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Sandra Walter – Crystal Codes : Galactics Sending Love – 25 January 2015

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Mid-way through the Gate passage today, I aligned with the Gateways and a few moments into meditation, Shazam – the bright flash of my Team coming through. They left us a new greeting in one of my Gate crystals! I felt the Team surround me, sending pure LOVE.
There is an incredible amount of lovelight washing through me with this Gate, and the crystal has anchored it, like a transceiver beaming Divine Love through my heart and my space. Thank you, beloveds! I feel this is a beautiful gift for all of us aligning with Divine Choice.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 25 January 2015

marlene1-1January 25-February 1, 2015
Beloved Ones,
Many of you are finding the adage “know thyself” as a common theme that is shared by all at this time in one form or another. The fine tuning and recalibrating is still taking place and now you look ever more closely within yourselves to look at all the patterns you have played out throughout your lifetime and are now willing to face self in all its many facets. You are willing to take full responsibility for all that has shown up in your lives. You know you are the one who first created the experience in order to bring this pattern to the surface as that which has limited you in your forward movement and which needs to be transmuted and released. Open your hearts wider to this experience and be willing to see the beauty of the gift it has given you. It has brought you freedom from self imposed suffering and has assisted you to move beyond former limitations, sometimes in unexpected and totally surprising ways.
You now look at how you may further allow the unfolding of your greater perceptions, seeing your life and the events in it from the perspective of your divine self.


GaiaPortal - Long-standings are finished… - Jan 25, 2015

25 Jan gaia_energy1Long-standings are finished and no longer carry “attachment points”.
Moment-ous living is the “norm”.
All non-followers of the moment will fail.
Continuities come only with discontinuic BEing.
Inertial entities have left.
Such is the moment.
Gaia is prepared for finalization, in this moment.

OPENING PORTALS: Augmented Reality, Ingress, and Dark Matter Dimensions


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Aisha North – The manuscript Of Survival – Part 433 – 15 January 2015

AishaNorthLet us begin this missive by saying that up until now, the fluctuations caused by these new frequencies may seem to have left nothing more than traces of physiologic unrest in some of you, while for others, it will seem as if they have been bypassed altogether by these insistent emissaries from the higher spheres, but that is not so. Indeed, you have all been deeply affected by these callers, whether you have noticed their appearance within your energetic sphere or not, and the impression they have made on you all, is a lasting one. For what they have done, is to enable some of the deepest recesses within your framework of high resonance channels to open, the ones that allows the form of multi-level communication we have talked about earlier. In other words, even if all you have noticed over the last few days can be classified as more or less annoying – or in some cases even debilitating – symptoms, what you have achieved, is a full and comprehensive download of energetic instructions, instructions that will serve you in ways that will enhance not just your innate abilities to reconnect and retune yourself fully to the inner sanctum of Creation, but that will also serve to inoculate you against further interference.

Strange Lights Appearing In The Sky And Then Disappearing La Paz, Bolivia, Nov 29, 2014

Judith Kusel - The Higher Pathways of Love – the Quest for deeper and more profound Love.- January 24, 2015

Show me the depth of your own inner soul self,
that inner self that is there, where no one can see you,
nor look into you.
That is the truth of who and what you are.
It is then, and only then,
that Love reveals its true face.
(Judith Kusel)
All my life I wanted to know the very depths, the core of the Mystery that lies behind what is seen and into that which is unseen, and which holds the greater cosmic whole together.  It became a Quest in itself, for I have a natural inquisitiveness and I very deep sense of destiny which is somehow all connected to this and have had that since I can remember.

Celia Fenn - El Cometa Lovejoy y la Perturbación de Sirio/Pléyades - Ene 19, 2015
19 de enero 2015

Traducción: Fara González

Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Esta es la segunda de una serie de Transmisiones de Semillas Estelares para el 2015. En la actualidad sentimos con fuerza la influencia del paso del Cometa Lovejoy a través de nuestra parte de la Galaxia, en la región de Orión, Sirio y las Pléyades. Esta parte de la Galaxia tiene una fuerte conexión con la Tierra, con muchas Semillas Estelares que vienen de Sirio y de las Pléyades así como muchos Maestros Cósmicos que se conectan con la Tierra para compartir información respecto a la evolución de la Tierra en relación con el Sistema Solar y la Galaxia.

Karen Dover - The “illusion” of reality and the need to FEEL TRUTH - Jan 24, 2015

Many talk about the “matrix” and many are understanding of how the old 3d earth created construct works but many are still falling to the optical illusion that IS the old 3d earth created construct.  For those of you who have watched the “matrix” film I invite you to watch it again and FEEL the movie not just allow your eyes to show you what you BELIEVE to be TRUTH.  The human eyes are amazing, they creat IMAGES out of the information that is received as a frequency. The human eyes then turn this frequency into an IMAGE that is then shown to us as the outer waking life experience.  What is often filtered out by our human logical mind is that WE MAKE THE IMAGE BASED ON OUR BELIEF system therefore we are creating our own movie which we call our “human life experience”.  The old 3d earth created construct of course runs the movie projector, teaching at all moments of all moments how to CREATE THE IMAGES using the frequencies that are taught within the old 3d earth created construct.

