Semillas Estelares

What are Starseeds?

Starseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet. They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health care, etc. Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity."
"Starseeds" describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.
Starseeds incarnate into the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose as do Earth humans. However, the genes of starseeds are encoded with a "wake-up call" designed to "activate" them at a pre-determined moment in life. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt. In either event, memory is restored to varying degrees, allowing starseeds to consciously take up their missions. Their connections to the Higher Self are also strengthened, permitting them to be largely guided by their inner knowing.
Many starseeds are practiced in rapid "spiritual weight loss". Starseeds can throw off in a few years the limiting behavior patterns and fears that Earth humans might take many lifetimes to accomplish. This is because starseeds, having been on similar missions to other planets, are quite familiar with the procedures and techniques for raising consciousness.
The concepts of star ships, intergalactic travel, varied psychic phenomena and sentient life form
Starseed Mission

Because their task is the most difficult one to perform in a very dense dimension such as ours, starseeds were hand-picked from our galaxy and beyond. Few beings would volunteer to do such work at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing their connection with their divine Higher Selves.
Although starseeds make up a very small percentage of Earth's population, their mission is great and varied. Primarily, they must go through this physical life and attempt to remember who they are. When they make that connection, they are drawn to go through a transformational process to become whole, centered and connected with their Higher Selves. Once starseeds realize who they are, they can begin to help enlightened Earth souls to anchor light to Mother Earth.
Starseeds are also here in this Divine Intervention from higher dimensions down to our physical world. This planet cannot survive without the Divine Intervention decreed by our Creator. Starseeds provide the missing link in closing the loop between the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchies, the Elohim and the Time Lords who work in concert to help our planet. Starseeds are awakened and ready to anchor light, perform rituals, meditate and focus energetically upon situations that need to be changed for the good of all.
Bil El Masri
Starseed Self Activation Process

For those who know they are starseeds, this is a ONE TIME ONLY activation process. For those who are not sure, this process will allow them to activate themselves. At this time, a lot of starseeds are not activated. Their energies are necessary to help anchor love and light to Mother Earth.
This is a 12-minute process:
Step 1 Starseed Activation Image 1 Sit down, close your eyes, and start a series of three inhalations and exhalations. Inhale Light through the top of your head and down into your body. Exhale all of the stress and worries you have, down through your feet and on down to the earth for about one minute.
Step 2 Starseed Activation Image 2 Place your left hand, palm up, on your left thigh. Your right hand should touch the area one or two inches below your navel.
(This is an energy vortex.)
Step 3 Earth Angel Image Ask the Earth Angels to come to activate this vortex center for you. Stay in this area for about four minutes.
Step 4 Starseed Activation Image 3 Move your right hand up one or two inches above the navel (another energy vortex) and ask the Earth Angels to activate that area for you. Keep your hand there for about five minutes.
Step 5 Starseed Activation Image 4 Now place a hand, palm up, on each thigh and ask the Earth Angels to send a confirmation that you have been activated. Wait about two minutes to receive.
Now that you have been activated, you are ready to actively participate with the rest of the starseeds in doing rituals and in clearing and balancing your chakra systems. You are asked to stay attuned to learn other ways to help Mother Earth and the population, before the earth changes occur.

Love and light,
Bil El Masri

Self Multi-dimensional Energy Alignment

As has been explained in Sheldan Nidle’s recent updates, we, the Starseeds, and the rest of Earth’s population, have been aligned energetically through our multidimensional chakra system. However, due to Mother Earth's precarious situation as she labors to give birth to an ascending fourth-dimensional planet, the Galactic Federation scientists, the Angelic Hierarchies, the Elohim and Time Lords have had to prevent Mother Earth from birthing prematurely. To slow her down, they have used new energy grid patterns and a different time frequency hologram. The direct result is that our multidimensional chakra alignment was disrupted. Consequently, many starseeds experienced physical, emotional and mental blocks that have caused pain and discomfort. To help us to realign and facilitate the work of the Earth’s Angelic realm, a self-healing technique was channeled through my healing guides. It is a simple method that anyone can do to help realign their energies.
The following is the self-healing method, which you can do while seated anywhere:
  1. Sit down. Slowly inhale and exhale three times and wait until you feel quiet inside. Then proceed to ask the Earth Angels of Mother Earth to help you realign your chakra energies.

