11 de febrero de 2018

Natalia Alba.- Energy Update - Feb 11, 2018

Beloved Light Emissaries,

I have been informed by my Unified Self of the many planetary architecture changes that our Planet is having, during this transition, and hence, deep change. At this time, I received that our universal planetary coordinates have changed. I do not understand myself well what all this means, so I simply share the guidance for the ones who are meant to receive it. This is pivotal for the ones who travel to earth, for from now on if they do not possess the right codes they will not be able to violate our freedom, entering and trying to bring chaos, as it used to be in the Old Earth.

This is also very important for the ones whose main soul role is to work with the restoration of earth fabrics of time and space as well as for the time travellers to other dimensions, which can sound delusional, but for those who understand, I am not literally talking about physically doing this, for we all know there are many other ways to do so.

The rays, as you may already know have also shifted, as well as our senses and therefore, capacity to feel/see them. There are other things who are also already strongly being felt by the sensitive souls, as it is the change in the Earth fabrics and hence, the dissolution of our deep sense of time. Many of you are already experiencing the acceleration of time, or slowness of this, in certain experiences, realizing the illusion of time and the truth that life is not made of time but about moments and how we allow ourselves to experience them.

Regarding Earth Grids, we are experiencing an important change, for as I saw/felt myself, there are more and more souls beginning to assist in bringing back their lost purity and connection between the Grids. I know we all have a way to explain what is not possible, in human language and understanding, so to simplify, I was told there are important opening areas in which it is now possible to bring restoration to Earth Grids, as I received. Some of these areas are:

• Syria

• Both Koreas

• Cuba

• Madagascar

• Japan

There are other countries who are still in need of more assistance:

• Feroe/Faroe Islands (Denmark). This is one of the most important places. I simply received because of the killing of conscious beings which is bringing a suffering frequency in the entire place. I thought it was physical crimes. I must be honest and confess my ignorance and lack of knowledge for I did not even know this place, I do not know the geography of the whole worldto be completely fair. I had to even search for this - a thing I rarely do for I simply receive and share - to know if this existed or it was my English, or I was not translating it well.

What I found was well, you search for yourself, and discern, please. It was just very painful to me, although sometimes one must see reality and help not avoid it. I am putting my feelings here, I know, sometimes I allow myself to share with you my honest feelings, for in the end you are my companions and we are all working together on this transition. So this Island needs help in both collective healing and Earth Grids.

• Laos

• Venezuela

• Thailand

• Philippines

• Africa, although there are some places where is possible (South Africa, Egypt to name a few), it needs more assistance.

• Russia - the manipulation as well as the hidden agendas and nuclear activity, as I received, makes it hard to clear.

I also would like to explain, that this is not at all about the people, but about the essence of the countries and the many negative hidden experiences and/or tactics used to destroy and manipulate Earth Grids as well as humanity consciousness.

I thank you all who are guided to read this and to send healing to all these places and more that you are guided to.

Remember Beloveds, it does not matter what is happening outside, for if you stay, always, in the luminous Presence of your Soul, nothing can keep you from being in your natural state of peace.

With love and blessings,

Natalia Alba


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