Natalie Glasson – New Beginnings Continued by Master Kuthumi – 24 January 2015

This period upon the Earth is such a sacred time, so filled with renewal, growth, awakening and opportunities. It is truly a time of rejuvenation, regeneration and rebirth which depending on your soul and your ability to move in rhythm with the energies within and around you may last for weeks, months or years. The Creator is guiding a process of letting go within the general consciousness of humanity. This is the crucifixion energies, the letting go of old cycles which no longer bring fulfilment or expansion. Master Jesus achieved this to guide a process of letting go within the general consciousness of humanity and now you are leading a shift in the general consciousness of humanity. You might say you are being guided to crucify your unneeded cycles of beliefs, motions, actions and reactions in order to be born a new.

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 24 January 2015

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Turn your sights to love this year dear ones! Allow yourself to receive the vast and beautiful expressions of love that are available in every single moment of your life. Look outside at creation. You are loved. Take a sip of water. You are loved. Feel your hands, your lungs breathing, your heart beating… you are loved. Look at the spectrum of beautiful colors. You are loved. Listen to music that uplifts you. You are loved. Look in the eyes of an animal or a child. You are loved.
Look at the shelter around you. You are loved. Look at the food upon your plate. You are loved. Look at the fact that we are writing to you via this newsletter and aware of each and every one of you as precious, beautiful, cherished souls upon the earth. You are loved.

Karen Dover - SOUL v Spirit in TRUTH - January 24, 2015

Many are chaos and confusion and filtering out that the main confusion that is HUMAN LANGUAGE.  It is often taken as read that english is english for example and yet it is not. As a UK person in the USA I have been shown over and over that language and meaning are two different things.  Take the UK for example, often bundled together as one country but made up of 4 different countries each with their own language, meaning and culture. There are for example certain phrases and words that you would not use if you were in the central part of scotland and you came from the north of scotland. The words and phrases have a DIFFERENT MEANING.  Only however those who have experienced this will know this, all others ASSUME.

ALCYON PLEIADES - 38th NEWS REPORT - 2015: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena...

Dana Mrkich - Banalidades y Oportunidades del Retrógrado de Mercurio por Dana Mrkich - 19 de Enero 2015

19 de Enero 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

¿Qué sucede cuando Mercurio se prepara para retrogradar en un día? Bien, por una parte recibí 20 emails en blanco y no recibí otros correos que me habían enviado. A Mercurio le agradan un poco las tonterías de la computación/tecnología. Cuando lo colocan en Acuario, que a) rige la tecnología y b) es regido por Urano, el planeta que ama todo lo impredecible, no se sorprendan de cosas como éstas.

Questions for Jim - Is It True That the Muggles Are Waking Up Too?

Ancient Aliens On Mars: Life On Planet Mars Evidence

Is the truth important OR not ???? ... written by/The EM on 24nd of Jan 2015

Let's think together...
(1) * Lies: the earth is round =There are no boundaries = Vast and scary space = Stay in the ground under the Veil = Do not recognize our brothers from space.
* The Truth: the earth is flat= There are borders= bypass memory scanning devices after border breach= Return Memory= Know the real history= The space is not scary= Recognize our brothers in space.
(2) *Lies: You are a human = the capacity of your brain works only 15%.
* The truth: You are a multi-dimensional being embodied in human form = the capacity of your brain works 100%.

Ovnis y Misterios con Yohanan Díaz 220115

OVNI Extraño Ebani en tijuana mexico▬Strange UFO Ebani in tijuana mexico Edit 23/01/2015

Christine Meleriessee - Comrades In The Light Forging Towards New Earth - January 12, 2015

earthhandsThis is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, January 12, 2015.

Greetings, my dearest ones. It is my pleasure to be with you once again. It is I, Yamteleus, your Guide within the Clarion Temple of Oneness.
It seems like such a journey since we have been apart. It is now your year 2015, which seems miraculous to me. You will find that we will be experiencing in the next few weeks is going to be very life changing. All the Beings that will be coming through from the Board of Directors of Walking Terra Christa you all know very well. They will be talking about some other Elements of how we can work through the Energies and assist ourselves in Planetary Transformation whilst accessing the Multidimensional Selves. Tonight we are being honored by Lord Adama, who is the Academy Chancellor. He will also bring forth the Energies of the Telosian Council of Light. For those of you who do not know, Walking Terra Christa is guided by these beautiful Beings, everything that they do and everything they bring forth.

