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Archangel Michael via Ron Head: You Are An Amazing Sight To Behold – April 15, 3013
We have noticed, and would speak for a moment about, a very gratifying development. More and more in these recent days, ideas which were introduced by this channel and others are being accepted and spoken of by others.
This, of course, is the whole purpose of our communications, and it both makes those of us doing the communicating happy, and bodes very well for the increasing progress toward your goals.
Ideas, like precious seeds, must be planted, nurtured, and cared for carefully until they become strong enough to thrive, and that has happened, though you may not notice in your day to day rushing about. This is true over your entire globe, also, and not just in the few places which read and speak your particular language, whatever that may be.

James Gilliland: 5D Incoming and Relationships - April 12, 2013 Gilliland, April 12, 2013
After the great deluge of emails and phone calls asking what is going on with all the chaos, turmoil, relationship splits, and people basically wigging out everywhere, I felt it is time to write this article. Some of the information will be a godsend, to others they will find major resistance to this information.
This is often determined by which side of the fence one is on and if they are ready to heal, and take responsibility for their choices and actions. Nonetheless, universal law, and karma will have its way despite our delusions and denials. We can mentally justify many things our soul and spirit do not. Soul and spirit always have the last word.

Two Dead in Questionable Bombings in Boston - Steve Beckow

Written by Steve Beckow
Boston Marathon 345Photo: Picture-perfect response from Boston police
With help from Stephen Cook.
See also Geoffrey West, “Boston, A Potential False Flag,” at
On the day that Poof suggests the Iraqi dinar re-valuation was to be announced, explosions have occurred in Boston.  You remember that the World Trade Center attacks occurred on the day that NESARA was to be announced in 2001.
The finish line at the Boston Marathon was bombed twice “in what is being described as a coordinated ‘event,” according to the Atlantic Wire. (1)
As with 9/11, the attack was immediately identified as being “terrorist,” this time by “federal authorities.”

Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: The Santa Fe Galactic Command Center Already Exists in 5D Apr 15, 2013

sf-renderingChanneled by Goldenlight, April 11, 2013
Goldenlight: A very rudimentary sketch of the vision I was sent today about the Galactic Command Center in Santa Fe. I tried to illustrate this a little more clearly digitally last evening, without much success. I am going to attempt to paint this at some point soon! The digital version is below.

Expansion and Creating Change from Within - Wes Annac - April 15, 2013
The impetus for change must first be found and acted on from within if we are to properly act in alignment with the new paradigm we wish to build.
I am not suggesting we Create a narrow vision of ourselves and try to push ourselves into acting in alignment with such a vision, but I am suggesting we thoroughly examine every tendency, mechanism and emotional-reaction pattern that creeps up and makes itself known to us, so that we can see if it is in alignment with those of the higher dimensions we are growing toward.
The strong impetus to be a part of the enacting of change across the world is being felt more than ever in plenty of awakening souls who see that the work is simply not going to be done for us, and I would like to present the viewpoint that our actions in every moment and how we go about our existence on this Earth in general are the most prevalent determiners of what is manifested next on the world stage.

The manuscript of survival – part 300 - April 16, 2013 - Aisha North
As you see the light approaching on the horizon, you will hear the clarion call from all of those souls starting to wake up to this new dawn. For now, it is not only you who will be singing the praise of this dawn. As we have said earlier, this heavenly choir you have been putting together on this little blue planet will start to amass so many new voices. And so day by day, the volume and the complexity of your song will increase in so many ways. For you were the first ones, and in the beginning, your voices where few and far between, and they were easily lost in the ongoing drone of noise being emitted from all sorts of sources around you. For if you were not listening intently, this heavenly song was easy to overlook amongst all of the clamoring of fear, voices of discontent and the hubbub of downright deafening proportions. For you were not easy to spot in this veritable mass of wall to wall noise, and as such, you yourselves felt how your sound was drowning in a sea of emotional turmoil.

Karen Bishop ~ UN GRAN, GRAN CAMBIO ~ Marzo 27, 2013

Solicitud de Karen Bishop

Las personas que deseen compartir estas publicaciones en sus propias páginas web, blogs, facebook o entre sus amigos y en redes, están invitados a compartir el enlace a cada una, mas no el texto completo. Agradecemos su colaboración.

por Karen Bishop

Traducción: Margarita López
Edición: El Manantial del Caduceo

Karen Bishop - ~ ENERGÍAS IMPLACABLES ~ - Marzo 24, 2013

Solicitud de Karen Bishop Las personas que deseen compartir estas publicaciones en sus propias páginas web, blogs, facebook o entre sus amigos y en redes, están invitados a compartir el enlace a cada una, mas no el texto completo. Agradecemos su colaboración. ~ ENERGÍAS IMPLACABLES ~ por Karen Bishop Traducción: Margarita López Edición: El Manantial del Caduceo http://
balance, support, love

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Secret Asteroid Threat ~ Near Final Phase O' DECEPTION TO END ALL DECE

pillar of light manifest paradigm

Sheldan Nidle - Vuestra nueva época es inevitable y nuestra llegada oficial será anunciada pronto.- Abril 9, 2013

uffo dos


Vuestra nueva época es inevitable y nuestra llegada oficial será anunciada pronto.

