31 de mayo de 2015

Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel - Inspiration for the Week - Reclaiming Your Power - May 31, 2015

The Gabriel Message for this week:
No one has power over you unless you allow it to happen.
This is a very interesting message to receive. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are giving our power away to another person.
The message is not speaking about physical safety so much as the everyday situations when we disrespect ourselves and lose energy in the presence of another.
It is not only people; we also give our power away to the circumstances of our lives. The often colorful meanings and labels we attach to these situations amplifies our emotional state and can throw us us off center.

Marlene Swetlishoff/ - Hilarion - May 31-June 6, 2015

Beloved Ones,
As you step into a greater unfolding in the acceleration of the peeling away of the layers of your human perceptions, you open yourselves to ever greater energies that stream in to take their place. These will begin to open you to the gifts you hold within you which will now surface in the most delightful ways. You will have the most inspiring and uplifting thoughts, joyful thoughts that will fill you with anticipation and enthusiasm for new beginnings. Let love open a greater door to the truth of your being and your life. How blessed you are, in truth, for you have discourse with the angels! Each day they show you the reality of their presence in many different ways and bring to you meaningful validations of the path that you are on. There are also many human angels who surround you, support you and let you know that they are always there for you.

Crop Circles 2015 - Fox Ground Down, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset - UK - 30th may 2015 - UFO 2015 UK

Kryon por Lee Carroll - La Evolución del Alma Humana Introducción - Calgary, Canadá, 23 de Mayo de 2015

Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Hay una pausa; siempre la hay. Un espacio pequeñito de tiempo en que mi socio se retira de un modo muy especial; su consciencia - o sea su parte humana - se hace a un lado. Yo uso todo lo que él tiene, es lo que él siente como amor, uso su intelecto, su idioma, su razonamiento, su lógica, todo aquí, para interpretar este mensaje desde el otro lado del velo. Estos son los momentos de dificultad, siempre los hay, y le pido poner un pequeño mensaje cada día al comenzar, para que ustedes puedan sentir, y discernir, y comprender, y tolerar - o no - el proceso de canalización.

¿Qué significa para ti oír esta voz, y qué estás oyendo realmente? Realmente. Estás oyendo un ser humano con su voz, entregando una energía y un mensaje de lo que te está oculto y que incluso es cuestionable. Sin embargo tienes algo dentro de ti, y ese algo en tu interior, ser humano biológico, no es biológico. Esa pieza de Dios que es una energía dentro de ti, está en cada ser humano, y esa es la parte que te dirá si esto es correcto o no.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Domingo 31 Mayo 2015. Kin 58. Espejo Ritmico Blanco.

Natalie Glasson - Your Current Flight of Ascension by Commander Ashtar - May 31, 2015

May 29, 2015  http://www.omna.org
This time upon the Earth, which will span all of your lifetime, is a period of powerful awakening. Everything within you has the opportunity to awaken and blossom into the magnificence of the Creator; this signifies that the same opportunities are available within your reality and experiences. Never before have we witnessed such powerful awakening at an accelerated rate and with a greater conscious awareness. You are beings of awakening, you are supporting the conscious development and evolution of yourself and those present upon the Earth in your future. It is time to honour the emergence of the divine taking place within your being as this will magnify your experience tremendously.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - El Alma Antigua mensaje principal - Bali, Indonesia - 29 de marzo de 2015

Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Siempre hay un sistema, y en este caso particular el sistema honra al alma antigua. Queridos, ya les hemos dicho: los que marcan la diferencia en el planeta, en este momento del tiempo, son los que tienen más experiencia. Y cuando decimos más experiencia, nos referimos a quienes han vivido una y otra vez en la energía de lo que ustedes llaman la Tierra.

Al ser humano experimentado que ha vivido una vida tras otra, le llamamos alma antigua. Me gustaría decirles algo, si todavía no lo sabían: las almas antiguas son las que están despertando. Una alma antigua puede tener menos de veinte años o más de ochenta, no importa. Porque la "antigüedad" se refiere a cuántas vidas has vivido y cuán sabio eres hoy a causa de eso. Incluso ahora hay quienes preguntan: "¿Soy yo un alma antigua?."

Karen Dover - Ripping off the band aid - May 31, 2015

As a race the human race have been taught how to hide, from our emotions, from our ideas, from our hopes, from our dreams, all has been kept hidden, we may start dreaming when we are but children but those dreams are then often cast aside.  How many of you reading this blog are living your dream? When asked as a little kid when you were growing up and you replied “I want to be…..”  how many of you pursued or even took a step towards it?  How many of you when sharing this precious dream with those around you came up against comments that attempted to break said dream? How many of you were then re-directed to “proper” avenues of what you were expected to be?
I remember being in high school and sharing with my mother that I wanted to go to art school, at the time I was taking higher art at said high school and being creative was my passion.  Said dream was shot down in flames with a very sobering talk in which I was redirected to “secretarial” or “office” work with the words “artists do not earn very much money”. Much as I sank into said secretarial work and went on to get a degree in administration some years later I could never get as totally absorbed in typing a document as I could in creating artwork or being creative.

MONTAGUE KEEN – May 31, 2015


George Orwell
Those who rule, whilst remaining in the shadows, are causing chaos in Europe. Be assured that this was always their PLAN. They care not for the suffering of the unfortunate people who perish on the hig seas; they are not wanted by any country. Study what was done by the powers that be to cause this chaos in those countries in the first place. WHO INSTIGATED THE CHAOS that followed the invasion of these countries. Everything was PLANNED, down to the smallest detail.
They do not want the English, Irish, French, German, or Italian people to survive. They want them to lose their racial identity. “The Plan” is to kill off all forms of national identity; to kill off as many humans as possible, so that only the strongest can survive the chaos which the European countries have been deliberately plunged into.