  2. Put your right hand two inches below your navel (over an energy vortex) and open your left palm up over your left thigh. You will start to feel energy running through your right hand. Wait until you cannot feel the energy anymore, then remove your right hand, while keeping your left hand as is for the entire process.

  3. Move right hand two inches above the navel over another energy vortex and repeat above steps. Remove right hand.

  4. Place right hand over the energy vortex above heart. Repeat above steps. Remove right hand.

  5. Place right hand over throat, where another energy vortex exists. Repeat above steps.

  6. Place right hand over the energy vortex between eyebrows. Repeat above steps. Thank the Earth Angels for their help.
You will experience a release of energy from every energy vortex (chakra) and, when you finish, you will feel clearer, lighter and more balanced. Repeat this simple self-healing exercise every time you feel any kind of discomfort.
Love and light,
Bil El Masri

How To Become An Active Participant

  1. Activate yourself as a Starseed.
  2. Align your energy vortices periodically.
  3. Be current with the information on the PAO web site.
  4. Meditate as often as you feel the need to connect with your inner guidance.
  5. Be prepared to help others during moments of crises.
  6. Pass along the information you have to those who are ready to hear it.
  7. Participate in global meditations and/or rituals.
      Bil El Masri
Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire
© 2003 by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
(Note: This Questionnaire may also be used by adults suspecting they are Star Seeds.)

Directions: Circle score number at end of each question answered "yes", and add up the scores at the end.

Rating Schedule:
Score of 12= probably a Star Kid
Score of 16 = most likely a Star Kid
Score of 20+ = absolutely a Star Kid