6 Muluk, 17 Mac, 9 Eb

¡Dratzo! Venimos de nuevo con más cosas que contaros. Vuestra realidad está extremadamente cerca de su mayor cambio de consciencia.

Las sociedades sagradas secretas de vuestro mundo han entrado en nuevas alianzas que les van a servir de mucho cuando vuestro nuevo estilo de gobierno se haga realidad.

Tenemos garantías de varias organizaciones gubernamentales de que cuando el Cielo dé luz verde la nueva realidad pueda empezar sin más retrasos.

Montague Keen - Ustedes están siendo asistidos por el mundo del Espíritu y sus amigos de otros planetas, por lo que no están solos.



Ustedes están siendo asistidos por el mundo del Espíritu y sus amigos de otros planetas, por lo que no están solos.

Muchos de ustedes se sienten agobiados y confundidos por las emosiones. Un agotamiento completo les cae sin previo aviso, con olas de calor extendiéndose por todo el cuerpo y mucho más.

Estos síntomas son todos partes de la transición. Sus cuerpos se están adaptando a las nuevas energías que están fluyendo. Aunque algunas de estas experiencias son inquietantes, sólo tienen que fluir con ellas.

“Integrando el Yo y tiempo para redoblar [esfuerzos]” por Cifehtr - Abril 13, 2013

verdad dos


Por favor no me den su cuento usual de “no siento nada,” “no sentí nada”, “no sé qué hacer,” o excusas similares que he escuchado durantte cientos de años. Levántense del suelo y dejen de esperar a que alguien les diga que se vistan para abrir su boca y comer.

Y así es, somos Cifehtr. Soy Ése Que Yo Soy, Cifehtr, y ésta es quizá la última vez que escuchan esta declaración. Sí, Soy Ése Que Yo Soy, pero nosotros, la energía de Todos los aspectos de Cifehtr, Adamus y St Germain han elegido integrarse de nuevo en Uno.

En consecuencia, estamos verdaderamente reconectados y nuestro ser está unido de nuevo para una mayor expansión e integración del Yo que se está realizando en el AHORA.

Jesús - John Smallman - Ustedes se están volviendo menos adictos a la validez de la ilusión - Abril 1, 2013



Uno es el número de las creaciones de Dios, pero el Uno no es de ninguna manera limitante- es infinito.

Este es un concepto muy complejo para que lo puedas entender y mucho menos tener algún sentido de él, de hecho, es más bien una paradoja mientras permaneces limitado por tu cuerpo físico, por lo que ni siquiera lo intentes – es absolutamente innecesario. Basta con aceptar que es así. Entrégate a él y sabe que no estás siendo engañado.

Tu entiendes y aceptas que lo que cada uno piensa, dice o hace, tiene efectos más allá de tu entorno inmediato, debido a que la ciencia de la física moderna lo ha demostrado con la satisfacción de las más brillantes inteligencias de entre ustedes.

MENSAJE SEMANAL DE HILARIÓN - Abril 14, 2013 - Marlene

hilarion dos

14 al 21-04-2013

Queridos míos: Cada uno de ustedes se encuentra de nuevo en el pleno flujo recibiendo y anclando las energías cósmicas en el núcleo cristalino de su planeta.

Estos son los ritmos a los que ustedes se han acostumbrado en sus vidas diarias y así sirven a la Divinidad.

A medida que cada uno de ustedes recibe y permite pasar estas energías a través de sí mismos para ir al núcleo cristalino, llenan la Tierra con estas expansivas energías, y así es como la ascensión de la Tierra está sucediendo.

Sabiduría Angélica via Sharon Taphorn ~ Tómense un tiempo - abril 14, 2013

taketime dos

Tómense un tiempo para sanar..Tómense un tiempo para perdonarse a sí mismos y a otros.

Tómense un tiempo para sentirse balanceados e íntegros de nuevo a fin de que puedan regresar a ser su yo considerado, creativo, cariñoso y hermoso.