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channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Dream: A dark-skinned woman talks to me excitedly 
about Obama. By all means I try to convince her that 
Obama is an out-and-out bastard, yet she does not 
understand it at all. (End of dream)
Beloved Ones,
A short as well as clear dream sequence.

Suzanne Lie - Beta Through Delta Brain Waves

Blossom Goodchild – 23 January 2015

Good morning! Within me, there seems to be an inner excitement about this year, and yet, I don’t really know why? A sort of expectancy … or maybe, because it’s a new year once again … I am simply full of hope! Anyone home?
We are always home. We are always who we are in our TRUTH … which of course is home to us. The same way for you, is it not? When you are full of Love and all is running smoothly in your life … you FEEL you are home.
Today shall be a little different once again.
In what way?
In the ways of bringing about a change of direct contact through these words … and allowing, through you … a more meticulous vantage point in which to get our message across.
No idea what you’re on about … to be honest.

38º ALCYON PLÉYADES - Noticias 2015 Conspiraciones, OVNI, Desastres Naturales, Fenómenos Extraños..

Selacia – Soulmates And Destiny – Bonds Over Time – 23 January 2015

SelaciaRelationships play a key role in your joy and success in 2015, and some soulmate connections can be pivotal influences on your longer term destiny. To understand this, be prepared to expand your view of what a soulmate is and how the two of you help each other over time.
What is a Soulmate?
A soulmate is someone you bond with on a soul level. It’s a person, or even a pet, that comes into your life for a special connection that greatly enriches your life and helps you grow. This is someone who helps you see yourself more clearly and more lovingly – this helps you to progress spiritually.

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The event's node ... written by/The EM on 22nd of Jan 2015

The event's node
The operations continue in the penetration of the ethereal level, there is a great range of intervention from Goddess, Archangels and light forces through a special Portal that led to a huge stream of Light into the ethereal level, and will directly do some breakthroughs in the veil, and this matter led to the escalation of events in the physical level...We are now in the event’s Node, the physical level began affected by the manifestation energy. Overall the ethereal level & The Physical level are two sides of the same coin...

SaLuSa - January 22, 2015

As events on Earth become more disturbing for you, so the Light is progressing more quickly towards its goal of bringing an end to the interference of the dark Ones. They have held the power for many centuries, and embarked on their plan to reduce the population of Earth to a manageable size. This they have partly achieved by keeping Man in virtually a continual state of war. Although they believe that they are achieving their aims, it is beginning to dawn on them that they can no longer control events on Earth. By now they would have drawn most countries into another global war, but through our actions have been unable to do so. Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented, and we are limiting their ability to delay the coming changes that will signal the true beginning of the New Age. From our position we see matters as progressing very well and the coming of the long awaited advancements that will truly indicate that the New Age has arrived.

Dana Mrkich - What Is Your Energy Saying To You?: Tips and Tools - Jan 22, 2015

Our energy is speaking to us loud and clear this year. Well it always has, only we are now hearing it and feeling it in a stronger way. When energies are super high as they will be from now on in, everything within us and in our lives that is not true to how our souls would like us to be is highlighted, felt more intensely, seen more clearly and often released or changed completely with or without our conscious desire. So, depending on your perspective this can feel totally liberating, or leave you feeling quite dishevelled.

Inner and outer turmoil forces us to ask the questions: What needs to change? What do I need more of? What do I want less of?

Brenda Hoffman - Su Nuevo Papel es: Ejecutivo - 12 de Enero 2014


Por Brenda Hoffman

12 de Enero 2014

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo


Ahora están entrando diariamente energías a la tierra – algunas se notan más que otras, pero hay un flujo continuo porque ustedes y la tierra han ido más allá de la 3D. Han cruzado el puente y están aprendiendo ahora a vivir en el otro lado. Así es que los Universos están aportando apoyo adicional a medida que aprenden a vivir en su nuevo entorno.

John Smallman – Jesus – You Are Proceeding Full Speed Ahead Towards The Moment Of Awakening – 22 January 2015

john-blog-pics-0135Here in the spiritual realms, as we maintain our loving watch over you, we observe with additional joy your exemplary progress towards your awakening.  Even your mainstream news media are now finding themselves unable to completely ignore the amazing changes that are occurring all across your world, and nor are they able to avoid reporting on the waves of corruption and criminal activities that had been concealed and are now being disclosed at all levels of government.  The truth of your enslavement to corrupt business and governmental rules and regulations can no longer be hidden from you because of the courageous activities of many investigative journalists, and of the whistleblowers who have the courage to speak out.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee - Acceptance of the Crystalline Spectrum of Light ~ Channeling - Jan 22, 2015

This is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God that was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on January 12, 2015.
We are the Angels of all Principalities, honoring each of you and hoping that you feel your own wings within your Being. Command it to be outside of yourself to be in the beautiful Essence that you are. Expand and expand your Heart Essence as the beautiful Angels you already are. Access that Frequency of Light within your Physical Existence. We are deeply honored to be able to share our communication and our Vibrational Essence within each of you to help you remember whom you are.

