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Meteor-like object over Russia's Murmansk caught on dash-camera - Graban un gran meteorito en el norte de Rusia

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 19 April 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love that we call poise. This quality is essential in the inner workings of each soul. It manifests from within the person who has an unshakable sense of certainty and self-confidence in their own value and ability. This quality is also developed throughout one’s lifetime and each decision rightly made add to the strength of this quality in one’s everyday existence. When a person follows the guidance found within their heart and gives credence to that still small voice within, they develop mastery over each challenge or obstacle that may arise and gain mastery of self, and as a positive consequence.

Maryann Rada - Another Friend Is Coming to Visit - April 19, 2014

Semjase here. The last thing you might expect to hear from us is mention of the Anunnaki. Now that I have mentioned it, let’s consider the significance of that word in light of your planetary history and some of the information we have shared with you about the general bend of time lenses that are in operation now. Remembering may come more easily now that you are in a core shift of planetary energetics. The next few days will bring this more into focus.

Natalie Glasson – Year of Intense Illumination By Master Jesus – 19 April 2014

natalie glassonDeeply loved and beloved souls upon the Earth, I bring forth to you my love, truth and consciousness to share openly with you as I exist here as a loving brother to your soul. I am Master Jesus and I come forth to speak with you of the Year of Intense Illumination which is entering into your reality and presence now. As I open my heart to you sharing all that I am and the wisdom drawn forth from the Creator for this sacred time on the Earth, I ask you to open your heart chakra to me so I may lovingly and gracefully transfer all that needs to be imparted and activated within your being. Let us commune with open heart chakras bringing freedom and expansion to all I share and all you experience.

“Steepness” of Energetic pathways now increases - Apr 19, 2014

19 Apr eireport_logo_thumb_1Suspended energetics are illuminated with full clarity and transparency for all to view.
Standard correction protocols will no longer be useful to those desiring release.
Effective correction strategies are available via consultation with Higher Cosmic Source.
Cosmic signalings are in progress via newly opened and reconfigured gateways.
Answers to ancient inquiries are surfacing and are apparent to all with Higher Eyes.
“Steepness” of Energetic pathways now increases.

Aisha North - The manuscript of survival – part 412 - Apr 19, 2014

As the days dawn you will see the magnificence of this giant new energetic bubble that holds you all safely contained within its shimmering sphere, and so, the days and the nights you enter will also be contained within this sphere of influence, this sphere of loving care that is protecting you all from the debris of yesteryear. Again we speak in convoluted terms, but we use these somewhat lofty words to try to describe the literally otherworldly world you have entered by now.

S0 News April 19, 2014: Solar Flare, Big Quakes, Cyclone Formation

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Cobra - IS:IS Portal Activation Update - April 18, 2014

There are less than two days before the activation left. The energies are already intensifying and the compression is getting stronger. It is very important that we remain as calm as possible and hold the Light. Also, it is still important to get this viral and reach as many people as possible.

M7 Solar Flare & U-Yen Significance / CME on its way to Earth

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Holy Smokes! – 18 April 2014

http://api.ning.com/files/E3qQWpWXCLLD730DZsdZFrvkNNM3*mWsXsT4JqGCgPs2CF54R5AdZugmg9XwI1h5O60JM1A2VqjvAwf6Lw59mhhnYTvRU*lf/DjwhalKhul2.jpgDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. I was looking for a simple title for all of the occurrences this week and the only one I can come up with is “Holy Smokes!”.
We have made it through the Full Moon of the Christ, the first of four blood moons and the energies are still strong. They get more and more profound as we go through here. So we have Easter of course impacting that; then we have number 5 of 7 of the Uranus-Pluto squares the very next day. Then we have Earth Day, the end of Passover. And then the very next day the Cardinal Grand Cross.
So this is the kind of week where really it can all fall apart and come back together again or it could just all come together.

UFOTV® Presents : OBLIVION: The David Icke Epic - 5-HOUR MOVIE MARATHON

Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self – 18 April 2014

10277787_10152125246434023_7293117631471476662_nDear all,
After having had a few particular difficult moments yesterday and in particular last night, I had a breakthrough last night and this morning the whole world and grant scheme of things in the universe finally made sense. I could see beyond the energy of my loved ones, and literally see their angelic energies and presence.
It was a wonder moment of opening, awakening, realization, self-realization, and understanding the higher picture.
It certainly has been all worth going through yesterday ups and downs of the flow of waves and storms to come to this realization and understanding. I have no idea for how long will I be enveloped and protected in this veil of blissful communion with the world? But having the experience once in my life feels enough to be at peace for ever now.

140415 Kevin Annett Interview with Alexandra Meadors

First Contact Ground Crew Team~The Surprise

4/18/2014 -- 7.3M earthquake strikes Mexico -- Event was FORECAST 3 days prior

Video Sismo 18 de abril 2014 Ciudad de México Visto desde Monumento a la Revolución

Selacia – Have A Breakthrough During April’s Crossroads – 18 April 2014

Feeling edgy and out of sorts, or simply sensing that you’re on the edge of your seat about to make your next move?
If you’re experiencing either of these states right now, you are in good company. You don’t have to look far in any direction to notice people with an anxious disposition. Some of them close to you may be acting out their jittery feelings, too, adding to your own nervousness.
Especially if you are sensitive, you can feel what others are feeling. Sometimes you are aware of this response – other times it may be unconscious. Don’t make sensitivity or awareness bad. It’s part of being multidimensional to tap into the interconnected world and the collective. This includes people you work with, live with, and interact with in everyday life.