30 de mayo de 2015

Suzanne Lie - Roadside Assistance--Arcturians and Galactic Family - 5-30-14

Roadside Assistance

Arcturians and Galactic Family
YOU are the creator of your life, but you are also the editor. Furthermore, there are many versions and frequencies of your SELF who may or may not be in alignment.
When all the frequencies of your SELF are in alignment, you have a clear flow through which you can experience your Multidimensional SELF from your lowest to your highest expressions of SELF.
Whenever you experience an octave jump in your consciousness, all the versions of your SELF who are not prepared for that expansion will fall out of alignment with the sum/total of your SELF.
This lack of alignment will often create an initiation, illness, accident; life issue because the elements of your SELF that cannot keep up with the frequency leap of the majority of your expressions will “get you attention.”
This misalignment will need to get your attention because a part of you is being “left behind.” Therefore, it might feel like you are driving a car with a flat tire.

Fran Zepeda - Mother Mary: ”In Pure Love Essence We Breathe Together” - May 30, 2015

Received May 28 2015

Hello beautiful LOVE BE-ings that you are. I come to you with the sweet LOVE ESSENCE that you ALL ARE — Complete and Whole in your Love BEing… In your sweet Love Essence. You breathe, pulse, and radiate Love with all that you are. Consider this as you tune into your quiet, still Heart Center. Love is all you are and all you are made up of. You are whole and complete in this Truth.
Many of you are feeling and discovering this. It is taking over your Reality. It feels simple yet very profound. You have allowed your Love Essence to emerge and stay at front center of your life now. It is the sweetness of BEing that you all have strived for. It is the sweetness of many lifetimes of striving to know and capture your True Essence. You have arrived. Yet, you still doubt it.

The Bundy Bloodline: One of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World

Who and what kind of family are allied with the top 13 llluminati bloodlines? The Illuminati seeks to capture the occult power of powerful occult bloodlines around the world. They have intermarried with American Indians to gain the spiritual power resident within the leading spiritual American Indians. Various Indian reservations are used for llluminati rituals. They have been doing this type of thing for thousands of years

Powerful families around the world participate on different levels with the Illuminati. Some participate on a business level- such as the various crime (Mafia type) families around the world. Mafia families might not subscribe to the occult philosophy but they do recognize power and business. Some powerful families around the world participate simply on the level that they have been sucked into the world’s system and are dependent upon going along with the flow of the world’s system. An example of this would be the King of Nepal. The King of Nepal rules aver a poor Hindu kingdom. The British empire has done a great job in trying to make Nepal dependent upon them. Nepal was given British protection, their leading families were given British educations, and their leading tribe of warriors, the Gurkhas have been serving as British mercenaries. Should the King of Nepal break loose from his advisers and take an anti-NWO track, his throne could be taken away via revolution, or invasion. The NWO has the capacity to arrange for the Indian Congress Party to invade or some other destablizing factor. The British MI-6 and the American CIA have also stationed assets (agents) in the country. However, the trump card in sucking nations like Nepal in, is to create conflict like the Cold War and then apply Hegelian dialectics. Many nations around the world have been forced to cosy up with the British and Americans, because of the cold war. Secretly manufactured and secretly controlled international conflicts are a great way to take away the independence of some of the smaller nations. The King of Nepal has for many years feared invasions from either India or China.

10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human Origins

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Sabado 30 Mayo 2015. Kin 57. Tierra Entonada Roja.

Jennifer Hoffman - ¿Por Qué No Entendí Esto Antes? - 25 de Mayo 2015

25 de Mayo 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Al final de una experiencia o lección de vida invariablemente nos preguntamos “¿por qué no entendí esto antes?” ¿No sería más fácil pensar que pudiésemos haber hecho algo mejor, más rápido o con mayor facilidad después que lo terminamos? Porque una vez que ‘entendemos’ una lección o llegamos a un nuevo nivel de entendimiento, se nos olvida por donde comenzamos y no podemos comprender por qué nos llevó tanto tiempo llegar al final. El tiempo se condensa en ese punto de entendimiento y todo lo que lo precede parece una gran pérdida de tiempo. Entonces nos juzgamos y criticamos por haber sido tan densos porque en este momento, todo nos parece tan claro y fácil. No podemos entender el por qué no pudimos llegar a ese entendimiento antes, pero todo era parte del proceso.

UFO - I have linked this NASA photograph.

8.5 Earthquake Strikes Japan

TONI ELIZABETH SAR'H PETRINOVICH - Changing Your World, A Video Meditation

SPECIAL REPORT | S0 News May 30, 2015



Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.  I am being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm and the Divine Feminine, and we are bringing you a Message of Light.  Today, we wish to discuss focusing your thoughts.
In the current times of higher vibrational energy, it is important to focus your thoughts.  Much new energy is reaching your planet, and this brings the opportunity for you to manifest your desires much more quickly.  It also offers you the opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. 

Focusing your thoughts can be compared to selecting a television station.  If you tune your thoughts to a frequency of daily mundane situations, then this is what will fill your consciousness.  This is the vibration that you will send out, and this is what you will attract to you.  The stronger your focus on these types of situations, the more of these situations you will attract to you.  It is the Universal Law of Attraction that like attracts like.

Brenda Hoffman - Te Estás Reconstruyendo - 4 de Mayo 2015

4 de Mayo 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo



Cada parte de su ser está cambiando rápidamente de lo que era a lo que es. Algunos de ustedes cuestionan esta frase porque no han sentido la alegría al grado que esperaban – de la forma que su ser 3D entiende la alegría. En su lugar, su alegría está sucediendo en milisegundos mientras se ajustan al nuevo ustedes.

¿Alguna vez han comprado algo que no les parece bien solamente para descubrir que ese objeto era exactamente lo que anhelaban pero no lo comprendían? Así es con ustedes ahora. El temor, el descontento de querer algo hacia donde mudarse, todo es parte de ustedes convirtiéndose en ustedes.