Karen Dover - The “war” – the overcoat of the SOUL construct and the need for release - January 22, 2015

As many of you are now experiencing the energies are intense, many are in chaos at this time and many are feeling irritable and feel as if they are going round in circles.  Of course it is not possible to “go around in circles” in TRUTH for energy naturally expands but we have not been placed in a natural expansive space, said naturally expansive space exists beyond the old 3D earth created construct. Many are in the belief that they are in balance and yet being in balance is to be in FLOW of the natural energies that exist all around us.  To be “held” in a pattern is the way that the universe shows us that we are holding tightly to a belief that is not TRUTH, as only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth it is not possible to experience beyond without letting go of said belief.
There is no one belief that we can choose that opens a vibrational doorway, this is a deep spiritual teaching that seeks to teach that we simply choose to believe that everything is tickety boo and voila it is so. This is illusion, TRUTH is not a belief, it JUST IS. We do not have to “believe” in TRUTH, it exists beyond the boundaries that are taught to us as beliefs.  This is holding many in patterns at this time and requires to be released.

GaiaPortal - Conclaves of Inner Guidance form…- Jan 22, 2015

22 Jan gaia_energy1Conclaves of Inner Guidance form at both Hue-manity and hu-manity realms.
Restitutions are considered for all, and revealed for some.
Timeline scenarios are narrowed to knife’s edge.
Remnants are cast off.
Truth is unveiled… to all… from within.

Marlene Swetlishoff - AA Gabriel - Jan 22, 2015

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as  upliftment. This quality within an individual allows them to experience a wide range of emotional experiences and still have the ability to create some of the most inspiring creations. They believe that the best response to any situation in life is to be patient, grateful, gracious, and most of all, positive. These individuals believe that an uplifting attitude is beneficial to them and is inspiring to those around them. They believe that all good things belong to them and that even situations that are not ideal will work out for their benefit in the end. One must always look for the good in others because they know that pointing out the good in others uplifts their spirit and makes them feel valued. Their family, coworkers and community members know that they can count on this person to have a positive point of view in every situation. Their attitude towards all situations in their life is infectious and causes others around them to become positive towards them with an outpouring of love. Their uplifting attitude ignites others to emulate them and reciprocate their attitude by being pleasant toward them. Such uplifting spirit is strong because they choose to remain positive, regardless of the circumstances they may face.

Project Blue Book Now Available Online - January 22, 2015

Buried below the web page of Washington Post is a rare disclosure on UFOs from the United States’ Project Blue Book reinforcing the “conspiracy theory” to  deliberately fool the population that they are alone in the universe.

This disclosure, is of course, incomplete.
They are probably planning a big deal about it, probably a grand announcement by some self-serving politicians.

Two decades of mysterious Air Force UFO files now available online

January 21 at 7:48 AM

Documents newly available online explore the case of alleged aliens in Orange County, Calif., in 1965.
If not interrogated or probed by hostile alien beings, those lucky enough to see an unidentified flying object may consider themselves blessed. While their experience may be the result of optical illusion, mental illness or alcohol consumption, they have some margin of proof, however slim, that mankind is not alone in the universe.
Until, of course, the United States government shows up. All too often, Uncle Sam has pedestrian — and, for those open to conspiracy theories, suspect — explanations for UFOs. Unidentified flying objects are the result of swamp gas. Unless they’re weather balloons. Or the planet Venus.

Kryon - Lee Carroll - The Innate Revealed - November 22, 2014

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This evening I wish to expose a very important system to you in ways we have not before. We're going to call this information, "The beginning of information about Innate." We have given channels before, and one of them was called, The Mysterious Innate. In addition, we have given you some of the attributes about your own body, and tonight we wish to enhance that even more.
The Magnificent Innate
Dear ones, I want to tell you about a process in your body, not only mysterious because it's not in 3D, but elusive enough that you can't really define it. Yet it belongs to you so well that it is actually you. You might ask, "How can something be inside me, Kryon, that I don't really know about?" The answer I give yet again is that your DNA is not working at full capacity yet, and that this is the subject. Your consciousness is not yet synchronized to the reality of certain kinds of things at work within your body. But these realizations are coming to you eventually, and the recalibration of humanity includes an evolved Spirit within you, and we're going to talk a little bit more about that in this channelling.

Let us first identify Innate: What makes Innate so mysterious is that it is not a brain function. It is also, perhaps, one of the only systems in the body that is not centralized. This is difficult for you to conceive of. This system has not been discovered, so it is also not yet defined in medical science. Yet it has been seen over and over.