Satyr skeleton - Second found by Russian scientists - translated

Suzanne Lie - Moments

Small Talk with my Twin Flame Higher Self – Multidimensional Ocean 18 April 2014


Laura: my twin flamé’s higher self (Usakhar) has been around me literally all day long, which is a wonderful experience, very pure, and brings me back to my childhood, and reminds me of the love you used to feel now. I have never felt that unique love before since then. It is truly a remarkable experience and very unique. Anyhow, I decided to try channel him, since he is always here :) !
Laura: would you have a message for my readers?
Usakhar: yes, i do. I just wanted to tell them not to loose faith in their own love and abilities to love. One day, their twin flame will appear to them, when they will expect it the least.
Of course one has to realize that the Earth incarnation is not separated from the Higher Self incarnation. The connection between both is constant. However, we do like to carry a different name. I am Usakhar, he has his Earth name and life of course. His life will end when his life is meant to end and his body shall return to Mother Earth, while I shall continue to live in the higher dimensions, as I do know. your Earth twin soul incarnation is an extension of me in the material world, but I am still part of both the material world, and of the spirit world.

S0 News April 18, 2014: Storm Watch, Spaceweather

Predictions Comments, Questions for April, 2014


NASA's Huge Announcement (4.17.2014) Commentary

House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This - By Andrew Hitchcock 10-31-9

The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be. The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people.
You will find that approximately 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews. These people knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the land of Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual fact their real homeland is over 800 miles away in Georgia.

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written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz

Introductory Words from JJK 

Honored Reader,

The representation of Maria Magdalena as a whore and
a great sinner, who in the Light of Jesus turns away from
this shameful doing, follows in the fables of lies of the
Catholic Church. The mere fact that Miriam from Bethany
simply was Jesus’s wife is swept under the rug so that the
fabricated picture of the Savior and thereby the dictate of
the patriarch can be maintained.
In addition it was necessary for the Roman Catholic
Church to demonize sexuality. As a consequence sexuality
was suppressed and the natural, free and divine sexual desire
in human Beings atrophied, because it was robbed of its innocence
and was loaded with guilt. Naturally the sexual desire had to find
an outlet and it found it in the over emphasis of it. The sexual
disturbances of human Beings and the “pornographic” world are
a clear indication of it.

Anrita Melchizedek ~ The April Full Blood Moon and Arc of the Covenant activation - April 17, 2014


My precious friends and family, I invite you to listen to my latest Invocation taking us through the April Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring at this time, along with some powerful Planetary Light activities. The You Tube video should be up in a few hours. Enjoy ~ Blessings and much Love***************************
The April Full Blood Moon and Arc of the Covenant Activation
Mp3 download www.pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads
You Tube http://youtu.be/qalJh0QfeDA
Written Invocation http://www.pleiadianlight.net/33-stargate-portals-light-april-2014/

In this magical month of April, as we experience the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 14th/15th, we are accelerated into the octaves of the higher dimensions and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. We are called upon to transcend human miscreations through the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, and assist in the reclaimation of the true understanding of Christ Consciousness.Overlighted by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, the diamond, golden and white flame of Divine Love, the golden flame of Christ Consciousness and the beautiful silver flame of Illumination, this grand planetary activity of Light takes us ever deeper along the pathway of Christ Consciousness, illuminating the religious distortions of the Roman Catholic Church and activating the Flame of Divine Love within the hearts and minds of all Souls choosing to experience this Golden Age of Light. Additionally, this Now moment brings with it the opportunity to finally align into our full magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light.

S0 News April 17, 2014: NASA ICEE, Weather/Spaceweather Report

115 - ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events - Apr 16, 2014

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 17 April 2014


I am Horus and I am here once more to give you an update. There are going to be mass landings on the surface as soon as the clearance is final. We are in negotiation right now with many of the earth people who will be monitoring the landings before they come and during the process. They are set in place to guide the ones who will not only see their entry into the atmosphere, but their forward movement to the various places where they will land.

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 17 April 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you have already ascertained, this season is truly a season for change, and it is happening on multiple layers simultaneously. For as we have already stated in many previous messages, this is not a window dressing in any way, this is a profound and complete change, coming from the very core of your being and emanating further and further out within your sphere of influence. And when we say sphere of influence, we are referring to a much greater area than you perhaps envisage, for we refer to this entire world of yours.

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Brenda Hoffman – Force Is How NOT To Experience Creation – 16 April 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Summary of Brenda’s April 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’re of the stars – including the sun and moon. When the stars shifts, you do also. The stars are now moving to new positions. So astrological events impact you – but differently from what was true in the past. And April’s astrological events will affect those at the forefront of this transition differently from those newly awakened.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Joyfully Follow Your Path, But Only Your Path”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
Many of you are concerned that you must leave all you love behind to fully embrace new earth. Such is not true. But you have not yet discovered such for you remain enmeshed in the 3D belief that to give up something is to lose it, not to add to it.
You are now thinking that when someone you love dies, you indeed lose them for they are no longer of earth. And even though you have been promised you will easily communicate with them at some point, such is not true now. You feel as if you have been duped. Even though you might sense or see them once in a great while, they are no longer of your life.

