrong, more perverse. 
Mankind was held away from the kernel of life by means of misleading 
“sacred” writings and false religions, whereby the direct experience of 
God, which enables for everyone the direct encounter with God and 
which forms the goal of one’s long journey through time and space 
for everyone. For a long time this game of deception dominated and 
what has already been revealed to you, will be confirmed today, 
here and now, by myself, who has been amongst you from the 
very beginning of time and acts as one of you.
It is known to you that this dark God does not exist and yet 
the primal fears of such a God are stored and deposited in
your cells; and today we want here and now to redeem these.

Dianne Robbins - Mother Earth Speaks on the Ascension - August 22, 2015

I Am Gaia, Mother Earth speaking. As the energies pouring onto the Earth plane increase in might and velocity and intensity, anchor yourself to my heart, the heart of Mother Earth. Ground yourselves to my core and hold on fast, for I will soon explode into a brilliant Light, into the Sun Star that I AM. And as you hold on, and keep yourselves centered to the core of my planet, you will rise with me. You will ascend as I ascend, into a dazzling Light, the dazzling Light of your I AM PRESENCE.

For we are all the same Heart
We are all the same Light
We are all ONE

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana - Portland, Oregón (no se da fecha)

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Es un tiempo especial. Quiero que tomen un respiración profunda y se relajen. Me doy cuenta de quién está aquí, y de lo que ustedes llaman "específico del género". Me gustaría repasar con ustedes lo que he dicho en el pasado sobre cómo funciona la reencarnación con el género, porque les va a presentar una visión, tanto para esta noche como para después. Si alguna vez se preguntaron cómo funciona, cómo se sabe cuando uno viene a este planeta, una vida tras otra, ¿cómo se sabe qué género tendrá la próxima vez? No importa - la respuesta es sí. Específicamente, el género femenino en el planeta es amable, es el que da a luz, la madre es la que enseña a toda la humanidad; es importante.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer - El Clima Cósmico – Informe Óptimo para 17/8 – 23/8/15 - 18 de Agosto 2015

Traducción: Fara González

Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo


Hola amigos. Debido a una falla imprevista en mi sitio Web hoy, todos en mi lista de correos están recibiendo el Informe Optimo para la semana entrante. ¡Espero lo disfruten! Para acceder a este semanalmente, conjuntamente con otros beneficios y ofertas a los suscriptores, por favor inscríbanse en la página principal de mi sitio Web. ¡Gracias!.

Informe Óptimo para la semana del 17 al 23 de agosto, 2015

Me alegro que se me recordó a principios del día de ayer que era otro día 888 (8/17/2015). No era tan poderoso como el primer 888, pero definitivamente tenía su propio resplandor mágico. Puede que todavía disfrutemos un poco de eso conjuntamente con una armoniosa luna Venusiana en Libra. Hermoso.

Jennifer Hoffman - Las Nuevas Creencias y las Vacas Sagradas - 9 de Agosto 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

En una reciente entrega en Facebook yo cité el Informe de Energías de Agosto diciendo que “No podemos sanar al mundo colocándonos a nosotros mismos en la cruz”. Esto se refiere al final del paradigma del Sanador Mártir en el cual nos sacrificamos a nosotros mismos, nuestra alegría, paz de espíritu y corazón en nombre de nuestro ‘trabajo de luz’ en lugar de abrirnos al paradigma de la Percepción Crística. Es una graduación en la cual nos volvemos líderes de luz empoderados, alegres, encarnando la divinidad poderosa y sagrada que nos obliga a elegir entre el servicio en un sacrificio auto limitante o el éxito auto empoderado. Para encarnar nuevas creencias debemos estar dispuestos a soltar nuestras ‘vacas sagradas’: creencias entronizadas cuya liberación viene con un costo de cambiar todo lo que sabemos sobre nosotros mismos y del mundo. Es una elección difícil.