29 de mayo de 2015

A Message to Lightworkers – May 29, 2015 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – May 29, 2015
The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you once again.
We look out upon your world, and we are astounded — astounded at the changes in human affairs, astounded at the shifts and transformations in surface life on your planet, and greatly astounded by the leaps and bounds taken in the evolvement of your spirits’ consciousness.
We would say in fact, that though it appears little has changed from even one or two months ago, that this could not be.
For the astrological shifts and occurrences, the amazing Light pouring in via Alcyone the Great Central Sun, the incredible celestial tones and frequencies held constantly by the Angelic realms, who are circling Earth in ever greater numbers — all of this ensures that your Ascension is moving forward quickly — as quickly as it can, without throwing your physical aspect into shock.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Viernes 29 Mayo 2015. Kin 56. Guerrero Autoexistente Amarillo

Alaska Quake, Filament Snap, Rapid Scans | S0 News May 29, 2015

SaLuSa - 29 May 2015

The old system continues to break apart as it no longer serves your need to expand your levels of consciousness. Also those who serve your interests are largely working with the old energies and whilst they remain, making more progress into the Light is a very slow affair. However the Lightworkers do have a voice and those seeking illumination will be drawn to those people who can guide them along a suitable pathway. Your intuition has a major role to play in guiding you in the direction that best suits your needs, and sometimes there is karma involved that may require you to experience progress in a certain way. Be assured once again that nothing of importance to your evolution happens by chance, and all experiences have their value. Sometimes the reasons may not be immediately apparent, but often in retrospect you can begin to see the lesson to be learnt. In these end times some lessons have been harsh, but you would be well advised to take note of the message they have given. However, do not worry about your degree of progress, as providing you handle your experiences with the intent to learn from them you will evolve. In fact, you would not have reached this far had you not been walking your path of illumination.

John Smallman - You are, always have been and always will be, ONE WITH GOD! 05/29/2015

Time is running out!  Time is of the illusion, of the dream or nightmare, and dreams themselves last only a moment.  Yes, they frequently appear to occupy long and ongoing periods of time as your expectations, anxieties, fears, and hopes fill your minds with “what if” thoughts that distract you from living in the now moment, the only “real” time that exists.  The now moment is the eternal moment, the moment in which you were created and which never ends, there is, in truth, only now. Any other time, although seemingly very real, is unreal. That is very hard for you to grasp as you struggle with the endless selection of issues and situations the dream state constantly brings to your attention, which was the whole purpose for constructing it.  It is indeed very confusing for you because of the extreme and inordinate limits that you placed on the human vehicles that you built for yourselves so that you could experience as convincingly as possible the state of separation from God, our divine Source; or even apparent complete abandonment by that loving energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.


28 de mayo de 2015

Benjamin Fulford - May 25, 2015: The battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.

Sometimes news seems to repeat itself. Sometimes news seems to repeat itself. If this sounds repetitive it is repetitive. That is because many recent news events can be summarized in a few repeating patterns: Greece threatens to default, the Ukraine threatens to default, the US runs out of money again, there is another fake mass shooting event in the US (this time Waco), China and Japan say slightly different things about each other’s history then military pilots fly to obscure islands and wave the finger at each other, Shias, Sunnis, Jews and Western mercenaries pretending to be Muslim extremists do bad things or are victims of bad things, North Korea shoots off a missile, etc. etc.

In the alternative news world, we see something similar: mass arrests of Western cabalistic elites are imminent, the new financial system has been announced and your check is in the mail, UFO’s have landed, the end of the world is nigh, President Obama is a time travelling Muslim space alien etc.

Given all this, it is understandable that many people cannot help but wonder if we will ever see any real change.

UFO's Galore!!! Raw Uncut NASA STS-74 Footage Shows UFO's Everywhere. -UFO OVNI-

Kryon por Lee Carroll - "La Plantilla de la Cápsula de Tiempo - 2ª Parte" Principal - Buffalo, N. York, 17 de Mayo de 2015


Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Todos los grupos de almas antiguas tienen su propia energía; cada uno de ellos. Este grupo también es único; hay una camaradería, un lazo especial de familia. Hay lugares en el planeta donde los grupos de almas antiguas reencarnan una y otra vez en el mismo lugar, como ya he dicho. Hay profundidad en este sistema, porque crea un grupo en que tienen más probabilidad de conocerse uno a otro y tener sincronicidad uno con otro. Hay otros lugares en el planeta donde sucede lo opuesto, donde reencarnan en una cultura que no reconocen, y pasan una vida volviendo a la que conocían. Cada ser humano tiene su propio programa, basado en lo que eligen cuando no están aquí.

Kryon "Mini Channelling" Buffalo, New York Sunday May 17, 2015

Kryon - "The Time Capsule Template" Buffalo, New York May 17, 2015 Main Channeling

Kryon por Lee Carroll - "La Plantilla de la Cápsula de Tiempo - 2ª Parte" Introducción - Buffalo, N. York, 17 de Mayo de 2015


Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Muchos han oído estas palabras tantas veces, sin embargo hay muy pocos que se hayan sentado literalmente frente a mí y a mi socio durante este evento. Se llama canalización, y hay muchas energías aquí que pueden ver o no, muchas energías que pueden aceptar o no. Aquí hay una realidad que se les presenta que no han visto antes realmente, ni comprenden. Si no están preparados para verlas, se vuelve confuso. Y esto los conduce entonces a decidir que tienen que decir que no es real.

Menciono esto otra vez, como he hecho una y otra vez, porque la realidad de ustedes se limita a lo que han visto y a lo que les han dicho que debe o no debe ser. Y es una lástima.