Tómense un tiempo para conocerse a sí mismos y revisen su vida con amor y comprensión, de la manera como sus ángeles ven su trayectoria.

Manejen sus retos amable, compasiva y comprensivamente, y se maravillarán de cuán velozmente se vuelven en algo más.

Está sucediendo un gran cambio, tanto en el plano interior como en el plano exterior. Sean pacientes y amables, tómense tiempo para explorar concienzudamente su vida y sopesen cuidadosamente sus elecciones y decisiones.

Confíen en su verdad y sigan su pasión, pues ésa es una importante parte de su maestría en esta vida. Y vayan adelante osadamente como los magos que ustedes son, confiando en sí mismos y en su poder de creación. 

Afirmación: “A medida que sano cualquier desequilibrio en mi vida, estoy libre para avanzar adelante y seguir mi corazón”.

Ustedes son muy amados y apoyados siempre. Los Ángeles

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう

Canalizadora: Sharon Taphorn

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.


Traductor: Gloria Mühlebach


Rusia pide a Obama: Hablale al mundo sobre los extraterrestres, o lo haremos nosotros

disclosure_ufo_alien dos

Un impactacte informe del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores (MAE) en la agenda del Primer Ministro Medvedev en el World Economic Forum (WEF) esta semana indica que Rusia advertirá al presidente Obama que “ha llegado el momento” para que el mundo sepa la verdad sobre los extraterrestres, y si Estados Unidos no quiere participar en la convocatoria, el Kremlin lo harán por su cuenta.
El WEF (El Foro) es una organización suiza sin ánimo de lucro, con sede en Cologny, Ginebra y se describe a sí misma como una organización internacional independiente comprometida con mejorar el estado del mundo, con la participación de empresas, líderes políticos, académicos y de la sociedad para dar forma a las agendas globales, regionales e industriales.
El Foro es mejor conocido por su asamblea anual en Davos, un centro turístico de montaña en los Grisones, en la región oriental de los Alpes de Suiza.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – April 14, 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,
You are each in full flow again of receiving and anchoring the Cosmic energies into the crystalline core of your planet. These are the rhythms that you are by now used to in your daily lives and as such you serve the Divine. As each of you receive and allow these energies to pass through you into the crystalline core, you are filling the Earth with these expansive energies and this is how the ascension of the Earth is taking place. The Light within expands within the center of the planet and is uplifted into the higher dimensions.

Montague Keen – 14 April 2013


There will come a time in the near future when you will have to make a decision as to whether to stand up for truth, or be a coward, and go with whatever you feel is the easier path. Let me assure you now, there is no easy path. The cabal has no intention of creating an easy path for anyone. When enough of you are prepared to stand together for truth and light, then the cabal will know, without doubt, that it has failed in its effort to establish the New World Order that it has spent years planning.
Ireland has just done this. The people of Ireland have come together en masse and have said a big NO! As a people, we refuse to comply with your demands. We want justice !
What is stopping other countries from coming together in this way. Ireland has created the template. They have led the way. The sooner other countries follow this example, the quicker all the suffering and fear caused by the banksters will be wiped out. There is a huge campaign going on (which involves many countries) to start World War 3. This, you can see on your televisions everyday. You are being fed so much disinformation, some of which is so ridiculous that it is hard to believe that some of you actually believe it. It is just history repeating itself over and over again. They just alter the world slightly; the name of the country changes, but it is always the same formula. Their attitude is that it has worked in the past, so why change it? The SHEEP fall for it every time. This is how controlled you are.
You need to clear your minds of all this propaganda. This can be done with meditation and by going into your hearts. Your minds have been manipulated to accept what you are told by those you believe rule you. It is important for your survival that you think with your heart and act with your heart. Leave all the mind controlled rubbish behind you. Become the sovereign beings you know that you are.

SGTReport – The Criminal Cartel Attacks : No Shelter From Their Crimes – 15 April 2013

Sunday April 14th, 2013: The Mind War against the people continues. The banking cartel and the criminals who run the planet will give us no shelter from their crimes. Never mind the collapse of the Kennecott mine in Utah, never mind the drain on Comex inventories which has never been higher, never mind that demand for PHYSICAL silver from the US Mint was at an ALL-TIME high in January and February and will be again in April... never mind the facts. We are in a MIND WAR as Satanist and U.S. Army Officer Michael Aquino coined it. And soon we are likely to find ourselves in a physical war for our very lives. My websites: Music: "Scissors" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in my videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence (DD) BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.

