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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn - Full Channel – Parts 1 & 2 Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time Time In – Time Out – The Torus Effect - November 30, 2013

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com
© Earth-Keeper, www.earth-keeper.com, Copyrights Reserved
Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love.
Dear Ones, Light is an enigma to you. It exists in succinct units termed photons. Photons have no density, and no charge, and they travel as both particles and waves at 186,000 miles a second. At the ‘speed of light’ time, as you understand it, disappears. Photons of light go so fast that time has stopped for them. A photon leaves the surface of a sun or star and races through space for what you perceive as vast light-years, and then illuminates your eye as you gaze upward at the array of heavenly stars. It seems paradoxical to you that the instant the photon left the star and the moment it struck your retina, are the same. No time has passed for it at all. In this way, light permeates your realities and it is time-less, literally.

2MIN News November 30, 2013: CONFIRMED Comet ISON has disintegrated

Wally - SaLuSa - 30 November 2013


SaLuSa 30 November 2013.

Your world today is undergoing slow growth and high unemployment with ironically rising prices, but this is malleable and easily put right by cutting short the underhanded and unseen economy. By this many have grown rich and taken their money off shore, but the fact is they will have to answer for their actions, as the truth is being spelled out. The decay of the past can then give way as you collectively learn to look below the surface façade to find what is actually on offer. This can also be applied to the self, to love and value self for who you are on the inside, and not just for what appears to grace the surface.

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UFO, luminous object, simply amazing!!! 11/28/13 5:03pm EST

SaLuSa 29. 11. 2013 by MADAD

SaLuSa (1)
Energy is rising on each level of existence – in the core of your planet, on the surface, within you and all the life forms coexisting together with you and around the planet – and it is creating a perfect condition for the long awaited upliftment as a whole. You surely feel this energy filling your whole body leaving you doubtless that something is happening. This energy might remind you of the feelings you had when you were awakening and the energy started to flow within and started the process of your change. This time, the energy that is flowing into your beings now, is closing your preparations for the movement higher, and you surely feel it as being more delicate and gentle because you are now able to sense and feel so very much more, and this higher vibration that is carrying all that is necessary for finishing your change, have full spectrum of higher energy patterns.

Meredith Murphy – Ashira: Message for all Lightworkers – The Awakening of Love - Nov 29. 2013

The awakening of love is within you. You have met love and you are organizing now as love. You as an energy field are allowing love to create you, to awaken all the life in your cells, to lift up everything in your being, to clarify all that has been cloudy and heavy. To make everything light.
The inner sun of your being is now shining forth. You have allowed this sun to shine forth as you. You have allowed yourself to identify with this sun, with this light, with this love as your very being. You have remembered.

AA Michael - Ron Head – Giving Thanks For What One Has Is Always A Sure Way To Raise One’s Energy – 29 November 2013

For those of you who are celebrating the holiday known to you as Thanksgiving, we wish you a joyous day of holding gratitude for the abundance in your lives.  For most of those in other countries, this is, of course, not a holiday.  We offer that perhaps a thought or two along these lines may be appropriate for you, as well.  Giving thanks for what one has is always a sure way to raise one’s energy.
Today there is also a great deal of attention and speculation upon the path of the comet that you have named Ison.  That is as intended, dear ones.  You are well aware now of the powerful effects of great focus when billions of you can be brought to concentrate upon an event.  This is what is happening.  Let it bring into focus what it is that you desire to be its effect.

Astral Projection (Out of Body Travel)

Comet ISON – Metaphysical / Spiritual Heart Awakening - Nov 29 2013

Comet ISON is providing a revolutionary potential to humanity over the last months of 2013 and into early 2014.
Here are the quicklinks to each of the discussion headings below:
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Comet ISON – Update

Comet ISON is now out of naked eye view as it is looping around the Sun over the 28/29 November 2013 and hopefully will become visible once more in early Dec 2013 as it makes its closet approach to Earth.
Here are the last pictures taken of the Comet prior to its entry into the Sun’s atmosphere:
comet_ISON_24NOV Kouji-Ohnishi-2013_11_23_ISON_1978Titlesmall_1385281688_lgScreen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.35.03 AM

4MIN News November 29, 2013: Hail, Algae, Sun & ISON Shots

Karen Doonan - Drowning or diving to swim deeply? - November 29, 2013

The energies of the last linear 24 hours or so have increased, expanded and deepened beyond anything anyone has ever experienced in this their human form. On a personal level I have gone through many emotions from the heightening and expansion of my energy signature, realising on many levels all that is now playing out and the context of it to the deepest depths of emotions that have lain hidden within me. Balance is the key at this time and at this time I am trying to find balance in a world that is shaking to its very core.