Blossom Goodchild – 16 April 2014

bloss arizona biggerGood evening my friends. I am so looking forward to linking up with you tonight. It is the night of the red moon. It was so beautiful. I have travelled a long road since we last spoke and very happy to be back in your presence once more. Today at a meditation, White Cloud came through. He spoke about keeping one’s vibration as High as one is able. His message was so simple and it really ‘hit home’ … more than ever before … that the more simple and pure the message of LOVE … the happier you are to bring these messages through. It is ‘expected’ by some, that channellers ‘fall into’ questioning you regarding explanations of possible conspiracies, revaluations, etc. … when really this … as you have said … is not your mission at all. It freed my mind up greatly in preparation for this work this evening. So, my friends from elsewhere … kindly take the floor.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Heavenly Seeds – 16 April 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs Spring finally pushes her way up thru a rather harsh winter vortex the warm breezes, and the April showers unleash what is hidden deep within life. everything that has been dormant for several months now comes to life; seeds dreams hopes. Within the seed of life lives a dynamic blueprint in divine totality. Within the blueprint is the complete evolution and the realization of every species.
Within a single seed of the great oak lives its fullest potential. It is destined  to become all that it can become, just like us. That seed does not contain half of an instruction but contains the entire universe.  Within the seed of each human being lives the same instructs, an entire divine blueprint that houses the unlimited potential of each person. Each human has the capacity to fulfill these instructions in their fullness. It is a personal choice; it is a divine directive.

Tiempo de Cine - Movie Time - Supercollider (2013)

After the Hadron Super Collider in Switzerland and France, few thought anyone would ever attempt a larger Collider but Cytron corporation, with a consortium of companies, built it. The Eisenberg Collider, called EC-1 was over 60 Kilometers long, nearly triple the Hadron. Its mandate was to create a new energy source to power the world. On September 9th, 2013 at 9:05AM the first test of the EC-1 Collider was about to commence.... at 9:06AM, that same day, the test was classified as permanently delayed; the program was to be shut down due to lack of funding. What had happened... or what happened that had changed everything? 
Sinopsis: Cuando un super colisionador de hadrones genera un desplazamiento temporal, por culpa de su funcionamiento defectuoso, un científico solitario debe restablecer el orden natural antes de que el mundo se destruya por completo.


EirePort - Extremes of experience accompany Higher Cosmic Aligned Nova Gaia energetic grids - Apr 16, 2014

16 Apr eireport_logo_thumb_1Extremes of experience accompany Higher Cosmic Aligned Nova Gaia energetic grids.
Nothing escapes Illumination at this time.
Most strongly illumined, and most strongly affected, are dormant revert energetic structures within human individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies.
After initial flarings, conscious individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies, learn to accept such, and release the revert structures.
Predominance of heart connections becomes apparent.

S0 News April 16, 2014: Climate, Volcanoes, Solar Analysis

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Aurora - Eclipse Revelations - April 15, 2014

The recent eclipse is the harbinger of great and profound change on Earth. But, that change begins within each and every soul first. Collectively, change will not be facilitated without first looking within and creating change in one’s own life.  In the process of Ascension (raising one's vibration), there is a moment where each individual comes face-to-face with the aspects that have been hiding within their deep subconscious memories.
It is not easy to confront these aspects and to look at them honestly, for they originate in past life experiences, and those can be challenging to assess in an impartial manner. When you are living your life now, you have blinders on when it comes to how you view yourself from a past life perspective. Humanity tends to judge things in an all-or-nothing classification, without taking the time to genuinely look at all pieces of one's emotions and behaviors.


written and channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Introductory Words from JJK 
Honored Readers, 

Since the Council of Nicaea (325)
And the Council of Constantinople (381)
Human Beings are being told the made up story that 
Jesus died on the cross. Since then, year after year, 
the same lie, year after year the one cross and year 
after year millions of human Beings take up this cross 
in order to do as their Lords do, according to the church
history canon, the guideline of the whole Christian church. 
And already Medici-Pope Leo X (1475-1513) knew:  
“How much the fable of Christ has helped us and ours, 
is well known.” 

And an essential part of this “fable” is also the 
representation of Judas as a traitor, who judged himself. 
Here also it is necessary to serve the truth so that human 
Beings no longer swallow the bait of the construct of lies 
by the church.

Judas, who knew best how to interpret the coming 
and the actions of Jesus his Master, was superior to 
all disciples in education, mental perceptivity and spiritual
And therefore it was no surprise that Jesus 
had asked him to prepare his temporary arrest.

Since then the name of Judas and Judas himself, 
due to Roman Catholic historical scriptures, is connected 
with betrayal, insidiousness, fraud and trickiness.
It is necessary to confront this false depiction. 
Because the burden that in sequence has been put 
on Judas was also put on human Beings; Suddenly the
“Jews” and the human collective – equal to a second original 
sin –were in the guilt of a crime that could never be righted, 
the crime of the crucifixion, that never happened, as 
Jesus murderers”. Thereby fears were stoked, animosities 
were kept alive for centuries and the separation instead of 
unity of mankind was cultivated.

The Church of Rome, built on the ruins of the Roman Empire, 
always had an uncanny instinct to present lies in such a way 
and to spread them as truth until they became common lore 
and were accepted as truth.

The New Testament is, except for a few correctly 
reported spiritual lessons of Master Jesus, full of such 
twists, half-truths and falsities or outright lies.