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BIZZARE SPACE SOUNDS - Planets, Moons, Intestellar Space

Wes Annac – The Path To Heaven: Freeing Ourselves From Beliefs – 21 January 2015

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
I’m reaching a point where I no longer want to pour my faith into any specific belief. Every belief contains its truths and untruths, and like a lot of people have realized, we can take what works for us from each belief and let the rest fall away.
I’ve been writing about open-mindedness lately, and like I said in a recent article, an important part of being open-minded is being diligent enough not to put all our energy and attention into a certain belief just because it’s more appealing than the distorted religions we’ve grown out of.
It’s obvious that contemporary religion’s been distorted to keep us from genuinely understanding spirituality, but we don’t really help ourselves by embracing other philosophies that are more appealing.


Nostradamus Prophecies: 'Death Comet' - The War of the Third Antichrist - War World 3

Nostradamus Prophecies: Death Comet – The War of the Third Antichrist – War World 3

More than five hundred years after his birth, the prophesies of Nostradamus continue to intrigue, fascinate, and confound.

Nostradamus wrote that a comet will come from Cancer and something like that is going to happen: ‘Brighter than a full moon’: The biggest star in the sky.

A comet sighting in our times is key to identifying the third of three Antichrists foreseen by the prophet. In each case, Nostradamus provided clues that reverberated in similar phrases in a number of quatrains scattered throughout his book of prophecies for the fleet sooth-sleuth-sayer to decant for debate and discussion.

Nostradamus predicts the war of the Third Antichrist

Nostradamus predicts the war of the Third Antichrist will be the longest of the three. Napoleon’s war, as Nostradamus accurately predicted in 7 Q13, lasted 14 years (1799–1814), followed by another famous time prediction in 10 Q90 for Napoleon’s escape from exile on Elba in 1815 to lead France for a hundred days until his final defeat at Waterloo.

Nostradamus did not tag a specific length to Hitler’s war but he left powerful clues accurately framing the war in time. In his Epistle prophecies he earmarked the years “(19)37″, “(19)41″ and “(19)45″ as the beginning, middle and end of the conflict.

He was only slightly off on the beginning year–it was 1939–but 1941 did see the turning of the tide with the Second Antichrist’s disastrous invasion of Russia, started on the same day of the 129 year anniversary of the First Antichrist’s invasion, no less. Hitler’s war did end in 1945

Nostradamus gives two predictions for the length of the war of the Third Antichrist. In a passage written in 1558 about the three Antichrists in his Epistle to Henry II, he said the following:

“Finally the third [Antichrist] will cause an inundation of human blood, and one will not find Mars [the God of War] fasting for a long time… After that, the Antichrist will be the infernal prince again for the (third and) last time.

All the Kingdoms of Christianity, and even those of the Muslims, will tremble for the space of twenty-five years…”

He wrote the Epistle dedicating a serialization of the final three Centuries (volumes 8, 9 and 10) of his book of prophecies to the king of France after setting down with his pen the following well-known prophecy giving what appears to be a longer timeline:

“The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-five years his bloody war will last…”

The play of the two timelines, as we will soon see, could be another clue to exactly who Nostradamus intended to be “Mabus.” He is either the Third Antichrist himself, or a key figure killed by the Third Antichrist.
His death marks the beginning of the Third Antichrist’s war.

Here is the complete – “Mabus” prophecy

“Mabus” will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred hands (powers) thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.”

That means: War World 3 – Nuclear Weapons – Disaster all over the world.

“The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-Five years his bloody war will last.
The heretics (are) dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.”

Nostradamus in the Epistle warns of much worse to come in the new war.


timeofinfiniteopportunitiesGreetings everyone, before I begin this channeling, I would like to add a personal note. What we are being told in this particular channeling is that the energies that have arrived and will be coming to earth this year, will support us in everything that we wish to accomplish. That our nearest and dearest who have not supported our chosen vocations, thoughts and visions will begin to comprehend more and more of that which we are, and we will no longer need to fight an uphill battle to get things done. Society as a whole will begin to open up more and more to that which we offer, which is all sorts of spiritual work, various healing innovations which shall assist everyone here on earth.
What we are also being reminded is that not only will we be able to shed our “Alter Ego” and really connect to who we are. To stop pretending to be something that we are not and show our “true colors”, but also that we literally can connect to another’s energy field, read their agendas, read their minds, read their very core and proceed from there. I know that almost everyone reading this message already knows how to utilize this particular aspect of yourself, but for those who are not yet there, trust that you will understand the “HOW” of everything very soon.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

In the moment when a human Being is willing to overcome 
everything, foremost oneself – and in the moment when 
tears of self-pity are replaced by tears of longing for God, 
recognition occurs – instantaneously. 
In the moment when a soul is matured for further development 
steps, it brings all events into its life, which fosters this process. 
And this moment must be waited for and must be expected for; 
it cannot be forced by anything or anybody. Because: 
Recognition will always be given and 
the all-knowing consciousness opens 
to a human Being always due to 
God’s Grace. 