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Christine Meleriessee - 11:11 New Continuum of Light ~ Lord Adama Discourse - Nov 28, 2013

Hello everyone.  It is I, Lord Adama of the Telosian Council of Light speaking to you from the beautiful essence of Telos. It is our pleasure to be with each of you once again.
What I want to share with you tonight is a remembrance of allowing yourself to go beyond the physicality, to go beyond the higher essential process of the being-ness that you are from your source of Light. This is where your knowledge and wisdom comes from, the multidimensional being that you are including Angelic, Galactic, and more.  It comes from those essences and this is how you bring that forward to your life circumstance and into each Light form.

A series of truths - Part 1 ( Comet ISON ) written by Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan on 28th of Nov.2013

Comet ISON
The closest point of Comet ISON to the sun will be today 28th of Nov, 2013
The arrival of comet ISON to the sun, is a declaration of the end of an old Era and the beginning of a new Era.
Comet ISON carries catalysts, compounds and elements to the sun to prepare for the MPR, which will differ from its predecessors.

Prime Creator and Hatonn to ISON – Marc Gamma and Isabel Henn - November 28, 2013


(Translated from original language german)
Marc Gamma was asked to Comet ISON, as it makes the rounds that ISON is not a comet but a spaceship. He then asked Prime Creator, the Father who gave him an answer. He then gave me the task to blog it. Our brothers and sisters are on the march…..
Here is the message of our heavenly Father :
The spacecraft, which is disguised as Comet ISON has a very special task. There will be a sign for the people who can see that this is more than what is assumed in science. Soon the scientists will recognize that this is not a Comet.


Elizabeth Ayres Escher (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara) - The Light Collective: On Expansion - November 28, 2013

4792266715_9da9a411c2_z (1)

The past two nights, I have been listening to a presentation on “Are you an Energy Sensitive?”  The answer to that question is, of course, yes, as it is for many star seeds.  Ultra-sensitive beings naturally make up about 20 per cent of the human population on the planet. Of that particular population group, star seeds probably make up about 1.5 percent.  And if you happen to extremely sensitive, you know from experience that your gifts have not been freely accepted or understood by many within your own family, your friends and especially not by those who call themselves the “experts” in any field, be it religion, medicine, banking, science, the military, retail or the government.  Indeed, most of us have been shut down by others or openly ignored when we have given forth our unique perspectives on what we were experiencing in any moment.  So, why are we here?  The Light Collective has come to bring us their perspective on this question:

Karen Doonan - Archangeloi of the ELOHIN on COMET ISON and the New Earth - November 28, 2013

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL upon and within planet earth at this time, a time of VAST energetic shift and change and a shift that is now BEing harnessed and anchored by ALL EMMISSARIES OF LIGHT upon and within planet earth.  The “timing” in the linear context to help ALL for ALL is not as it appears upon and within planet earth.  The coding required by a race that has walked in darkness, containment and suppression for aeons is vast, for ALL are upon and within planet earth in various human forms and ALL human vehicles require to be upgraded and expanded in order for them to harness, anchor and work with the VAST LIGHT that now shines across and within planet earth.  For in TRUTH ALL ARE LIGHT in the UNIVERSE OF 3.

Introducing The Plejadians – a most progressive Race ! – HATONN through Marc Gamma ~ 28.11.2013

Hatonn[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]
Preface of Hatonn’s Channel
The picture presently portraying Hatonn will be substituted by another one with all future messages of him. It will show the formation of the Plejades – which are his home-stars – and also his name. The actual portray does not correspond to his looks at all.
Hatonn speaks…
My beloved humans, this is Hatonn speaking to you.
It has been some time ago when last I spoke to you. I have chosen this channel as he has an open heart accessible for everything I have to say.
There are solely enlightened and trustworthy pieces of information and I shall only correct matters which have raised questions since our last publication.