Jennifer Hoffman - Busquen Primero la Claridad - 18 de Mayo 2015

18 de Mayo 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

La necesidad de conocer la razón de las lecciones es una manera en que ustedes tratan de entender por qué experimentan desafíos en la vida. Pero nada sucede sin su dirección, control, voluntad y participación. Cada evento y experiencia es parte del sendero de reconexión con la totalidad que ustedes crean en cada vida. Cuando piden respuestas ustedes colocan a los demás, incluyendo a la Fuente en una posición de control de su sendero de vida, en la esperanza de que de alguna forma lo que ustedes reciban explicará y justificará el dolor, la duda, la confusión y el sufrimiento que experimentan. Hay solamente una respuesta y la encontrarán cuando primeramente busquen la claridad.

Meredith Murphy - Your New Relationship with Money - Part 3 - May 28, 2015

The Purpose of Money in the Material
Your New Experience of Money (Part 3 of 3) 
Hello, beautiful friends.
It is with great joy that we reconvene in this moment of shared focus and expansion. We are delighted that you are rethinking your relationship to imagining in response to our invitation yesterday, after having declared your desire to experience a clear state. This desire to experience a clear state beyond all previous knowing of money was very powerful in your imagining yesterday for many of you.
We marveled at how simple your imagining yesterday became more expansive. Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself. We want you to really take that in. Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, even briefly, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself.
You will want this capacity to think of and see in your mind’s eye, and to feel throughout your body and your energy, that which you have not yet known.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Jueves 28 Mayo 2015. Kin 55. Aguila Electrica Azul

Marlene Swetlishoff - Archangel Gabriel - May 28, 2015

Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as authority. Through one’s embracing of the enlightening qualities of love, one becomes the central guide and authority of one’s life. When each person opens to exercise their personal choice rather than existing on autopilot, they step into their personal authority and begin to write the story of their lives the way they want it to manifest. Gaining personal authority requires the admittance that one is not perfect and that there are pieces of one’s behaviour that need improvement. As one lives their life, they gain maturity, experience, and common sense which helps elevate them to a higher consciousness, understanding and wisdom. When a person is willing to face themselves and learn from their experience, they find the enjoyment of their life and their relationships more meaningful. They become self empowered and gain strength of character and more self determination. They rise to the challenge of controlling their thoughts, appetites, speech, temper, and desires and practice letting go of the habits and behaviours that no longer serve them. These practices open them to a freedom that they could not previously have imagined. It is a freedom born of being a person that one can respect and comes with the self esteem one feels by being a person of integrity in all things.

27 de mayo de 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones! 

Call me into your presence so that I may direct 
you into Heaven across the bridge of desire. 


The time of changes has come!
Great, unique and immutable changes come to 
this world and they occur in the hearts of human Beings.
The change occurs from the inner to the outer, and what
has already been anchored in your hearts and has been 
consolidated, now becomes visible in the outer world; 
the outer appearances of life receive a new countenance: 
the countenance of Love, of Light and Peace.

Carla Thompson - Message from The Elohim: “The Reclamation of Lemuria” - May 27, 2015

Here is a wonderful message from The Elohim that came during our visit to the Lemurian Portal in Victoria, B.C., known to many as Beacon Hill Park on May 24th, 2015.  This magical city nestled in the warm southern and almost tropical Vancouver Island is an area that we are told was once part of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, also known as the Land of Mu.
The flora and fauna are both abundant in this very rich area and it really feels like it is from another era, an era of great earthly beauty where it remains untouched by the destruction of humankind.  It is quickly realized that this place is one of those spectacular destinations that one can travel to upon this globe.  

Space Weather, Storm Alerts | S0 News May 27, 2015

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - I Am The Light of Quan Yin - May 27, 2015

I am the light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into your blessedness, for you are blessings to me. You are blessings to me because you continue to pray as I pray against all odds.
You are my blessings and I come on this day to help you remember the sacred contract that you have made with your body, with your mind, and with your spirit. For the trinity of you is so very Holy. You hold within you an earthen trinity. You house the universe and all of its octaves in your physical body. This past WESAK gave to you doorways of entrance into the Void. Look through the two ‘O’s" in the word "moon" and see them as glasses. Place them on yourself right now and you can see through dimensions. You can see into your future. You can see into the past. You can see into another’s heart, and you can see into another’s body. Look through these glasses that give to you the 'god lens of your soul'. The concave and the convex of the soul patterning that you inherently house within you.
Look at your body as a 'great universe'. You can look into that universe and can see all that it consists of and what it houses or you can your view outwards into the heavenly realm that lives around your private universe. It is up to you. These 'god-lenses of the soul' will give to you perceptions, abilities, and clarity of seeing. You have begged and asked to see what truth is, to see true love, to see what is to come for you, to see your past so that you can heal it, to see into your body to see the blockages so that you can dissolve them.

Lisa Gawlas - Earth Releasing Long Dormant Energies BECAUSE You Are Ready to Receive!!!! - May 27, 2015

quantum energy releasing recieving
The one thing I am sure of… something huge happened in our sleep time last night.  What??  I have no freakin clue, but something did, I know it.  I was put down to sleep at 9pm.  Meaning, I couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life.  Also, my cell phone went to sleep with me with a fully charged battery.  This morning I woke up shocked that I slept for a solid 8 hours (that hasn’t happened in a while) at 5am and my cell phones battery was completely dead while my inner battery felt completely charged.  YAY??  I now have a morning ritual of saying “hello” to myself to see if I can hear myself lol, Linda Blair is back!!!  YAY!!  For the last two days, any sort of audio attempt was akin to gargling on glass shards and barely produced a whisper.  So when I tried again this morning and that eerie exorcist sound came out… OMG I never felt so happy!!!  Monday my team told me to clear my schedule thru Wednesday, which I did…. here’s hoping I am back in the game tomorrow!!!  I am still being quiet today, I learned my lesson from Sunday!!  lol
It’s kinda funny really, as I sit here pondering what to share…  my team as me on lock down with a lot of things I am learning thru this May Course group and trust me, there is sooooooo much I want to share… I suddenly see the energy of the ocean and a massive geyser erupting out from the depths of the ocean.  Now given all the earth events happening this month… am I seeing what is coming or what is happening??  Maybe both!!