Alcyon Pléyades 30-1ª: Portales dimensionales. Ovnis-naves Confederación Galáctica. Urge Despertar

Alcyon Pleiades 30-1: Dimensional portals. Galactic confederation ships. Urgent awakening

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Natalie Glasson - Accepting the Creator’s Truth by Mary Magdalene - August 21, 2015

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings divine beings of light, I, Mary Magdalene come forth with the consciousness and light frequencies of the Goddess Community, distributing this energy as well as my own to surround you in a blaze of light. Our light surrounds you in a ring of fire the colour of pale pink, violet, gold and white, our energy is present with you now to lift all forms of limitations from your being, reality and creations. Let yourself feel the ring of fire move around you gradually drawing closer into the core of your being. It is time to let go of all perceptions, everything as you know it is changing. This means that many perspectives of illusion and false understanding are shifting to make way for the truth. As you imagine yourself existing in the ring of fire, knowing that the Goddess Beings are present with you, we invite you to surrender all that you know yourself to be to the Creator settin g yourself free from anything and everything that is burdening you now. The ring of Goddess fire will draw close to you dissolving illusions and unveiling the truth.

Salusa - August 21, 2015

Having read of the significant changes that are said to be manifesting at the end of September, you are cautiously approaching it. We know that many of you are eagerly waiting to see what happens, when you will be moving through a higher and purer field of energy. Caution is wise in any event as with the best of intentions information is given to you in all good faith, only for the circumstances to sometimes change. Many may experience this change and more are certain by the end of the year, including portals that will open and raise the consciousness of Humanity. We will not be unduly surprised as to whatever happens, as the changes are destined to take place very soon. More will certainly follow as the New Age begins to become established. However, do not expect too much too soon, as there is much work to be done in particular to distribute the funds. Even by our standards it will take some time to reach you all, yet it will be judged as an exceptional achievement by you. We have planned well for this time and are well prepared for what lies ahead.

Brenda Hoffman - “Por qué se Están sintiendo solitarios” - 7 de Agosto 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo



Aunque la conexión con los demás a través de Internet es maravillosa, no equivale al contacto físico. Así que están solos y con necesidad de conexiones físicas – sean o no de naturaleza romántica.

Sus nervios reclaman a voces el contacto físico. No obstante, no sienten deseos de hacer el esfuerzo para expandir su red de amigos.

Casi todo les parece como si necesitara de mucho esfuerzo. Una vez saborearon la idea de interactuar con los demás. Ahora sienten pesadez cuando piensan que tienen que salir de su zona de comodidad.

Dejaron por detrás familia y amigos – aquellos en quienes ustedes dependían para abrir su corazón, su mente o su ser físico.

Ahora lo quieren todo – no en segmentos o divisiones del corazón, el cuerpo, la mente – pero todo en aquellos con quienes interactúan. Y lo quieren ahora.

No quieren asistir a fiestas u otros eventos donde se conectaban, porque tales encuentros ahora parecen vacíos. No obstante, no sienten que haya suficiente de los otros en su esquina – como solía suceder. Aunque están solos, no pueden invocar la energía para satisfacer ese sentimiento.

Karen Doonan - Physical validation and LIVING TRUTH in the new earth frequency realities - August 21, 2015

Life in the old earth construct was life on the sidelines, from the moment we took our first breath we lived our lives based on the reactions of those around us. How often have you take a decision other than the one in your heart based on the perceived assumption of the reactions of those around you?  This self policing has seen the human life experience contained and suppressed and grown the internal emotional landscape of emotional residue that is then further manipulated in the old earth construct. As this way of living and experiencing life on this planet is not TRUTH it is no longer supported on any level.

Selacia's article: Tips for Accessing August Blessings

Tips for Accessing August Blessings

by Selacia

August is full of blessings but what are they and how do you access them? In this article, I give you a grounded spiritual perspective about optimal use of the available energies. I describe some unique opportunities of this month and how they can translate into a positive momentum in your life.

Regardless of how your August has been so far, consider that a number of your positive goals either stagnated or out of reach could receive a start-up boost when you act on your awareness of this cycle and what it could mean for you. Awareness is always a key - you cannot appropriately act on something outside your radar and self-understanding.

