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The End of Time for the Matrix / written by the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 25th of July 2014

The End of Time for the Matrix

We have promised to keep you informed of important developments in case of occurrence and completeness... Here we are again to inform you of recent & important developments...

It is difficult to transfer events that occur in the higher realm of consciousness which depends on the depth of consciousness and understanding to the lower layers of consciousness which rely on information… The difficulty lies in the big disparity in consciousness among the masses of mankind, that’s why we have decided to put these new developments in the form of simple points to be a beacon for all researchers in the path of consciousness and for those who are waiting for the New Era {The Golden Age} in order to seek the facts out of it … and these developments were summary of a deep journey for us in the higher realms of consciousness and an inner journey in the last 3 months..  

Suzanne Lie – The Elementals Power Of Transmutation – YouTube And Transcription – 25 July 2014

UFO Cloud ejects Sphere again Over Chile▬ OVNI Nube expulsa Esfera Otra vez En Chile Edit 18/07/2014

Judith Dagley – “We Cannot Go Anywhere Unless We Bring ALL Of OurSELF With Us.”- From July’s Energy Tele-Gathering, Recording Available NOW! – 25 July 2014

judith“We cannot go anywhere unless we bring all of ourSELF with us.”
– Through Me to YOU, July Energy Tele-Gathering, 7.20.2014
That is the theme of 2014, our Year of Integration. This integration process is increasing in intensity and so power, and will continue to through the rest of the year, at least. Already, it has become a veritable vortex,  spinning so fast that nothing is either “here or there, past or present” anymore. All of everywhere is spinning into NOW.
Which is, of course, so that we can integrate ourselves whole and get on with it. Which, nonetheless, is also making our heads spin and knocking our socks off (mine included, please note). So, it is no surprise that it quickly unfolded as the theme of our July Energy Tele-Gathering– the recording of which is NOW available!


reminderTomorrow the crystal that is being delivered from Iceland will be placed underneath israel/Palestine, it’s almost there. Isis is in Egypt starting today. The energy is going to be amplified, it’s important to tune into the crystal to assist the energy to be properly distributed among everyone, calling out to their higher selves and helping in shifting the consciousness towards PEACE. It is important to use the GOLDEN light.



Dolores Cannon - The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth

Visualizacion "El puente de arcoiris circumpolar" - Jose Arguelles

Day out of Time Rainbow Bridge Meditation by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Day Out Of Time - July 25, 2014

Day Out of Time

Day Out of Time

A day out of time? What could that possibly be?
How about no day of the month or week at all?
But, you might say, it is Friday and it is July 25, 2014. That's true on the Gregorian calendar, but not on the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar!
The Day Out of Time is the day to celebrate time is art. And since art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as International Peace through Culture Day.
Peace through culture is a fundamental premise of the 13 moon/28-day calendar. When you celebrate time is art you are promoting peace through culture.
Boy holding the Banner of PeaceIf you go to most any Day Out of Time celebration you will see the banner of peace. The symbol on that banner signifies the unity of art, science and spirituality.
Since 1935, this banner has been internationally recognized as an instrument of peace – peace through culture. As the saying has it, "Where there is peace there is culture, where there is culture there is peace." This day is also marked by ceremonies of universal forgiveness; it's a way of starting the New Year off on a clean, compassionate footing.
The Thirteen Moon New Year's day occurs on July 26 (Magnetic Moon 1). Why is that? This date was originally correlated to the conjunction of the sun with Sirius rising. The 13-moon calendar is not just a solar-lunar orbital measure, but is coded to galactic timing cycles, most notably the Sirius cycle. Through the 13-moon calendar, human consciousness can enter into galactic consciousness.
Give the human a harmonious standard of measure and then a harmonious human will walk a harmonious mile.
Harmony – that's what the day of time is all about!

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GaiaPortal - Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional levels - Jul 24, 2014

24 Jul gaia_energy1Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional levels. Current hu-manity consciousness is collectively now ready for receiving such.
Break-offs from old paradigm systems now occurs rapidly and with solid movement. Such continues until all are dissolved.
Spontaneous combustions are now viewable via all available viewing channels.
Participation of Hue-manity has reached sufficient stage for completion of the process.
Gaia welcomes such occurrences.