And a Master lie of the Bible is the stigmatization 
of Judas, to whom a few silver coins were supposedly 
worth more than the life of his beloved Master Jesus. 

This prepublication from the book „The Jesus Biography, 
Part II“ puts matters right and brings the facts out into the open.
The victors always write the history and for the self-proclaimed 
“Church of Christ” every “fable” sounded reasonable in order to 
secure their power. Not only that the crucifixion of its “Redeemer” 
was invented, this organization since their beginning also utilize 
cleverly and ruthlessly all lies, which serve them and they shy 
away from the light of truth like the proverbial devil from holy 

Today the time of the Light has come and the time 
of the Truth has arrived a long time ago – also for the 
established and in self-glorification wallowing 
Church of the Poor” (Pope Francis I).

I wish all readers, who have not been familiar with this 
truth, much insight and blessings while reading this 
message from Jesus Christ, that puts the life of Judas 
into the light of truth – because: 

„It is time to lift this guilt from the shoulders of Judas!” 

In Love
Jahn  J Kassl  

From the book:
„Die Jesus Biografie Part II"
The Betrayal of Judas

“Only when human Beings recognize 
that they are free of guilt and without sin, 
will they find peace.”

This is the single most important factor! 
Thereby the darkness will escape from the 
hearts of human Beings. Thereby you enter into the Light.

Be welcome, you Beloveds of Heaven. The Father of all Life, 
the Mother of Creation, is with you, from the beginning of time, 
and exactly as now. And I am one with the Father, 
and I am in the Love that you are also in, each one of you.

We are different yet not separated from each other, 
because Love unifies us.

Exaltedly and conjunctively it lifts up our community, 
the community of light siblings from the Kingdom of God. 
We have been and are being sent in order to bring HIS 
Kingdom to earth, and this Kingdom develops in front of you. 
The new earth growths in front of your eyes, because truly:

This time has come, and this time is NOW!

I bless you who now draw from these lines. 
You who is ready for this knowledge, given first-hand.

I am Jesus Christ, who is always among you and who
carried the Light of the Creator into the hearts of human 
Beings through his life on earth. Today I give you insights 
about the events, which are in direct connection to a human 
Being who by mistake has been labeled a “scapegoat” and a 
“traitor”, and thereby received a very sad notoriety: 
Judas Ishariot.

A human Being who understood more than many who 
were close to me. A person who very quickly and way 
before the others, recognized who I was. Yes, Judas has 
been given all the capacities in order to see, to recognize 
and to understand the divinity in every human Being.

Yet what really happened then? What happened at that 
time in those days, which were inscribed so strongly into 
the history books of mankind?

Weeks before my arrest, at a time when I recognized 
what was ahead of me, I took Judas to the side and asked 
him to keep the priests of the temple informed about the 
locations of our gatherings. It was preordained that my arrest 
would be low-key and as much as possible should not create a 
lot of stir. I was desperate to avoid any new unrest, and the
search by Roman soldiers certainly would not go unnoticed in 
the population. So I instructed Judas, who was the only one 
among my companions to have free access to the temple, 
to deliver this information to the priests.

Judas was familiar with the temple, and he was known 
to many of the priests and even to the High Priest, 
because he finished the study of the scriptures there. 
This was reserved for just a few, yet Judas was one of 
those, who received this education. His knowledge of the 
scriptures therefore was impressive, and many times he 
was able to outline the scripture, interpret it and also create 
the connection with my life. Early on he recognized that 
God’s word fulfills itself, and this right in front of his eyes.

His trust and his affection towards me were unique, 
and quite often the disciples were baffled and even 
jealous how quickly he understood what was expressed 
in my messages.

I asked him to use every opportunity to keep 
the Sanhedrin* informed about my whereabouts.
(* Sanhedrin: The highest judicial court of the Jews, 
that had the right to accuse, judge and punish according 
to Jewish Law, sanctioned by the Romans. Remark of the Author) 

As was said before, it was very easy for the Roman soldiers to 
find me that evening, in the garden that served as a sanctuary 
in order to recover from the events of the day.

In the hours after my arrest, the desperation of the disciples 
caused blaming Judas for everything. Naturally some of them 
knew that I had instructed Judas, but the appearance of the 
soldiers was just too much for some of them.

Judas was completely composed, because he was 
the only one to know, that I permitted it like that, 
and he did a great service so that the events could 
fulfill themselves.

He spent the following days in the temple of the city. 
Therefore he was always informed about what happened, 
and very soon it was obvious that Pilatus had released me. 
Judas was told about this, and finally it got about in the 
temple that not I, but a “lookalike” suffered the death on the cross.

After about two days, when Judas had the certainty that 
I was alive and I initially went into seclusion, he left the 
walls of the temple in order to bring himself to safety, 
because the anger of the Priests began to boil over as 
they heard about the “failed” crucifixion.

Miriam who was the first one to ensure herself of my integrity, 
sent out messengers in order to inform the disciples; and 
gradually the anger and the misunderstanding faded away 
about the assignment that Judas had received.

“Do not worry!”

This expression that I used frequently,
had a special significance in those days.

Gradually the worry disappeared, and while I, 
secluded in Qumran, communed with my Father 
in Heaven, my brothers and sisters waited for my return.

……and their hearts were filled with joy 
as this fulfilled itself 40 days later.