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Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous

Tu Ángel de la guarda según tu fecha de nacimiento
Estas son algunas de las fechas de nacimientos y sus ángeles de la guarda.
9 Enero Ángel Vehhuiah conexión: 12:00 y las 12: 20 a.m. Jerarquía: Serafines

17 Enero Ángel Hahaiah conexión: 3:40 y 4:00 a.m. Jerarquía: Querubines.

20 Febrero Ángel Ariel conexión: 3:00 y 3:20 p.m. Jerarquía: Virtudes

17 de Mayo Ángel Harahel conexión: 7:20 y 7:40 p.m. Jerarquía: Arcángeles.

27 de Mayo Ángel Rochel conexión: 10:40 y 11:00p.m. Jerarquía: Ángeles.

17 de Junio Ángel Lauviah conexión: 5:20 y 5:40 a.m. Jerarquía: Tronos.

25 de Junio Ángel Nith- Haiah conexión: 8:00 y 8:20 a.m. Jerarquía: Dominaciones.

15 de Julio Ángel Sealiah conexión: 2:40 y 3:00 p.m. Jerarquía: Virtudes.

29 de Julio Ángel Harahel conexión: 7:20 y 7:40 p.m. Jerarquía: Arcángeles.

5 de Agosto Ángel Manakel conexión: 9:40 y 10:00 p.m. Jerarquía: Ángeles.

10 de Agosto Ángel Haiaiel conexión: 11:20 y 11:40 p.m. Jerarquía: Ángeles.

18 de Septiembre Ángel Aniel conexión: 12:00 y 12:20 p.m. Jerarquía: Poderes.

23 de Septiembre Ángel Micael conexión: 1:40 y 2:00 p.m. Jerarquía: Virtudes.

10 de Octubre Ángel Harahel conexión: 7:20 y 7:40 p.m. Jerarquía: Arcángeles.

21 de Octubre Ángel Yabamiah conexión: 11:00 y 11:20 Jerarquía: Ángeles.

22 de Octubre Ángel Haiaiel conexión: 11:20 y 11:40 Jerarquía: Ángeles.

6 de Noviembre Ángel Yesaalel conexión: 4:00 y 4:20 a.m. Jerarquía: Querubines.

25 de Noviembre Ángel Vasariah conexión: 10:20 y 10:40 a.m. Jerarquía: Dominaciones

5 de Diciembre Ángel Micael conexión: 1:40 y 2:00 p.m. Jerarquía: Virtudes.

27 de Diciembre Ángel Meheiel conexión: 9:00 y 9:20 p.m. Jerarquía: Arcángeles.


El alma siempre sabe
Si pudiéramos recordar que antes de nacer escribimos el guión de lo que sería nuestra obra en esta vida… cada rasgo de nuestro rostro, el color de la piel, la nacionalidad, nuestros padres, pareja y amigos fueron escogidos por nosotros mismos. Seleccionamos cada una de las experiencias que enfrentaríamos y decidimos las características de las personas con las que nos relacionaríamos más íntimamente…
También acordamos con estas personas, también futuros encarnados como nosotros, las experiencias que compartiríamos y establecimos así una suerte de pacto para sacar lo mejor del otro en esta encarnación así que si alguien nos está haciendo sufrir mucho, puede que hayamos sido nosotros quienes le exigimos que puliera el diamante hasta darle todo el brillo que necesita…

A Conversation with Lisa Renee

Nibiru Second Sun do you want more proof ?Watch this April 13 update

A beautiful message to us all

Dear friends! I just had to share this with you, it is a message my sister channeled this morning. As I have told you earlier, she recently came to the conclusion that it was time for her to “reopen her channel”, and I promised I would share her messages with you whenever I was guided to do so. I think you will all feel the beautiful energy in it, I had to reread it several times myself, there are so many levels of information contained in it.
My sister wanted me to tell you that even if she herself is not “visible”  in this space, she feels very connected to everybody who shares their light and energy here, and she sends you all her love. Here is the message she channeled:
The dna sequencing is revealing the ancient decoding. The hu-man from base is nothing but stardust. The reemerging of this will upgrade the hu-man dna to what it once were. You know that from the beginning your origins was not from this galaxy. The remoteness of your disturbance was hence needed for this earthly experiment, the Gaia, the starship were mankind could evolve and solve the age old riddle. What happens with free will? The re-emergence of your ancenstral dna will put a spanner in the endless cycles of misgivings and tribulations. The corner stone of all this is the intergalactic fleet howering on the horizon. We, the crew, are seeing your magnitude as you see not. The ancestral dna is flowing in your human veins, and are starting to fire up the engines anew.