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Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 23 July 2014

7 Etznab, 1 Vayeb, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! We come with many wonderful things to discuss. Presently, events are being readied which are to bring this globe freedom, peace and prosperity. Our galactic and earthly associates are working together to put an end to the long, dark night that you have all travelled through. It is truly amazing to see how Heaven’s divine clock has brought you to the very edge of success. Things are happening to liberate you from governance that works to suppress your freedom, and release you from lies about what it is doing. This tyranny is now to be transformed. When America first announced its independence, it did so in a manner which permitted its sacred declaration to proclaim why it was to be a special beacon of liberty. This proclamation was gradually silenced by those who shared allegiances with individuals in Britain who wished to espouse tyranny over freedom and wealth accumulation over the divine rights of each American. This blasphemy is now to be transformed and new governance announced, to reverse the recent sins against this great land. This is to bring peace, prosperity and cooperation to Gaia and her surface humanity!

ZAP's Midweek Update - July 23, 2014 Original Message --------
From: 2goforth
To: 2goforth
Subject: Fwd: mid-week
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:39:28 -0400




Brenda Hoffman – ‘What’ And ‘Why’ – New Earth Clearing Tools – 23 July 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Summary of Brenda’s July 12, 2014 channeled, free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Many are experiencing chaotic sensations. Those just beginning their new earth journey are in the “dark night of their soul” A very difficult time as those who completed it can attest. Those exiting their cocoon have cut a slit in their plastic wrap and are finding that pieces they hoped they by-passed need to be addressed. The difference between those starting their journey and those exiting their cocoon is that those starting are addressing their fears with 3D concepts and those exiting are discovering they can address their remaining concerns with new earth skills.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “You’re Joyfully Creating a Rainbow of Diversity”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
This is an interesting time for those exiting cocoons. Most likely, the 3D fear that shifts your mood has returned.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Sirus Rising 2014 – 22 July 2014

On the morn of July 22, in the tradition of the ancients (or there about for different parts of the world go to to calculate for your part of the world– In Dandridge TN, Sirius rises on July 31,2014. The star Sirius rises before our sun, it is a helical rising issuing a declaration that the ‘ATLANTEAN, EGYPTIAN, and SIRIAN NEW YEAR’ has begun.
The heliacal rising of a star occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon, for a single moment just before sunrise.  Each day after the heliacal rising, the star will rise slightly earlier and remain visible for longer before the light from the rising sun makes it disappear. The same star will reappear in the eastern sky at dawn approximately one year after its previous heliacal rising. Because the heliacal rising depends on the observation of the object, its exact timing can be dependent on weather conditions.

John Smallman – Jesus – It Is Your Nature To Roam The Divine Cosmos Freely – 23 July 2014

john-blog-pics-0135Within the illusion time expands and contracts, it is unreal and unreliable, and yet as you experience it it appears to move in a regular and linear fashion from the past, with all its memories, momentarily and continuously through the present, and into the uncertainty of a future that you try to forecast and pin down . . . and then something quite unexpected occurs!  And that is one extremely good reason for living in the now!  If you make a point of living in this now moment and dealing with events, situations, issues, and problems as they occur, relying on your intuition – the wisdom of your real Self – all will flow far more smoothly for you.


Suzanne Lie – Fifth Antarian Message – Coming To Venus – 23 July 2014

(Dear Readers, please observe how we have been receiving the same messages for almost 20 years. Also, remember that these messages apply to everyone. I received these messages long ago. I think I was reminded to release them NOW, as we are finally ready to understand and apply what was received.)
Dear Commander Malteese,
I wish to continue the communication we started the other day and also to ask you some questions.
Please proceed with your questions first.
Are you a member of the Ashtar Command?
Why have I been so nervous the last week or so?