Calendario Maya tzolkin Miercoles 27 Mayo 2015 Kin 54 mago Lunar Blanco

26 de mayo de 2015

26-05-15. La batalla por el planeta tierra continúa con cambios de régimen, amenazas nucleares, el inminente colapso financiero, etc.

26 may
Fuentes y comentarios en inglés: http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/05/26/the-battle-for-the-planet-earth-continues-with-regime-changes-nuclear-threats-imminent-financial-collapse-etc/
A veces las noticias parece repetirse. A veces las noticias parece repetirse. Si esto suena repetitivo es repetitivo. Esto se debe a muchos eventos de noticias recientes se pueden resumir en unos pocos patrones de repetición: Grecia amenaza con no pagar, Ucrania amenaza con no pagar, los EE.UU. se queda sin dinero otra vez, hay otro evento de falso tiroteo masivo en los EE.UU. (esta vez en Waco), China y Japón dicen cosas ligeramente diferentes sobre la historia del otro, y a continuación pilotos militares vuelan a oscuras islas y se muestran el dedo el uno al otro, chiíes, suníes, judios y mercenarios occidentales que pretenden ser extremistas musulmanes hacen cosas malas o son víctimas de las cosas malas, Corea del Norte dispara un misil, etc., etc.

Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - May 26, 2015

We have asked you to learn focus. Use it to support the manifesting of a number of important events. At present, the old, dark cabal is fading. Use this focus to continue to imagine a new reality. Together, we can create a wondrous new reality!

from Planetary Activation Organization

Ummac Dan ~ GF symbol for the Sirian Star system

3 Cimi, 4 Pax, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come now to report to you what is happening on your world. The dark cabal remains full of tricks. The dark forged a world in which dishonesty and deception were to be honored and the dishonesty and trickery is truly immense. This fact led to an outbreak of such deception that it soon became obvious that only those trusted by the Light were able to carry out their assignments swiftly and fairly. Thus, we have decided to employ only those who can complete their designated duties without incident. To accomplish this, we have created a service pool made up of a special group of Beings. Unlike most humans, these individuals are quite capable of easily carrying out their assigned duties. Over the past few months we have carefully chosen these magnificent individuals to resolve a number of current difficulties and enable us to complete the new transfer system. Therefore, we are now finishing some tests and intend to begin en masse in the coming month. Nonetheless, there is still more to tell you about what we are doing to safely send out your blessings.

Kara Schallock - Evolving...High Mind and Relationships - May 26, 2015

We have entered another higher level of Ascension. This brings with it the opportunity to have mind and Heart be One, which creates the High Mind. This is truly thinking with your Heart. Thinking with your Heart means that words come to describe your feelings of essence…Love, Trust, Respect, Honor, Integrity, etc. As you focus on an essence you create words that lead to a rise in consciousness. As you might know, our mentality and feeling-level of the Heart have tended to act separately as Soul and separate ego. Now we have the opportunity to have them merge, so we don’t have those separate thoughts of duality, even while we focus on the Essences of the Heart. Of course, this is the potential and most will find themselves somewhere along the continuum of feeling/Heart, separate ego and High Mind. So give yourself some space to have this evolve. You needn’t be hard on yourself if you still have lower mind’s thoughts of judgment, separation or duality. Recognize it then let it go and replace it with Love. essences of Heart/Soul. As we move more into High Mind, we see that the lower thoughts transform into essence thoughts. That is, judgment becomes Compassion. anger becomes Acceptance. hate becomes Love. All this is an upgrade of our Source consciousness.
We are completing another phase of upgrade, where we received yet another boost of Light/Love. and an Awareness of what has been hiding in the form of old, limiting beliefs and patterns.

IKTTOTW: Planet X Nibiru Mawson Station Bombshell

Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna Herman - Opening The Seven Seals oF God-Consciousness - May 26, 2015

Beloved masters, it is time for you to take advantage of your physical and Spiritual senses in the fullest measure. You must redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing or telepathic abilities, clairsentience/clear knowing (that of an empathic, intuitive person with an expanded, inner sense of awareness). All of these heightened abilities are a part of your Divine Birthright just waiting for you to reclaim them.
We have discussed in great detail the seven major chakras of the physical vessel and outlined the positive and negative attributes/functions of each one. It is important that you also realize that each chakra and organ within the body has a consciousness of its own, which was overlaid and infused with the energies of your many past experiences and thought forms. You have not only created your outer world with your beliefs and the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts, but you have built your inner world as well.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Martes 26 Mayo 2015. Kin 53. Caminante del cielo Magnetico Rojo.

The Calm. Planets Lining Up Again | S0 News May 26, 2015

25 de mayo de 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

Purify yourselves every day! Reflect, observe and 
recognize where, how and whereby you are losing 
your light-filled energy? When does your Light 
garment lose its luster? 

This work is necessary today, so that you are not permanently 
held or be permanently occupied by energies, which discharge 
now. Only then do you lose your orientation in yourself and in 

Sluggish energies, which establish in you, have the 
power to block you and make you unreceptive for 
any light-filled knowledge. 

Recognize the significance of daily purification, so that 
you remain free of outside burdens and free of alien images, 
which come up in you and display themselves as your own.  
God gives every human Being plenty of possibilities for 
knowledge and it is up to human Beings, to choose from 
God’s abundance.