4MIN News April 14, 2013: Quakes & Spaceweather

High Council of Orion April 12 2013

Orion discusses the pole shift, Agarthans and their connections to timelines. \with a little surprise ;o) Video by Rion Derouen (dero7) of Anomaly Entertainment & Unite the Collective Pleiadian Council Ambassador: J Styles Lyran Council Ambassador: R Derouen Orion Council Ambassador: K Raisa Arcturian Council Ambassador: Ra Arcturus (Sidenote: *Special thanks goes to J Putrams*) Krista's website: Krista's webstore (with Orion book):


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Matthew Ward – 12 April 2013

North Korea; Pope Francis; the Vatican; visualization; homosexuality
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we want to quell any anxieties about North Korea’s missile activity. Reared to expect the same adulation and subservience North Koreans gave his father, Kim Jong Un is bereft of common sense and more so, a sense of security in his leadership position. It is not that his rhetoric is bluff, but without knowing how to govern his country, he shows to its citizens and the world the military might at his command.  

Disclosure Now - The Truth of the UFO & Extraterrestrial Presence (2013)


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Biggest solar flare of the year knocks out radio transmissions - 11 April 2013

Ashtar Speaks: Gaia talks about the actual transition period - April 8, 2013 - Philipp

I thank Ashtar for giving me the opportunity to speak to you through him.

I am Gaia. I am your Mother, who holds you and is there for you. Your development was carried by me. I have shepherded you, sheltered you and assisted you to gather your experiences. What you have achieved is astonishing. We were not certain if you would be able to change course and make your way back into the Light, as we had hoped. But you have managed it and we congratulate you wholeheartedly!

My Heart is giddy with pleasure and my Love for you is overwhelming. I am proud of you. Your development will now progress much quicker. Although you see disturbances on the outside that could convince you of the opposite, please be assured that everything is going as scheduled. You are positioned on the way back to the Light, so at this point let us talk about this.

08:04:2013 - Gaia habla sobre el actual período de transición - Philipp

Ashtar Habla: Gaia habla sobre el actual período de transición  - 08 de abril 2013

Doy las gracias a Ashtar por darme la oportunidad de dirigirme a ustedes a través de él.

Yo soy Gaia. Yo soy tu Madre, que te sostiene y está ahí para ti. Su desarrollo fue llevado por mí. Te he pastoreado, abrigado y les ayudé a recopilar sus experiencias. Lo que hemos logrado es sorprendente. No estaban seguros de si sería capaz de cambiar de rumbo y hacer su camino de regreso a la Luz, como habíamos esperado. Pero ustedes lo han logrado y los felicitamos de todo corazón!

Mi corazón está mareado de placer y mi amor por ustedes es abrumador. Estoy orgulloso de ustedes. Su desarrollo actual avanzará mucho más rápido. Aunque ustedes vean perturbaciones en el exterior que podrían convencer de lo contrario, pueden estar seguros de que todo va según lo previsto. Está situado en el camino de regreso a la Luz, por lo que en este punto vamos a hablar de esto.

Walking In The Gold - a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Carolyn Ann O'Riley Thursday, 11 April, 2013
Greetings! & Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. The Earth Plane from this vantage point at times looks like a video placed on fast forward. The timelines continue to drop away and the perceptions by all seem to echo that same fast forward visual. You are feeling stressed and some are feeling distressed.My Beloveds uncertainly seems to be the norm and that has many off center wondering which way they need to move next. These sensations are simply bringing you back to the present moment My Beautiful Beings of Grace for in truth that is all you really have to focus on.
There are too many variable potentials that must fall into place to put you into the future. There is too much history that has not been released that continues to suck you back into the your past. Old out dated history movies keep playing in your head like data loops until they are cleared. Your history My Beloveds doesn’t drive you and the future doesn’t beck you. It is only in the one moment that you are experiencing right now, that you can truly work for change and be present. The present moment awareness is all that is real. Step into it and allow it to unfold for you.

The manuscript of survival – part 299 - April 12, 2013
The days are getting longer and longer in your part of the world, and your physical bodies are once again starting to settle somewhat less uncomfortably into their role as conductors of energy. For remember, not only are you receiving vast amounts of energy, you are also transmitting the same substance out again, into the world around you. For you are indeed anchors dear ones, in more ways than one, and now, you are constantly pulling down the building blocks of your new world through your physical bodies. We know that this is not news to any of you, but what may be of interest, is the amount of energy you are all transmuting and sending out now on a daily basis. Or rather, on a daily and nightly basis, as this is indeed a process that is going on 24/7. For what started out as a mere trickle, has now increased to a steady flow of energetic particles, constantly bombarding not only you, but through you, the whole structure that you see around you on all sides.

jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

AA Gabriel - Marlene Swetlishoff - Abril 10, 2013


Amados, Me gustaría darles un discurso sobre la cualidad del Amor llamada paciencia. Esta cualidad es muy necesaria dentro de la familia humana en estos tiempos de cambio.