Georgi Stankov - Energy Update, July 22, 2014 – Huge Ascension Shift

by Georgi Stankov

I am just announcing to all true PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hours that we are in the middle of a massive ascension shift of Gaia and the new Galaxy today (18.00 PM, Pacific time). It is unlikely that the average humans are exempted from this incredibly intensive wave. Many people around us are already suffering from a severe “mutation flu” with fever, pharyngitis and muscle pains.

Only half an hour ago I was retrieved to the Mothership. I always visit the Mothership when a huge ascension test run is underway. When I came back, the intensity of my vibrations was such that my body was virtually disintegrating into a billion particles. 

Aisha North - A message from Mother - Jul 23, 2014

And here it is that we begin another cooperation again, for I am the one that will once again raise my voice above the din and greet you all as the female incarnate, the She, the one majestic force that for so long has been kept at bay on you shores. But now, my multicolored robes will once again flow freely around you all as the the state of languishing in hiding is now over. I go by many names, but all of them carry the same meaning. For I am She, the giver of life, the force of nature, the One that will join the other half and become complete once again.

Massive Rings Coming From the SUN

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UFO Cloud ejects Sphere again Over Chile▬ OVNI Nube expulsa Esfera Otra vez En Chile Edit 18/07/2014

Georgi Stankov - Our Regular Visits to the Spaceships of the GF- July 21, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, Pamela Ennis and Carla Thompson, July 21, 2014

In the current last phase of the ascension process all the light warriors of the first and the last hours regularly visit the spaceships, including the mothership of the GF for healing and attending the numerous council meetings, where the next steps in the ascension scenario are discussed, before they can be implemented on the ground and multidimensionally. This should be a common knowledge to all true PAT members.

Benjamin Fulford 7.22.14 Benjamin Fulford: Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon - 22-7-14. Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu, y otros altos nazionists serán arrestados pronto

The arrest of nazionist mass murderers like George Bush Jr. and Benjamin Netanyahu and their fellow cabalists is imminent, according to Mossad and other sources. These criminals and their fellow top cabalists have already been banned from traveling to over 180 countries and soon will be banned from traveling outside of their jail cells, the sources said.

The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

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Anna Merkaba - Chaos in Order, Order in Chaos, Two New Earths and Christened Energies – Pleiades High Council - Jul 21, 2014

pleiadesjuly21The restructuring and resurrection of cosmic gateways of light, life and chaos in order, and order in chaos, has begun to rapidly unfold throughout the universe that you are presently finding yourself. For the newly arrived christened energies, the energies of the light, the energies of the source and the energies of the creator have been unleashed into this universe, reaching GAIA to usher in the next phase of the evolutionary progression of of mankind. The energy that has been generating for quite some time in the inner depths of the higher selves of those dwelling on GAIA have finally reached a culmination point and have been dispensed, and dispersed to all who dwell on your planet. To all who dwell in the consciousness in which you are finding yourselves to be in.

POOF Ness – Susan&ZAP – “Break On Through” – 21 July 2014

poofPOOFness for JUL 20: “Break on Through”
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 20-Jul-2014 22:06:19
In Response To: POOFness for JUL 6: “Piggies” (hobie)
Hi, Folks -
NOTE FROM hobie: This newsletter is being posted at RMN, Sunday night. The newsletter will go out to the Poofness distribution list, sometime Monday morning.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Moving Thru Time – 21 July 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we move thru this year, the weight of our do’s and don’ts seem to get heavier, denser and more solid than anytime in the past.  They gather around and cement themselves at our feet, creating an immovable sinking feeling. Our intentions chomp at the bit, our soul gives us the green light, but our human little self-stands tall and still.  We sink deeper and deeper into despair and dis-repair, as we beat ourselves with the proverbial wet noodle.  We spend vast amounts of energy disagreeing with ourselves.   Trying to tame what seems to be the wild beast of indecision, the monster that holds us back, always blocking our way into happiness, into love, and into abundance.  With the amount of energy that we spend on arguing with ourselves, we could build malls, erect towers, sculpt obelisks, and maybe even a great pyramid or two.