1. The child has a larger than average head for his/her age and height, especially in the front or top of the head. = 1
2. The child has an average body temperature of below 97.6 F [36.4 C] degrees = 1
3. The child’s birth was notable for there being a strange presence or figure in the delivery room. or an aura (glow) noted around the child or their crib. = 2
4. The child began saying a number of words clearly by six months of age (at least one year before the average talking age of 18 months.) = 1
5. The child began walking by one-half-year-old ( before the average walking age of one year old.) = 1
6. When the child began speaking, s/he used phrases or whole sentences almost immediately, not just single words = 1
7. People notice that the child seems extremely mature for their age, almost like an adult in a child’s body. = 1
8. In childhood the child sought out more advanced activities, being bored with and underchallenged by the games the other children his/her age wanted to play. = 1
9. The child mentioned recalling his/her “other parents” out among the stars, or expressed a longing to go back to his/her “real home” out in the cosmos. = 2
10. The child’s gaze seems unusually mature and penetrating/knowing. = 1
11. The child’s entire childhood is notable for growing up very much faster physically and intellectually than the other children the same age. = 1
12. The child is very sensitive, and is put off by, or shrinks away from the destructive, mean, cruel, violent, or wasteful behavior of the other kids, and cannot understand why they are that way. = 1
13. Sometimes, when the child goes by an amber sodium-vapor-plasma streetlight, the light goes out, particularly if the child is emotionally charged = 2
14. The child exhibits mental telepathy (silent mind-to-mind communication). = 1
15. The child has more than once foretold something in the future that later actually happens, or has a “Dream” which later comes true (precognition). = 1
16. The child has made an object move by focused mental concentration effort, such as influencing a pinball game, a basketball shot, or a bowling ball’s direction. =1
17. The child can mentally see something going on at a different location, or in the past, or in the future (clairvoyance/remote viewing). = 1
18. The child acquires new information spontaneously, apparently by mental “downloading”, either in awake-state awareness or by being shown things during sleep. = 1
[If the child knows the data came from Star Visitors, =2]
19. The child is adept at cross-species communication, both knowing what an animal (e.g.., pet dog, a dolphin, etc.) is thinking, and communicating telepathically with that animal, and the animal responds to the silent communication. = 1
20. The child “just knows” something intuitively about a person, a place, or a situation, which then turns out correct, (i.e., the child is “psychic”). = 1
21. The child affects certain electrical appliances repeatedly by his/her mere presence, (such as a TV changing channels, a radio turning on, a wristwatch not working any more, or a lamp turning on or off without touching it ) = 1
22. The child has admitted using mental thought to influence the behavior of another, and is effective at this silent influencing (e.g. a parent for a second dessert helping) = 1
23. The child reports seeing Visitors that the parents/others cannot see, or sees things out of the corner of the eye which disappear when stared directly at; (inter-dimensional viewing). = 1
24. The child can see auras around other people or animals (quasi-visible energy fields, often visible with Kirlian photography). = 1
25. The child sees or feels color, patterns or “textures” in those auras, which provide information about the other’s health, emotional state, psychic attunement, etc. = 1
26. The child is able to use psychic diagnosis (intuitive “seeing”, or passing a hand above the patient’s body) to correctly locate an area of illness, injury, or disease. = 1
27. The child uses internalized energy (psychic energy/prana/chi/cosmic force) and directs it outward to the place on another person’s/animal’s body that needs healing, and that person/animal very soon experiences improved health.=1
28. The child has made him/herself “invisible”, either by relocating elsewhere by mental effort, or more commonly, by causing those around not to notice that the child is present. When the child “turns it off”, others suddenly notice him/her. = 1
29. The child has caused an object to relocate from one location to another without touching it [teleportation], or made it rise from the ground and move [telekenesis], solely by mental effort and intention. = 2
30. The child has been observed at least once to self-levitate (rise several inches or more above the ground), whether intentionally or spontaneously, = 2
31. The child engages in actions, rituals or ceremonies of their own design which are intended to impart healing to a person, an animal, a plant, or a particular place on the Earth. = 1. [If the child has brought a completely-dead animal, plant, person, or ecological area back to life by such healing, then the score for this question = 5.]
32. The child has deliberately influenced time by causing an event, such as a road trip, to complete very rapidly (e.g., a 1-hour trip in ½ hour, without speeding up). = 1