Lee Harris - Energía de la A a la Z (3):- El juicio a uno mismo: nuestras excusas para no vivir.

Traducción del Video: Rosa García
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

¿Te juzgas a ti mismo? No eres el único.

Aunque ya estoy acostumbrado, lo que más me ha sorprendido durante los 10 años que llevo trabajando (tanto a nivel individual como con grupos), es lo arraigado el juicio a uno mismo se encuentra en nosotros, los seres humanos. He trabajado con personas que disfrutaban del mayor éxito imaginable, que tenían una vida ideal, con las situaciones y circunstancias que otros soñarían. No obstante, las cuestiones del pasado que debíamos elaborar juntos, porque continuaban repitiéndose y creándoles dificultades sin motivo alguno, eran el juicio y la duda respecto a sí mismos.

Rev. Terri Newlon - Djwhal Khul - August 21, 2015

DK    Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. In the Quarterly Forecast I mentioned that we’re kind of moving into the hot seat so to speak. September is coming, things are starting to build and get more intense. We’ve quite a bit happening so I want to talk about ‘presence in the moment’ because it will be more conducive to sort of scatter yourself or to feel more scattered. Thinking ahead about to dinner plans and then back maybe to something you forgot to complete yesterday and then you’ll bounce ahead to the next vacation, planning that. So there will be a sense to scatter and ping pong, all over the place, because of the way the Heavenly energies are.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - When God Desires Anything, That Intention Is Enough To Make It Happen - August, 2015

That is the way the universe has written itself. Your desires have great potential within them. It is one level of the Commandment of Creation; desire, passion, want, need – all of these are descriptions of Creation. God does nothing but desire an outcome and it is made manifest and so it is with you.
Watch your world more closely and you will see what we speak is not divided truth or diluted truth, but plain truth. For all that is expected, births the unexpected. Everything leads to evolution no matter where the path begins. It is by walking upon your own creations that you will understand your dormant abilities. All energies move forward in a continuum of invisible manifestation. No event is wrong or right that serves the higher Light. The need to categorize thoughts into right or wrong damages the birth of all desired outcomes.

Kryon r Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (5) - Sacramento el 21 de febrero de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Durante los primeros 4 minutos del audio se oye la voz de Yawee (Dr. Todd Ovokaytis) cantando tonos pineales.

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Antes de decir algo, diré lo que siempre: no hay géneros en mi lado del velo, y para este momento yo soy una hermana; ignoren la voz, el timbre, y vean la consciencia de este mensaje.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (5) - Sacramento el 21 de febrero de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Durante los primeros 4 minutos del audio se oye la voz de Yawee (Dr. Todd Ovokaytis) cantando tonos pineales.

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Antes de decir algo, diré lo que siempre: no hay géneros en mi lado del velo, y para este momento yo soy una hermana; ignoren la voz, el timbre, y vean la consciencia de este mensaje.

Hay mucho para decir sobre lo que acaban de oír (los tonos cantados por Yawee), pero tenemos que decir algo aunque llevaría volúmenes. Los tonos de Yawee finalmente han llegado a la Hermandad Femenina, y lo significativo es que Yawee nunca estuvo en una Hermandad Femenina. Por lo tanto esto es una integración; una metáfora de la integración de lo masculino y la femenino, incluso desde el comienzo. Es una metáfora de lo que les contamos que era una predicción para el planeta, que todos los indígenas conocían.

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana - Atlanta, Georgia, 15 de febrero de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Nuevamente deseo recordarles un par de cosas. Puede que repita esto cada vez: no hay géneros en el otro lado del velo. El género es específico de los humanos. La voz que oyen es de varón, proveniente de mi socio. Yo no tengo género.

Comprendo sus mentes. Comprendo la belleza de la creación, de la procreación. Comprendo cómo es dar a luz. He estado con ustedes todas sus vidas, de alguna manera. Lo que llamaríamos reino angélico, realmente no lo es. Es el Dios interior, el sin género, el que ha hecho todo el viaje con ustedes.