Brenda Hoffman - No More Expected Patterns - May 25, 2015

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Dear Ones,
Most likely, you recently requested transition assistance from your guides, angels and friends to seemingly no avail. For your being feels little different from before the March/April energy bursts.
Even though you may have experienced some blank spaces in time or noted that unimportant wishes happen with little or no effort, you continue to live your humdrum life with few peaks of joy and many valleys of listlessness or anger.
“Where is my joy?” is the refrain heard round the globe. So it is you are moving into new you. For indeed, new you is slowly – more slowly then you hoped for, but more rapidly than we imagined – rising from the debris of 3D you.
Perhaps it will help you better understand this phase, this void if you remember how you felt when you transferred to a new school or moved to a new community or job. At first you were hyper-vigilant wanting to fit in as quickly as possible. You had no friends of note – merely acquaintances with possibilities of future friendships. You did not quite understand your school, job or community. All was a blank and lonely slate as you tried to adjust and adapt.

Top News, Space Weather | S0 News May 25, 2015

Jennifer Hoffman - Día de las Madres 2015 - 11 de Mayo 2015

Por Jennifer Hoffman
11 de Mayo 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Hoy es el Día de las Madres en los Estados Unidos, un día en el que celebramos a la mujer que nos dio la vida. Este puede ser un día difícil para aquellos cuyos sentimientos hacia su madre no son amorosos y cálidos. Para muchos, la experiencia de la madre ha sido uno de los retos mayores de la vida y el Día de las Madres sirve como un recordatorio del tipo de madre que no tuvieron y quisieron haber tenido. Tenemos tantas expectativas respecto a nuestra madre así que cuando ella no las cumple nos sentimos engañados, abandonados y rechazados a un nivel exponencial. Las madres juegan muchos papeles en las vidas de sus hijos, a muchos niveles. Y entendemos esos papeles cuando nuestros hijos han crecido y tienen sus propios hijos.

Kryon "Is this real?" Salem, Massachusetts Saturday May 16, 2015

Kryon por Lee Carroll - ¿Es esto Real? - Salem, Massachusetts, 16 de Mayo de 2015

Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.
Estoy contando: veintiséis años he estado con mi socio de esta manera.  Y este año que llamamos Año Dos de la nueva energía, él me oye más claramente que antes.  La canalización puede parecerte rara, extraña. ¿Cómo funciona? ¿Puede ser posible y real?  ¿Qué sucede con mi socio ahora, dónde está? Queridos, es un sistema hermoso, no es raro, no es extraño ni fantasmal, es un sistema benévolo, natural y normal, y les pertenece.

Marlene Swetlishoff - Mensaje Semanal del Maestro Ascendido Hilarión - Del 24 al 31 de Mayo, 2015

Traducción: Esther Abreu


Una profunda alineación se está produciendo dentro de su ser interno. Muchos de ustedes están sintiendo como si están de vuelta al punto de partida, teniendo que iniciar el proceso de depuración y limpieza de nuevo. Esto no es así y, si pueden observar los pensamientos que les llegan, verán que este peso particular del proceso de pensamiento proviene de una época anterior en sus vidas. Una vez que hacen esa distinción, los observarán y liberarán mucho más fácilmente. Algunos de estos son sus heridas centrales, profundamente arraigadas en esta vida y que trajeron consigo desde vidas anteriores para ser abordadas y resueltas en su vida actual. Puede que no se sienta agradable a medida que avanzan a través de este proceso, pero estén seguros de que están llegando a la resolución final y que pronto pasarán a través de este difícil portal. Traten de mantener un enfoque positivo durante este tiempo, ya que realmente significa un gran logro para ustedes cuando se ve desde la perspectiva más alta de sus almas.

Expert Predicts Planet X - Nibiru Sun Blackout in March 2016

Okay NASA, What's This Please?

Alan Watts - Acceptance of Death

Ron Head - Safety – The Council - May 25, 2015

The Council
We choose today to speak about the subject of safety. And so, naturally, we shall begin by taking a look at fear.
Fear is one of your biggest obstacles. For many it is a constant companion. It is, in the final analysis, a lack of faith in oneself, in one’s future, and a lack of understanding and faith in the Universe itself. Have you not heard throughout your life that your life itself is eternal? No matter where you are, no matter what your faith, even if you think you have no faith, this is something that is a deep part of your being.
The knowing of this deeply within your consciousness is the reason that it is pervasive in all of your world’s religions. And yet you fear.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Lunes 25 Mayo 2015. Kin 52. Humano Cosmico Amarillo.

24 de mayo de 2015

Suzanne Lie ~ The Journey --The Arcturians 5-24-15

The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,
Can you tell us what is happening?

Dearest Ones,
We answer you and all who read this transmission. YES, something that IS happening to ALL OF YOU. Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange trans-mutational manner.

You might say that the protective cover of the lower dimensional energy field that was placed around your bodies at birth is beginning to fall away. No one knows about this protective cover, as it a natural component of your physical anatomy.

However, your anatomy is transmuting from the physical, third-dimensional frequency that you have always known, to a slightly higher frequency, which you may call etheric. However, since you experience most of the world in relation to your perception of the world, you may not realize this shift because the world is shifting right along with you.

John Smallman - Jesus - Humanity’s awakening is happening right now! May 24, 2015

Humanity’s awakening is inevitable. Of course you have heard that many times before, but within the illusion doubts and anxieties assail you almost constantly. That is why it is necessary for me to keep reminding you, so that you hold your course regardless of the apparent lack of physical evidence within the illusory environment on which you focus most of your attention, to confirm that God’s plan is unfolding just as He intends.
The illusion is a place in which inconsistencies flourish, new information arises that displaces previously held beliefs by demonstrating their inadequacies, and the pace at which that is happening is constantly accelerating. No wonder you feel so assailed. The illusion is an environment of almost constant change – peace to war, love to hate, trust to betrayal – and reversals of those states. At this point in your spiritual evolution – and everyone physically incarnate on Earth is here to evolve spiritually – an enormous effort is being maintained through prayer, meditation, and through humanity’s intense desire for positive change, to move from violence to non-violence, from endless states of war to lasting peace, and awareness is growing that this can only happen if people trust each other and absolutely refrain from betraying that trust.