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray - New Pleiadian StarGate DNA/Light Language Starbeing Activation/Template Sedona AZ

 Please turn up volume as this was unexpected video that I grab the camera to capture the powerful portal and gift from the Pleidians, and felt this transmission needed to be shared, thank you!

This an actual Pleadian Stargate Light Portal from Sedona AZ, Vortex through the Crystalline Sun that emits Light Pulse Codes of cellular awakening, DNA Activation with the Rose Ray of Creation.

This is a gift from the Solar Ray Deity and the Pleadians of our Brotherhood of light StarSeed Alliance Contact with your Star Family

Is This A Large Object Above the Sun? What is in These Soho Images??

S0 News July 21, 2014 | Earthquakes, Sleeping Sun

Karen Dover - Movement into SOUL frequency realities - July 21, 2014

The New Earth frequency realities are realities that are created by your SOUL in the dreamtime platform as you exit the old 3D Earth frequencies.  As many of you are now experiencing these are now fully accessible at a human conscious waking mind level. As you now release fully the frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct you allow the FLOW of the LOVE that IS naturally. This flow seeks balance at all moments of all moments and this is what plays out a human conscious waking mind level in the shifts and movement in your outer waking reality.

Judith Kusel - Activation of Keys and Codes Within - July 21, 2014

In its purest form your soul is pure energy and it consists of 12 flames of energy.  One part of this energy is forever attached to the Divine Source, while one part stays attached to your planet of origin with a galaxy or star system.  Thus, when you incarnate onto a planet like earth, only one or at most three flames will incarnate into a physical form.  All the other parts of you are thus fully functional on different levels. 
All these parts together, as one single flame, form you Higher Soul Self.
Your Higher Soul Self again forms part of a soul group.  A soul group consists of 144 other flames and the soul group, forms part of much greater group of soul groups which forms a soul cluster of 144 000 souls (groups).

Conversations with St. Germain via Goldenlight 7-21-14 ~ BRICS-led coalition of world leaders raising their consciousness to focus on planetary harmony, peace, and well-being

tibetanmandalaArya Tara
The Mandala of Arya Tara Blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama blesses the Sand Mandala at MIT
copyright © Please include this credit without alteration and a link to the source message and to this website when reposting this message.
Hello dear St Germain was just reading about Bretton Woods when I heard you start talking…
Yes I was beginning to say that the world is shifting away gradually but steadily from the US Dollar which is quickly losing its status as the world’s reserve currency. The world is changing and world leaders are waking up and shifting away from reliance on the US dollar or anything US-related for that matter. The world is tired of the US-led wars, bullying and aggressive dominance and the leaders of the world are all seeking alternative solutions to US dominance, aggression and power.
They are beginning to see that a large percentage of wars are being created covertly by the US and that no one wins in war, there are only losers. Nations are devastated, people are devastated and the earth is devastated. World leaders are beginning to raise their consciousness now, just as populations are, and wanting to create solutions that benefit all instead of harming all beings and financially benefiting the elite.

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Alcyon Pleiades 21-3 - Bermuda Triangle, Malaysia Air flights, Mysteries on the 27th Parallel

Georgi Stankov - The Splitting of the New Galaxy Has Begun - Jahn J Kassl - July 20, 2014