Wes Annac - The Path to Heaven: Freeing Ourselves from Beliefs - Jan 21, 2015

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
I’m reaching a point where I no longer want to pour my faith into any specific belief. Every belief contains its truths and untruths, and like a lot of people have realized, we can take what works for us from each belief and let the rest fall away.
I’ve been writing about open-mindedness lately, and like I said in a recent article, an important part of being open-minded is being diligent enough not to put all our energy and attention into a certain belief just because it’s more appealing than the distorted religions we’ve grown out of.
It’s obvious that contemporary religion’s been distorted to keep us from genuinely understanding spirituality, but we don’t really help ourselves by embracing other philosophies that are more appealing.

Volcán de Colima 21 de enero 2015. Enorme explosión a las 9:14am. Con audio

martes, 20 de enero de 2015

More Proof of Planet X: 2 New Planets May Lurk In Solar System Beyond Pluto!

Dahboo7 On Zeekly:

There is evidence of at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new analysis of "extreme trans-Neptunian objects" reveals.

After studying 13 of these "extreme trans-Neptunian objects," or ETNOs, the obits of these objects are different from a theory that predicts the orbits.

“The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system," Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, scientist at the UCM and co-author of the study, said in a statement Friday.

Theory says these objects should have an average distance to the sun of 150 astronomical units. These orbits should also have an inclination of 0 degrees, says.

Eliza: I AM that I AM - January 20, 2015

Eliza: I AM that I AM
Today I received a message from a friend bidding me to tell her directly if I have ascended as Taz. She continued: “People are getting channeled messages that you are safely Home. What do you make of that? Are their ego(s) to be right?”
My friend was unconsciously connecting with the heart of this controversy when she wrote the word “ego”. While I am swiftly losing interest in this drama which I thought I left behind, apparently some sort of explanation is needed for those left behind so they can sort out their own feelings regarding the subject of my “ascension”.

Ute Posegga-Rudel - QUAN YIN: THE GODDESS LIVES WITHIN - January 20, 2015

Video (recommended)
My Divine Presence is with you. I am shining my light upon you, to surround you, and as you absorb it, to fill your whole body-mind.
I will tell you more about my light, Beloveds, as light carries information.
My Light teaches you to soften your body in total surrender, because you trust the Presence of the Divine and you accept the principle of receiving, to be filled with my radiance of  beauty, joy and pleasure.

DL Zeta – Re-Dedicating Ourselves To The Light Activates Limitless Potentials – 20 January 2015

DLZetaWe stand at a threshold beyond anything we have yet experienced in the course of our journey. This is a profound time of new beginnings unparalleled by anything yet experienced on the earth plane. The energies of this period are asking us to join together to incubate a new and expanded future aligned with the frequencies of the New Earth.
Individually we have followed our internal GPS to many moments of awakening, some small, some large. These moments are becoming more frequent as we awaken to a greater vision of our limitless potentials. This deeper awakening naturally moves us beyond limited identities and allows us to forge new, expanded identities that bring a greater experience of the New Earth.
We have always held the frequencies of the New Earth within us. Our destiny is coded into our energetic templates. Awakening codes sleep inside us until they are activated by frequencies of light. These activations take place over months and years as we expand our capacity to receive and hold greater frequencies of light.

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy -

This world is swiftly to become a star nation filled with wonders of Heaven and great joys, which are to forge your new reality…

Be in peace, and get ready for the wonders of prosperity to reach this special time!

7 Ahau, 18 Chen, 11 Ik
Dratzo! We come with wonderful information! The payments continue to move forward and our Earth allies are now deciding upon new preliminary schedules. These payments are tied to a number of other projects that relate to returning you to a gold standard and to a global currency reset. These programs are also part of a financial readjustment that is to produce a new global financial system. This new system is to replace those agreements first manifested at Dumbarton Oaks in the U.S. This system ends the reign of the Federal Reserve’s notes and its worldwide fiscal policies. You are entering a new world in which a more general equality is to exist between the now poorer nations and the richer ones in Europe, America, Australia and Japan. There is also the matter of new governance.

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 20 January 2015

Ron Head - What will you do when you know? – The Council - Jan 20, 2015

councilThe Council
Change is our topic for today. You are living in a time of great change. You have been hearing that for quite some time. You are living in the only moment in which change can be made. That is also something you should be familiar with. You cannot make any change in the future, nor can you make any in the past. The only moment you can change is this one, the present, and in so doing you will alter all future possibilities. You may also alter the effects of the past.

We would point out, however, that the only change which we council you on is the change that you can make within yourselves. You may have some idea of the importance of that, but we assure you that your ability to foresee the vast reach that your personal changes will have upon the future and the extent of the effect upon the entire universe is beyond your understanding. Even upon your world and within your society, there is no way for you to see the effects your smallest action will have in its ripple effect upon persons you have not and may never meet. You discuss this at times, but have you truly ‘taken it on board’, as you say?