Sarah Varcas - La Verdad Sobre Mercurio Retrógrado -

  Image: Brian Varcas

http://astro-awakenings.co.uk/ Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Para montar la escena….. 

Hay mucha habladuría (y un poco de exageración) cuando Mercurio va retrógrado, en gran parte negativa y cargada de pesimismo. Abundan las menciones de interrupción de viajes, ruptura de comunicaciones y malos entendidos. La gente mira al cielo y se prepara para unas semanas de caos y confusión anticipando el aspecto mañoso de Mercurio que les desordena sus vidas. Y sí, puede ser cierto que estos hechos ocurran con mayor frecuencia durante la fase retrógrada de Mercurio, pero la esencia del engaño para nosotros radica en que estos no son eventos negativos, sino momentos diseñados para obligarnos a hacer un alto en el camino y despertarnos.

Shanta Gabriel - The Gabriel Messages #54 - May 24, 2015


The Gabriel Messages #54

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Dear Ones,

This is a universe of free will. The Angels will not step in to assist without being asked. “Ask and you shall receive” was the statement of master Jesus. So it is important to ask for this support in all the choices you make in your life, from moment to moment.

Judith Kusel - The rebirth of Mother Earth….. and Humanity’s Lesson to Master…..May 24, 2015

We are entering a time of profound earth changes as the inner core earth mass is shifting.  When I talk about mass I talk about a type of substance that is like a river of fluidity at the moment, as the inner earth is inhabited and called Agartha.  This is the outer crust of the inner earth, and then what we know as the upper earth, the inner core crust.
I see this as a type of molten rock, or quartz and this is in the process of reforming into something else, as the ancient energy centers, which were laid down at the very beginning when the earth was created, are now awakening more and more.  Please note that this was the FIRST, millions of years BEFORE Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, the Lyran civilization in what is now North Africa and the Mediterranean and the Ural Mountains and Siberia.  Thus the VERY first and the other civilizations were more of less built on the remains of what used to be that first civilization.

Arcángel Metatrón vía James Tyberonn - Los Duales de la Dualidad - Establecerse en la Verdad

Adelanto de fragmentos de un mensaje del Arcángel Metatrón vía James Tyberonn


Es verdad que cuando el Amor al Poder sea reemplazado por el Poder del Amor, la humanidad dará un gran salto. Pero el amor sin fortaleza está incompleto. Debes establecerte en tu verdad. Esconder tu cabeza en la arena no es la respuesta correcta. No es correcto disculparse cuando otro te pisa un pie, así como no es correcto pisar el pie del otro. En el Nuevo Paradigma la sombra se está eliminando, y parte de tu enigma es resolver el "cubo de rubik" de tratar adecuadamente con las fuerzas oscuras y agresivas. La vieja energía siempre replica, incluso con sus últimos coletazos.

Video 02 - Crop Circles 2015 - Old Gray Station Road, Gray, Tennessee. USA - 21th may 2015 - UFO

IKTTOTW: Whole Planet X Nibiru System Filmed Over Northern Ireland!!


The Arcturian Group ~ Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele ~ May 24, 2015

We come in love to assist all in their evolutionary journey of remembering.

The world appears to be filled with intense images of both good and evil at this time–duality expressed at its best and highest. This is because ever increasing energies of Light are greatly effecting the stability of anything and everything formed of old beliefs and concepts. Rejoice dear ones, for it is you doing the heavy lifting that is changing world consciousness–the outer is always a reflection of the inner.

Slowly but surely, a consciousness of Oneness is emerging. More and more people are being intuitively guided to assist man, animals, plants, and the environment of Gaia herself in whatever ways seem to be needed. An understanding of many within One, is gradually being born which starts on the unconscious level and then moves into conscious awareness.

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Domingo 24 Mayo 2015. Kin 51. Mono Cristal Azul.

Hilarion ~ Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ May 24, 2015

May 24-31, 2015
Beloved Ones,
There is a deep alignment taking place within your inner self. Many of you are feeling as though you are back to square one, having to start the process of purging and cleansing all over again. This is not so and if you can observe the thoughts that come through you, you will see that this particular strain of thought process comes from an earlier time in your lives. Once you make that distinction, you will observe and release these much more easily. Some of these are your core wounds, deeply held in this lifetime and which you brought with you from previous lifetimes to be addressed and resolved in your current lifetime. It may not feel pleasant as you go through this process but be assured it is bringing the final resolution and you will soon pass through this difficult portal. Try to keep a positive focus during this time as it truly means a great accomplishment for you when it is seen from your soul’s higher perspective. 

23 de mayo de 2015

Ann Albers - Divine Synchronization - May 23, 2015

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
The entire universe is designed to operate in a harmonious dance of divine synchronization. If you listen to your heart's guidance, you will find yourself easily drawn to those you can assist or uplift and as well those dear souls who can assist and uplift you.
You are never alone and there is never a time when your needs are ignored. Look at all of creation! Ecosystems operate in a delicate and beautiful balance. Planets revolve precisely around stars which revolve in a graceful dance in the galaxies. Everything and every being in the natural universe is guided, cared for, and cherished in the heavens.

John Smallman - Saul - Peace and happiness are found by being your true Self. 05/23/2015

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long and arduous.  You have all spent many lifetimes trying to find your way Home.  As you know from personal experience much suffering is undergone as you search for love and are betrayed or abandoned by those who you would relate to with love.  It often seems that life is not meant to be either happy or enjoyable, but more likely a path that involves much pain and suffering.  And those who lead so-called “good lives” are just as likely to suffer as anyone else.  There appears to be little point in behaving well for it seems to make absolutely no difference, as the rewards available within the illusion often seem to be awarded to those least worthy to receive them.
The illusion is an insane environment.  It was built collectively to enable you to separate yourselves from your divine Source, and to access that unreal state, Love, your true nature, had to be excluded.  But of course you all desperately want to love and to be loved, and so you seek love from one another . . . endlessly.