Wes Annac – Planetary Healing: Can Hemp Help The Planet? – Part 3 – 28 November 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written by Wes Annac for the ongoing “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.
Continued from our hemp discussion. The recommended audio version of this article can be found here.
Beyond the fact that hemp is clearly a better source of paper and biofuel than most others, how much quicker can it grow than trees? Hemphasis explains.
“One acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 to 10 acres of trees over a 20-year cycle, but hemp stalks only take four months to mature, whereas trees take 20 to 80 years. This information was known in 1916, according to a USDA report. Hemp paper can also be recycled more often, though this fact is not of much value, since hemp is a reusable resource.” (4)
Pay attention to these statistics, fellow seekers.

Karen Doonan - Lemuria

Live ISON Chat - Perihelion Nov. 28, 2013

4MIN News November 28, 2013: Live ISON Hangout Today

Denise Le Fay - The Last Eight Days of November 2013 - November 28, 2013

I’ve been extra sick with “ascension flu” since November 22nd and it increased in intensity with the November 23rd heliocentric six planet configuration, and then every day since that date. My physical “ascension flu” aches, pains, chills, head spinning and other related physical and emotional side effects caused by these latest NEW energies peaked on Wednesday, November 27th and it was a very intense 24 hour-long grand finale that day.

John Smallman – Saul – Your Collective Ability To Hold The Intent To Awaken Is Strengthening – 28 November 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Today is Thanksgiving in the United States of America, but wherever you are on planet Earth there is good reason for giving thanks – you are alive and conscious, therefore you are a divine child of God, eternally loved and secure within Him, the One Source from which all that exists is created for everlasting joy.  You are dreaming now, as you continue to engage with the illusory realm that you built, but you are on the path to awakening, and when you do awaken your joy will overwhelm you.

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Silent Winds of Change - You, The Lightbearers Have Many Roles - Nov 27, 2013

The time has arrived when you are to use your light in many ways.  Today I will talk about how you will be used to influence a benevolent result to someone’s prayers.
As people call out to Source and the Angelics, you will be directed to assist.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t even involve breaking a sweat.  You are merely required to go where you are directed.  This direction will most times happen without you realizing what is going on.  You see, your light is so bright that your mere presence affects everything on your planet that you are near.

John Smallman – Jesus – Love Is The Key To Spiritual Awareness – 27 November 2013

john-blog-pics-0135As Thanksgiving approaches please give thanks for all that is good in your lives. There are truly none among you who do not have something to be thankful for, so go within, to that quiet safe place where you can, if you choose, access your spiritual guides and mentors and ask them to bring to your attention an event or an aspect of your life for which you are eternally grateful.  Then say “Thank you” for it. Just saying thank you is uplifting for you even if you are not feeling very thankful, because it opens you to receive the Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of Its constantly proffered embrace.

Blossom Goodchild – 27 November 2013

bloss arizona biggerHello there. Off we go again … the weeks are flying by so quickly. Let’s see how today flows shall we? Anyone about?
Yes of course and it is considered a great pleasure to be with you once again in this way … in the KNOWING that these messages reach the hearts of many.
Yep, it’s quite amazing how your words have taken on a journey of their own … I never imagined myself being in this position. All I ever wanted to do was be on the stage!
Yet it was assigned to you long before you came and then it was a matter of remembering so … and deciding if it was still your desire. It was greatly underestimated the strength one would need.

Mahala - Planet Alert December 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
I would like to wish everyone in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day of celebration. Hanukkah also starts the same day as Thanksgiving. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration that is also called the Festival of Lights, or the Feast of Dedication. It is an eight day celebration commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the second Temple) in Jerusalem. For those who celebrate this festival, may you manifest a wonderful holiday!

Aisha North - A short update on the energies - Nov 27, 2013

We would like to delve a little bit further into the upcoming attractions, if you will, as we gather there are more than a few of you already tuning into these new frequencies. As always, getting used to these enhanced vibrations is not easy, and as such, you will all have a hard time finding your footing these days. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, as a sense of equilibrium may be a thing of the past for so many of you. Still, this is only the beginning of what someone might find more than a little daunting to contemplate, as you are indeed approaching the point of no return, the point where these droplets of light will coalesce into a veritable rainstorm. And as such, we will only give you a heads up as it were in order to make you a little bit better prepared for what is to come.