For Judas it was clear, that I spent my time there, 
after all it was the place that offered everything in order 
to regain one’s strength in silence. He followed me, and 
after his family in Karioth* had been informed about the events, 
he finally arrived at the salt sea on the 12th day after the 
events in Jerusalem.
(* Karioth: The city where Judas was born lies in the 
south of Palestine. Translated from Hebrew: ish-karioth, 
the city where Judas was born. Remark from the Author) 

Many reports bear witness that he hanged himself, 
and in some places one claims that he was stoned by the 
disciples. But it was not like that, these stories are entirely 
fictitious, freely constructed and untrue! It did not happen 
this way, did not take place or play out that way!

It is time to lift the guilt from Judas’s shoulders!

It is necessary to direct the Light toward the actual 
events so that the darkness yields from your hearts.

But the told and the recorded story in the books about 
the life of Judas have not come to you in this form without
intention. So that you feel guilty and laden, weak and anxious,
so that you remain in “sin” and so that you are available as 
compliant lambs for the newly formed churches.

Originating from the fallacy of the “original sin” to this
“betrayal” the arch stretches so that the new institutions 
could establish themselves. Guilt was created in order to 
declare all of mankind as sinners, and in particular collectively 
stamp a Nation, the Nation of the Jews, as criminals, 
in order for the dark forces to live out their power over 
human Beings without hindrance.

Be assured that neither the “original sin”  nor the “sacrificial lamb of Jesus”  correspond to the truth! 
These are perfidious inventions of those, who oppress 
the earth for centuries, and who have kept you from your 
divine nature. So that you, and so the circle closes, 
lead a miserable existence on earth, compliant, anxious, 
guilt-laden and without self-worth.

Today the truth is announced because the time for this 
knowledge has been reached. The Light brings everything 
out into the open, and you will be in awe of what else 
will still come.

These transmissions serve your liberation. 
Thereby you can liberate yourself from guilt feelings 
and guilt creating patterns and experience yourself 
liberated from sin and without guilt. A very healing 
“shock” when you understand what spectacle has been 
offered to you until now.

I have not come to release human Beings from their sins; 
instead I have come to bring Love!
I have not come to free you from guilt, instead 
I have come to remind you of your innocent 
condition of Being, that you are.

Yet also those, who have put these loads on 
the shoulders of human Beings, shall attain liberation.

The time of God’s Grace has begun, and every human Being, 
without exception every human consciousness, can separate 
themselves from these doings today.

So I direct my word to you, who are leading the great 
churches. The churches of which you say they were
built by me. To you, my Beloveds, I direct this message:

End this undeserving game of power!
Declare yourself to the world and catch up on what 
you have omitted so far!
Tell human Beings who they are!

Let go of stirring fears, whereby you pay homage 
from your altars to guilt and sin!
Fill yourself with Light and Love and declare 
yourself to the world.

Get up to your pulpit and raise your voice!

Start speaking and liberate human Beings from 
guilt that you have put on them!

Do it, or they will do it themselves!

But it will happen, because it already happens. 
Human Beings regain their knowledge and thereby 
all guilt is released.

But you, who have held on to and fostered this 
condition of suffering, therefore the responsible ones:

End the path in darkness and walk on the path to Light!

You can significantly support this process, mankind’s 
return to the Light, whereby you separate yourself from 
the lies and the false pictures of my life on earth. 
Because the burdens that you subject others to, 
you will have to carry yourself – and much more!

Think it over, you Beloveds, because time presses!

…..but Judas remained in Qumram, and in the days 
of our common stay in this seclusion his life revealed 
itself and he became fully conscious of his assignments.

While I returned, in order to prepare my brothers and 
sisters for my upcoming departure, Judas remained at 
that location. The Essene community became his new 
“home” and so his life fulfilled itself in the light.

In the year 66, when the Romans toppled the walls of 
Qumram, Judas looked back to a fulfilled and blessed life, 
and in those days he returned fully into the Oneness, into 
God’s loving presence.

I am Jesus Christ, the guardian of your days, 
and truly I say to you:
Light will prevail, and my Love will heal all wounds, 
because you are innocent and free of sin!

In Eternity, Amen.

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15. April 2014



Geschätzte Leser, 
seit dem Konzil von Nicäa (325 n.Chr.) und dem Konzil von Konstantinopel (381 n.Chr.) wird den Menschen die erfundene Geschichte vom Kreuzestod Jesus erzählt. Seither, Jahr für Jahr dieselbe Lüge, Jahr für Jahr das eine Kreuz und Jahr für Jahr nehmen Abermillionen Menschen dieses Kreuz auf sich, um es ihren Herrn, laut kirchgengeschichtlichen Kanon, der Richtschnur der christlichen Gesamtkirche, gleich zu tun. Und bereits Medici-Papst Leo X. (1475-1513) wusste:
 „Wie viel die Fabel von Christus Uns und den Unsern 
genützt hat, ist bekannt.“ 

Und fester Bestandteil dieser „Fabel“ ist auch die Darstellung 
des Judas als Verräter, der sich selbst richtete. Auch hier gilt 
es für mich der Wahrheit zu dienen, damit die Menschen nicht 
länger dem Lügenkonstrukt der Kirche auf den Leim gehen.