The 6D Space Fleet of Light
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 19, 2014
first published on July 20, 2014 in
translated by Georgi Stankov
Georgi Stankov
The good news first: The interdimensional splitting of the new Galaxy and Gaia as its crystallisation point has commenced and we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hours – the new Guardians of this Galaxy – are in the eye of the storm. We are the main protagonists of the ascension process and are at the same time fully detached from this dense reality in a process of rapid dissolution, as Jahn has experienced it during the reception of this message (read below). The reason for this detachment is that we all now dwell in the 6D and are here only as avatars to guide and observe this unique cosmic event of incredible proportions.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – You Belong To All Worlds – 20 July 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You are a multi-dimensional universe within your cell structure, your biology, as well as your emotional and mental being.  This year has escorted you into doorways of thoughts beyond your earthly perception of time, space, light and sound. This year shows you the worlds within worlds in which you reside simultaneously.  For your true spirit is not limited and linear, your soul belongs to all worlds, to all universes, and to all particles of light.  You are not just a universe – you are a multi-verse. 
The light is your brethren and the asteroids your distant cousins.  Everything in your existence was cooked in the same cosmic crock-pot.  You came from the same cosmic soup with the same celestial lineage.  Every Being that exists between time, within time, around time, is a part of the expressions of the Universe and the Multi- Verse.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Beloved Ones,
The “light of truth” precedes the love, 
before it may become an all-encompassing 
reality for a human Being, and has truth been 
satisfied, has truth been accepted and recognized, 
then the soil has been prepared for love and the “light 
of love” shines unrestrictedly from a Being.
Logos und Life on all levels,
I am the Love, the Way and the Truth – on all levels.
To become light, to be light and to live the light-filled 
reality that you are; what does that mean and how 
can it be attained?

Natalie Glasson – Create Peace In The World With One Action By Archangel Metatron – 20 July 2014

natalie glassonIt is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a humble and grateful way and love everyone else in an open compassionate way. While mastering the act of sharing the natural love existing within your being is important there is one habit and energy needing to be dissolved before love can truly reign, be empowered and experienced in your reality. Without true realisation of this habit love cannot completely be recognised for its healing and uplifting power. When many people meditate and achieve spiritual practices seeking the experience of enlightenment they actually end up experiencing the power of the essence of love within their being as when fully embraced your love is transformational, fuels wellbeing and health, acceptance and manifestation of abundance, the experience of freedom through bliss and a heightened awareness of life through divine wisdom. Love is a major force that is needed to be expressed by all beings upon the Earth but it is the presence of judgment which requires focus in order to fuel and give space from the growth of love.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Time Passages – 20 July 2014

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
What was once sought, is now freed into expression of purpose.  Truths that were once hidden unwrap themselves in the schematics of the new time dialogue.  Energies that went un-harnessed now entrain themselves.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner as Earth dances around with her upcoming choices.  We are at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the pastures of life seeking safe haven from a world of turmoil.  We all sit at a place of less resistance as the time doors open to experience themselves in a new longitude and latitude of placement.  Thy will be done, seems to be the title of upcoming events, personal and planetary. As we sit looking out our window of time, with our microscopic view at maximum clarity, we begin to truly understand, that it is not fate versus free will, it is fate and free will.