Ascension has been anchored now in your Reality and some first ones have made already their quantum- leap – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 27.11.2013

Archangel MichaelIntroductory Talk to the Translation of ArchAngel Michael’s Message
Eva Maria, translating all my channeled Messages has had a short talk with ArchAngel Michael introducing this very translation. If you follow the given link you will arrive at this introductory invocation of hers to Archangel Michael. It is meant to be a supplement to this message:  [Link]
Archangel Michael speaks…
My beloved humans, this is us, Archangel Michael and our heavenly Father, speaking to you. Right from the start of this message I shall hand on the sceptre to the Father so that he may envelope you with his love and all his divine energy. He will give you some update like he did last week, which later I shall explain a little bit further in detail.

MERKABAH MEDITATION - FULL VERSION Melchizedek's method!!! Medytacja MERKABA według Melchizedek

Karen Doonan - Placing boundaries in the New Earth Reality - November 27, 2013

For many of you the last few linear days may have been very intense indeed. At times you may have questioned how you can possibly exist in a world where everything is shifting and moving and also “appearing” to stay very static. I have long blogged about “holding patterns” and attempted to explain why and how they are created. Todays blog will concentrate on boundaries, it is not TRUTH to assume that the frequency of the LOVE that IS will sort out your boundaries FOR YOU for YOU have to place them to begin with, once they are placed then the foundation of life in the New Earth is then manifested, a life without boundaries is not a foundation that can be worked with. Let me explain further.

The Group - The Choice - Choice in a Multidimensional World - Steve Rother - 15 November, 2013

Greetings, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.
Heaven Is Not Up Above the Clouds, It’s Everywhere

Today I get to tell you about something new, but before I do I want to take you Home for just a moment. I sit here, the place that you call Home. You know, humans think that heaven is up above the clouds and it is a funny thing for us because heaven is really everywhere…it is all the places that you are not…all of them, together. When you come to your Earth you are a little tiny baby, and you have to be carried, nurtured and held.
Most of the time when you look up, you are looking into the loving eyes and beauty of your mother, father or the people taking care of you, so you automatically think that all beauty and nurturing comes from above. That is why you think heaven is up. Is that not interesting? So, I will bring you up here and you can sit on a cloud with me for a moment. I want to show you something, okay?

Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young: Live By Your Heart - November 27, 2013

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. We honour you for coming in and anchoring the energies of the group, and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will experience this transmission on your internet at a later time.
You have been thoroughly cleansed, wrung out, shifted, bathed, and infused. It has been a time like no other on your planet and you are still standing, still feeling excited to be part of this amazing process. Let us assure you that things are just starting to get very interesting and you are truly starting to move into the changes that you have been waiting for.

26 de noviembre de 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update for Nov 26, 2013

3 Ahau, 3 Yaxk’in, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! We return with more good news! The various groups that are setting up the final configurations for the new financial system are starting to oversee the last days of the dark’s odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The first stage of this complex procedure is underway. The rest of this new system will emerge when the new governance comes online. We have observed carefully as the numerous factions that comprise our Earth allies work diligently to move your world toward a new and permanent prosperity. Meanwhile, legal brakes to the dark’s rule are being applied. Numerous governments around your globe are feeling the pressure upon their continued corruption and outright favoritism of the wealthier sections of your respective society. This type of governance no longer works. For too long it has created a non-responsive government that can no longer be tolerated. Hence, a movement toward a global revolution grows daily. The new governance and financial systems will creatively resolve these problems.

Suzanne Lie – Back On The Mothership – Part 3 – A Glimmer Of Understanding – 26 November 2013

SuzanneLiePleiadian Perspective on Ascension, Book One and Two available as ebooks at: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/books.html
When we began to follow Mytre and Mytria out of the Transmission Room, we felt the Arcturian saying, “Mytrian, we are aware that you could benefit from further communication with us.
“Yes,” we said. “That would help us greatly. We seemed to be doing fine with our composite nature until we came into contact with the other versions of our SELF. Then we began to experience doubt and confusion. Therefore, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to gain some insight.”
In a flash we found our self in front of the holodeck that our inner memory recalled was the one in which Mytre learned his first lessons from the Arcturians.

Karen Doonan - Depth of experience Vs old earth 3d CREATED reality - November 26, 2013

 As the New Earth now begins to birth in TRUTH across and within the planet earth and is anchored deep within the cellular structure of YOUr human vehicle YOU may be surprised by the experiences that arise within you, around you and through you. For the old 3d earth CREATED reality was CREATED from the lower dimensional frequencies in order to contain and suppress. Many of you may yawn at this point and think “here she goes again, I know this”.  I simply remind YOU to help jog YOUr memory at SOUL level for the reason for YOUr expanded experiences is in order to help YOU CREATE heaven upon earth in this YOUr human form.