33. The child has caused a lengthy event to occur in a brief time, by the clock; (e.g., in 15 minutes events stretch out so that everyone believes an hour had passed. = 1
34. The child can tell when a future event, (e.g., an earthquake, car accident, a fire ), is going to happen, warns others about the event, which then occurs. = 1
35. Sometimes at night the child’s consciousness/personality goes elsewhere, via out-of-body/astral travel), (even though the physical body remains in bed,) and returns later and reports experiences had elsewhere. = 1 [If visits the Star Visitors, = 2]
36. During waking state the child has traveled out-of-body to have experiences elsewhere. Those near the child merely note that s/he seemed “tuned out”. The child later returns with recollection of these experiences elsewhere. = 1
37. The child has served at times as a communication channel for off-planet intelligences, and has some awareness of which Star Visitor is speaking through him/her. = 2
38. The child reports visits by the Star Visitors (ET’s).= 1
39. The child’s parent(s) have had visits by the Star Visitors. = 1
40. The child reports that the Star Visitors are family from an earlier existence. = 2
41. The child has experienced at least one episode of sharing their mental space with a Star Visitor, who utilizes the child’s mind and body for limited periods to experience life on Earth. = 1
42. The child has demonstrated the capacity to summon one or more Star Visitors or their spacecraft (UFO) successfully, and they later show up as requested. = 1
43. The child is obsessed and driven with a sense of special mission on Earth, even if that mission is not yet entirely clear to the child at the present time. = 1
44. The child exercises unusual adult-like initiatives for the social good, (such as contacting their Senator or a television personality to present a plan for achieving peace in a specific situation); or, if an adult, uncharacteristically begins such world-healing activities. =1
45. The child reacts with an unusually intense positive recognition or emotion to realistic photos or drawings of Star Visitors in magazines, on television, or in a movie. = 1
46. The child after age 6 hardly ever gets serious flus or other illnesses that sweep through their classroom or neighborhood [increased infectious resistance], and heals extremely rapidly from cuts, fractures, and other injuries, or, some Star Kids go the alternate path: are extremely sensitive to environmental contaminants, the sensitivity expressed as allergies, and have low digestive tolerance for certain substances (for instance, cannot tolerate dairy products, are mildly allergic to even whole-wheat products, and find meat-eating repulsive) , or develop disorders (labeled as "Asperger's", ot "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity") which suggest an incompatibility between their neurological wiring and the nervous system of regular Humans. = 1.
47. The child has an unusual eye iris color, or iris pattern, or pupil shape, or overall eye configuration in the head. = 1
48. The child is drawn at an early age to a non-church natural spirituality which incorporates reverence for the Earth as a living organism/consciousness, the sacredness of life in all creatures great and small, and an awareness of the cosmic reach of life. = 1
49. The child, without any coaching, has a natural affinity for correctly using crystals, energetic stones, or other power objects to amplify psi energy, e.g., for healing purposes. = 1
50. The child has complained about wanting to “go home” elsewhere and feeling alienated from the coarseness of Earth society and typical human behaviors. = 1
51. The child is strongly drawn to other Star Kids, and they, too are also strongly drawn to and feel an affinity with the child as a Star Kid. = 1
52. Score only ONE of the following two Sub-Questions [(a) or (b)]:
(a). The child does exceptionally well in school, easily mastering subjects without much or any study, is bored with the pace of instruction in most schools, and is comfortable in a learning environment well ahead of his age, (e.g., an elementary student taking high school classes, a high schooler doing college or graduate work, or a child bored in a Gifted School;) = 1[or]
(b). The child is misunderstood by the school system, mislabeled “Attention Deficit Disorder” or “Learning Disability” (because s/he is bored, under-challenged, or put off by the “normal” children’s learning pace); or mislabeled “Hyperactivity Disorder” (because of fidgetiness in the classroom out of boredom, or because of their thoughts directed to more challenging subjects, or because the child is highly focused on a topic of interest and perseveres much longer than is considered “normal”); or mislabeled “Learning Disabled” (because s/he sees and points out the connections between the subject being taught and other subjects, (such as history-math-science-art connections) when the teacher only wants to hear about the one subject being taught.) = 1
53. The child has experienced a “Walk-In” or replacement of the original human (dying) personality by a new (off-world) personality, which takes on the existing body and continues the life, having memory of earlier years but with different abilities and personality = 1
54. The child has an unusually large bioelectromagnetic-photic field extending outward from their body, (e.g., over 3 feet [1 meter]), as measured by dowsing rods.= 1