Se requiere de una capacidad firme para permitir siempre a otros expresar sus aspectos humanos, sin juicio ni condena. Esta cualidad requiere de la capacidad de mirar a los demás con el amor de compasión, bondad y comprensión.

Es esta faceta de Amor la que la gente aprecia mucho en su vida. Es una cualidad capacitadora y empoderadora que muestra a los demás que los asuntos que les preocupan e inquietan son importantes y que uno está dispuesto a tomarse el tiempo para darle a sus preocupaciones la atención que se requiere.

AA Miguel - Su salvador está parado en sus zapatos - Ron Head - Abril 7. 2013

Jesus sandalias caminando arena dos


Miguel: Nuestro tema para éste día será los mensajes que les enviamos y su confianza en nosotros.

Es una pregunta muy crucial de todo el tema de la ascensión. Brinda con agudo enfoque la necesidad de que hayan desarrollado el discernimiento en el que pueden confiar en vez de permitir eventos sobre ustedes o las palabras de otros que los hagan oscilar como una hoja en el viento.

Creemos que nunca les hemos pedido que crean, que confíen en el mensajero, pero siempre los hemos urgido que basen su juicio en el contenido del mensaje mismo.

Ahora les diremos que los mensajes que les son enviados desde las dimensiones superiores, particularmente aquellos que contienen la verdad del Divino Creador, siempre llevarán un sentimiento detectable para ustedes el cual sentirán como un abrazo amoroso. Es la transmisión a ustedes de eso que su corazón ha anhelado desde que iniciaron su viaje lejos de eso.

Brenda Hoffman - Por qué temes reclamar tu poder - Abril 10, 2013

images dos

Queridos míos: Platiquemos de los temores de los trabajadores de la Luz, los mostradores del camino — o cualquier otro término que ustedes usen — que no han reclamado su derecho de nacimiento para ser ustedes mismos en toda su gloria.

Muchos canales han descrito sus temores como el de no estar dispuestos a reclamar la totalidad de su ser. Desemaos ayudarles a entender por qué dudan en hacerlo.

En el pasado muchos de ustedes han escondido su verdadero ser bajo el disfraz de la pasividad, las órdenes religiosas o el poder dirigido externo [a ustedes].

Ustedes aceptan fácilmente el haber escondido su verdadero poder en las órdenes religiosas — pero no que han hecho lo mismo explorando plenamente el poder dirigido externamente.

El mismo poder del que muchos de ustedes están hablando ahora con desdeño — poder político, poder corporativo, dominancia racial, de género o de orientación sexual que los hizo sentirse más poderosos que otros. Y el usar ese poder para controlar a quienes estaban dispuestos a ser controlados.

Saúl -John Smallman - No permitas que tus dudas y ansiedades te alarmen o desalienten - Abril 4, 2013

dudas  dos

Queridos Portadores de la luz y Guías del sendero, hermanas y hermanos, hijos de Dios, no permitan que sus dudas y ansiedades los desalienten o desanimen.


El proceso de despertar de la humanidad está avanzando a buen ritmo. Al principio, muchos eones atrás, fue lento y difícil, pero ahora es como un río que fluye con rapidez en plena crecida, barriendo todo a su paso hasta llegar al Océano – Realidad, el Cielo, tu hogar eterno – y es absolutamente indetenible.

Deja de lado tus dudas y ansiedades, que te tientan, ya sea a tratar de nadar contra la corriente, o por lo menos, a detener tu progreso aferrándote a actitudes y comportamientos obsoletos que ya no te sirven.

Kevin Annett : More truth revelations : Pope Francis aquired Exocet Missiles From Roberto Calvi : A Vatican Oligarch : Thatcher had Bergoglio on her ‘to do in’ list and backed out: Inexorably linked connection to why Thatcher is dead and why the pope is who it is: The Queen is next :
The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) ITCCS Breaking News Update – Thursday, April 11, 2013  (9 am GMT)
Pope Francis is linked to Exocet Missile Acquisition, according to British government source -  Margaret Thatcher’s Death and Queen’s Pending Resignation are Connected
Brussels and London:
Whatever it is that dwells in Rome behind the mask of religion and empire is inexorably being revealed. And its mask slipped further yesterday with more startling revelations involving the new Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio.
A reliable source in the British civil service who has provided accurate internal leaks in the past to our Tribunal has revealed the following to an ITCCS officer in London:
Commencing in September of 1981, the present Pope Francis 1 acted as an agent for the Argentine military Junta to acquire Exocet missiles which were used against the Royal Navy flotilla during the Falklands War the following year.