Wes Annac - Contributing from a Place of Love and Spirit - Nov 26, 2013

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
The recommended audio version of this article can be found here.
Peace of mind can be felt and expressed in this time of rapid transformation, and I’m beginning to learn that the extent to which we let the difficulty in our Lives put us in a bad place determines the power it’ll have over us.
Difficult experiences can’t be avoided because they’re ultimately necessary, as is every experience, but they don’t have to bring us down in the way they have in the past. Peace of mind can be obtained in myriad ways, and for me, spending time out in beautiful and revitalizing nature can help unprecedented peace of mind come forth.

Sarah Varcas - 26th -27th November 2013: Messages from Mercury - November 26, 2013

This week Mercury features strongly in our cosmic maps, highlighting new areas of knowledge and fresh insights. On 26th it joins forces with Saturn which it last did at the end of October just prior to the Uranus/Pluto square and the solar eclipse at the beginning of this month. At their last meeting they were showing us where we needed to focus in order to best embrace the wisdom of these times and the challenges on the horizon. Now, nearly a month later, we have an opportunity to reflect upon the past month and consider what we have learned, what we discovered about ourselves and others and how to best move forward given this new awareness and information at our disposal.

MADAD - SaLuSa - 26. 11. 2013 (English - Spanish)

We know that listening to your own heart is getting very comfortable for you, and in spite of some doubts in the beginning, the feeling of trust in these information is growing because every time you searched for some proof of any information received this way, you always got it. It is not that you as eternal Soul would need it, but your mind is requesting evident proof as it was programmed to do so. Your mind is releasing all old patterns that simply cannot keep up with the speed of Light that is circulating within you and flowing through the whole system of your body. Sometimes it might be not so easy to see through this illusion, but your feelings and Love that you are again connected to will not leave you in any doubts about the truth. Truth carries very mixed energy feeling for many of you because so many times you were listening to something that turned out to be the exact opposite.

Q&A with Drunvalo: Episode 7

EL GRUPO ARCTURIANO – EL AMOR Y LA GRATITUD - Marilyn Rafaelle - Noviembre 25, 2013


Queridos, una vez más es ese tiempo en la Tierra donde muchos se están preparando para celebrar la gratitud.
Es por lo tanto un tiempo de que ustedes entiendan la gratitud de una forma más iluminada, porque la gratitud es simplemente la otra cara del amor – ellos trabajan juntos.
La gratitud es el flujo del amor regresando a ustedes y creando por lo tanto un círculo de energía que fluye en el exterior y luego fluye de vuelta a ustedes. Es una forma de vivir espiritual.
El comercio de cada día es en realidad el flujo del amor y la gratitud interpretado por la mente de una manera material.

MEXICO – Un gran descubrimiento que demuestra la historia oculta de nuestro planeta. Se encuentran objetos pertenecientes a alienígenas en México - 2013/11/16

Written By:
Buenas Nuevas DESPERTANDO 2013/11/16 – MEXICO –  Un gran descubrimiento que demuestra la historia oculta de nuestro planeta. Se encuentran objetos pertenecientes a alienígenas en México.


Un gran descubrimiento que demuestra la historia oculta de nuestro planeta. Se encuentran objetos pertenecientes a alienígenas en México.

chac-mol-et-lighter dos
El Chac-Molet ET
Una asombrosa serie de objetos arqueológicos, es la clara prueba de la existencia de una remota cultura pre-maya (posiblemente los antiguos dioses con cráneos alongados o cabezas en forma de cono), mantenida oculta por los que gobiernan el mundo y olvidada por la humanidad.
Estas tablillas, discos, cuchillos, platos, figurillas, anillos y colgantes de jade, de piedra o metal, describen claramente cómo estos antiguos dioses alienígenas extraterrestres, (de cráneos alongados y grandes ojos achinados, con un  alto grado de inteligencia, un elevado estado de consciencia y una profunda espiritualidad y conexión con el universo), viajaban en sus naves espaciales. A través del alto desarrollo tecnológico de sus ovnis, conocían muy bien no sólo nuestro sistema solar, en el que viajaban entre la Tierra y sus planetas de origen, sino que también podrían haber venido de más allá de nuestro sistema solar o de nuestra galaxia.