If the child (or adult) scores 12 or above, please suggest to the parent that they contact Dr. Richard Boylan, Director, Star Kids Project©, about further information available on Star Kids or Star Seeds, and about a Workshop for them, families and friends, so that they can better understand the phenomena, grow more comfortable with their advanced abilities, and to meet other Star Kids and families, and clarify their Star Kid/Star Seed mission.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
POB 1009, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009

To join my on-line interactivegroup, UFOFacts2, send one subscribing email to:
Niños Estelares/Semilla Estelar Cuestionario de Identificación (SKIQ)
© 2003 by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Transducido por Daniela Ordnung

(Nota: Este Cuestionario puede ser utilizado tanto para un niño o un adulto de los que se suponga puedan ser Semillas Estelares.)

Indicaciones: Haga un círculo sobre el número resultante al final de cada una de las respuestas que den un “si” de las 54 preguntas, y luego sume todos los resultados para obtener el Resultado Mayor.

Evaluación: Resultado de 12 o más= posiblemente se trata de un Niño Estelar/Semilla Estelar
Resultado de 20 o más = gran posibilidad de ser un Niño Estelar/Semilla Estelar
Resultado de 26 o más = es positivamente un Niño Estelar/Semilla Estelar

1. El niño tiene una cabeza más grande que la media para su edad y altura, especialmente en la frente o cima de la cabeza. = 1
2. El niño tiene una temperatura corporal media bajo los 97,6 ºF [36.4º C] los grados = 1
3. Al nacer el niño era notoria la presencia de una o más figuras extrañas en la sala de partos, o un aura (resplandor) observado alrededor del niño o de su cuna. = 2
4. El niño empezó a decir varias palabras claramente a los seis meses de edad (por lo menos un año antes del promedio que suele empezar a hablar recién a la edad de 18 meses.) = 1
5. El niño empezó andar hacia el año y medio (antes del promedio que suele caminar recién al cumplir un año.) = 1
6. Cuándo el niño empezó hablar, el/ella utilizó casi inmediatamente o frases u oraciones completas, no simplemente palabras sueltas = 1
7. Las gente advierte que el niño se ve extremadamente maduro para su edad, casi como si fuera un adulto dentro de un cuerpo de niño.= 1
8. Durante la infancia el niño se interesó en actividades más avanzadas, aburriéndose con y sintiendo que los juegos que otros niños de su edad querían jugar no eran un desafío suficiente para el. = 1
9. El niño mencionó recordar sus “otros padres” allá lejos entre las estrellas, o expresó el anhelo de regresar a su “verdadero hogar ” en el cosmos. = 2
10. La mirada del niño parece excepcionalmente madura y penetrante/sabia. = 1
11. Toda su niñez se desarrolla con un notable crecimiento, más rápido tanto física e intelectualmente que los otros niños de la misma edad. = 1
12. El niño es muy sensible, y es alejado o desdeñado por todo lo que es dañino y/destructivo y por toda conducta cruel, violenta o ruin de otros niños, y no puede entender por qué ellos son así. = 1
13. A veces, cuando el niño pasa cerca de un farol de plasma de vapor de sodio de ámbar, la luz se apaga, especialmente si el niño está emocionalmente cargado = 2
14. El niño exhibe telepatía mental (comunicación silenciosa de una mente a otra).= 1
15. Más de una vez el niño predijo algo que luego aconteció dentro de la realidad, o tiene “Sueños” que se realizan luego (precognición). = 1
16. El niño ha hecho que un objeto se mueva por el esfuerzo mental enfocándose en la concentración, como por ejemplo al influir en un juego de flipper, un disparo del baloncesto, o la dirección de la pelota al lanzarla. =1
17. El niño puede ver mentalmente algo que está sucediendo en otra parte, o en el pasado, o en el futuro (clarividencia visión remota). = 1
18. El niño adquiere información nueva espontáneamente, aparentemente a través de la “descarga mental”, ya sea estando despierto en un estado de conciencia ampliada o por serles mostradas las cosas durante su sueño. = 1
[Siempre que el niño sepa que los datos provinieron de los Visitantes de las Estrellas = 2]
19. El niño es experto en comunicación otras especies, entendiendo lo que un animal (por ejemplo, su perro mascota, un delfín, etc.) piensa, y se comunica telepáticamente con ese animal, y el animal responde a la comunicación silenciosa. = 1
20. El niño “sencillamente sabe” algo intuitivamente acerca de una persona, acerca de un lugar, o de una situación, que resulta ser exactamente como la intuye, (es decir que el niño es un “psíquico”). = 1