GaiaPortal - Grestian convolutions resolve - Jan 20, 2015

20 Jan gaia_energy1Grestian convolutions resolve.
Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.
Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.
Fraternal orders stand down.
Maternal paradigms stand up.

lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Brenda Hoffman – More Roles, Dimensions And Time Travels – 19 January 2015

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Dear Ones,
Some of you have received inner messages about various roles you wish to or are playing. Of course, you are the CEO of your totality – a very comprehensive role indeed. But how do you wish to direct your totality? That is your CEO quandary.
Perhaps you wish to visit a role you played in 3D  you did not comfortably complete. Perhaps you are creating a role you have never played before. Or perhaps you are receiving seemingly conflicting messages – that you are directing your totality to more than one role.
This is your first earth life in which you do not have to select one role. Perhaps such is confusing. How can you be both a prophet and queen? Ah. That is the message for this week. For you are quite capable of playing several roles in several dimensions at the same time.

Alcyon Pleiades 25-1 Cunning and lies, false flag attacks, economic bankruptcy

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer- Cosmic Weather - New Moon Report for 1/20/15 - El Clima Cósmico – Reporte de Luna Nueva para el 20/1/15

New Moon at 0-1 Aquarius: Initation and Vision. Dreams and Intentions. The Collective. Preparing for launch.
Hello friends and welcome to the first New Moon of 2015! This new moon in the “1” month of the year always has a certain quality of heightened potential and possibility, this year even more so. This is also the third new moon in a row (since November, 2014) at 0-1 degrees of the sign which gives it a powerful initiatory quality, setting the stage for the next moon cycle ahead and even further out than that.
The Tarot symbol for Zero is “The Fool” which is also a great image for initation, trust and setting out on a new path. The Fool has only a and a dog as a companion as s/he sets out into a new, unexplored world. This “8” Universal Year in the numerology takes us even more deeply into the Aquarian Age so this big of dose of Aquarian energy is certainly significant and has tremendous potential.
One theme I spoke about in the First Quarter Report (see the Cosmic Keys blogs area of my site,) is the issue of breaking out of the “box” of our own limited thinking; both about ourselves and others. In the first three months of this year we will be given a tangible opportunity to look into our own “view,” and areas of limitation and illusion. Aquarius energy allows us to rise higher and see the bigger picture of things which certainly can be helpful.

Sarah Varcas - 21st/22nd January – 11th February 2015: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - Jan 19, 2015

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde January 2015, identity, ego & essence, managing the mind, opening the heart

Image: “Claiming the World” by Gary Rosenberg

What Lies Beneath?

Sarah Varcas

Mercury stations retrograde in the 18th degree of Aquarius at 3:48 pm GMT on 21st January, one day after the Aquarian New Moon. The Sabian Symbol for this degree speaks of unmasking to reveal true motive and intent. There is nowhere to hide as Mercury journeys retrograde in the coming weeks. Deceptions large and small will be revealed whether we like it or not, not to destroy those who perpetuate them (which we all do to some extent) but to provide a wake-up call which both course-corrects and realigns us with truth and authenticity. We will all have the opportunity to look ourselves in the eye and see who’s really looking back at us, before painting on the face we prefer to show the world.

Benjamín Fulford - Benjamin Fulford: Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance - 19-01-15. La guerra financiera está llegando a su punto álgido, los suizos se unen a la alianza Pentágono / Reino Unido / BRICS

(Benjamin Fulford) The radical plunge in the Euro last week against the Yen, the US dollar and especially the Swiss Franc is a clear indication the battle over control of the financial system, and the world, is coming to a climax. The Swiss move to decouple their Franc from the Euro came one week before an elite summit meeting in Davos, Switzerland is due to kick off with a keynote speech by China’s number 2 Li Keqiang. This is the first time the Chinese government has sent any one significant to Davos in 5 years. The speech will focus on China’s take on the international situation and will offer possible solutions to various international problems. This Davos meeting is being called “A New Global Context” a name clearly meant to disassociate it with the fascist New World Order. In closed room sessions, Chinese government sources say Li will be discussing

Chinese/Swiss financial integration. What this clearly indicates is that the Swiss banking world, including the central bank for central banks the BIS, have joined the BRICS/UK/Pentagon alliance.

Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel - Inspiration for the Week - Loving Others in their own Chosen Path - January 19, 2015

The Gabriel Message card for this week:
Loving others in their own chosen path is setting the energy you want in your world.
This is the only Gabriel Message that is relating to other people. In essence however, it is a Golden Rule teaching. We know that it is important that we treat others as we would like to be treated. Archangel Gabriel is saying that when we do this it sets energy into motion that circulates through our lives so we receive what we give.
When I think of how I want to be treated and how I would truly love to treat others, I am attracted to the Buddhist concept of Loving-Kindness. When I imagine giving love, it is loving-kindness that is really underlying that desire. In many ways it simplifies everything when I use the attribute of loving-kindness as my focal point and basis for all relationships.