Se ha dado información sobre la Hermandad. Se han dicho cosas acerca de Melli-ha. Esta noche deseamos continuar, y esto será informativo. Puede traerles recuerdos, y esa es la razón real por la que están aquí.

Benjamin Fulford - August 19, 2015: China Blast Linked to Cyber-Warfare

The recent blast in Tianjin China is linked to the ongoing cyber-war inolving the financial and intelligence communities of the world. The blast produced an electro-magnetic pulse that was directed at disabling the Tianhe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tianhe-1 one of the world’s most powerful super-computers, according to Pentagon sources. The attack was timed to coincide with the recent devaluation of the yuan, indicating that financial warfare linked to derivatives holdings at the large Western banks was a likely motive. Clearly the attack was also linked to ongoing negotiations between East and West over the future of the global political, economic and financial infrastructure. Pope Francis is trying to place himself as a peace-maker and intermediary in this ongoing power struggle/negotiation between East and West, according to P2 freemason sources.

Benjamín Fulford - 20-08-15. Actualización de noticias: la explosión de China vinculada a la guerra cibernética

20 ago
Fuente: http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/08/20/news-update-china-blast-linked-to-cyber-warfare/

La explosión reciente en Tianjin China está ligado al curso de la ciberguerra que implica a las comunidades financieras y de inteligencia del mundo. La explosión produjo un pulso electromagnético que se dirige a la desactivación el Tianhe


uno de los más potentes superordenadores del mundo, según fuentes del Pentágono. El ataque se hizo coincidir con la reciente devaluación del yuan, lo que indica que el posible motivo es la guerra financiera vinculada a la participacion en derivados de los grandes bancos occidentales. Es evidente que el ataque también estaba vinculado a las negociaciones en curso entre Oriente y Occidente sobre el futuro de la infraestructura política, económica y financiera mundial. Francisco está tratando de ponerse a sí mismo como un pacificador e intermediario en esta lucha / negociación por el poder entre el Este y el Oeste, según fuentes de la logia P2.

Strange Beams Being Seen All Around The World -UFO OVNI-

Méline Portia Lafont ~ The Pleiadians ~ You have landed on safe grounds - August 20, 2015

Blessings Beloveds,

We have just passed this MAJOR 8-8-8 portal and we can all agree that this was hitherto BY FAR the MOST intense of all!! What a trip for the physical body it has been! Many emotions erupted during this gateway and I have never seen until now such a powerful effect on everything so far.

The Goddess energies have been representing us on many levels and we are bringing out a strong energy from this Goddess portal. At least for me personally it has been a Goddess Portal on every level and I have experienced lots of sensations in that direction. Will write more soon about this particular passage from my perspective and experiences, but for now I have a message from the Pleiadians for you all.

They have tangibly been surrounding me so as to see them the last hour or so during one of my readings, claiming my attention as it seemingly was of great importance to them. It was worth it because their message is so crystal clear and strong intel !

Magenta Pixie - The Lion and the Rose

Zen Gardner - La Transición Final...y La Derrota de los Arcontes - Julio 20, 2015


del Sitio Web ZenGardner

traducción de Adela Kaufmann

Versión original en ingles

Estamos viviendo en tal vez el momento más emocionante y desafiante de la historia.

La aceleración de la información de todas partes continúa derramándose, mientras que el despertar espiritual estalla sobre nosotros. Esta colisión de mundos está en curso y la culminación a muchos niveles es seguramente inevitable y sin duda ya está sobre nosotros.

Que la humanidad se enfrenta a una agenda psicópata impulsada de otro mundo es evidente, y lo ha sido durante mucho tiempo. El avance de la tecnología en este rápido aumento de pico de este crescendo trae una nueva dimensión a nuestro planeta y a la existencia.

Las mejores herramientas eléctricas están ahora disponibles para fuerzas impulsadas oscuramente, y nosotros nos vemos cada vez más obligados a tratar con ellos sobre una base diaria, mientras se dirigen hacia su pesadilla totalitaria.