Karen Dover - Freeing the “pain” of the “past” - May 23, 2015

As we move into expansion we are required to take up our “anchor” and set sail on new oceans. The old 3d earth created construct has us anchored in a harbor and teaches us repeatedly that we cannot leave this harbor for fear of being dashed upon the rocks that exist just outside of said harbor.   As we are here to experience a human life experience which is a “now” moment that moves into another “now” moment the anchoring prevents any expansion.  The “anchor” in this case is the emotional residue that we have been taught to keep tight hold of. It exists woven through our behavior patterns which ignite in response to the outer waking world and what is presented to us by said outer waking world.
As the “end of days” is a time of major upheaval and chaos then the default position for many will be to “batten down the hatches” in the belief that they need only somehow “ride out the storm” and the world will reset itself. This is a highly distorted teaching which is often taught in the guise of “rapture” or  within the New Age Movement is taught as “ascension”.  We are in a time frame of vast dissolving of frequency, it is the letting go of the tight hold that has been placed on the flow of frequency which is the natural ebb and flow of universal energy.  ALL frequency moves and shifts but frequency (which is energy) can be manipulated, bound, held and contained.  As this breaks the natural laws of the universe this is not supported and the dissolving that appears in the human life experience as “change” is the frequencies attempting to move into the natural ebb and flow that already exists.

ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 42 - 2015: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena...

42º ALCYON PLÉYADES - Noticias 2015 Conspiraciones, OVNI, Desastres Naturales, Fenómenos Extraños..

Crop circles 2015 Ringslebenstrase, Germany

The Rainbow Warriors of the New Royal Bloodlines - Magenta Pixie

Calendario Maya Tzolkin. Sabado 23 Mayo 2015. Kin 50. Perro Espectral Blanco.

Quakes, Sun, Daddy S0 | S0 News May 23, 2015

22 de mayo de 2015

Blossom Goodchild - May 22, 2015

Hi, my friends. Well, as you are aware, I hit rock bottom for a few days this week. I don’t doubt you … I don’t doubt me … I just didn’t know if I could do this anymore for one reason or another. However … there was a FEELING inside me of ‘Why jump ship, when any minute now, someone is going to shout ‘LAND HO!’ So, here I am … I have no agenda for today … I would just like to see where you take it.
The warmest of greetings to you Blossom and to all who encounter these words offered. We are certainly aware of the ‘energy slump’ that hit you where it hurts.
And therefore, aware of my little outburst to you?
Indeed. Yet, we understand that we are not having to endure the barrage of negativity that is aimed directly at us … for it is you that must bare the brunt. The fact that you are sitting here talking with us today is a most uplifting turn of events … for we felt perhaps you were about to hand in your notice.
I was.  Yet, let’s not dwell on that … although it needed to be addressed I guess. Onward!
The plain and simple fact Blossom and ALL … is that Each Divinely Blessed Soul has their own interpretation of Each and Everything that is offered them. We do not presume that, that which we offer shall be accepted by ALL immediately … and ‘all in the garden shall be rosy.’ That is not our business as to how we are received.

Caroline Oceana Ryan - A Message to Lightworkers – May 22, 2015

A Message to Lightworkers – May 22, 2015
The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
So much is happening in your world now.
And we would say, that though much appears to be “not good,” that that is only an appearance, and not the actual reality.
It is more than the fact that dark creatures of all levels, physical and etheric, are being chased out of their hiding places and yes, from the realms of “power” as your third dimension defines it.
It is more than the fact that daily, the readiness to enact NESARA fully comes more completely into being.
And it is more than the powerful and positive signs you see around you, such as certain persons running for higher office (such as the gentleman from Vermont), who in years past would not have had a prayer of launching any such campaign.

Lauren C. Gorgo - GOD Realized: domain of the christ May 22, 2015

reporticon-finalHave you lost your mind? If not, there’s still time!
We just moved into what could potentially be the most exciting, most fulfilling mercury retrograde yet…a time, an opening, an opportunity to GOD realize, according to the Pleiadians.
We are entering a period of heightened mental capability and for those prepared, this means the ability to fully surrender the lower (monkey) mind in order to merge with the higher (divine) mind…a time to remember the basis of divine creatorship as our thoughts become the springboard by which our christed-consciousness reveals itself.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…the seemingly never-ending phase of EMPTYing out all the contents of our former selves continues as we are pushed (on purpose) to the limits of our humanity…to our breaking point and beyond.  To merge with our higher Self we are forced to surrender ALL of ourselves…in complete faith…to complete nothingness…in order to embody our true, authentic nature.

Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel - Photosynthesis and the Blended Human - May 22, 2015

An Introductory Message from Shanta Gabriel
Many people have been feeling like a new butterfly lately. We are just out of the chrysalis, wondering where our myriad legs disappeared to and how to make our big, wet wings work. This newness is the dimensional state where the only thing we are sure of is that the old ways don’t work any more.
Archangel Gabriel would speak of this time when I began my connection with him in the early 1990’s. He would say that the easiest way to acclimate to higher frequencies was to become a bridge of Light between Heaven and Earth. He advocated using Divine Light as the catalyst for changing the energy system of the body because Light acts as a transformative tool for us to become the Divine Human we were meant to be.
Divine Light is a carrier for qualities of consciousness that hold the spiritual connections we need to be more attuned to our soul and the guidance coming to us from the Angelic Dimensions. The spiritual attributes of Peace, Harmony and Joy sometimes seemed too lofty for me as a mere human to consider and yet were the very qualities I needed to shift my consciousness.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
I am the Way, the Truth and Life 
Beloved Ones,
The day of truth comes close, God’s voice will sound
and will be heard everywhere, and each human Being 
will realize where his journey will go to and continue to.
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