21. El niño altera el funcionamiento de ciertos electrodomésticos repetidas veces por su mera presencia, (tal como una televisión que cambia los canales, una radio que prende, un reloj de pulsera que deja de y/o una lámpara que se prende y se apaga sin siquiera tocarla) = 1
22. El niño ha admitido haber utilizado su pensamiento para influir en la conducta de otro, y es efectivo en su influencia silenciosa (por ejemplo. un padre para obtener un segundo plato de postre) = 1
23. El niño informa el haber visto Visitantes que los padres u otros no pueden ver, o ven cosas con el rabillo del ojo, las que desaparecen cuando se las mira directamente; (visión inter-dimensional). = 1
24. El niño puede ver las auras alrededor de otras personas o animales (campos de energía cuasi-visible, observables a través de la fotografía Kirlian) = 1
25. El niño ve o siente el color, las pautas o “las texturas” en esas auras, que proporcionan información acerca de la salud de otros, del estado emocional, y la alineación psíquico, etc. = 1
26. El niño es capaz de utilizar el diagnóstico psíquico (utilizando la visión intuitiva o el paso de una mano encima del cuerpo del paciente) localizando correctamente un área de enfermedad, heridas, o la enfermedad misma. = 1
27. El niño utiliza energía interior (energía psíquica/prana/el ki o chi/la fuerza cósmica) y la dirige hacia el exterior al lugar del cuerpo de otra persona o animal que necesita ser curado, y esa persona o animal pronto experimenta una mejoraría de su salud. = 1
28. El niño se ha hecho a si mismo/a “invisible”, o se ha trasladado a otro lugar gracias a su esfuerzo mental, sin que nadie note su presencia. Cuándo el niño “apaga su intrerruptor”, los otros advierten de repente que se encuentra en el lugar. = 1
29. El niño ha hecho que un objeto se trasladara de una ubicación a otra sin tocarlo [teleportación], o bien lo levanta del suelo y lo mueve [telekenesis], únicamente por el esfuerzo e intención mentales. = 2
30. El niño ha sido observado por lo menos una vez levitando (sube varias pulgadas o más por encima del suelo), ya sea intencional o espontáneamente, = 2
31. El niño se involucra en rituales o ceremonias de su propio diseño que imparte para curar a una persona, un animal, o una planta, o bien un lugar particular en la Tierra. = 1.
[Si el niño ha traído un animal completamente-muerto, planta, persona, o área ecológica a la vida por tal curación, entonces el puntaje para esta pregunta es = 5.]
32. El niño ha influido deliberadamente en el tiempo, causando así un acontecimiento, tal como un viaje, para completarlo muy rápidamente (por ejemplo, un viaje de 1 hora en ½ hora, sin acelerar). = 1
33. El niño ha causado que un acontecimiento que toma mucho tiempo, ocurra en un tiempo breve por reloj; (por ejemplo, en 15 minutos los acontecimientos se extienden de modo tal que hace que todos crean que ha pasado una hora. = 1
34. El niño puede determinar cuando un acontecimiento futuro, (por ejemplo, un terremoto, un accidente de tráfico, un incendio), sucederá, advertirá a los demás acerca del acontecimiento, que luego realmente ocurre. = 1
35. A veces de noche el conocimiento/personalidad del niño viaja hacia otra parte, vía- viaje cuerpo/astral), (aunque el cuerpo físico se quede en la cama,) y luego regresa e informa acerca de las experiencias que ha tenido en otra parte. = 1 [Si visita a los Visitantes de las Estrellas, = 2]
36. Durante su estado consciente el niño relata que ha viajado fuera de su cuerpo para vivir experiencias en otra parte. Los que están en su entorno sólo notan que ella/el pareció “estar en otra parte, como distraído”. El niño, posteriormente vuelve con el recuerdo de estas experiencias vividas en otra parte. = 1
37. El niño ha servido a veces como un canal de comunicación para inteligencias de otros planetas, y tiene cierta conciencia de quien es el Visitante Estelar que habla a través de él/ella. = 2
38. El niño informa acerca de las visitas (por los Visitantes ETs) . = 1
39. El padre del niño (padres) han sido visitados por los Visitantes Estelares. = 1
40. El niño informa que los Visitantes Estelares son sus familias de una existencias anteriores. = 2
41. El niño ha experimentado por lo menos un episodio de compartir su espacio mental con un Visitante Estelar, quien utiliza la mente y cuerpo del niño por períodos limitados para experimentar la vida en la Tierra. = 1
42. El niño ha demostrado la capacidad de convocar a uno o más Visitantes de la Estrella o nave espacial (OVNI) de modo exitoso, y ellos hacen su aparición luego de solicitarlo. = 1
