Please copy and paste this quiz in Word or Notepad to keep track of your answers. Or, you may print out the page and write your answers if you prefer. I did not make this quiz, but I did modify some of the questions to make them easier to comprehend.

Be honest with yourself. Don't overanalyze your responses.

1. Have you ever awakened into a half-sleep, felt paralyzed and couldn't move your eyes or speak?

2. Have you ever found scars or marks on yourself but cannot remember or explain how you received them?

3. Have you experienced 'missing time' (lost minutes or hours)?

4. Have you ever seen strange points of light that disappeared quickly when you tried to focus on them?

5. Have you experienced periods when you frequently dream about flying or floating?

6. Have you ever had visions or images of strange faces or figures that persist in your mind?

7. Have you ever experienced periods of time when you frequently felt you were being watched?

8. Have you had dreams of angels, demons, or strange but "powerful" people/entities?

9. Have you ever noticed strange lights outside your windows at night?

10. Have you ever had a UFO sighting in your life or seen unusual things in the sky?

11. Have neighbors, family or friends spoke to you of strange sightings or events in the sky?

12. Do you feel you have a kind of 'cosmic awareness' or unusual ability to perceive the Universe?

13. Do you have an interest in ecology, the environment, and vegetarianism? Are you socially conscious?

14. Do you have a strong sense of having a mission or an important role to perform beyond your daily duties?

15. Have you had unexplainable events occur in your life with the feeling afterwards that you were specifically 'blessed' or 'cursed'?

16. Have you or someone you know had false pregnancy or missing fetus? (Pregnant, and then not?)

17. Have you ever awakened in a different place than where you where when you went to sleep, or couldn't remember even going to sleep? (Randomly 'coming to?')

18. Have you ever had a dream of piercing eyes, large eyes, or unusual (insect-type) eyes?

19. Have you awakened in the middle of the night startled or even in strange sense of panic, but you don't know why?

20. Do you have strong fears or phobias that you cannot explain or understand? (e.g., heights, certain sounds, certain lights, being alone, personal safety) OR strong fears that come on at random times for seemingly no reason?

21. Would you say that you've experienced self-confidence problems or unusual nervousness during much of your life, which upsets you because you feel you shouldn't have them?

22. Have you ever seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless, or frozen, that appeared 'strange', even for being asleep in bed?

23. Have you awakened with cuts, bruises, or muscle soreness that you did not have when you went to sleep?

24. Have you ever awakened to find that you had a bloody nose (or blood from somewhere else) during the night? OR found random blood on your bed/sheets with no explaination as to where it came from and how it occured?

25. Do you have an interest in the subject of UFOs or aliens and feel compelled to read about it?

26. Do you enjoy movies and fiction about aliens and UFOs, but often feel that those books and movies "have it all wrong"?

27. Have you been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to a remote location (such as a field, a place seemingly abandoned)?

28. Have you ever been suddenly overwhelmed with a strong feeling that you are not alone or you are being watched?

29. Have you ever had dreams of passing through a wall or closed window?

30. Have you ever seen a fog or haze that seems out-of-place for that time-of-day or location?

31. Have you ever heard strange humming or pulsing sounds that you could not locate its source?

32. Have you ever awakened with unexplainable soreness in your genital area?

33. Do you have chronic sinusitis or nasal problems?

34. Do electrical or electronic devices seem to malfunction only in your presence?

35. Have you ever had a dream or visions of a hooded or dark figure in-or-near your home or next to your bed?

36. Do you experience occasional or frequent ringing in your ear?

37. Do you have an unexplainable fear of doctors or avoid medical treatment when you know you need it?

38. Do you experience insomnia or sleep troubles that you cannot explain or resolve?

39. Have you had dreams of being operated-on or experimented-with or being probed-or-injured with a tool?

40. Have you had occasional or frequent headaches in the sinuses, behind one eye, or in one ear?

41. Have you ever felt "outside yourself" or feel that you could suddenly lose control for no reason?

42. Have you ever had psychic experiences (e.g., intuition, visions, knowing the thoughts/feelings of others) even though you don't feel you are 'psychic'?

43. Have you ever been prone to fits of repetitive behavior or unexplainable urges and compulsions?

44. Have you ever suddenly felt afraid of your closet, now or as a child?

45. Have you ever felt a fear of committing to a long-term relationship because it could interfere with "something else" but you didn't know exactly what?

46. Do you have a difficult time trusting people, primarily authority figures?

47. Have you ever had dreams of destruction, catastrophe, or the 'end of the world'?

48. Have you ever had the feeling that you should not reveal your thoughts or opinions on things even though they are things most people would not consider 'private' or 'personal'?

49. Have you answered 'YES' to many of these questions but cannot remember anything about an alien encounter or abduction?

Calculate your score by counting the number of questions you have answered 'YES' to. Divide that number by 49, and then multiply by 100%.

The percentage left over is the likelihood that you have had an abduction experience. It will be from anywhere in between 0%-100%

You may share your answers, or you may keep them to yourself.


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