Dana Mrkich – This New Awareness Can Feel Depressing – 26 November 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewI can’t remember the last time the collective energy felt so heavy. An analogy came through a week or so ago that we were being ‘squeezified’ in order to become ‘juicified’, and the suggestion was to focus on the juice when you’re feeling emotionally and energetically squeezed. (that post is on my blog here) Well that suggestion applies a hundred fold today!!
You may feel like the walls are closing in on you – and on the world. Some may even feel like the ‘darkness’ is winning or that all your healing work has been for nothing. Yet really it is just that the ‘darkness’ is becoming more obvious, both within us and outside us – ‘darkness’ in this context is that which we have been unaware of.

A Spiritual Revolution has begun, the birth of a New Era/Golden Age and a new world economic reform

Anna Merkaba ~ ISON – ARCÁNGEL METATRÓN - Noviembre 25, 2013

isonmetatronannamerkaba dos

“Al tiempo que vuela por los cielos de la segunda fusión, él trae consigo la sabiduría de las eras que han venido. A medida que se fusiona con los rayos del Sol del mediodía de las aguas eternas trae consigo el entendimiento de todo lo que ha pasado y ha llegado. Pues él trae consigo la Verdad eterna de la Fuente, la Verdad eterna del entendimiento de la clave de la vida, ya que se arremolina en su pasión misma a fin de manifestar el Poderío del UNO.”

El magnífico, mágico, y poderoso cometa que abarca todo, ISON, así conocido por sus yo terrenales que habitan en GAIA en este trascendental momento del tiempo.

¿Acaso no tienen idea alguna de la proeza que está a punto de desplegarse ante sus ojos?

Nosotros, los Maestros Ascendidos del paralelo 33, el 33avo.decreto y la 33ava. dimensión estamos aquí para satisfacer las mentes inquisitivas de sus yo humanos pues los vemos con deleite, los vemos con comprensión y con Amor incondicional, firme y eterno.

4MIN News November 26, 2013: Arctic Methane 2x, Kepler, Venus, Spaceweather

Brenda Hoffman – Holidays – Another Should? – 26 November 2013

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Special Event: Brenda is a featured guest this week of BlogTalkRadio.com/DoubleDutchRadio - the Netherlands based Internet show of Lucas2012Infos.WordPress.com.
Summary of Brenda’s November 19, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The goals of last week’s vehicle creation exercise was a reminder that creations aren’t permanent and you can create in whatever medium you wish. Your child-self used to create with freedom and joy. Your adult dreams are often encased in shoulds. Your new assignment is to create in your mind your most joyful Thanksgiving or special day.

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – The Indicators That Your Old Life Is Over – 26 November 2013

MeredithMurphyDear Ones,
Within your heart is a new knowing. It is a remembering of the fullness of your being which is informed by the new relationship to time which is emerging. Your memories of your eternalness are surfacing and with this, your relationship to your local, human identity in this particular lifetime, is perceived in a very different context.

Fireball UFO Landing In Iceland. (Amazing Footage!!!)

1MIN News November 26, 2013: Comet ISON with Comet Encke in HI1-A

25 de noviembre de 2013

Angel Wings Carry You Into the Light - Georgi Stankov - Rumi channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 23, 2015

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 23, 2015

first published in English on November 25, 2013 in
translated by Franz
Before the great miracles in this world occur, signs of the time are given, which point to this event. And the time is running out. God is resurrected in you and was reborn in the hearts of living human Beings. 
Now mighty Angel wings carry you into the Light, into your reality, way beyond the horizon of human conditioning. However, where from the many humans, who cannot see, what is joined together, what for several months is being built in ceaselessly growing rings, what is happening? They do not see, because their eyesight does not suffice.

Selacia's 2014 Predictions - November 20, 2013 - Predicciones de Selacia para el 2014 - Nov 20, 2013

An In Depth Look Into the World of Channeling, Part 2: An Interview with Wes Annac, by Caroline Aguiar - Nov 25, 2013

Continued from Part 1
Wes:  I think that widespread use of the telepathic abilities we’ll come to find are very real and strong will be a natural result of the rising consciousness, and that we can expect many other abilities to develop as well that’ll awe and amaze us.
I can imagine every person communicating complex and intricate telepathic impressions back and forth to one another, with our Universal Family and with specific higher-dimensional guides.
In regards to opening up to channeling – it’s certainly a process and few people find themselves great at it overnight, but if it feels right for you and you stick with it, I think you’ll benefit enormously.