Conspiracy Of Silence

GUILTY: Pope, Jesuits convicted in historic case

The unanimous Judgement of the Court is that the three primary defendants Jorge BERGOGLIO, Adolfo PACHON and Justin WELBY have been convicted and are guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. Their guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.
The refusal of the Defendants to respond to a lawful Summons, to deny or refute the charges against them, or to present a counter case in their own defense, compelled the Court to consider their silence as a de facto pro confesso plea in which their guilt was established by their refusal to enter a plea. Precedent has established that pro confesso – which is the refusal of a defendant to plea in a case of profound importance – provides the basis for the lawful conviction and deposing of rulers and responsible heads of church and state. (The People in Parliament v. Charles Stuart, January 3, 1649)
In this precedent, the High Court established by the Parliament of England ruled that the silence of heads of church and state when accused of crimes against their own people amounts to a confession by the accused of all of the charges made against them (January 22, 1649).
One of our colleagues offers a dissenting opinion.
While concurring with the judgement that all three Defendants are guilty as charged, the dissenting Magistrate argues that pro confesso applies only when no other means exist to prevent such rulers from perpetrating tyranny and wars of aggression on their own people and their liberties, as was so in the historical case cited.
The dissenting colleague argues that by convicting the Defendants primarily under a pro confesso precedent, their actual guilt for the crimes cited can be construed to have been established according to a legal technicality. To quote our colleague’s statement,
“The overwhelming guilt of these leaders for unspeakable crimes demands that we convict them not simply on the basis of a technicality but according to the evidence alone, so that their guilt is crystal clear to the world and to posterity.”
The Court has taken into account this dissenting opinion in formulating its final judgement.
Accordingly, it is the unanimous judgement of the Court that:
1. The Defendants Jorge BERGOGLIO, Adolfo PACHON and Justin WELBY are guilty as charged on two counts: of organizing, aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personally participating in the routine and ritual rape, torture and murder of children.
2. The Defendants are sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or pardon, and to the forfeiture of their assets, property and authority.
3. The sworn Sheriffs of the Court and their affiliated Direct Action Units, established by the Court on June 1, 2014, are ordered to immediately arrest and imprison the Defendants at facilities provided by the Court, and to seize their property and assets. The public is asked to assist the Sheriffs in this task. An open ended International Citizens’ Arrest Warrant will be issued by the Court against the convicted persons within 48 hours of this judgement.
4. The Court will produce a full public statement making it clear that the basis for its conviction of the Defendants lay entirely in the hard evidence of their guilt, and that their refusal to plea, and hence the pro confesso judgement, was a contributing factor but not the basis of the guilty sentence.
5. In addition, to emphasize that this conviction is not a limited one aimed only at the top figureheads of murderous regimes, as of September 1, 2014, the Court will establish an ongoing Permanent Inquiry to investigate and prosecute others involved in the crimes proven in this case and contained in the permanent Court record. This Inquiry shall be entitled The Permanent Commission into Child Trafficking and Ritual Sacrifice and will have the power to subpoena and arrest, and adjudicate cases before the Court. The Commission will be international in scope, have no time restriction, and will seek cooperation from governments, international agencies and police forces with the aim of prosecuting and stopping forever the trafficking, ritual torture and murder of children.
6. To protect this Commission, its witnesses, officers and evidence, the Court record from the case of The People v. Bergoglio et all will remain sealed for now, along with the identity of the witnesses and Court officers, with the exception of that permitted by the special and unanimous authorization of the Court. The Jury members who were involved in proceedings thus far are relieved of their duties and thanked for their efforts.
7. This concludes the case of The People v. Bergoglio et al.
Issued by the Judicial Council of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels
19 July, 2014

Sandra Walter – The Divine Recalibrations – 20 July 2014

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,
You may have noticed some significant changes occurring during the last few Gateways in your personal journey. Everything is so very different from our old experience, and I hope the last few articles assisted with understanding the linear aspect of these unfoldments. While it is designed to reveal deeply personal aspects of your expression here, there have been some similarities which provide the old comfort of Yes, me too during this phase of our process.
Some of you may have experienced physical recalibrations this during these revelation Gates, which will continue for a few months. These are opportunities to willingly, consciously perceive what is your personal expression’s true path, true purpose, and in many cases your true mulitdimensional Self.

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 20 July 2014

marilynraffaeleToday we speak to you of ascension. You are beginning now to see the results of higher dimensional energies pouring into world consciousness causing the dissolution of many old paradigms and bringing in a receptivity to truth and there is much yet to come. Up till now, ascension has been the distant goal of hundreds of individual lifetimes of experience and learning finally to be understood only after death with the help of one’s Guides. However at this time–NOW, planetary energy is shifting and raising in frequency through the presence of so many enlightened beings on earth at this time. There are many from other planets here in human body simply to add their light to this process. The higher dimensional Light of so many enlightened ones is serving to dissolve the false and bring about the personal ascension of many while still in physical body. Those of you reading and resonating with the Arcturian messages can rest assured that you chose to be here at this powerful time to be a part of this.

Suzanne Lie – Fourth Message From Antares – Sunrise On Antares – 20 July 2014

Dear Commander Malteese
I heard your call and wish to communicate with you. Are you here to speak to me?
Indeed I am here to speak to you about a very powerful event. As you were aware in your meditation, you were invited onto our ship. (I was not aware of that visit then or now. It is interesting to look back into the past to see how much it is like the present. I guess that would be leaving time??)
We normally vibrate in the sixth and seventh dimensions, but we are able to take on a form in the fourth dimension to assist Earth. However, the 4D ethers are very polluted with the thoughts, feelings, and chemicals of many eons of third dimensional living. It is our service to assist in the purification of this dimension around your planet.