Benjamin Fulford - August 17, 2015: The battle for the planet earth is entering a decisive phase this autumn

Notice to readers, due to my annual holiday, the reports for August 17th, 24th and 31st will feature non-time sensitive material. Regular reporting will resume in September

Once again the autumn season is expected to bring turbulence and power struggles to a new intensity as the September 30th accounting deadline looms. The question for the cabal is what sort of horse trading, threats and compromises will be made by the cabal in order to kick the can down the road and keep their fraudulent power structure intact. The question for the rest of us is how can we finally put a permanent end to their nightmarish debt slavery regime.

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

Shanta Gabriel - Archangel Uriel - The Substance of Divine Light - August 19, 2015

Immersing Yourself in Liquid Love from the Source of all Life

Dear Ones,

Revel in the substance that is Divine Light. It is the Liquid Love from the Creative Force in whom you live, move and have your being. When you allow yourself to awaken to this truth in your heart, the power of Divine Love transmutes all that you have judged as unworthy within you. You are reawakening to the truth and majesty of who you truly are.

Meredith Murphy - The Arcturians - Your Highly Sensitive Nature - August 19, 2015

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It is easy for us to see you now, as you have come into a much fuller expression of the truth of your being. We tease you in saying this for we always have been aware of you, but you are lit up now in ways that are quite different from your expression earlier in this lifestream. Do you feel this? Do you claim the conscious creation of this?

We want you to consider today how much you claim what you know and who you are, and encourage you to live at your leading edge with confidence and self-appreciation.

Kara Schallock ~ Expanding More as Love - 19-Aug-2015

A woman I know was given a vision earlier this year. She was guided to begin a healing center based on “paying it forward,” where no money is exchanged; just a promise to pay the healing forward in some way. She trusted she would be shown the way. Her Soul told her that a new opportunity may very well present itself, which at first may seem beyond her financial means or expertise. She had no idea how her vision would be manifest, yet she trusted. She asked where this center would be and she was guided to a piece of land. She also was told by some that it was a silly idea; after all, there was no house on the property and she needed a place to live. Months later a friend sent her a listing for a 7-acre piece of land…the same land she was guided to! She bought it. She does not currently know how it will unfold, yet is trusting in her guidance, as she is led step by step. She does not have the details of the vision and she has no idea how this all will transpire. She just knows that she is meant to do this, even though she has periods of fear and doubt.



Añadir leyenda


Dear Ones,
It is I, Gaia, returning to assist you in opening your Third Eye. I am joyous to know that you are open to transmissions from my consciousness. I remind you again that I welcome communications with ALL of the people of my body, planet Earth.

As we move into the higher dimensions TOGETHER, everyone shall comprehend and embrace the planet that WE ARE! I am grateful for your service in assisting me in clearing and healing OUR planet.

I realize that in these times of extreme polarity, which naturally occurs before union into Oneness, the “Forces of Destruction” may appear to be stronger than the “Forces of Construction.”

I ask you to remember your other incarnations during times of great transition so that you can recollect that the dark appears stronger because fear is stronger. Humanity’s greatest fear has always been of the “UNKNOWN,” which we are entering more and more each day.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana - Austin, Texas, el 8 de febrero de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Lo he dicho muchas veces, pero quiero que lo oigan otra vez. Yo sé quién está aquí; yo sé qué está sucediendo. El Espíritu, Dios, o como quiera que llamen a la Fuente Creadora, no está en un vacío. Cualquiera sea la cuestión que han traído esta noche a la silla, es conocida por Dios. Cualquier cosa que crean que es imposible, la consciencia de sus cuestiones, sus problemas, sus alegrías, sus deseos; todas son conocidas por Dios. Cuando se detienen para meditar, tienen una tendencia a explicar su vida: no necesitan hacerlo. Nosotros estábamos allí. El Dios al que se dirigen es un Dios personal. Nosotros estamos en ustedes, y siempre hemos estado en ustedes.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 
Translated from: Kreieren, Erschaffen, Verwirklichen – Meister El Morya

