15 de mayo de 2016

Montague Keen - May 15, 2016

Thomas Jefferson

In your world today, EVIL wears the cloak of respectability and so you are confused as to whom to trust. It has never been more difficult to know who is trustworthy. This is their final attempt to take over your world. This is not a game. What you see unfolding is a brutal attempt to remove the white man, who is the only real opposition to the Cabal. You, my dear, are fully aware of what lengths they are prepared to go to achieve their goal. You have experienced this infiltration yourself. You know how they can manipulate people to carry out their tasks. So much depends on everyone doing their bit to rescue humanity. Though the Cabal has planned this takeover down to the finest detail, never forget that they cannot carry out their evil plans without your assistance.

The Army and the Police need to think twice about what they are asked to do. Refuse to comply with plans that are detrimental to humanity. Refuse to remain in the EU, to show that you refuse to be manipulated into assisting in the destruction of Europe. If only you could see the corruption as we in Spirit do, then I assure you, you would not hesitate, even for a moment, to become strong and resolute and refuse to be part of their plans. Governments are not there to serve the people. You cannot trust them. Do your own research and learn the facts. Insist on TRUTH. Newspapers and TV never give you the truth. It is all geared to take you down the path to your extinction.

Open your hearts and minds to the awakening that is happening all around you. It is like a flower. Nurture it and if you are more open to it, the more it will open up to display its beauty to all who seek it. Your world will once again revert to how it was in times past, before you allowed your oppressors to take over and control your lives.

I know, my dear, that there is important advice from David Icke that you were very impressed with, and wish to share with everyone, to assist you in your journey to total enlightenment. Your great adventure has begun. It is the journey of a lifetime.

My dear, I do understand. I know you will cope, as you always do. We walk every step of this path with you. You are never alone.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

David Icke Information Montage

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation
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