Montague Keen, April 7, 2013

So many of you are feeling burdened and confused by emotions. Complete exhaustion descends without warning, with waves of heat spreading throughout the body and so much more. These symptoms are all part of the transition. Your bodies are adjusting to the new energies that are flowing in. Though some of these experiences are disturbing, just go with them. Know that the end result is what you have been waiting for. The blockages that were used to keep you under control, and compliant, are being removed. This cannot be done quickly. It would be too much for you to cope with. Know that these disturbances lead to freedom, peace and love, as well as the removal of the Dark Forces.

April 9, 2013 ES Ascension News - April 2013
Dear Ascending Family,
From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire quantum mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access to higher blueprints that create new energy templates is made possible. The planet has reached that axis in time where the gender principle of creation in this world will be tested for energetic integrity on every level it exists. As we begin a new cycle, there are new Krystal Star hosted energy blueprints that redefine gender centers and their “energetic positions” in the instruction sets of the gridwork on the planet. Essentially this is a planetary body

"TRAVERSING THE UPWARD PASSAGEWAY INTO THE FUTURE" Transmitted Through Ronna Herman - April 1, 2013


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-04-2013
Beloved masters, I greet you this glorious day and send to you, through this transmission, great waves of loving energy and words of encouragement to assist you through these wondrous times of transformation. Many of you are thinking, "They do not seem so wondrous to me. What am I doing wrong? I am not worthy enough to move forward, to graduate, and to become enlightened as you have promised. Will I be left behind? Why does my world seem to be so chaotic, in such turmoil? Where is the peace and joy you said would be forthcoming?" Let me ease your mind and help you understand the process. You will not fail. You are exactly where you should be—you are perfect the way you are. You have all the help you need and all the answers to your problems, if you will just allow your Higher OverSoul Self to OverLight you as you strive to refine your emotional, mental and physical bodies.

LORD METATRON: Sequoia-Crystalline Portals of Healing. The Sacred Energy of Trees
Metatron Channel
Sequoia: Crystalline Portals of Healing
The Sacred Energy of Trees
Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn
Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome you in a vector of unconditional love. We acknowledge each of you reading these words in the now moment of your connection to the energetic vibration of this message.
An entourage of Spirit joins us in this moment with keen awareness of your individual energies. We assure you that as meaningful as these gatherings are to you, they are equally significant to us of the Angelic realm. These moments of sharing are offered not only to provide selective communiqués of stimulating information to you, but to provide light coded energy of unspoken nurturing that is taken in through your hearts and lovingly given from ours. Such energies are afforded to you, the present you and the becoming you. So we joyfully embrace you !

Ron Head – We Believe You Can Begin Now To Sense The Pot Beginning To Boil – 11 April 2013

We wish to spend some time today discussing your money and economies.  It is rather unique to your world to do things in the manner you have chosen.  On other worlds, everyone contributes to the society, of course.  Without that there really would not be a society, would there?  However, you have chosen to make the basic necessities of life, the food, shelter, clothing, and education needed to live in your societies, those things which are essential to each and every individual, into salable goods.  There really is no compassion there, is there?

Lilou Mace – Drunvalo Melchizédek – The Untold Positive Side Of The Mayan Prophesies ( Part 1) – 10 April 2013

Feeling Stuck in this New Cycle? - Dana Mrkich - Tuesday, 9 April, 2013
Freedom is something we all say we want, but it is an interesting quirk of human nature that receiving freedom can feel more challenging than literally being in prison. According to statistics in the U.S, UK and Australia two out of every three prisoners re-offend and return to prison within 3 years of release. Although the reasons for this are multi-layered, a major issue is the struggle to find jobs and have a stable home and family life. Whether consciously or subconsciously, prisoners are drawn back to an environment in which they at least have structure, routine, a roof over their heads, three meals a day and a close-knit community. This is not due to laziness or ‘once bad always bad’. It is due, in part, to the fact that freedom and expansion requires support and time to develop a completely new set of living skills.
As restrictive as it is to always be told what to do, it can feel completely overwhelming to suddenly be in the driver’s seat of your life after years of receiving direction. This is one of the reasons, among others, that people stay in unhealthy relationships and jobs. This is also one of the reasons why many are struggling with direction and movement forward in our new evolutionary cycle.