Judas, der das Kommen und Wirken seines Meisters Jesus 
am besten zu deuten wusste, war allen Aposteln in Bildung, 
geistigem Auffassungsvermögen und spiritueller Kraft überlegen.
Und so wundert es kaum, dass Jesus ihn damit beauftragte, 
seine vorübergehende Gefangennahme vorzubereiten.
Seither ist der Name des Judas und Judas selbst, durch 
die römisch katholische Geschichtschreibung mit Verrat, 
Hinterlist, Betrug und Verschlagenheit verbunden.
Dieser falschen Darstellung gilt es entgegenzutreten. 
Denn die Last, die Judas aufgebürdet wurde, wurde in der 
Folge auch den Menschen zugemutet; die „Juden“ für die
niemals stattgefundene Kreuzigung als „Jesus-Mörder“ und 
das menschliche Kollektiv standen - einer zweiten Erbsünde 
gleich - plötzlich wieder in der Schuld eines nie wieder gut 
zu machenden Verbrechens. Ängste wurden somit geschürt, 
Feindseligkeiten über Jahrhunderte aufrecht erhalten und 
die Trennung statt Einheit der Menschheit gefördert.

Die Kirche Roms, erbaut auf den Trümmern des römischen 
Imperiums, hatte, immer ein zielsicheres Gespür dafür, 
Lügen so darzustellen und solange als Wahrheit zu verbreiten, 
bis sie geistiges Allgemeingut  und als Wahrheit akzeptiert wurden.

Das Neue Testament, ist, abgesehen von einzelnen durchaus richtig widergegebenen spirituellen Lehren des Meisters Jesus voller solcher Verdrehungen, Halb-und Unwahrheiten oder glatten Lügen.

Und eine Meisterlüge der Bibel stellt die Stigmatisierung 
des Judas, dem einige Silberlinge mehr Wert gewesen 
währen, als das Leben seines geliebten Meisters Jesus, 

Diese Veröffentlichung aus dem Buch „Die Jesus Biografie, Teil II“ 
rückt die Dinge zurecht und bringt die Tatsachen an das Licht.
Geschichte wird immer von den Siegern geschrieben und der 
selbsternannte „Kirche-Christi“ war jede „Fabel“ recht und billig, 
um ihre Macht abzusichern. Nicht nur, dass die Kreuzigung ihres 
„Heilands“ erfunden wurde, so bedient sich diese Organisation 
seit ihrem Bestehen geschickt und skrupellos der Lügen, die ihr 
dienen und sie scheut das Licht der Wahrheit wie der sprichwörtliche 
Teufel das Weihwasser.

Heute ist die Zeit des Lichts angebrochen und die Zeit der 
Wahrheit ist längst gekommen – auch für diese etablierte 
und sich in Selbstherrlichkeit suhlende „Kirche der Armen“ 
(Pontifex Maximus, Papst Franziskus I).

Ich wünsche allen Lesern, denen diese Wahrheit noch 
nicht vertraut ist, viel Erkenntnis und Segen beim Lesen 
dieser Botschaft von Jesus dem Christus, die das Leben 
des Judas in das Licht der Wahrheit rückt – denn: 

„Es ist an der Zeit, diese Schuld von den Schultern Judas zu heben!“ 

In Liebe
Jahn J Kassl

Aus dem Buch: Die Jesus Biografie, Teil II

Der Verrat an Judas
„Erst wenn die Menschen erkennen,
dass sie frei von Schuld und ohne
Sünde sind, werden sie Frieden finden.“

Das ist der alles entscheidende Faktor!
Denn dadurch entweicht die
Dunkelheit aus dem Herzen der Menschen.
Dadurch tretet ihr ins Licht.

Seid willkommen, ihr Geliebten des Himmels.
Der Vater allen Lebens, die Mutter der Schöpfung,
ist bei euch, von Anbeginn der Zeit, und genauso
auch jetzt. Und mit dem Vater bin ich eins,
und ich bin die Liebe, die auch ihr seid, jeder von euch.

Wir sind verschieden, doch nicht voneinander getrennt,
da die Liebe uns eint.

Erhaben und verbindend hebt sie unsere Gemeinschaft  empor, die Gemeinschaft von Lichtgeschwistern aus  Gottes Himmelreich. Wir wurden und sind entsandt,  um SEIN Reich auf die Erde zu bringen, und dieses Reich  entsteht nun vor euch. Vor euren Augen wächst die neue
Erde heran, denn wahrlich: Diese Zeit ist gekommen,  und diese Zeit ist JETZT!
Ich segne dich, der du jetzt aus diesen Zeilen schöpfst. Dich, der jetzt für dieses Wissen, gegeben aus erster  Hand, bereit ist.

Ich bin Jesus Christus,
der immer unter euch ist und der, der durch sein
Leben auf Erden das Licht des Schöpfers in die Herzen  der Menschen trug.

Heute gebe ich einen Einblick um die Geschehnisse,
die im unmittelbaren Zusammenhang mit einem Menschen  stehen, der fälschlicherweise zum „Sündenbock“, zum „Verräter“,  hochstilisiert wurde, und der so zu einer sehr traurigen  Berühmtheit gelangte. Judas Ishariot.