An In Depth Look Into the World of Channeling, Part 1: An Interview with Wes Annac from the Aquarius Paradigm by Caroline Aguiar - Nov 25, 2013

By Caroline Aguiar
Hello Everyone, and Welcome!
On November 13th, after I posted the message, “Guardians of Light”, I received an interesting response in the way of private emails from readers who shared their experiences with me regarding their encounters with lower astral energies while channeling.
It dawned on me from the comments I read, this is a common issue, but not one which is openly discussed.  I also felt it was a topic which needs to be addressed, especially now as we are greatly encouraged to openly communicate with The Company of Heaven.

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 374 – 25 November 2013

http://glad.is/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Labyrinth-meditation.jpgThe time to go within has never been more important, as now, so much much is happening on all sides, you will be hard pressed to really notice what is happening within your own realms. You see, you can get easily distracted now, not only by the physical responses that these energies may engender, but also by all of the external noise that is currently sweeping across your globe. Make no mistake, not all of this noise will be there specifically to lead you astray from your own path, but all external affairs may serve as a diversion that will make it more easy for you to lose your momentum in all sorts of ways. So again we repeat the same advice we have been giving you for a number of times already, but never has it been more important. For now, you are about to step forth into virgin territory, and the only way for you to do that, is to connect even deeper within yourself than you have ever done before.

Energetic interference and creation in the New Earth - Karen Doonan - November 25, 2013

Events over the past few linear days have in many ways illuminated something very clearly for me that I have been taught under the old 3d earth paradigms to ignore and to filter out over and over again. I have written many blogs on the subject of creating within the New Earth and in particular on becoming more conscious of the frequencies that are used in order to manifest that which is within the HEART SPACE. Under the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT over and over again to give over your power to those around you. This appears in many forms within the outer waking life experience, from a parent stating to their child “I know better than you” to an employee having to do as they are told by someone who is in “charge and more senior”. All of the scenarios working to reinforce the teaching that others know better than you do.

Center of Earth Meditation / A Journey of self discovery - Suzanne Lie

Divine Light Within – Short Message from the Angelic Realm by Multidimensional Ocean – 25 Nov 2013


Everybody feels the attraction for the intriguing, the fascinating, the mesmerising, the front of the brain, the doing, the over-thinking. Some of you enjoy reading about how beautiful souls you are, which is true indeed, but we all already know that, so why enjoying reading about it over and over again? What would help everybody is the realization that these are all automatic responses to attractions.
When one responds to attractions instinctively, one no longer sees what is, one enters the illusion fully. To see the illusion, one needs to be present. This means being present in your body, be linked to your spine and to the higher energies running throughout your body. To be linked to life itself, for you are these higher energies, you are made of Stars and of the God spark.

Matthew Ward – 25 November 2013


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we shall speak about a matter that has touched hearts everywhere. Typhoon Haiyan is profoundly tragic for everyone who lost dear family and friends, homes and businesses—they don’t know that at soul level they agreed to be part of this major act of planetary cleansing. Because releasing accruing negativity was essential to keep Earth progressing toward balance, all the people whose physical lives ended and the millions who are struggling in the storm’s aftermath embraced the opportunity to evolve by participating as they did.
This kind of enthusiastic mass agreement doesn’t seem even possible in your concept of time, but in the eternal life of the soul and the timelessness of the continuum, opportunities to leap forward in soul growth are eagerly sought, and universe-wide they happen with some frequency.

Montague Keen – 25 November 2013

montaguekeenVeronica, my dear, it is happening: people are being lead to the truth as if by accident. It matters not what route they take, it is happening. People, who in the not too distant past, were totally blind to the truth, are now waking up. The excitement this creates produces a light so magnificient, it can never be extinguished.
You dear ladies, Jean [What's the 'Real' Truth] and Debby [ExtraTerrestrials] have played leading roles in the awakening of humanity. You trusted your innate instincts, for in your hearts you knew that you were on the right track. It was no accident that you resonated with what was told to you about Ireland, as you knew in your souls that this path must be followed in order to expose the truth that cannot be found in any other place. For that little island holds the key that will release you from the shackles of the Cabal and all that is false and negative. Because the Cabal has always feared the truth coming out, it has done all it can in its mighty power throughout history, to ensure that Ireland and her secrets remain hidden forever.
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