43. El niño está obsesionado por su sentimiento de una misión especial a llevar a cabo en la Tierra, incluso si esa misión aún no le resulte enteramente clara. = 1
44. El niño tiene iniciativas excepcionales de adulto para el bien común de la sociedad, (tales como contactar a un Senador a o una personalidad de la televisión para presentar un plan para lograr la paz en una situación específica); o, cuando es adulto, desarrolla inusitadamente actividades tales como las de la curación del mundo. =1
45. El niño reacciona reconociendo o con una emoción positiva excepcionalmente intensa ante la vista de fotos o dibujos de Visitantes Estelares en revistas, en la televisión, o en una película. = 1
46. El niño después los 6 años casi nunca se resfría ni tiene otro tipo de enfermedades infecciosas que son endémicas en su propia aula o vecindario [resistencia aumentada a contagios], y se curan muy rápidamente de cortes, de fracturas, y de otras heridas. = 1
47. El niño tiene un color excepcional del iris de ojo, o del patrón del iris, o de la forma o configuración general de ojo en la cabeza. = 1
48. El niño se siente atraído a una edad temprana hacia una clase de espiritualidad natural que no está ligada a iglesia alguna, que incorpora la reverencia por la Tierra como un organismo/conciencia vivo, hacia la santidad de la vida en todas sus criaturas grandes y pequeñas, y hacia una conociencia del alcance cósmico de la vida. = 1
49. Sin aprendizaje alguno, el niño tiene una afinidad natural para el uso correcto de los cristales, las piedras energéticas, u otros objetos que amplifiquen la energía psi, por ejemplo los que sirven para curaciones.=1 50. El niño se ha quejado por desear “regresar a casa” en otra parte sintiéndose enajenado por la grosería de la sociedad de la Tierra y de las conductas humanas típicas. = 1
51. El niño se siente totalmente atraído a otros Niños Estelares y ellos, a su vez, también se sienten atraídos por su afinidad con el niño.= 1
52.Atribúyale un puntaje a sólo una de las siguientes dos Sub-Preguntas [(a) o (b)]
a). Al niño le va excepcionalmente bien en la escuela, dominando fácilmente las materias sin mucho o ningún estudio, se aburre con el ritmo de la instrucción en la mayoría de las escuelas, y está cómodo en un ambiente en el que aprende temas bastante más avanzados para su edad, (por ejemplo, un alumno de primaria que va a clases de la preparatoria, un chico de preparatoria se gradúa o realiza el trabajo de un graduado, o un niño aburrido en una Escuela para chicos con Talentos especiales;) = 1
[o] (b). El niño es incomprendido por el sistema escolar, mal calificado con “Desorden del Déficit de la Atención” o “Incapacidad para el Aprendizaje” (porque ella/él se aburre, no se siente el aprendizaje como un desafío/incentivo, o es postergado por el ritmo “normal” del aprendizaje de los otros niños; o es mal diagnosticado como padeciendo “Desorden de Hiperactividad” (por juguetear en el aula por aburrimiento, o porque sus pensamientos están dirigidos a temas más desafiantes, o porque el niño está sumamente enfocado en un tema de su interés y persiste en el mucho más tiempo que el considerado “normal”); o es rotulado como “Incapacitado para el Apredizaje” (porque ella/él ve e indica las conexiones entre el tema que es enseñado y otros temas, (tales como las conexiones del arte de la ciencia, de las matemáticas y de la historia) cuando el maestro sólo quiere oír acerca de un tema, que es el que está siendo enseñado.) = 1
53. El niño ha experimentado un “WALK-In” (Ingreso) o el reemplazo de la personalidad original humana (que muere) y esta personalidad de otro mundo toma el cuerpo existente y continúa la vida, teniendo la memoria de años anteriores pero con habilidades y personalidad diferentes = 1
54. El niño tiene un campo bioeléctrico excepcionalmente amplio que se extiende hacia afuera de su cuerpo, (por ejemplo, más 6 pies [1.83 metros]), medido con. = 1

Si el niño (o el adulto) tiene un puntaje de 12 o más, por favor sugiera a sus padres que se contacten con el Dr. Richard Boylan, el Director de los Niños de las Estrellas Proyectan©, acerca de información adicional disponible en Niños Estelares o Semillas Estelares, y acerca de un Taller para ellos, las familias y los amigos, para que ellos puedan entender mejor los fenómenos, crecer más cómodamente con sus habilidades avanzadas, y para encontrar otros Niños Estelares y a sus familias, y clarificar su misión como Semilla Estelar.

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