Ein Mensch, der mehr verstand als viele, die mir damals  nahe waren. Ein Mann, der sehr schnell und weit vor den  anderen erkannte, wer ich war.
Ja, Judas waren alle Fähigkeiten gegeben, um zu sehen,
zu erkennen und die Göttlichkeit in jedem Menschen zu begreifen.
Doch was ereignete sich damals tatsächlich? Was geschah zu jener Zeit in den Tagen, die sich so nachhaltig in den Geschichtsbüchern der  Menschheit eingeschrieben haben?
Wochen vor meiner Festnahme, zu einem Zeitpunkt,
als ich erkannte, dass mir das bevorstand,
nahm ich Judas zur Seite und bat ihn,
die Priester des Tempels über die Orte unserer Zusammenkünfte  auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Es war vorhergesehen, dass meine  Festnahme unauffällig und so weit wie möglich ohne Aufsehen  vonstattengehen sollte. Neue Unruhen, die dadurch leicht  aufkommen könnten, wollte ich unbedingt vermeiden,  und eine Suche der römischen Soldaten wäre sicher nicht 
 unbemerkt geblieben unter der Bevölkerung.

So beauftragte ich Judas, der als einziger meiner Begleiter  ungehindert in den Tempel durfte, den Priestern diese  Informationen zukommen zu lassen.
Der Tempel war Judas vertraut, und vielen der Priester und  selbst dem Hohepriester war er bekannt, da er sein Studium  der Schriften dort absolvierte. Dieses war damals nur wenigen  vorbehalten, doch Judas war einer von denen, die diese  Ausbildung erhielten. Seine Kenntnis der Schriften war  daher beeindruckend, und oft konnte er meinen Begleitern
die Schrift darlegen, sie auslegen und auch den Zusammenhang  mit meinem Leben herstellen.

Frühzeitig erkannte er, dass sich das Wort
Gottes erfüllt, und das unmittelbar vor seinen Augen.
Sein Vertrauen und seine Zuneigung zu mir waren einmalig,  und nicht selten waren die Jünger verblüfft oder gar eifersüchtig  darauf, wie schnell er begriff,
was ich in meinen Botschaften zum Ausdruck brachte.
Ich bat ihn, jede Gelegenheit dafür zu nutzen,
damit der Sanhedrin* über meinen Aufenthaltsort stets im  Bilde ist.
* Sanhedrin: Der höchste Gerichtshof der Juden.  Indem sie unter der Duldung Roms nach jüdischem  Gesetz anklagen, verurteilen und bestrafen durften.  (Anm. d. Autors)

So konnten mich die Soldaten an jenem Abend,
wie bereits gesagt, leicht finden; im Garten,  der uns oft als Zuflucht diente, um uns von den  Ereignissen des Tages zu erholen.

In den Stunden nach meiner Festnahme  führte die Verzweiflung der Apostel dazu, Judas für all das die  Schuld zu geben. Natürlich wussten einige davon,
dass er von mir beauftragt wurde, doch das tatsächliche  Auftreten der Römer, die mich schließlich wegbrachten,  war für manchen zu viel.

Judas war vollständig gefasst, denn er wusste als Einziger,
dass dies von mir so zugelassen war, und er erwies diesen  großen Dienst, damit sich die Ereignisse erfüllen konnten.

Die folgenden Tage verbrachte er im Tempel der Stadt.
So war er stets darüber informiert, was sich zutrug,  und schon sehr bald zeigte sich, dass mich Pilatus entlassen  hatte. Judas wurde davon berichtet,und schließlich sprach sich  auch im Tempel herum, dass nicht ich,sondern ein „Doppelgänger“  den Kreuzestod erlitten hatte.
Als Judas nach etwa zwei Tagen die Gewissheit hatte,
dass ich lebe und mich vorerst zurückgezogen hatte,  verließ er die Mauern des Tempels, um sich in Sicherheit  zu bringen, denn die Wut der Priester begann überzukochen,  als sie von der „misslungenen“ Kreuzigung erfuhren.
Miriam, die sich als Erste meiner Unversehrtheit vergewissern  konnte, sandte Boten aus, um die Jünger in Kenntnis darüber  zu setzen,und allmählich verblasste die Wut und das  Unverständnis der Apostel über den Auftrag,  der Judas zugekommen war.
„Sorget euch nicht!“

Dieser Ausspruch, den ich oft verwendete,  hatte in jenen Tagen eine besondere Bedeutung.  Langsam wich die Sorge, und während ich,  zurückgezogen in Qumran, Zwiesprache mit meinem  Vater im Himmel hielt, warteten meine Brüder und  Schwestern auf meine Rückkehr. 
...und ihre Herzen waren erfüllt vor Freude,
als sich das 40 Tage später erfüllte.

Für Judas war klar, dass ich mich dort aufhielt,  schließlich war es der Ort,der alles bot, um in der  Stille seine Kräfte neu auszurichten.