Denise Le Fay - Experiencing any Mid-July Time Distortions? - July 20, 2014

First I need to apologize for the problems with a link in the July 17th article Mid-July Changes  to The 12 Labors of Humanity within the NEW. After three days of messing with it I think I’ve finally solved the problem and that link is now working. My apologies everyone, it’s been “glitchy” everywhere again lately.

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62. 3 UFO. Orbs over Windsor Detroit. July 19 14.

Alcyon Pléyades 21-3ª - Triángulo de las Bermudas, vuelos de Malasia, misterios en el Paralelo 27


Discovery Work in God’s Grace

To bid farewell from the world of darkness and enter 
into the world of Light.
To bid farewell from every manifestation in this world, 
because you will never again experience it from the 
viewpoint of a human Being.
To bid farewell from happiness and suffering, 
which this level of experience let you partake, 
because happiness as well as suffering remain guests, 
either welcome or unwelcome, as the conscious turning 
away from it has been omitted.

Judith Dagley – PERSEVERE! – 19 July 2014

judithFrequency Lesson!
This one is about flowing with CHANGE. It is radical, and at the moment it is as much for ME as  for anyone who reads it.
In my case, its about knowing that “‘frequency lesson posts’ are useless until and unless they are useful to those who read them.” (Decode THAT one, and you’ll get way more out of it than you “thought” you would.)
In general, this lesson is about
1.) attuning in every moment to how RAPIDLY a complete shift in consciousness is occuring, and
2.) recognizing the many ways in which such a radical shift can play out.
Some will try to navigate it as if it is “same old, same old,” and so blame themselves for “failing,” and retreat… and so they WILL, bless their hearts.

DL Zeta ~ Creating new Realities based on the Frequency of Love - July 19, 2014


Self-love, forgiveness and a healthy dose of patience are essential during times of accelerated change. As our awareness expands, we see ourselves more clearly than ever before. Front and center are any past tendencies toward avoidance and scarcity thinking. Any way in which we have given into thought viruses and their fear-based world view now comes onto the radar screen of our awareness. Anything we have created from fear-based intentions begins to disintegrate and fall away.

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María Isabel Henn - Journal Entry - 07.18.2014

Journal Entry 07.18.2014
We’re having a HOT dry summer in Washington State, after about 8 years of continuous drought conditions. The place is beginning to light up… with wildfires. All the fires are north and west of where I presently lived, but in or near areas where I used to hike.
One problem that is facing fire-fighters these days is the increased amount of houses being built in the rural / urban interface. The Fire Districts are rural and unable to effectively fight big fires as many of the most recent are quickly becoming, driven by dry, high winds.
So… unless we have a complete turn-around in our weather, residents of Eastern Washington can expect to be breathing smoke-laden air for the rest of the summer. It actually happens here quite frequently although we got off lightly last year. However, in the last week, temperatures soared into the triple digits F (or 35 – 42 C).

Magenta Pixie – Stargate Into Intergalactic, Interstellar Travel – July And August 2014 – 18 July 2014

GaiaPortal - Promulgation of limited energetic structures of all types is now ended - Jul 18, 2014

18 Jul gaia_energy1Promulgation of limited energetic structures of all types is now ended.
Higher Sentience has awakened within hu-manity, which now allows only Gaia-and-Hue-manity-Heart centereds to propagators in cocoons of Light proceeds, prior to transport across dimensional realms, where soul classes may resume.

Processing of Hue-Beings continues until completion of all aspects have been completed, prior to Ascension instructions.


ications of fragile infant Light energetics in individual hu-beings and Hue-Beings continu


ent of shadow promulgators and shadow propagators in cocoons of Light proceeds, prior to transport across dimensional realms, where soul classes may resume.
Processing of Hue-Beings continues until completion of all aspects has been accomplished, prior to Ascension instructions.
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