Carla Thompson - Georgi Stankov - The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part II - January 19, 2015

by Carla Thompson, January 19, 2015
As our awareness expands to observe and perhaps feel the flames (rays) of creation, we then naturally make the leap in consciousness that invites our focus upon these flames.  We may find that we first focus with our minds, as we imagine the colour.  Then we imagine, with our minds, the location of the flame in terms of which chakra it is associated with, and since we have some background understanding of each chakra, it is then easy for us to attribute our knowledge to the kinds of strengths that colour will carry, and what role the Ray itself will have in our creations.  
The creation with these flames is undoubtedly a complex skill, but we are up to the task!  We have phenomenal electromagnetic bodies that were built for creation! As we engage our body/mind/spirit systems through the use of our physical eyes, our Third Eyes, our mind’s imagination, our emotional body to fuel the visual information and our I AM Presence to infuse the God Energy, we can purify our selves at the deepest quantum levels.  All disease is related to energetic blockages within the physical, emotional and mental body systems. The healing in all of these areas primes us for spiritual growth and therefore the evolution that is expected of us now in order to meet the demands of the ascension.
We have to learn to HOLD light, and to MOVE light because we ultimately Create with Light!
Several Flames have come to me over the past 3 years in a unique order – I will present them by Colour:

Brenda Hoffman – More Roles, Dimensions And Time Travels – 19 January 2015

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Dear Ones,
Some of you have received inner messages about various roles you wish to or are playing. Of course, you are the CEO of your totality – a very comprehensive role indeed. But how do you wish to direct your totality? That is your CEO quandary.
Perhaps you wish to visit a role you played in 3D  you did not comfortably complete. Perhaps you are creating a role you have never played before. Or perhaps you are receiving seemingly conflicting messages – that you are directing your totality to more than one role.
This is your first earth life in which you do not have to select one role. Perhaps such is confusing. How can you be both a prophet and queen? Ah. That is the message for this week. For you are quite capable of playing several roles in several dimensions at the same time.

Sandra Walter – Gateway Of Divine Choice : January 23-25 – 19 January 2015

IMG_1843Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
January 23 – 25th presents as our next influx of accelerated energies. I understand that every day feels like an acceleration in 2015; we are blessed with an amplification of the merge with these higher, positive timelines of Ascension. Throughout 2015 we will continue to have opportunities to level up in more precise ways.
Gateway of Divine Choice
My team is calling this a Gateway of Divine Choice. This message is directed at the Divine HUmans who have already chosen to engage with the Higher Ascension timelines. As always, our work within these Gateways is to experience the unknown and create pathways for others to follow. No one is abandoned; free will dominates the energy of every creation, that energy directed by its Creator (You). Know there is a collective choosing to walk through these gateways first, in order to serve HUmanity.
As powerful as our experiences have been just in the last few weeks, we are about to receive energies which lock us in to the Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. The energies will produce more precise activations; you may feel the great lifting or pulling sensations becoming more acute and more consistent.

Anrita Melchizedek - The Pyramids of Light and ray of Galactic Service ~ Elders January 2015 Transmission - Jan 19, 2015

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Welcome, my precious friends and family. This is Anrita Melchizedek, and I'd like to welcome you to our January transmission in this third year of this Golden Age of Light. So, from a ray perspective, in this year of 2015 we are working with the cosmic ray of Galactic Service and this beautiful fifteenth ray of Galactic Service is Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and is a beautiful silver-gold flame of Light. So for a moment now just have a sense of being wrapped in this beautiful silver-gold flame of Light ~ see it activating within the heart chakra, and now through each one of the chakras, lifting you into this galactic level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, connecting you to the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, to the many legions of Light from On High, and at this sixth dimensional level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness connecting you too to your Higher Self of the Light and to all twelve Soul Rays of which you are one.

Lady Nada: Share Your Gifts – Channeled by Fran Zepeda - January 19, 2015

LadyNada.picture credit: cosmicgaia.comReceived January 16, 2015

Hello Dear Ones. It is I, Lady Nada, speaking to you through this channel once again. I enfold you in my arms of Love and send Love to you all.
There has been much change in your energy fields of late. It can be puzzling to some, but uplifting all the same. It will just take you a little while to get used to the freedom and expansion you have attained, each in your own capacity.
Clarity is one of the positive ‘side-effects’ of this new attainment. It is illuminating many things in your past and present, all encompassed in your Now Moment all the same. It is as if the clouds are parting and you are finding yourselves at a precipice of grand new beginnings with more possibilities than you have ever imagined.
For many it has been as if the ‘curtain’ of dense energy has been suddenly uplifted and is leaving you a little tipsy and searching to find your ground again. Such is the nature of each level you are attaining. Each takes a bit of adjustment to the new perspective and lightness and then you are on your way again to new ventures.
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