Dream: I rent a new very large apartment under the roof; 
it is somewhat remote, in a very big house, and this place is 
still a complete construction site. I begin to imagine how I 
furnish the apartment and what it has to look like in the end. 
My thoughts begin to manifest immediately and I understand 
very quickly that I can furnish the apartment by means of my 
power of thought; and indeed the apartment is completely 
finished and furnished in the shortest amount of time. Due 
to the power of my thoughts I parquet the floor with wonderful 
flooring, I paint the whole apartment, I install all the lights and 
I put furniture at certain places, etc. Thereby I only need to 
concentrate on the desired object, very quickly, yet very 
focused, and it manifests.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - El Despertar Cuántico - AGOSTO 2015

El Despertar Cuántico es traducido con amor al español por Susy Peralta de Argentina desde hace años. Gracias, querida dama de luz.



*** Palabras de su anfitriona de Luz

*** Cuando Dios desea algo, esa intención es suficiente para que suceda

*** Como seres humanos venimos a la Tierra con un sueño en nuestros corazones

*** Se les pide que pongan todos sus deseos, sus ansias y sus necesidades en un futuro invisible

*** Todos nos hallamos mirando hacia adelante en una sala de espejos y recuerdos

*** Cuando dos o más se reúnen en intención y corazón el universo los envuelve y eleva a un lugar de milagros manifestados

888 STARGATE en www.blogtalkradio.com

cliqueen aquí para escuchar en inglés: http://tobtr.com/s/7851761


Santo cielo, Madre de la Diosa ¿qué puede decir una hija de la Tierra? He estado unas cuántas veces en este lugar del Cosmos y nunca experimenté un cambio como el de este 8-8-8 pasado. El fundamento mismo de la luz se desplazó para nunca volver a lo que fue alguna vez. Se le emitió a la Tierra una gran burbuja de expansión en compás de espera, tal como se reflejó en las acciones del sol. Se formaron gigantescas manchas solares solo para ser contenidas y no liberadas en este momento. Actualmente, el cuerpo humano está muy vulnerable, ya que cada pequeña cosa empieza a doler. Es la manera en que el cuerpo les pide que amen lo que es doloroso, porque es una manifestación física de lo que se calcificó dentro de su pensamiento y busca liberación. El patrón del ADN mismo de la Tierra se ha modificado de acuerdo con una declaración celestial, y los matices de antiguos mensajes en la luz estelar se dejan ver y se dan a conocer.

Patricia Cota-Robles - I am returning to Christ Consciousness

Energy Update: Galactic Super Consciousness, Gene X, GMO's, CERN, Commanding our Light Ships (Pt1&2)

martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Giant UFO Sphere Passes Around The Surface of The Sun, August 11, 2015

Sandra Walter - Unified Cosmic Trigger: Higher Choices - August 18, 2015

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, 

Our upcoming Cosmic Trigger on August 22-25 sets the forces of the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway into play. As we enter the final stage of a two-year-long project, the high-vibe sector becomes a key decision-maker in how this unfolds. Like many of you, I AM experiencing a deeply mystical passage of the Mastery journey. Revelations always increase around these Equinox gates, as well as veil-thinning episodes of interaction. It is a time to delve deeply into the experience, the connections, the revelations and the opportunities available to us.

Cosmic Triggers, or Prime timelines, are pre-arranged events utilizing cosmic forces, set in place by our Higher Levels, to create higher possibilities during the Shift. Some utilize the alignment of planets and stars to open floodgates of energies from other systems. Some are invitations to engage in the highest-possible-outcome. Apparently we did well during the Lion’s Gate (a significant shift in energies for many on the 12th last week prior to the New Moon), and now we on track to take advantage of a higher experience. Higher light anchored = higher experience available for all. Magnetic shifts can make the planet feel unstable; breathe and create stability within and without.
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