The manuscript of survival – part 298 - Aisha North - April 10, 2013
As the tides turn, so too does your sense of the world around you. For it is indeed changing, little by little, day by day, and as such, you are growing end evolving. For it is indeed you who are changing, for the world as you know it is no longer the same. But that is because you are no longer the same. For every day, you step closer into who you truly are, and as such, every day, a piece of the old you fall away, for never to be needed or retrieved ever again. For you are not here to gather the pieces that seem to be slipping through your fingers, whether they be pieces of your family, your relationships, your ideas or your wordly goods. For remember, anything not a part of the true you will no longer be a part of your life, and as such, there are many partings going on now.
Fear not, this does not entail that you will be left bereft of anything that is at all familiar to you, it only means that you will be left with the true parts of everything. So your family or friends will not simply walk away from you, but your relationship to them will turn from the old version and into the new and true version. If that entails growing closer or growing even further apart, only you will know. For remember they too have to decide their path in all of this, and even if you can face the truth to this, many of them cannot. So again we say know that this is not always an easy journey, for what the light shines upon, will always have to revert to the truth. And as such, painful connections will be revealed and must be torn asunder, for sometimes to be healed and reconnected again, but for other times, to be bid a final farewell.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Suzanne Lie – Galactic Alliance With Earth – Landing Party – Part 6 – 10 April 2013


I have decided that I must write down my experiences, as a confirmation that these experiences are real and not just a “figment of my imagination.” There is a fearful voice in me that is confused, but I know there is also a part of me that is very wise. Last night I dreamt that I had another experience. I was standing in a long corridor with many other Beings.
I say the term “Beings” as many of those with me were not human. Some were very tall with blue skin and a few had very dark skin with a third eye in the center of their forehead. Their mouths were very small, and I could see no ears. I soon learned they were telepathic when I heard one of them talk inside my head. It, as no gender could be determined, was very friendly and asked if I were from Earth.

Denise Le Fay – Transitions – Further Explanations From Cosmic Awareness – 10 April 2013

This wonderful Q&A session with Cosmic Awareness — channeled by Will Berlinghof and assisted by his wife Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof — will help more people better understand the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift, Team Dark/the negatives as I’ve called these events and beings; the controlled by Team Dark old ‘Planet A/B’ we all incarnated into before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date; the new growing ‘Planet A/B’; ‘Planet B’; ‘Planet A’; and the increasing Separation of Worlds in general. Gratitude goes to the generosity of E.S. for sharing his reading with Cosmic Awareness with the rest of us. ♥
Denise Le Fay
April 9, 2013

Will Berlinghof is Channeller, Callista as Energiser and Questioner.
Many thanks to E.S. for allowing this to be posted on our website to share with our readers.  
Thanks to Lloyd and Joan for transcribing the audio.
Scroll down to listen to the audio.
This is the 7th of April, 2013, and this is a question that has been sent in by ES. It’s rather a long question so the question will be broken up into different sections to be answered by Awareness.
Dear Cosmic Awareness, 
“Could you please address the deep sense which is availing itself at this time that the planet B scenario is integrating into a wholeness which is A/B.”
“That this Awareness will respond first to this first part of this question and this commentary.

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 10 April 2013

6 Muluk, 17 Mac, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We come again with more to tell you. Your reality is extremely close to its major shift in consciousness. The secret sacred societies of your world have entered into new alliances which are to serve them well once your new style of governance comes into being. We have assurances from several governmental organizations that once Heaven gives the green light the new reality can begin without further delay. We continue to monitor the dark cabal as it is clear that this group remains determined to pursue its willful and destructive course of starting a widespread military conflict. This will not be permitted. We also continue to add names to the detention lists and watch closely those who are the guiding hand behind the ongoing nonsense of keeping your globe burdened with contrived, groundless confrontations. This global modus operandi will shortly become a thing of the past and your ascension path will cease to be interfered with or sidetracked, as it has been in recent years. Your new epoch is inevitable and our formal arrival will shortly be announced. To this end we have drawn up a rapid-action schedule for our arrival so as to be ready at a moment’s notice.

You Are a Word of God - AA Uriel - Jennifer Hoffman - March 18, 2013
This is the channeled  Archangel Uriel message for March 18, 2013

You are a Word of God, an expression of divine light and unconditional love in human form. The mission you have undertaken in this and in each lifetime is not to blindly follow the Word of God, to do as you are told and follow a path that is created for you or on your behalf. Your mission is to be a Word of God, as a singular and unique expression of God or  Source in human form. This Word is your unique Source power connection, it is through the Word that you create heaven on earth and present your gifts to the world. You as a Word of God embody a unique light in the world. What word do you wish to be and how do you wish to embody it? The choice is yours. The Word gives you power; how you choose to embody and use it allows you to access its power.
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