Er folgte mir, und nachdem er seine Familie in Karioth**   über die Ereignisse informiert hatte, gelangte er schließlich   am 12. Tage nach den Vorfällen in Jerusalem ans Salzmeer. 
Viele Berichte zeugen davon, dass er sich den Galgen knüpfte, 
und mancherorts wird behauptet, er sei von den Aposteln  gesteinigt worden. Doch so war es nicht, diese Geschichten sind frei erfunden, 
frei erdacht und unwahr! So hat sich nicht zugetragen,  ereignet oder abgespielt!
** Karioth: Die Stadt, in der Judas geboren wurde,  liegt im Süden Palästinas. Übersetzt aus dem Hebräischen: ish-karioth, der Stadt, in der Judas geboren wurde. (Anm. d. Autors) 
Es ist an der Zeit, diese Schuld von den Schultern Judas zu heben! Es ist notwendig, das Licht auf die tatsächlichen Ereignisse zu richten, damit die Dunkelheit aus eurem Herzen weicht.
Doch die erzählte und in den Büchern niedergeschriebene  Geschichte um das Leben des Judas ist nicht ohne Absicht in dieser Form zu euch gelangt. Damit ihr euch schuldig und beladen, schwach und ängstlich 
fühlt, damit ihr in „Sünde“ bleibt und so der sich neu  formierenden Kirche als gefügige Lämmer zur Verfügung steht.
Ausgehend vom Irrtum der „Erbsünde“ bis hin zu diesem 
„Verrat“ spannte sich der Bogen, damit sich die neuen  Institutionen etablieren konnten. Eine Schuld wurde so geschaffen, um die ganze Menschheit  zu Sündern zu erklären, und um vor allem ein Volk,  das Volk der Juden, kollektiv zu Verbrechern zu stempeln,  zu dem Sündenbock der Geschichte, damit die dunklen Kräfte  ihre Macht über die Menschen ungehindert ausleben konnten.
Seid euch versichert, weder die „Erbsünde“ 
noch das „Opferlamm Jesus“ entsprechen der Wahrheit!Das sind perfide Erfindungen jener,  die die Erde seit Jahrhunderten knechten, und die euch  von eurer göttlichen Natur abgehalten haben.
Damit ihr, und so schließt sich der Kreis, gefügig,
ängstlich, schuldbeladen und ohne Selbstwert eure Tage  auf Erden fristet.
Heute wird euch diese Wahrheit verkündet,
denn der Zeitpunkt für dieses Wissen ist erreicht.
Das Licht fördert alles an den Tag, und ihr werdet
staunen, was noch alles kommt.
Diese Durchgaben dienen euerer Befreiung.
Dadurch könnt ihr euch von Schuldgefühlen und  schulderzeugenden Mustern lösen und euch endlich   frei von Sünde und ohne Schuld erfahren.
Ein sehr heilsamer „Schock“, wenn ihr begreift,
welches Schauspiel euch bisher geboten wurde.
Nicht um die Sünden der Menschen zu erlösen bin  ich gekommen, sondern um die Liebe zu bringen!
Nicht, um euch von Schuld zu befreien, sondern, um euch an den unschuldigen Seinszustand, der ihr seid, zu erinnern.
Doch auch diejenigen, die diese Lasten auf die Schultern 
der Menschen geladen haben, sollen Befreiung erlangen.
Die Zeit der Gnade Gottes ist angebrochen,
und jeder Mensch, ausnahmslos jedes menschliche  Bewusstsein,kann sich heute von diesen Machenschaften  abtrennen.
So richte ich mein Wort an euch, die ihr den großen 
Kirchen vorsteht. Den Kirchen, von denen ihr sagt,  sie seien von mir erbaut worden.

An euch, ihr Geliebten, richte ich diese Botschaft:
Beendet dieses unwürdige Spiel der Macht!
Erklärt euch der Menschheit und holt nach,
was ihr bisher verabsäumt habt!
Sagt den Menschen, wer sie sind!
Lasst ab davon, die Ängste zu schüren,
indem ihr der Schuld und der Sünde an euren Altären huldigt!
Erfüllt euch mit Licht und Liebe und erklärt euch der Welt.
Steigt auf eure Kanzeln und erhebt die Stimme! Ergreift das Wort und befreit die Menschen von der Schuld,
die ihr ihnen auferlegt habt! Tut es, oder sie werden es selbst tun!
Doch es wird geschehen, denn es geschieht bereits.
Die Menschen erhalten ihr Wissen zurück, und damit wird  jede Schuld erlöst.
Doch ihr, die ihr Jahrhunderte an diesem Zustand  des Leids festgehalten und diesen gefördert habt,  
ihr Verantwortlichen also: 
Beendet den Weg der Dunkelheit und 
beschreitet den Pfad des Lichts! 
Ihr könnt diesen Prozess, der Rückführung der Menschheit 
ins Licht, maßgeblich fördern, indem ihr euch von den Lügen  und den falschen Bildern um mein Leben auf Erden trennt.  Denn die Lasten,die ihr anderen zumutet, die werdet ihr  selbst tragen – und mehr noch!
Besinnt euch, ihr Geliebten, denn die Zeit drängt! 
...Judas aber blieb in Qumran, und in den Tagen unseres 
gemeinsamen Aufenthalts in dieser Abgeschiedenheit zeigte  sich sein Leben, und es
wurden ihm seine Aufträge zur Gänze bewusst.

Während ich zurückkehrte, um meine Brüder und Schwestern  auf den nahenden Abschied vorzubereiten, verblieb Judas an  diesem Ort. Die Essener Gemeinde wurde seine neue „Heimat“, und so erfüllte sich sein Leben mit Licht.
Als im Jahre 66 die Mauern von Qumran durch die Römer  gestürzt wurden, blickte Judas auf ein erfülltes und gesegnetes  Leben zurück, und in den Tagen dieses Jahres kehrte er ganz in  die Einheit zurück, in Gottes liebende Gegenwart.

Ich bin Jesus Christus, der Hüter eurer Tage,
und wahrlich, ich sage euch:
Das Licht wird siegen, und meine Liebe wird alle 
Wunden heilen, denn ihr seid unschuldig und frei von Sünde!

In Ewigkeit.

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